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  1. Who fucking cares about Islam. If you weren’t relying on Saudi oil they’d have no money to support radical Islam.
  2. OPEC??? You dumb fucks still suck Saudi dick for oil? Bummer man. Too bad the Republicans stole the election from Al Gore. You’d be leading the world in green energy and all be driving fast as fuck electric cars. You wouldn’t be talking about the Taliban today either.
  3. Should have just bombed the fuck out of them Line Obama did to Libya. But then again Republicans couldn’t have siphoned billions to the Devos family if they did that.
  4. Maybe should have stopped interfering with them 50’ years ago.
  5. Holleeeeeee shit. Over 100 per day dying in Texas and you dumb fucks are still arguing against vaccines. Fucking hilarious. Over 80 percent of eligible Ontario people have been vaccinated. 14 million people and many days with 0 deaths. Of the 163 in hospital only 14 were double vaxxed. You’d have to be one dumb fucker not to get vaxxed with numbers like that.
  6. I just had to come back and find out who supports spending more money and losing more soldiers in that shit hole. Joe was bang on. The US spent 1 trillion dollars and outfitted 300,000 troops. If those cunts can’t fight for their own country why should you? Remember a kid born on 9/11 is 20 today. He’s spent his whole life occupied by the US. Fuckem if they can’t fight against those right wing religious nutbars.
  7. Your lie about making 150 grand profit on one trade. I don’t want you to leave the site. I like laughing at you occasionally.
  8. You still believe Trump’s lies about Dominion. Fucking hilarious. I hope you donated to his cause. So far 250 million from gullible chumps like you. It reminds me of all those Dumbfucks that kept giving money to Jimmy baker years ago.
  9. Funny how the video clips of crying antics people are outnumbered by maga crybabies.
  10. You have the most cases and the most deaths. Terrible job.
  11. Then from March onward Trump who had all the intel continued to lie and help spread the virus. Most cases on in the world. Most cases per capita than 95% of the other countries. Maga.
  12. It’s more reality show hijinks. I just want to know who the latest one on the scene is.
  13. Do they have nice courses in prison? Prison for Trump would save a lot of money for the taxpayer. No more travel budget and secret service agents could be his guards. That’ll save money on their travel. Maybe get the whole family to join him.
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