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  1. Correct they don't know why. To your point not only taking away freedom but reliability. Hard to charge batteries without power
  2. https://www.texastribune.org/2022/05/13/texas-power-conservation-heat/
  3. Not a surprise. Texas just had a power outage when 6 power plants went off line. Friend is an electrical contractor and said demand for backup generators has gone crazy in the last comes years. Just last week he installed 2 at private residence and averages at least 2 per month. On EV vehicles people don't realize the power requirements for quick chargers. Most are 50 amps and up. Many of the older homes only had 100 amp service and if they have a detached garage it may have as little as a single 20 amp run in the garage. Last year a couple were waiting for (2) EV vehicles so th
  4. How do you make EV vehicles look economical? Raise gas prices
  5. There's some good stories about Yunick and Bill France Sr as they really didn't get along. Smokey was a helicopter pilot. He was ban from watching a test at Daytona by Bill France so Smokey flow in and parked his helicopter in one corner. When Bill came over to kick him out he just flow to a different area of the track.
  6. Here's a good facebook group on Trickle https://www.facebook.com/groups/1402590456640139
  7. Was a good finish just hard racing. Maybe other drivers will note if your a skilled driver you don't have to punt a guy out of the way to win. Congratulations Kurt on the win. This was working the first race of the year so a couple take aways. 1) some teams have found that on hot days the Lexan windshields expand enough that it will distort the roof area and they will fail inspection. Some teams are starting to use chill blankets on the windshield and back window to reduce the heat effect before going through inspection. 2) With the single lug fueling the car is now the longe
  8. Just noticed the 24 and 22 garage stalls are right next to each other.
  9. At first Lagono's team though they could fix it. It broke both upper and lower control arms on the rear but it only broke the upper A-frame on the front and bent the frame mounts on the bottom control arm. They put the motor from the crashed car into the back up and had to change the seat, shocks etc. When we left they just started the car and had about half of the wrap done. The pic is the good side of the front. 2nd pic is starting it and working on the wrap
  10. Yup backup car. When they were getting it off the roll back they said they were going to fix it. Must have hit harder then what they thought.
  11. Tire went according to him radio. They're fixing his car. Boucher is going to a backup
  12. Lol. A fan grabbed a Byron profile sheet and had Logano sign it. Logano just laughed.
  13. And a before pic. Couldn't resist they're garage stall is right in front of us.
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