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  1. Remove the words "might be" and replace with "are" ..... that would be 100% FACT, and not HEARSAY
  2. OK, is this really you?
  3. Well it's a good thing we have SJW pussies like you to keep everything in balance. Shouldn't you be watching the View right about now?
  4. I think I'll pass on going any further than this ... clicking on that link. FFS - if you take anything from these clowns as newsworthy, you may as well just get your news from DUH-underground
  5. Pretty much every day you and your TDS cultists have to say or do something derogatory towards Trump. Don't you find it a bit strange that it's you guys, and your ilk, that are the ones who talk about him non-stop? If you would just shut up about him, he'd be out of the news (and out of mind on this site). There is/was hatred for Hillary and Obama, but it's nothing like you TDS'ers. You guys are a cult.
  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... the "cult" is the TDS crowd. FFS, who are the ones that keep talking about him here? And who can't keep him out of the news? The only statement you had right was the reference to Democrats are dogshit.
  7. Here I was thinking the fact there's supposedly 80,999,999 more people like you is the sham.
  8. @f7ben - you're supposed to be taking it easy today, and not going on any rants @DriftBusta - that's +1 for today (even though we didn't make an official wager on the over/under today)
  9. If I didn't come across as sounding like 550 ... I'd say, let's make a bet on an over/under number for Ben's rants today
  10. And Biden takes it to an all time low with his level of ineptitude. You have your own shit show up north there, Princess. Your gong show of a PM isn't exactly a beacon of leadership
  11. Kamala the cunt ... could there be any 1-2 combination holding the White House that are more clueless? "We also need to take seriously the fact that we have a broken immigration system that was decimated by the last administration," she continued. "And we've been trying, and we are on the path doing it, to fix that broken system."
  12. Virtual Signaling at it's finest ... that's all they are. Saw a few of them early on when the approval was given to inject younger kids & parents proudly posting on FB Definitely morons
  13. This ^^^ How many times does it take morons, like several here (we all know who they are), to see past the bullshit, and realize if they legitimately had ANYTHING on Trump he'd be long gone by now?? Here's a hint ... anytime you have to rely on the likes of Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer to lead the fight, you already fucking lost.
  14. That's right, we forget your news source is The View ... only they could be capable of spouting that story, and having their cult of TDS'ers lapping it up. Trump may not have fixed the border crisis to 100% success, but it has done nothing but deteriorate under this current administration. You're just too dumb to admit it.
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