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  1. Doug

    Ultimax Belt

    George I have a Ultimax belt as my spare. Bought it in 2019 put it on my sled at the time for about 50 miles to break it in and haven't had it on a sled since. I normally change my belt after about 3000 miles and being I've done all the clutching and testing with the stock belt I put a new stock belt back on. Some guys are using Gboost belts with good results also.
  2. He's become to much of a me guy. Send him packing.
  3. My jackshaft bearing was fine but the drive shaft bearing was a little light on grease. I also normally shimmed the skis with .25 shims but noticed on the Matryx that the carbides were wearing a little more on the back of the carbides so changed out to .18 shims and that evened out the carbide wear.
  4. I was fighting the urge to sell the VR1 from this year and get a VR1 650 for my wife. Ordered my 2022 XCR 850 back in March and planned to have my wife drive the VR1 from this year but a guy wanted to buy it now. Guess we'll stay with the original plan now and I'm good with that. I know they're doing some fine tuning on the 650 for 2022 and has my curiosity up on it.
  5. Anybody not able to get their sleds ordered. Seeing on other forums guys that were waiting and thought it was just a markets ploy now cannot get the sleds they wanted ordered and now are upset.
  6. I don't like my helmet being tethered to the sled never have. I know the Oxygen helmet has the magnetic tether on the back do you need the helmet tethered all the time even on warm days. One of the guys I ride with said it would start fogging up even on warm days if you didn't tether it but he was the only one to say that.
  7. Funny story. Years ago I use to do a lot of radar runs. I had top speed in trail stock. A friend of mine blew his track in improved so I was helping him change the track in his trailer. Some other freinds of mine talked my wife into registering my sled under a fake name and had her run my sled without me knowing and she beat my top speed. We went up afterwords and I'm looking and now I'm in 2nd place and have no idea who this girl is. I take my 2nd place trophy still wondering who beat me. As they announce the name my wife walks up to except thr trophy and all my buddies are laughing t
  8. My wife always had no problem keeping up when we rode together. She got thrown off her sled 2 years ago and broke some ribs. Ever since then she still rides good but would do better if I put a piece of tape over the speedometer.
  9. I showed my wife the Plywood Palace on Facebook she said no way. Showed the guys I ride and it's a must stop if we get in that area.
  10. Your correct Z care to combine it with the one in the Polaris forum. I hit the wrong forum obviously
  11. A number of guys I ride with bought an Oxygen helmet and all of them had good things to say about them. I figured I'll just wait until next year and buy one. A couple weeks again I got a survey from Polaris asking detailed questions about helmets. Questions included asking about speakers, blue tooth compatible, communicating with passenger and other riders in your group, tethered to your sled, untethered with rechargeable battery bigger viewing area. Seems like Polaris may be looking at or possible coming out with a new helmet with additional features.
  12. Last year a number of guys I ride with bought a Oxygen helmet all had good things to say about them. Figured I'll probably buy one for this coming season. A couple weeks ago got a survey from Polaris asking a lot of details about helmets. They were asking about helmets such as speakers, blue tooth, communication between riders, tethered to the sled untethered and battery operated and a number of other features. Makes me think that Polaris may be coming out with a new helmet that may tap into additional features.
  13. Yes my friend use to own it before K&M bought it about 20 years ago and Fastsledders nephew works there I believe.
  14. The 7S Display with Ride Command features a number of updates for 2022 including satellite map views, group messaging, and WiFi connectivity for easy updates and data uploads. The coolest part? All 2021 7S Displays will be able to receive these new updates this fall.
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