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  1. Nothing. A horrible choice. I’m just surprised that after years of complaining about Trudeau being “just a drama teacher”. They chose that light weight half Mercan Scheer who embezzled from his own party and lied about his qualifications and then do worse with PP. He has never done anything worthwhile and is a complete idiot.
  2. Lol. Knobs don’t even watch the documentary before commenting. I guess that’s why it was so easy for Trump and the right wing media to take over your country. Good job losers.
  3. It’s funny how within a few posts you go from claiming to owe nothing on your real estate then claiming it’s stupid not to leverage. Nice self ownage. Or is it just proof that you are lying?
  4. So nobody can find anything that qualifies PP as PM? Didn’t think so but thought it was worth asking.
  5. 0 leverage. Probably would have been wise to leverage but why take unnecessary risks when you can’t spend everything you already have?
  6. I keep hearing complaints that Trudeau was only a drama teacher and not qualified to be Prime Minister. What education or business experience has PP had that makes him qualified? He is dumb as a stump with no decent education or real world experience. Why are you all so stupid? he’s worse than that Scheer idiot who couldn’t even pass the insurance brokers exam so he lied about it.
  7. He was happy with how much money I made him. Retired and 52 and still collected yuuuge dividends. I have to admit he was way smarter than me. I’m only semi retired at 58. Oh well it’s hard to quit when the money is so good. keep your head low at the shopping mall in that shithole Vaughn.
  8. I’m doing amazing. Housing and industrial property is stupidly high. Condolences on your Vaughn house dropping in value. Your highest claim a couple of years ago was 2.8 million. Maybe all the murders dragged it down. When you pretend to own those properties, do you mean you own them or the bank?
  9. Sure you do. Just like you house jumping 500,000 in value over one weekend. 🤣
  10. More credible than Trump or anyone in the GOP. “WMD’s. Let’s go to Iraq, mission accomplished “.
  11. How much business did Hunter do with Ukraine vs Ivana with China Or Jared with the Saudis? What’s up with that shithole you live in? Two dead in nightclub shooting, 1 dead in shopping mall shooting, one dead in parking lot shooting….. can’t you afford To live somewhere decent?
  12. How much business did Hunter do with Ukraine as a private citizen compared to how much trumps kids did while working in the White House. Hiw close was the latest murder to your shithole? Seems to make the news a lot.
  13. Proven by who? Alex Jones? Or did those shit stains on fox say. “could those documents have been planted by the dnc? Then you took that as facts. In your fucked up little brain the CIA and FBI lie about Trump and the only one telling the truth is Trump who refused to speak under oath and has to hand out pardons like candy at halloween. Elcheeto must have had writers cramp in the last few months.
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