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  1. Please tell me the judge ordered her a mental evaluatuion
  2. If you see a deal on a donkey buy it. Donkeys hate them and will kill them.
  3. Nahant town board votes and becomes first town in Mass. to shoot and kill coyotes NAHANT, Mass — The Town of Nahant is becoming the first in the state to actively shoot and kill aggressive coyotes. The town board voted to bring in trained rifle experts from the USDA wildlife services, on Wednesday night. Officials say this decision comes after months of research, and input from mass wildlife officials who all say the coyotes in Nahant are a public safety threat.
  4. Active-shooter threats against New Hampshire schools Thursday 'believed to be a hoax,' officials say https://www.wmur.com/article/new-hampshire-schools-active-shooter-threats-128/42188119
  5. I dont buy it. Back in those days the mob bought judges and politicians. They didnt kill them. There were certain rules to be followed such as kill other mobsters and no one really cares. Including law enforcment. It has always been like that. Even look at the Quebec biker wars. No one gave a rats ass untill a 12 yr old kid was killed as collateral damage. Then the shit hit the fan. The mob had way too much money to lose by having every law enforcment agancy on them. They like money too much to jeopardize it for something as simple as supposed revenge.
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