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  1. I don't know if that's the same guy that I saw post on FB ... but geezus H?!?! How can a seat end up like that with a gas spill that's ALL TOO COMMON?? FFS I really am happy that I sold mine. Maybe I'll wise up enough to NOT snowcheck and wait until the season hits next year & see how things look ... that'd be the smart approach. Although I'll be the first to admint I ain't smart a lot of times.
  2. I hate to admit that I've been checking in over there with a buddy's account .... just to see some of the Wisconsin updates. But can't help but look at some of the other forums too, and noticing the same as you guys. For this time of the year, regardless of snow conditions, that place should be hopping ... but it's clearly not.
  3. I seriously have to wonder how long this market (for snowmobiles) is going to last. The conditions are absolute garbage around here, and unless it starts snowing SOON the season is damn near half over. If any of you guys do end up listing, I hope it works out as well for you as it did for me. Hell, I was able to help a family friend out (he's 83) and sell his 2000 Indy 500 with 4K miles on it ... super clean sled. I was shaking my head when he asked me to list it for $2500 OBO, but lo and behold, he got $2500 for it!!!
  4. I rode my buddy's wife's sled (600) a couple years ago, and that thing was an absolute blast. I'm sure your sled would be every bit as fun!!
  5. Based on the bold, I'd say yes ... run it in non-ethanol mode. Worse case scenario, you hit DET and need to change it to ethanol mode. But Id think the addition of the octane booster would allow you to be just fine.
  6. Funny guy ... everyone's a comedian (or in your case comedienne!! LOL) I admit I probably pussed out by selling, but I came out ahead so I ain't out anything ... and I ain't riding anytime soon even if the snow starts to add up. Oh well - it is what it is, and I can look forward to the banter on FS!! 😂
  7. Thanks for sharing that .... and glad to hear you lived to tell the story. Holy crap is that an eye opener! I did have a visit with the doctor (actually, the Emergency Dept) when this really started bothering me. At the time, I had tested CV+ and when I called to set up an appointment they "sounded the alarm" so to speak and told me to get to the Emergency Department ASAP because they wanted to rule out any heart issues since it was my left arm. I went through the blood work, EKG, etc. and everything came back OK (thankfully). So now I'm trying to see if the chiropractor can work his magi
  8. 3-day old fryer oil ... nothing like the guys riding behind you smelling french fries, onion rings, and cheese curds, all day long!!
  9. Yeah, I sold my sled this past week. I'm clearly getting old ... been fighting some arm/nerve issues (might be a disc problem, but I haven't gone in for a scan yet). I'm trying the chiropractor to see if he can help provide some relief, and if that doesn't work I'm gonna have to suck it up and go get the scan done. Figured I may as well try and sell the sled while the market is so strong, and if it sells - great .... if not - no big deal as I'll have a new sled to ride. Well, it sold. You guys will be thanking me soon .. I'm sure the snow will start coming any week now!! LOL
  10. I don't see any reference to items/problems to look for on the new 2021's and now that I sold mine this week without any seat time, I'm wondering what to look for ... especially since I'll be looking at the Snow Check program again. Seems the most common complaints (for the guys who've actually been able to ride) include: - The seat falling off and the shitty locking mechanism - The headlights having condensation - Those with the 7s complaining about the fuel mode changing & fuel level not being consistent (goes from Full to "much lower" quickly) & making sure the G
  11. Having owned a 2009 Dragon, and the notorious 800CFI, you'd think that sled would be the one .... but it really wasn't. I never had serious issues with that sled over the 2 years and 3500 miles I put on it, minus the DET codes I could get it to throw on demand (before I added a fuel controller). No - the sled that I really struggled with and was absolutely pissed every time I rode it the first year was my 2003 F7. That damn thing had issue after issue ... of course all of them ended up being service bulletins. I went into the second season telling myself, if I can't get through my first tr
  12. Sold my brand new, zero mile, HYPERSLED (Zam's favorite description of the Eight Fiddy)!!! I've been fighting some arm issues the past few weeks, and there just hasn't been any progress or relief in sight. Combine that with a less than stellar snow amount and a hot market for selling sleds = GONE!! I figured I would list it for a price that I knew would cover my cost (and maybe a little more) and if it sold I'd be fine ... and if not, I'd be fine too. Listed it this morning and it was gone by this afternoon!! Funny thing is, the guy that bought it is the same guy that bought my buddy's sl
  13. I don't think we'll see the 2.0 version because the marketing department can't top "Terrain Domination" .... what's left, GLOBAL DOMINATION??? 😂
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  15. I don't really hate any brand .. just the morons that ride them, claiming how superior their brand is! 🤣
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