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  1. To late. It's already down the hatch.
  2. Cheeseburger hamburger helper. I know gross.
  3. I'm not the one pushing bullshit. I'm questioning ArcticCrushers bullshit. Especially things like the vaccines give you AIDS.
  4. ArcticCrusher surely is. You can't be that ignorant, or maybe you can.
  5. I agree with smales. I don't agree with your conspiracies. There's a difference. Quit making shit up and see how it plays out. Maybe you'll gain back some self respect.
  6. You say this for many things. Still waiting for you to be right about any of them.
  7. California has pretty much always paid much more than the nation for gasoline at the pump, in part due to higher taxes and a more expensive blend of fuel, but an average price that's nearly 70% more than most everyone else in the U.S. is a bit extreme.3
  8. Leave climate change out of it. Climate change is only prevelant because it's a huge money grab.
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