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  1. I never expected Arctic crusher to look like that
  2. Brooklyn bread company pizza crust is pretty good too
  3. Yesterday I ran down to the local cumberland farms to fill 2 jugs for the tractor Diesel was $5.99 , Thought , just my luck, get oil burner back and its thru the fucking roof again. Then today I started looking while driving. Most places were $3.79 - $4.19 How do they justify charging $2 a gallon more . Fuck that place Im never going back
  4. I think this is a stupid idea, but Im all for letting them write student loans off on their taxes.
  5. Pork chops, home made mac and cheese. spinach, corn
  6. Hey dont laugh , when they finally got the 6.0 right it rocked. Performance diesel guys still love that motor as it responds to mods better then any other.
  7. They fucking destroyed diesels. Just picked mine up this afternoon after getting all that shit fixed just to get the check engine light to go out so it will pass inspection $3236 , obviously my last fucking oil burner.
  8. Been cloudy here ( actual clouds ) since Friday but not smokey
  9. Everything that's not in a steak , hot dogs. And I ran out of kraut, not sure I'll like em without it.
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