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  1. Hoping to leave out of Glover this week and headed to Enosburg area.
  2. Errol General Store destroyed in overnight fire (wmur.com)
  3. everyone's a fucking comedian , eh?
  4. IM in southern NH . Hollis has trails , but they are goatpaths that are closed 1/2 the winter I ride MAine , NH and VT
  5. How was the fishing ? I decided not to stay there after I realized you cannot cook in cabins and either have to go out , or get their meal plan. Cabin , meal plan and dog fee ( to bring my dog ) was $425 a day
  6. Yes , we run up 14 and 16 a bit Irasburg , Craftsbury , glover , greensboro bend , eden , lowell
  7. Kinda figured that. Lower in VT got some. This yr we are going to try the waterbury area a bit. Lotta cow there too.
  8. very nice , dude knows his shit. Uses only compost tea for nutes.
  9. Thanks for the heads up . Rode barre area yesterday. Had a blast.
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