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  1. All this knowledge we have and $2 should get us a cup of coffee just about anywhere.
  2. Yes and those type of exhaust manifolds tell me Chevelle chassis.
  3. Studebaker 289 debuted in 1956. What year was the 289 introduced by Ford?
  4. https://www.hagerty.com/media/lists/v-8-pairs-that-share-displacements-but-not-manufacturers/
  5. Studebaker 289 engine had no parts at all common with any other engine. They were not Ford engines.
  6. They were not 289 Ford engines they were a V8 of Studebaker's own design.
  7. Screenshot of kids Facebook before it was taken down I think
  8. Yes, it will eventually be emptied. Then the plastic driven gear for the water pump-oil pump will be destroyed.
  9. That was the coolest thing I've seen all year....
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