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  1. Hey one more year today marking trails
  2. Trail Marking with the Cadillac Escalade full of signs in the field. Perfect.
  3. Guy I know that's in marketing and had some classic cars always advertised them in Hemmings at an absolute crazy price with no real intention of selling them. Asked him are you selling your car? Nope but I'm making them more valuable. The guy that doesn't know the value will pay the crazy price and tell the other guys that don't know the value how good of a deal he got. Theses guys with liquid cash will think the car is cool and their buddy has one so will now start looking for a car. Based off of the over price the first guy paid they will set their price point there and again over pa
  4. LOL Porsche = A rebranded Volkswagen
  5. Have you ever done anything with vapor blasting of the aluminum parts. Would recommend it if you haven't.
  6. For triple 2 stroke guys turn the volume up
  7. SXS have been gaining places to ride along with having issues being brought up. Alot of the 2ndary roads up Nth are gravel and routinely get graded. SXS spinning donuts in the middle of a freshly graded road is pissing off townships and users of theses roads. One townships closed their sections of the road and after multiple meets have agreed to give it one last chance to see if the problems go away. The township we're in up Nth is considering some restrictions or closing roads and also a neighboring townships is looking at closing roads.
  8. Thanks @kromfor the information. (The video shows the track change process)
  9. Just some additional details. Keweenaw Trail Report Good morning! We have the good and the “not so good” this morning as we are sure most of you already know…. The AMAZINGLY good - yesterday Trail 3 from Dollar Bay to Lake Linden was officially reopened after being closed since the Fathers Day Flood of 2018! Anyone that is familiar with riding the Keweenaw, knows what great news this is! THANK YOU to ALL who worked tirelessly on getting this accomplished! Michigan Dnr, Keweenaw ATV Club, Keweenaw Snowmobile Club, State Representative Greg Markkanen, clu
  10. Knew Andy would get you taken care of.
  11. Any high dollar recreational products with the current interest rates. Snowmobile club member works at Mercury Marine and they have cut their production numbers as they see a big slow down.
  12. Tried using a silage roller to level out the plowed fields but the recent cold temps firmed up the ground to much for it to work good. May try it again when the temps warm up or just use a blade as we've done other years.
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