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  1. I think this is the sad reality ... BNG's and 20% increase in prices.
  2. I'd assume by now that most people are also aware of ABP (Ad Blocker Plus)
  3. If I had my sled, and have been riding ... I'd keep riding. God knows how long it will take Polaris to come out with a fix, if it requires any sort of new component.
  4. And same here, too ... If you're seeing ads, pony up some $$ as a Contributing member.
  5. Is that windshield doing what I think it is ... the wind is deflected right into your upper chest/neck area?
  6. Yeah, although last year was due to my neck/arm and me selling my sled in January since I knew I wouldn't be able to ride. This year ... well, you know the story / shit show.
  7. @krom's excited ... it's just like the old days in the HCS General Forum!!
  8. Does a stop sale / stop ride count if a person doesn't even have their sled? I think I'm just gonna go this route instead
  9. Same here George. I'll be taking delivery of mine, and giving serious thought to flipping it if I can make $$$ off it.
  10. Seriously ... this shit couldn't be more ridiculous.
  11. Jimmy Fallon is a better Neil Young than Neil Young is himself
  12. Yeah, that's part of the frustration ... zero concessions being communicated at this time, and I was kinda hoping they'd offer something. Oh well, at least I don't have to turn the heat up in the garage to try and re-route or secure a coolant hose around my ELECTRIC START Maybe I can convert my snowcheck to RZR accessories and really dress up my buggy!! LOL
  13. OK - so as you all laugh at my expense (I'd be doing the same damn thing to you guys! LOL) and continue to wait on my snowcheck, it's got me thinking. What's the longest anyone has waited? I only heard about guys in the past, waiting until January or early February, but really wondering what's the latest anyone has dealt with?
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