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  1. No idea. The reason Gabes wasn't braggadocios was because he was selling but would never ante up to be a sponser/vendor and we were kind of particular with him & how he posted. I don't fault him for that one bit, because he seemed to have people selling for him based on their feedback - so why spend money to advertise when others are doing it for ya? I only had one experience with him, first hand, when my buddy and I decided to try one of his kits with our identical sleds. We decided to try it and see how it worked, using our two sleds as the test mules. It wasn't anything super i
  2. I didn't get any seat time on my Matryx, but my '19 Indy should be a good enough comparison. I'm in that 270 range, geared up, and the stock springs were OK ... but there's no doubt in my mind it would have been better with the heavier torsions. When I got my Matryx last season, I installed the heavier springs ... but never rode it. I ended up throwing the stock springs back on it when I sold it & plan to use the heavier ones on my XCR if I need to (I plan to ride my XCR "stock" before I do anything to it).
  3. Neither of them are worth the time to read their constant bullshit. I don't care if it's "internet persona" or not ... I wouldn't piss on either of them if they were on fire. The ignore feature should be a default setting for some of these morons.
  4. Any time you're looking to do clutching or go fast parts, reach out to Jim ... @fastsleddr He's one of the most legit, stand up guys, and does it without puffing out his chest & bragging to everyone how great his stuff is. Trust me - you will be happy (and your buddies won't!) LOL
  5. I used to go over there just to kind of see what was going on, and seeing it literally turn into DooTalk 2.0 .... I stopped. It's just not worth the time any longer (at least for anything that's GDF related). I'll still take a look every now and then at the Matryx forum just to see what topics they've got going on, but even that turns me off pretty quick when I see Tricky Rick posting his shit in there.
  6. I know it's kind of dumb to ask/say this ... but I will. Why even bother anymore? That site has become an even bigger shithole than what the FS group thought it was when we were over there regularly. If I can ween myself from that place, anyone should be able to LOL
  7. Saw this pop up on a newsfeed and couldn't help but get sucked into clicking on it. Why am I not surprised at Don Lemon and CNN with their "rebuttal" to the Rogan podcast. What a douche. https://www.foxnews.com/media/cnn-don-lemon-joe-rogan-horse-dewormer-ivermectin
  8. So not only is this former Obama guy dumb enough to state the obvious, it's being reported and published? Talk about being as dumb as the day is long. Hello Captain Obvious!!!
  9. If by "contributing" you mean, your contributions are being nothing but a TROLL .... hey, congrats. I'll own being an asshole - you clearly must own being a DUMBASS.
  10. I love the back pedal by Gupta .... "I should have checked before coming on this podcast." The dude got absolutely OWNED by Joe and it was fantastic.
  11. And then Joe lit him up for being part of CNN's lie about Ivermectin. Good stuff!!
  12. Well, unless you're Hillary Clinton Sorry, couldn't resist.
  13. Does it actually hurt to be that dumb, @Mainecat? I mean, seriously ... if it doesn't hurt now, it must have hurt at one point. Maybe when you were repeatedly dropped on your squash???
  14. Can you imagine what's going on behind the scenes for the people who are being douchebags? A little "treat" here and there in a drink or mixed with their food? LOL It's the quick version of karma
  15. And let me guess, you don't have the balls to call out people when you see it? On two separate occasions, I've seen it happen (I was the guy one of those times that told a guy to stop being such a dick) and those people who are being assholes need to be called on it. The restaurant staff have to bite their tongue, and tolerate the rudeness ... we don't. In fact, I was told by several people "thank you" when I called out the douchebag that was being rude. Grow a spine, and stand up for the workers when you see it - it's not their fault. Other than a handful of occasions (see above),
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