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  1. I think I read somewhere that North Wilksboro usually sold out and Texas was lucky if they got enough spectators to sell out North Wilkesboro. Difference was it was alot more expensive to run the Texas race and North Wilkesboros community lost all the money the races made them.
  2. The only thing offensive about you is your face. Everything else you do is just embarrassing yourself.
  3. Lets be perfectly clear. I wasn't the one with conditions. You are.
  4. Just making the rules clear. He originally said it was for president only. If Trump loses in primary I win as well.
  5. 2k. If he doesn't make it past the primary by losing I win as well.
  6. You think Trumps racist? Elaborate please, I don't see it in him.
  7. Restaurants go bankrupt all the time. The ones who couldn't survive covid were likely on the brink anyways. Not saying what the government did was right by any means though.
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