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  1. Just flew into Gulfport Mississippi to meet parents and brother in a casino.
  2. I think his approval soared when he got the chubby chick to take a cigar up her wooha.
  3. Fuck twitter, Trump should post in Freedomsledder.
  4. $500 a cord.. I’d sell this and buy propane or oil for the winter.
  5. A friend at work just bought a house with trees down and debranched. I’m short wood this year so I took my saw and cut into a couple of pieces, found some good stuff that looks ready to burn. Most of it is ash, I’ve read that you can burn this right away. I don’t have a tool to measure the water content, a lot of it has been down for a couple years and I’m splitting it as I cut it. Going to spend the next couple Saturdays over there.
  6. Prove me wrong. They guy had good talking points but then pissed people off with his twitter shit. I think he would even loose to Biden on life support at this point. Republicans, shut this guy up and find a smart, respected candidate. If Trump decides to run and starts campaigning the Dems could run Harris and would win.
  7. Incredible how in the age of technology we will be waiting to see which party takes control. Fill in some bubbles with a #2 and feed it into a machine that processes it... on your way to the strip joint or work or wherever. I'm almost ready to pronounce election reform as one of my top 5 (ahead of abortion) needs of things to be addressed. Time to set federal standards for time limits on mail ins and how they are processed. Almost want to go back 20 years and bring back the mechanical machines. Make election day a holiday and get the majority to show up, mail ins need to be minimal for mil
  8. So.... if everything goes up in August by $2.00 but then settles down and stays the same through November, we can say there has been no inflation? Is it raining or is someone pissing on me?
  9. With Biden I feel like I’m sitting through a sales pitch for a time share to get a free weekend. Economy, inflation… it’s going to get better… watch me. Ya your real tough old man but Its bullshit and I have no interest. Then he turns to his left to shake hands with the invisible man or start to walk into the woods. What makes it worse is his backers have to make an appearance an hour later and creatively retract things that he said. Presidents need to project leadership, this guy is a puppet to his party. With Trump you would get a sarcastic statement that in someways made sense. “He
  10. Makes me wonder about all the shit cops got away with prior to video.
  11. Who was the guy on here a couple years back that decided to run for some type of office? Got off this site so they couldn’t find anything he wrote and use it against him. He loved to argue his point… had a deep conservative stance.
  12. and you wonder why everyone here thinks you're an asshole.... Come on Mr. Liberal, we got someone that currently has mental limitations and can only read off of a teleprompter. I think his latest gaff was something about 54 states. Then we have a VP that gets flustered with any serious discussions and giggles to cover for her not being prepared for said subject matter. She was put in charge of the border crises.... all she talks about are school busses. Biden and Harris were run to get the needed votes, they were not run because they were the most qualified. That being said,
  13. All the Democratic candidates who ran for president in 2020 (cbsnews.com) Who were the real choices? They fucked up bigtime, can't even replace the pres with the VP at this point as things would get worse. Can't even somehow get rid of them both and put the next person in.
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