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  1. Nice Pic! I'm pretty sure the open area above the church in the center is the town green, to the right is the grocery store. Trail goes right through this area. Bringing sleds up this Friday.
  2. Awesome! Bringing the sleds up on the 15th.
  3. Just noticed I never responded to this. This the helmet I ended up with. Not modular but I can open the front if I need a drink.
  4. We're over in Irasburg so I figure what ever your seeing we have as well. Last year was the same and it ended up being a good year from mid January to mid March.
  5. Last year in Vermont there was still a lot of signaling, I don't have lights so I did it when it was safe. A couple guys in the group now have lights, I'm just going to stop with the signals and enjoy the ride that much more. As said above we would ride up on a group and the last guy in that group would be giving the "rock" to say he was the last but yet we were right behind him. What's it look like for snow up in Orleans County? We get the house on Jan 15th so it's getting a little scary right now.
  6. 1974(?) Chaparral Firebird SS. Would go down the trail a couple miles and then ride back and pick up the parts that fell off....
  7. I did some research and talked to someone that has purchased several "high end" helmets and he agrees BRP is worth the price. Thanks for the input!
  8. Looking at getting a modular, what can you recommend? It's been a while since I bought one and there's a lot out there. Looking at FXR Fuel Modular Elite. Good......bad? Any other Recommendations?
  9. I rode Vermont's trails for more than ten years, when my riding time got cut back I gave it up because of the cost. I looked through this quickly, the have a 3 day TMA pass for $20.00? I might just join my old club and go up for a weekend. I hope they have snow this year and membership picks up, those were some awesome trails.
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