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  1. I had a buck ( spike) and a doe yesterday. Thought it was too early for the bucks to be chasing does, guess not. Does that mean early mean winter?
  2. Body found in area of search for Gabby Petito: report %7B Three shot as family fight over gifts at Pa. baby shower erupts into gunfire %7B NIH chief expects FDA to expand booster recommendation in… A body was reportedly discovered in Wyoming where officials have been searching for Gabby Petito, whose family reported her missing more than a week ago. Authorities have not identified the body, according to Fox News, which reported its discovery on Sunday.
  3. In Overwhelmed Del Rio, Texas, Migrants Cross the Border Freely DEL RIO, Texas and CIUDAD ACUÑA, Mexico—Jorge Rios stood watch at his family’s property on the Mexican side of the border between these two cities Saturday while a stream of migrants trudged back-and-forth across the Rio Grande. Many held boxes or bags above their heads as they waded through the murky, thigh-high water. Some carried frightened-looking children. Close to 13,000 migrants, many originally from Haiti, are now in Del Rio, according to officials in the area, overwhelming the resources of local, st
  4. Place is nothing but fucking north Mexico.
  5. Same people who are paying it now. Most illegals are working for cash .
  6. Ya ever have their homemade donuts? Taste like fried dough
  7. I think he already ate his gun somewhere in the desert
  8. This is the way it is. You have 2 choices. Act like an adult and make a choice. Not an animal .
  9. 2 brothers from Bow killed in collision between SUV, tractor-trailer on I-89 (wmur.com)
  10. My cousin died from it about 5 months ago. Last one I knew who had it.
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