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  1. Bill Belichick wrote "I resign" on a napkin when he left the Jets. His staff was shocked when they found out. I would put money on it that Biden's staff wasn't surprised, especially the ones that wrote the letter. I would imagine that Dr. Jill was pissed.
  2. Not truly an age thing to me.... when you fall down everywhere, forget or mix-up names, need the Easter bunny to get you back to your front door, shit your pants in public.... it's been time for a while to give it up.
  3. Doesn't really matter for the rest of the term, others are running the country.
  4. If Harris is regarded as capable of running the US then pull Joe out and let her start now.
  5. Not presidential material, you support her for the dem ticket you deserve to lose. The most powerful country in the world is being laughed at by countries like Canada.
  6. They spent a lot of money on helicopters, helped keep me employed.
  7. If your guy lives long enough and someone makes the effort he to might be found guilty of these crimes as well. Just say'n.
  8. Are you saying you have smelled Kid Rock and his image is that of what you would think it would be based on how he smells or are you guessing how he must smell based on how he looks? "Mainecat looks like what he types." Based on what he gives to this website I picture a fat, stinky, old, miserable man wheeled in front of a window at a nursing home most of the day. I'm just board at work during lunch....
  9. The "world leaders" had to have to known, I would think the general population outside the US has probably been more aware of this then the people in this country. Hell there's people on computers out in India selling the morons here extended car warranties and getting money from seniors by telling them their grandkid is in jail and needs bail. A lot of naïve people that can't figure out what to believe.
  10. I’m concerned that he makes it through this presidency. When he fell off his bike he didn’t appear that bad physically. Since then he looks more frail than ever; when his wife helped him down a couple stairs after the debate it reminded me when I would visit people at a “retirement home”. His wife needs to let this end.
  11. Can’t make this shit up…. Trump takes a bullet to the ear. Biden stuffs qtips up his nose until one comes out positive. What’s next? I say Joe and Kamala step out of the way and the idiot from California is put out front. Joe and doc Jill never to be seen again..
  12. When your BIL employed you did he make your hours at night when fewer people were there? I would think it was understood amongst the staff that he had you there out of good will and to not take what you said as a representation of the family name. God you must be an embarrassment when they take you out of the house into the general population.
  13. If anything this attempt on Trump has helped unify the Republican party which they should use to their advantage by bringing out what they want to do for the country and the middle class specifically to make things better. The Democrats are all over the place and in disagreement with what to do with Biden and Harris. The population is looking at Biden now and can see that this guy is not all there... he will not be the next president. Every time the guy talks the party looses followers, shut him up and get him out of the camera. Dems need to put someone else in place fast and rally around him/her. Abortion isn't going to win it. As far as Mainecat, stop talking about him and he will go away soon enough just like Joe.
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