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  1. Hey, thanks for the info! Next winter I’ll make it a point to go to island pond and we can have a beer.
  2. Thinking of doing a ride on Friday 3/19. Is it worth the trip?
  3. The fat lady sing up in the NEK yet?
  4. Road from northern Irasburg out to Jay area again, groomers are doing the best they can with what’s left and it was appreciated as conditions were good. Tried riding northeast on Sunday and trails were rough. Was told that from Island Pond east the conditions were good, guys I were riding with wanted to turn and go back west so that’s what we did. packing up tomorrow for the season, had 7 good weekends.
  5. Hey thanks for all this info! Pulled the scratchers off the sled a couple weeks ago because they were falling off the rail and were throwing up a lot of dust (people behind me were complaining), was going to relocate them on the rail this weekend figuring I might need them but I might be able to hold off now and do it over the summer.
  6. We've been lucky, just enough snow in areas to have groomed resulting in some awesome riding. I've been lucky enough to have made 6 weekend trips so far, am able to ride these next 2 weekends if the snow will hold up in the NEK particularly in Orleans county. Have been riding out towards Jay and the snow was real good, out to Derby was ok. Monday and Tuesday were cold, what's the weather look like to the weekend?
  7. $poorsledder$


    What places are open that your going to? Jay Village Inn, make a reservation...
  8. We are behind the covered bridge that connects Irasburg to Coventry and use it often,that one burned from arson and was rebuilt. No one was hurt, hope they can rebuild soon...
  9. On the way up, temps look warm. How’s the snow at island pond?
  10. Did 100 miles on Saturday, best ride of the season. Don’t mind the cold as long as the snow is good.
  11. Low miles but mostly a good ride. Went from north Irasburg / south Coventry area to Jay Peak and back, trail were mostly good except for some water bars while going up and down an area (wasn't paying attention to map). Snowed a couple inches everyday, groomers were out.
  12. Going up late Thursday, they still calling for snow on Friday?
  13. Brought the sled and equipment up on Friday and took it around the backyard and made adjustments some of the day on Saturday. Fell off the thing when I was screwing around, been limping around since then. I can remember taking a fall on my bike as a kid wearing shorts and no helmet... you would wipe the pebbles out of your knee caps and get back up and go and be fine. You fall down with a suit and helmet on when your old it hurts for a while. A couple of inches of snow, trail next to the house was closed. Eight more weeks... need snow.
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