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  1. My wife's always been good about winter vacations and not planning any. We have friends that spend the winter in Florida and always invite us down but my wife tells them it will never happen. It also helps that she also rides so we do have some M & M trips in the winter. Happy wife happy life most of the time. This may have been a 200 mile day with her
  2. You should lose your man card for a Florida vacation in January.
  3. From drinking champagne and wine in a glass to drinking whiskey and beer from the bottle.
  4. Doug

    Bearing grease

    There was a noticeable difference in the amount of grease in the bearings between 2021 and 2022. 2022 and 2023 both have more grease in the bearing than 2021.
  5. How does the guy like the 600R for trail riding? In 2007 took a IQR chassis and put a XCR800 triple in it. Hated the sled for trail riding. Pulled the motor sold the chassis and the pipes/motor mount and bought an IQ dragon for 2008
  6. Last Monday riding in the UP. This Monday 48 deg and picking up trails around home.
  7. They called in ZR600RR replacement at work. Couldn't even tell the difference.
  8. All Yamaha needs to do is come up with a good chassis.
  9. This quote could be used so many different ways in reference to the same manufacture And the "850 CC class means nothing" because a specific manufacturer was almost non-existent And the "New chassis means nothing" because a specific manufacturer was almost non-existent And the "Modern guage means nothing" because a specific manufacturer was almost non-existent
  10. Tesla owner parks on stranger's lawn, steals electricity for 12 hours At no point was this ever OK ZAC PALMER Jul 26th 2019 at 3:11PM 134 134 comments Here’s your public service announcement of the day: Don’t be like this guy. This guy, as reported by TV station WPBF and brought to our attention via Jalopnik, decided it was OK for him to plug his Tesla Model 3 into a random person’s electrical
  11. Doug

    Cleaning 2ndary

    Yes 2022 XCR 850 136. Even if I'm trading in a sled still go through it. Just something I do and I know somebody is getting a good sled.
  12. Doug

    Dupont slides

    Here's some Dupont slides with over 4000 miles some miles with less than ideal conditions.
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