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  1. Baby back ribs and corn on the cob.
  2. Increase? Florida isn't near breaking any records this year for hurricanes. So your point is a failure.
  3. Easier to contain mess in winter with no drains I'm thinking.
  4. Well I initially said nothing, shared plenty of pics via pm. I'm attacked because of my view on DJT and covid. If I agreed with him on those I'd be left alone. It's that simple sadly.
  5. I've never seen you say an ill word about his Job. I know he was pestering me about what I do for a living well before I said an I'll word about his shady profession. It's what he does to feel like he's above you.
  6. Drag you in? Don't fucking comment then.
  7. I've seen layabout painter mentioned many times. And how do you make any money being online all the time.
  8. I've seen layabout painter mentioned many times. And how do you make any money being online all the time.
  9. I don't think I recall Jimmy ever saying anything about your job to you. Not that I've read. You can't say the same where he's concerned.
  10. Well the guy you defend so dearly likes to know everyone's business for some reason so he can share with us how much better he is. 😀
  11. You're not better. You just changed who you're being a cunt too.
  12. I wouldn't trust him to look after my dog let alone my money. Might be different if I knew him personally. But surely not from how he interacts on this forum.
  13. I didn't say anything that wasn't said on the site. As for berating you've done your fair share of that where others are concerned. You just cant take back what you dish out. You're a fucking no good hypocritical asshole.
  14. I honestly don't care. It's just funny seeing how caught up he is with everything here. It's funny how I'm accused of chasing him, but yet I make a comment about Trump and DB calls me a name unprovoked and he gets a pass from you. Let me make this clear, I don't care, but I find it very humorous. I know he controls your money and I understand why you kiss his ass.
  15. Well the crowd must've misconstrued what Trump meant! The fucking guy knew exactly what he was doing and riled that crowd up to the point they started a riot.
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