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  1. Good night , Rib eye , lobster, baked , corn on the cob
  2. damn nh fire alarm on facebook is throwing up a new scooter accident a couple times a day all week
  3. I can imagine . Never got to see them, but did see Jimmy Page and Paul rodgers in " the firm" Page played dazed and confused with a violin string
  4. He is dead now, but he actualy ran in the dem primary for pres in 08 I beleive
  5. Was much better then , much wilder. I suppose ya cant lket that shit happen for 9 days
  6. Ive done both things myself. Well it wasnt really hush money I just offered a fat chick some coke if she didnt tell my friends I let her blow me. But then I got drunk and offered her more coke to blow me again.
  7. Now will they go after the 8,000 people who did the same thing , today?
  8. Joe " I dont think hunters should have guns, make them chase after those deer with a knife" \
  9. Standing with Ukraine is quite a lot like standing with Vietnam during the 60's and 70's. The reason we lost was the vietcong ( south vietnamese who supported the north) Well you have the same scenario in the contested regions of Ukraine. 50% of the residents of those regions support Russia and prefer to be under Russian control. This war will drag on for yrs costing us billions , just so we can test our weapons.
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