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  1. How is it the Ukrainian president is still alive? Just say'n.
  2. He still has 2+ years for his handlers to fuck things up even worse.
  3. Trump acted like an asshole at times but for him to tell Germany “Your fucked!” right to their face took balls. The war in Ukraine shows how weak Europe is in leadership. We’re not that far behind with our anti oil company president and electric school bus bitch vp. Maybe coal will make a comeback this winter. How stupid our leadership is, you would think they would take a serious look at industry and see where technology really is before they talk.
  4. I think the kid that mowed the White House lawn ended up with a successful landscape business…
  5. 2022 Boston Tea Party all over again. This should be happening more often to tell government that real people are sick of the shit that is going on. We should be in front of Pelosi's house throwing eggs and telling her she's an asshole through speakers. You got idiots here that are so reliant on gov to wipe their asses they would rather burn down private assets and hurt themselves.
  6. What has Biden accomplished in 1 and 1/2 years that has been positive?
  7. Only if it’s on a note card in front of him….
  8. There was a fire extinguisher, several sets of knitting needles with yarn, and a couple clubs disguised as walking canes.
  9. Hell if I was selling ash trays I was making in my garage with old sheet metal and a ball peen hammer for $3 and the gook down the street offers me $5 you know where I’m going.
  10. I love how trump has been out for a year and a half and he is still getting more press than the old, open mouth breather puppet that 6 gazillion people voted to put in the White House.
  11. Develop a temp sperm ender procedure and give it to them in middle school. Let gov determine an appropriate age to reproduce and a “I’m smart enough” test as well as proof of financial stability. Only then can it be reversed.
  12. If the dems could have looked ahead, you think they would have put Harris in as VP? My thought is they keep Biden breathing right up to Nov 2024.
  13. Why didn’t they interfere in 2020? Maybe they wanted Biden.
  14. How does this affect November? Do they blame Republicans?
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