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  1. As if supporting the GOP isn’t embarrassing for you. Trump Ted Cruz Matt Gaetz Marjory Taylor Green McConnell Graham The list of lousy pieces of shit that you fawn over is long. then those right wing “news” people So many complicit on January 6th Telling dumbfucks like you it was the left when their texts to Trump proved they knew it was his fault
  2. What aboutisms. Clinton wasn’t fit for office because he fucked Lewinski. Trump Bragged about sexual assaulting women and Republicans cheered. Trump claimed only mobsters take the 5th, he took the 5th over 400 times. he lied about stormy. he lied about releasing his taxes. he lies, gets caught then lies again. It’s funny how invested you are In that lying piece of shit. He’d kill you all if it meant more money for him. The GOP pretended they respect the military and had no problem shitting on them in a temper tantrum.
  3. Why not. You already voted for him when he bragged about sexually assaulting women, begging Putin for help, cheating on his taxes and partying with pedophiles. Then a second time after adding a trillion to the debt, putting his family in key positions even though they couldn’t pass security clearances. why would attempting to steal the election, attempting a violent coup, stealing and compromising classified material change your mind? they could catch trump raping a Cub Scout while selling Putin your nuclear codes and you’d still make excuses. MERCA FUCK YA!
  4. I like that that people who think this is fake somehow thought Hillary had single handedly sold the US uranium supply to Russia.
  5. I’m sure she knew dirty Donnie would funnel all kinds of money to her children. Weird how that turn coat Ivanka sided with Bill Barr.
  6. You mean when Putin helped Trump win after Trump publicly asked for his help. Then sided with Putin every time Putin snapped his fingers? Fun times.
  7. Must be difficult to Live in a country with so many fake deaths.
  8. Could be worse. Could have listened to Poilievre and bought bitcoin at $60,000.00.
  9. Exactly. Only 5 Americans died. Only one more than Banghazi and Republicans shrugged that off.
  10. Oh look here it is you semi literate fucktard. In her 1990 divorce deposition, Ivana accused Trump of raping her in a "violent assault" in 1989. However, she later backtracked, saying her accusation was not of a "literal or criminal sense." It’s here among the other 26 allegations of rape and probably the tape recording of him admitting the pussy grab. But they can’t be true. After you all Got your knickers in a twist about Bill, no way you’d vote for a rapist. https://www.businessinsider.com/women-accused-trump-sexual-misconduct-list-2017-12?utm_medium=refer
  11. Runaway spending and debt is only bad when Dems do it. Same with American deaths, military, police or civilian. Imagine 9/11 under a Democrat or if Hillary had orchestrated Jan. 6th like Trump did?
  12. You lie and make ignorant and stupid comments regularly. It’s hard to pick what you do the most.
  13. Look how much it climbed during Republican years. Democrats inherit a shit show and spend half their first term fixing Republican shit. Clinton fixed the Reagan/bush shit show. Bush fucks it up so Obama inherited a fucking shit show, gets it sorted and dumb Donald fucks it all up again.
  14. Was she that one that got paid to chang her story about sexual assault before the election?
  15. It’s hilarious that so many maga morons still believe the election was stolen after they find out Trump never believed it was stolen. Talk about TDS.
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