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  1. Couple guys I ride with they're sleds are at the dealer but both are missing ECU'S (or ECM as Ski-Doo calls them) And one is missing the standard guage
  2. LOL. Guy that was in our club years ago would put the skis against the garage wall and do the same thing. That was also an Arctic Cat.
  3. Don't know the story. We were through there about 1 hr earlier and on the way back there the sled was. Helmet was laying in the snow with the chinstrap cut. We looked around to see if anybody was laying in the snow and nothing. Nobody around.
  4. Z just a hint here when they give you the middle finger it's not how many people are behind them. 👍
  5. At work we've really migrated away from air tools and went with battery hand tools. No air lines to run or hose to drag around. This is a large weld shop
  6. Just bringing this to the top
  7. Finished up the section I take care of by our place up Nth. Now the trails around home.
  8. In a normal year there isn't much of a markup on sleds from decent dealers for what they sell sleds for. They are hoping to make it up on accessories and service. There's also different programs they can work with through the manufactures. Under the current conditions if dealers are charging above retail they're just taking advance of the consumer. I can understand holding your prices but if your higher that retail that's not right. The 4 year warranty for me helps with the resale of the sled.
  9. Even at work the plant I work at is all Dewalt Flexvolt grinders and impacts. At the one assembly plant it's almost all Milwaukee and a 2nd assembly plant it's a mix of Dewalt and Milwaukee.
  10. I've had my dewalt 18 volt combo kit forever and it's been abused but served my well. Having trouble getting batteries so it time to update. Have friends in the trades that use both Dewalt and Milwaukee and have good to say on each. Some say Milwaukee kinda of fell off for a while but has improved back into a good quality product over the past 4-5 years. Not sure what way to go?
  11. Our main core group just enjoys riding. Normal day riding just happens to be between 200 to 300 miles and can be any combination of riding between trails in the woods, railroad grades, forest roads, corn fields, rivers etc. Haven't worked Fridays or some Thursdays in the winter for the past 5 years and have resources where we can normally travel where the snow is and have accommodations if we don't have snow around home. To each they're own just enjoy getting out and riding or grooming. Not bar sitters. Stop for a breakfast or lunch and have a a couple adult beverages at the last sto
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