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  1. I work in a big manufacturing company, somewhere between 5-6k people. A lot have been home on there laptops during all this. I have been going in everyday, last year was tough in my area with covid. Lost 2 guys, contractor still home on oxygen for a long time, several went to hospital. This is just in my area, don’t know about others. Guy that works in different area that I sled with got over it in about a week recently, it’s still out there. I got the jabs and the company makes us wear a mask, I don’t know if this has helped but I’ll keep doing it till we get through it.
  2. At this point who gives a fuck? From what all the idiots tell me if you got your shots your fine, you chose not to it's on you. You want to wear a mask wear one, you choose not to it's on you. Kind of like seat belts.... Why all the fighting? If your 65 years old, are in poor health, got the vax, went out because you thought you were safe, got sick and died you didn't read the disclaimer... you should have stayed home. In a couple years when all this is better understood we'll know what was done right and what was done wrong.
  3. Yes, we should have strived to leave but not like this. They had to know this was going to happen. Suprised.,.... really? All those deaths for nothing. Russia, China and everyone else will divide it up for themselves with the Taliban. Down the road we will be back and it will start all over.....
  4. Just curious… could industry produce equipment that harvest crops that currently require the use of immigrants outside of our southern border? Have listened to farmers insist that “no one wants to do the work and we need them”, what if machinery was available. Is it cost?
  5. Does the mask do anything? I don’t know. In a couple years I hope they will give the honest truth on what we did that was right and wrong. Lost 2 guys at work, one was right next to me and the other was down the hall. Both were unhealthy and shouldn’t have been there. Had a couple younger guys in the hospital that got through it…. They were healthy. Did the mask protect the rest of us? I don’t know. They have us masking up again, I’m wearing one.
  6. It was a tough winter for me. At work the guy down the hall got sick and died and a couple other guys ended up in the hospital. I was dealing with some other personal crap when this happened and I decided to take a week off. When I got back the two guys in my room called out sick all week, was told on Friday they both had covid. I guess I took the right week off. One of those guys died and the other is now with lung issues. I’ve been cleaning out the desk of the guy that passed, it definitely got to me.
  7. Yes, that’s fine.
  8. So the relationship I had with this woman was only two and a half months but I did start to develop feelings. It was going good, nice and easy, she was into it and I was confident by then that it was something that would work. Something happened on her end all of a sudden and she called it quits with no reason. Ouch. She was having problems with her family that began to really bother her, I was supportive but I think she needs time to deal with this. I’m leaving her alone. Meanwhile work has been slowing down and it’s been stressful keeping busy. Need to charge time against something
  9. One guy I work with brought it in and 10 people that worked with him that day were quarantined. This guy and one other ended up in the hospital, one on a ventilator. Guy down the hall got sick and went home. Died 2 weeks later. I took a week off and went to Fla. Came back to find one guy in my room out sick. The other guy talked to me briefly on Monday. Both were then out sick the rest of the week. I was called on Friday to say I had been exposed at lunch with one of these guys, they got it wrong but gave me enough info to figure it out that it was the guy I had talked to
  10. I liked Roland. The Johnny Hottub thing was bs. State went downhill when he left.
  11. Hey, thanks for the info! Next winter I’ll make it a point to go to island pond and we can have a beer.
  12. Thinking of doing a ride on Friday 3/19. Is it worth the trip?
  13. The DNC has them put away for now, they’ll be back when they’re needed....
  14. Joe should get a Nobel Prize for the vaccine, for saving the economy, for his strong stance on China, for rejoining the Paris agreement and saving the planet..... Cant wait to see the history books in 20 years...
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