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  1. AC DC-Ride on Aerosmith-Dream on Deep Purple-Smoke on the water
  2. Nice! My son has an old 93 Supra.
  3. When Honda started selling in North America they would be rotten from rust in 5 yrs. As did all the other jap vehicles.
  4. I think I saw washupmxer called dripper on this site. Could be wrong.
  5. You're right. In general people just don't care or respect one another anymore.
  6. Ya those are nice and much more suited for winter.
  7. Good way to destroy a toyhauler. They're built like garbage already and now add salt into the mix.
  8. True true. I don't think he's ever used a commercial charging station for his yet. He charges at home and at his cabin only from the sounds of it.
  9. Only time will tell. My next vehicle for my wife will definitely be a Tesla. Not sure when. Pisses me off how much money brother is saving on fuel.
  10. If and when they make a 250 or a 350 and have respectable range towing, you'd have to be an idiot Not to get one.
  11. Not sure why you're so triggered about it.
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