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  1. Listened to Harvick on his show and he listed all the sponsors that SHR has either lost or where the sponsors now split their sponsorship with other teams this year. He also said Ford pulled out their sponsorship money and went with Front Row. Heard Front Row was getting support from Ford this year but didn't know they dropped SHR.
  2. Who they going to be able to go to work there? They're all coming to the US
  3. Can't remember but that's possible. He came in the sport solo for a couple years and ran back to mid pack before him and Stewart got together and became a front runner. In 2007 Haas spent 2 years in the big house for tax fraud. Leaving for St Louis tomorrow morning so we'll hear some of the gossip in the garage.
  4. Respectful saying Gene Haas and Stewart ran the team on competitive emotion more than the bottom line. Where the HMS, Penske and Gibbs look closer at the bottom line and at least break even. Read where Gene Haas finish last in F1 the past 2 seasons and probably lost 20 million in each season. They had a good run but both are going in different directions in there life's that the Nascar team was not as much of a priority as it once was. When Harvick subbed for Larson at North Wilkesboro he joking said he actually talked to the owner twice in a week. It's to bad but really looking at their performance over the past 2-3 seasons it's been sub-par compared to their earlier years.
  5. This is the sow to the cubs. This is the first time we seen a sow with 4 cubs. For the last 2 years we've had a sow with 3 cubs coming around. Don't know if this sow is one of previous two year old cubs. Here's a pic from my BIL about a quarter mile from us
  6. Doug

    Meme thread

    The bottom pic looks like Michigan's infield Sunday morning at the Nascar race
  7. Larson is at Iowa today for a tire test
  8. No disrespect to Schrader but see him more of a Tony Stewart. Tony bought Eldorado owns a sprint car team and did own the All Stars sprint car series which High Limit (Brad Sweet and Larson own). You also have Larson's son Owen already racing.
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