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  1. Lucky he can’t run for office. Too bad the voters didn’t know he was a rapist when they voted for him. What kind of shitheads would vote for someone that partied with Epstein?
  2. Didnt you get the memo? Canada decided we had a right arm bears. You’ve already been told by Honest Don that Mexico is invading. It’s all over
  3. I didn’t realize all 81 indictments were for mean tweets. I thought I saw something about stolen classified documents, lying about having them, returning some and moving them to avoid giving them back. I’m sure there is no way Trump tried to profit off of those documents or even told random foreigners classified info about the capabilities of your military equipment. But I’m sure that’s the same as Pence and Biden searching their files, finding some and returning them voluntarily. All politicians are the same derp.
  4. WOW! A politician taking the blame for not being prepared. That must be a hanging offence. Trump is certainly way too strong to take the blame for anything. Ignore that Trump spent weeks lying about dominion voting machines and stolen elections then when they were sufficiently fired up sent the rioters to the capital and told them to fight like hell to “stop the steal”. I guess Nancy should have known that Trump was sending a basket of deplorables her way and the party that supports the police would end up killing some.
  5. Are you saying that the Republican Party has the same gun control policies as those commie Canadians?
  6. It’s almost like over the years the parties have completely switched positions. People were fond of saying that Democrats were the party of the kkk 100 years ago. Obviously with the kkk and Trump endorsing each other that has changed. In 2016 Russia was still the enemy and Republicans were convinced and angry at the thought of Democrats doing their bidding. That’s changed. Trump got in and out spent Obama and that was ok with MAGA Money from foreign governments was the charge against vp Biden through his son but suddenly Trump and family getting huge pay offs from China and Saudi Arabia (where 16 of 18 9/11 hijackers were from) was fine. Even golf went from the devil’s game when Obama played it to a source of revenue for Trump Corp and MAGA flipped on that. I guess I’m not surprised that MAGA went from telling black people they had to comply or they deserved to get shot for shoplifting to defending Trump stealing classified secrets and defying law enforcement.
  7. Bikers and other road users would be a lot safer if you would keep your eyes on the road and stop gawking at bikers “sausages”
  8. Congratulations to the Republican Party for imposing gun control on Hunter Biden.
  9. It seems to me that in 2016 if Putin has a wish list, being trusted by Republicans/MAGA more than the CIA would be a dream come true. That was Trump’s doing. Weakening NATO would also be on Putin’s wish list as part of his expansionist plans. Trump was doing his best to fuck NATO over too. Putin formulated his takeover of Ukraine instead of stopping at Crimea during Trump’s time in the Whitehouse and because no one would tell him no or tell him the truth he went ahead with the plans anyway. Maybe he decided MAGA would continue with their civil war and keep the US tide up. Maybe he was relying on his allies in the Republican Party keep any military aid from reaching Ukraine. It almost worked. In the end helping Trump get elected was a win for Putin the first time. It exacted revenge on America for the damage Reagan did to the USSR. Unfortunately for Putin, Biden prevailed over MAGA and Russia is in a far worse place as a result.
  10. You and a few others sure like to talk about what other men wear.
  11. Quite a few comments about what bikers wear on here. Maybe cyclists be safer if you closeted individuals would keep your eyes on the road and stop trying to check out their junk.
  12. In 2016 Conservatives claimed Putin was better off with Hillary in Power and he was on her side. Is that something you still believe?
  13. I definitely have and by many people. It’s who we choose to believe that matters. Seems to be that Trumpsters have been lied to and want to believe a serial liar and conman. If he lied cheated on all his wives, he’ll lie to you too.
  14. Only three counts. He’s going to have to step up his game if he wants to compete with lying Don.
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