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  1. That picture has me itching for a ride .... NOW!! I'm so sick of hot weather, I can't wait for winter (and I hope we have a good winter as compared to the shit show from last year).
  2. Bontz

    Turbo tards

    I don't own one, but the Yamaha engine is far superior ... right Tom!!!
  3. @racerdave - I don't even register my sled in MN, despite living here and keeping it at home. I ride in WI probably 95% of the time, so I register it over there. When I ride here, which is rarely, I buy a trail pass (which is kind of shady, I suppose but that's how I do it). A couple of my riding buddies register in both states, but I don't like doing that - especially when I've kept sleds for only one season.
  4. Nope - and I'm not sure what to expect, honestly. I already know there's another shock availability issue (Walker Evans for Polaris) and of course the "chip" issues due to COVID/Supply Chain. I hope to see it before Christmas, but not exactly a "warm fuzzy feeling" currently.
  5. Yes, it's true!! I have the recording on my phone as proof! PJ Fleck himself, and his over the top, rah rah rah, ROW THE BOAT enthusiasm, called and encouraged me to get out with my kids (anyone who's 12+) and get the Rona vaccination. You know, so we can fill up the seats at "The Bank" and cheer on that shitty MN Gopher football program he runs The absurdity of pushing these vaccinations .. especially on KIDS ... is ridiculous. I'd like to call whoever is responsible for spamming that recording from PJ, and tell them to go jab a needle in their own kids' arms and leave me the
  6. I came across this yesterday, while reading some of the Brian Dick commentary. It sounds like a good opportunity/promotion for Chris Wolf but man ... sure gonna miss having him running the show as Chris lived & breathed Polaris snowmobiles. Sounds like he'll still be very connected to the snow division, since he'll be responsible for ALL product quality. Polaris Announcement At Polaris, longtime President of Snowmobiles Chris Wolf was promoted to a “c” suite position – he’s the company’s new Chief Product Excellence, Quality and Safety Officer. He slide into an upgraded s
  7. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31359453/aaron-rodgers-want-return-green-bay-packers-sources-say I've said, for years, that Rodgers has had a free pass because the defense has been absolute garbage and the Packers had no way to overcome that in the Playoffs. All of that changed last year, when despite the defense doing their best to look like a pile of shit .... they DID get turnovers to give Rodgers a chance. And we all know how that played out! It's going to be interesting to see how this goes, but the Packers aren't going to let him go for nothing & who knows if we'll
  8. Agree with @mnstang - asking for advice on a sled purchase, you're gonna get a LOT of different answers. Whether it's 2-stroke or 4-stroke limits your brand choices. Trail riding vs. off trail and/or mountain riding changes things. Good dealer nearby that you trust? That last question is probably the most important, especially if you're going to depend on them to help if things go wrong.
  9. I guess they really didn't want a sled then ... boo f'ing hoo, I say. The program was due to end on April 15th anyway, right (Polaris, that is)? So why in the hell would a person wait until then if they know they want a sled. That makes zero sense to me.
  10. I bought the spring setup
  11. I ordered the One Rig setup for my VR1, but never installed them because I sold my sled. They're the ones with the mount/insert which fits perfectly into your rails and you can choose either the cable scratcher or double coil spring. Somewhat spendy (like $150) but a good design in that you don't have to drill any holes and it uses the OEM rail design. Here's the link to their site/product: https://www.onerigdesign.com/product-page/ssb
  12. I didn't ride mine, but felt like I went over it enough to get a feel for it before I sold it. Aside from the normal stuff (belt deflection, suspension setup (and sag), adjusting handlebars, etc), what were some items to look for and hopefully see resolved with the 2022 models? I know the 7S gauge was a bit glitchy, with the fuel mode changing for no reason & the fuel level being off, but were there other issues? My IFS springs were all the way loose and skis were tipped forward, which I ended up adding shims to alleviate (I wouldn't have really noticed either had I not put my sled on t
  13. I'm perfectly content with my helmet/goggle combo and not having to pony up $500+ for a new lid.
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