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  1. Actually three or four teams raced the Mystery Engine in '63 with no factory support. Smokey Yunick, Rex White, Junior Johnson, Et al. Junior managed to win seven races. I'm building a period correct street driven replica of the Junior Johnson #3 car.
  2. Flint Engine South was built on the site of the original V-8 Engine Plant that opened in 1954. I guess we can call it the V-8 plant again after 20 years. I retired from the Metal Fabricating Plant right next door. The Flint Truck Assembly Plant is contiguous to both plants, which seems to me to be the ideal layout for GM to build trucks.
  3. Who is your crank guy? - I may know him.
  4. ZRTs have much better cranks than the 3 cylinder Skidoos. Bigger bearings with steel ball cages rather than phenolic , labyrinth non-contact seals rather than rubber and just a lot easier to work with than the Rotax cranks. Cat crank parts are expensive though, and have way less aftermarket support like rods and bearings than Rotax cranks. But neither Cat nor Rotax can hold a candle to Yamaha crank reliability. There, I said it.
  5. I've been to that one many times, never a bad experience.
  6. I thought it was about something completely different....
  7. All this knowledge we have and $2 should get us a cup of coffee just about anywhere.
  8. Yes and those type of exhaust manifolds tell me Chevelle chassis.
  9. Studebaker 289 debuted in 1956. What year was the 289 introduced by Ford?
  10. https://www.hagerty.com/media/lists/v-8-pairs-that-share-displacements-but-not-manufacturers/
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