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  1. I heard they're going to build an equivalent to Mount Rushmore ... Walz, Ellison, Omar .... and George Floyd Money well spent!! LOL
  2. Bontz


    Sharing your account with Ben?!?!?
  3. Bontz

    Recall fix

    Unfortunately, nothing significant for news on mine. As far as I know, it's not even "Funded" yet so I guess I'll continue to wait. The Polaris portal shows a build date range of 1/3 - 1/13 ... I'm really hoping to not be waiting yet in January
  4. Bontz

    Recall fix

    Mine's going in tomorrow, and hopefully I can pick it up on Wednesday after work. It sounds like the fix is replacing metal hose clamps with some sort of plastic type of clamps. Now, if I could just get Polaris to deliver my '23 the season would be looking much more promising!
  5. Ah yes, let's be proud of those so-called "educated" 30+ year olds living in their parents' basement and really making that $50K+ college debt worth it. They're most certainly held in high regard. Proud democrats for sure
  6. I don't think anyone here would argue that. And in true "whataboutism" fashion that you and others use on a regular basis, it's not like Warnock is exactly a beacon of pride for the Donkey party. Both of them are absolute trash.
  7. It's Sunday ... I give this an AMEN!!
  8. At one time, I think we were at 65 miles of trail but due to changes over the past few years I think we're closer to 55 or so, now. Not a huge amount, compared to some, but it's enough to keep us busy! LOL
  9. We did have one husband & wife combination that, I would say, worked "efficiently" She would drill the post hole, and he would pound the marker(s) in. Thankfully the majority of the work was in areas where the posts went in relatively easy after a few swings of the 3-pounder. But in the water runways that we use in various fields ... it was like pounding into concrete. We don't have shared trails, so ATV/UTV traffic doesn't hurt us .... but we still have morons who think it's cool to mow down signs from time to time
  10. I agree ... and I hope this is how it actually plays out later today.
  11. Not gonna lie ... jealous! And, I had a brief moment where I thought this pic was captured with a huge flame coming out of that sled!! But then I realized, it's not a Polaris
  12. I wish I would have taken some pics, but it was cold enough we just wanted to get shit done We got the rest of our trail system done yesterday, and I have to say ... was damn proud of the crew we had. We've been pretty fortunate the past few years, getting some "new blood" in the club and the added bonus of the new members being younger and willing to work. Yesterday was a perfect example ... we had two groups work from opposite ends of the trail system, and the younger guys did most of the stake pounding (through quite a bit of frost) while the older guys laid out the route & signs.
  13. Nice way to start the day ... a cup of coffee and some @Rowdy pics!!
  14. I think you're right with those 4 teams. The bigger question is, do they make OSU & Michigan match up right away? I think TCU should get the #3 seed and OSU the #4 seed .... but I'm biased with my hatred of OSU I saw Nick Saban trying to make his case for Alabama to get in. I'll give him an "A for Effort" but the Tide don't belong in the CFP this year, which is fantastic.
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