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  1. I'm hoping we get stuck their for most of next week, work will understand.... I'm in CT and don't have any good sources for local updates, even when we're up there the local news channels seem to be based out of Montpelier. I was told by the club that our area is kind of a valley and the northeast (Island Pond) and northwest (Jay) areas catch a lot more snow.
  2. Road from Irasburg/Coventry area into Island Pond on Saturday, Island Pond trails took a beating (trail 2001). Irasburg/Coventry had bare spots but was better..... need more snow!
  3. I heard the bridge was replaced (uncovered version)? It's a temp?
  4. Joined a local club this year and went to a meeting (North Country Mountaineers) on Sunday, the couple of groomer operators were dying to get out. Area around Coventry / Irasburg only saw a couple inches so I'm not sure if they were able to go at it with their new groomer.
  5. Leaving tomorrow for Orleans area, hoping to be snowed in on Monday and unable to return to work for a couple days.
  6. Have been in contact with Hillary for advice?
  7. I had about 7" of fluff in Connecticut, crappy & unrideable snow, what did Island Pond area get? Was it good enough to groom?
  8. I'm in the OS47 / OS48 area..... Mountaineers say they will groom if they get enough on Friday.
  9. The group I’m currently with arrive on Jan 15th. Ground is frozen, bring on the storms and let the groomers lose!
  10. I don’t understand…. Why do you continue to let Donald Trump get to you? Let him go and move on with what’s going on it the world right now. There is a virus making the rounds, a current president that is struggling with numerous events in this country and the world, inflation, immigration…. Take your 3 masks and your face shield off and go outside and breath some fresh air. Get out of the basement and shuffle down to the library and sit down with a book on something different like Japanese history. Get Trump out of your head, it’s going to put you in your grave.
  11. Can and will the attorneys go after the second brother when they go after the first? Can they go after CNN?
  12. It’s not that he’s a liar, the guy is just senile. He’s just a puppet for the DNC, they let him handle basic questions with the media and then shut him up and get him out of the room when it’s time to go. Kind of like Regan was at the end of his term, only this guy had no clue from day one. Who is behind the curtain at the DNC making all the decisions?
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