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  1. Is that a good price for bacon?
  2. Let them go after the university for selling them a useless degree that will have them selling sneakers in the mall. Why are the universities making out and the taxpayer is expected to cover the cost of some kid that majored in bullshit. Maybe they should have a class in HS explaining todays workforce needs and what the current and expected future pay is going to be out there Why should the taxpayer be burdened with this debt?
  3. What does this have to do with the orange guy? I got a daughter that was able to graduate with a useful degree. Her mom and I helped but she took out student loans for her 1/3rd and was able to pay her part off in a couple years. I have a son that is a junior now and he has been able to keep up with his part of the payments and will possibility finish a bachelors' debt free. I can then change my name to semipoorsledder. Why can't people take on their own debt? If you can't get a job go after the school that gave you a degree that is holding you back. This is all about vo
  4. Was in New Orleans, they have an awesome WWII museum that can take more than a day to go through depending on interest. They break it down into different parts of the war so you can focus on one part at a time. https://www.nationalww2museum.org/
  5. If it somehow got as far as Christie and Biden I think you would see Christie taking Dem votes. Biden doesn't have much to talk about for accomplishments and not to much material to bring Christie down. It would be wide open for Christie to rip apart Biden and he has the ability to do it in a way to take votes from Biden.
  6. I have family in Fla, they want him to stay governor. Don’t believe the media, some of it still believes in Biden….
  7. Maybe it’s because their pizza sucks.
  8. Epstein’s outlook worsened when a judge denied him bail on July 18, 2019 — raising the prospect that he’d remain locked up until trial and, possibly longer. If convicted, he faced up to 45 years prison. Four days later, Epstein was found on the floor of his cell with a strip of bedsheet around his neck. Epstein survived. His injuries didn’t require going to the hospital. He was placed on suicide watch and, later, psychiatric observation. Jail officers noted in logs that they observed him, “sitting at the edge of the bed, lost in thought,” and sitting “with his head against the wall.”
  9. I thought this thread was about the president of the US taking a dive in front of the whole world. No more, no less.. Instead we have another Trump comparison. Don't change the content of this thread, start your own. I won't speak for anyone else but when you do this repeatedly it reinforces that your views are 100% left and you can't think for yourself. That, and you're an asshole. Back to the thread... I guess he smacked his head on the helicopter on his return trip as well. Not a good day for the president of the United States.
  10. His old lady should care about him and not what the DNC wants. When they’re through with him and push him out the door she’ll then realize how they were used.
  11. Almost clipped the car on the side of her….
  12. Yes, Biden is old. If the guy fell but got up, brushed himself off, carried on and laughed it off that would be one thing. The problem I have with him is I honestly believe if unsupervised he will occasionally wonder off in the wrong direction or forget his train of thought and requires someone to real him back in. He isn’t all there sometimes. just say’n….
  13. You have a dick, piss in a urnal. You have a clit, go to the other room and have a seat. Is it really that critical that we struggle over bathrooms? I don’t care what your pronouns are or what your preference in a partner just leave the kids out of it. They are not struggling with sexual identity in elementary school. Let them go outside and run around and be kids.
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