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  1. I bet I missed a whole new level of crazy. Did they end up admitting they were duped or do they still believe it was a false flag event not lying Donald Trump fooling his gullible base into crimes?
  2. You seriously think it’s good that he was able to sell real estate at inflated prices to Saudi’s and Russians while in office? And his golf courses made a profit too hmmmm. Couldn’t be anything to do with him taking all those flights to them, holding events and spending the secret service budget at his own resorts that just happened to increase their prices. Remember when you loons lost your shit when Obama spent any money on himself? Trump spend over 100 million tax dollars going to his own golf courses and you are calling it a win.
  3. Bogus indictments. 🤣 Why even pretend anymore. You don’t care that he’s a rapist and a fraud, that he stole top secret documents, colluded with Putin etc. Just admit you blindly vote Republican and be done with it.
  4. So Republicans don’t all support people who fuck underage girls. Good to know.
  5. Were you this crazy before buying that place in Florida? Maybe it’s that Chinese drywall rotting your brain.
  6. EV’s completely kick ass. But they aren’t for everyone. Imagine some of the idiots on here being able to figure out how to download a charging app.
  7. Lowest unemployment rate in around 50 years. I think Republicans use to say Jobs Jobs Jobs. Or isn’t that important anymore?
  8. Definitely not. Lots more shit to come. Glad I live in Canada
  9. So these co conspirators who are flipping on the traitor in chief..:.::are they still the best people that Trump surrounds himself with? Isn’t it weird that Powell sounded the least crazy when she finally told the truth about Trump?
  10. They don’t care. They’d rather die than admit they were fooled by the oil companies
  11. It’s pretty obvious that Republicans prefer traitorous draft dodging conmen with a side of rapist.
  12. https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-67171231 Great job dumb fuckers.
  13. You read a report that ignores facts and believed it. That’s awesome. Trump and Putin still love you. Have a cookie.
  14. You dummies chose to spend trillions on wars to make Bush richer rather than billions to put the US ahead of the world in green energy. China has the majority of the green energy business and its dummies like you believing oil companies that is partially to blame.
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