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  1. We have a bar by us the Elvoy about 10 miles away from our place. Old bar but actually clean for old bar standards but they still smoke in there. Posted his smoking fines on the wall that he's gotten. I don't smoke either but the owner's a grin and it's a fun bar for the last stop of the day.
  2. Is that in the area of the Plywood Palace? That's on my must see list?
  3. Both of Doug's sons now work at Polaris. For a while one worked at Arctic cat. If you get a chance to listen to him about what he was all involved with snowmobiling it is worth the time. Doug and his brother Stan basically developed the Mercury Sno-Twister race team. Sadly Stan passed away 2-3 years ago.
  4. It was more than then The social club members still have me and others a little cranked up. Let know if your in Wisconsin this year. Up Nth our place is 25 miles East of Eagle Rive but guys I ride with have places in Conover and Mercer. Normally ride where the snow is.
  5. Marked a small section of what I normally mark today before the weather turns to shit. Little different attitude this year and I'll wait for the official club trail marking Saturday and see what happens.
  6. And the real reason. To many dead EV's on the side of the road. Need more gas for portable generators.
  7. Guys that help with trails and Thank you all for doing that keep in mind the width of the groomer and drag especially in the corners. Keep them as wide as possible.
  8. Unplanned purchase. Friend has a Saturday get together every Saturday. Always a good time and a lot of laughs. Has/Had a 2001 XCR 800 that he hasn't rode in 2 years. I now have a new museum sled that I really don't need but had to have it.
  9. Another thing you need to watch is if you/someone takes the fuel pump assembly out when it's reassembled that the seal does roll on the tank neck. I've seen that before. After reassembled they should shake the sled or lift the back to make sure it doesn't leak.
  10. There's a higher percentage chance of your vehicle starting on fire while filling it up than your sled starting on fire. Should issue a "stop fill" until all gas stations install a grounding cable to attach to your vehicle before filling.
  11. This is putting a heavy load on the dealers and they are the ones taking the blunt of the hit from the customer's. With the stop ride is Polaris going to extend the warranties on these sleds with a stop ride for the length of time it takes for Polaris to get the parts to the dealers. Friend that works part-time at a dealership he use to own and all he said to me today is I'm glad I don't have to face the customer's about this.
  12. The airfares got to pricey with the late planning. Enjoy
  13. Once again admitting and posting some of the failures of the Biden administration. 🤣
  14. Locals we were with were drinking the beer warm maybe it's a local area thing in Gotha. These were small outside venues. They gave us a hard time for wrecking beer. I can't drink anything with carbination so they were giving me a hard time because they had to get water without air (carbination). Our host was really good taking us to more of the local attractions. Was a good time. He spoke 7 languages saying the counties are so small he could be in different countries within a week.
  15. Heading up Nth with the wife and dog Wednesday morning. Cook a small Thanksgiving dinner and relax. Get the lawnmowers and jeep put away. Get the sled dolly, etc out for sledding season. Put one more trail cam up. Check on some of the local hunting camps. Head home Saturday to beat the traffic.
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