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  1. Leg humping again I’m guessing? I wouldn’t be surprised Let me know … shoot me a PM and I can get ya whatever details you’re looking for.
  2. There was a crew of locals who were in West Yellowstone the past 5 days and the pictures they've sent throughout their time there looks fantastic! Sounds like they put a pile of miles on and other than one day where visibility was shit due to a storm, they had great conditions. The pic from yesterday (200+ mile day and 25 of it was on that):
  3. I saw (and heard that on the radio) but the verbiage references gallon containers and less. So, although it's still stupid, it's not quite the impact as it sounds. Maybe I'm misreading it ... wouldn't be the first time I've done that.
  4. So reading that bill a bit closer, it's "contracted labor" that is affected by this. I can paint my own house, but I can't hire my neighbor to do it even though he's been painting (as a side job) for 25 years? They're trying to penalize the folks who make money on a side job to paint houses and decks?? Aren't there more serious issues to deal with in this fucking state? Stupid MF'ers
  5. I saw someone post this on FB earlier this morning. Such strong leadership we have in this state!! JFC
  6. I'm pretty sure the "H" in HSR stands for HERPES ... the shit just doesn't go away!!
  7. Well if I wanted the latest sled dog team that's been run down type of information, I'd try and reach out to the race department ... but I don't really feel the need. If I want to know what we're going to see next Monday, I'll go have a beer with my buddy who was actually riding them last week. Continue to be DUMB A F and entertain us though, please!!
  8. LOL ... seriously, look at the source of your quote. There's no bigger attention seeker/drama queen on this site (sorry @Crnr2Crnr .. you're a close second ). I get a chuckle seeing his comments and picturing everyone here that just shakes their head at his stupidity. White knighting for Alaskan Karen on top of it all ... priceless!!
  9. "Ben" is also (or at least was) one of the guys people would get to when they called Polaris. So yeah, "Ben" doesn't work for Polaris. Do you have DUMB A F tattooed on your forehead? You should HSR trying to leg hump again. Shocker
  10. He went back 17 years for my post Such is the life of Alaskan Karen though ... all that snow up there, and no sled to ride.
  11. You can post links to a podcast, but not a picture of your so called sled
  12. Dude should've stepped down the moment he froze up at the podium ... if not the first time, for sure the second time. Yet again, another reason for term limits - or age limits.
  13. Angry Karen on another rager today .. go figure. I guess I'd be pissed at the world too, with snow but no sled to actually ride.
  14. And throw in an anniversary edition themed prisoner jumpsuit with leg shackles and a PETA hat.
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