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  1. https://www.baytoday.ca/local-news/health-unit-closes-ofsc-snowmobile-trails-3271964
  2. These are actually the guys that drive and race the sleds. Why would some wantable trail racer (cough) have one. 🤣
  3. Plenty of guys walking around with pit coats on.
  4. You put your right foot in you take your right foot out you put you left foot in and you shake it all about. You and Joe are just party animals.
  5. No snow here in Wisconsin so looking just to fly out West and have a little snowmobile vacation. I've been out West but it's been a while. Heard good report on Togwotee Mountain Lodge for both lodging and rental. Anybody have any comments or other suggestions?
  6. What would VSJoe say if asked to go snowmobiling? 1) I've never rode a snowmobile 2) Haven't been able to pass the snowmobile safety test 3) Can I just ride on the back 4) Only if its a hybrid like my smartcar 5) I think they are to danger 6) I've never played that game before in my basement 7) Only if I can wear a pit coat and just walk around trying to look cool 8) Only if you guys come back to HCS 9).................
  7. I see Z's over there now preaching the be nice words. "Look at me Joe" 😇
  8. It's easy enough to get another account going just choose not contribute anymore. There's still some good guys over there that I PM with or as it's now known as "conversation"
  9. Wife on her sled from last year and out grooming around home
  10. To much in my blood. Currently own 6 sleds. 2 are our trail sleds and the other 3 are limited builds and the 4th has a 700 SLP RZ motor. About 4 years ago had 13 sleds but lost my free storage so just kept the sleds I wanted to and sold the rest. Have a good stock of NOS parts and other miscellaneous parts for the late 80's early 90's Indy.
  11. No they will hit the rev limiter as they deam needed. They usually ask you a little information if you have ever raced before to kinda get a background on you to take that into consideration. They also generally watch you close if your around another cars and either have you back down or radio the other car to let you by. When I went around Daytona Jeff Burton was driving the car and we were in the 160's. The turns make it look like your going to run into the a wall and when your in the turns you can feel the g's pull you down into the seat.
  12. If you get out of hand the coach can hit a rev limiter or even shut the car down. When we were there once there was a guy that couldn't even drive a stick but he wanted to do the drive. Somehow they got him off of pit road after snubbing the car out multiple times.
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