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  1. Heat waves in the summer = KlYMuhT CHAiNJ!! Antifreeze & washer fluid consumption are all we need to know 🤣
  2. That's one of those, "If I could go back in time" moments from last season. We opted to head to my buddy's cabin up by Namakagon and run the lakes and forest roads for a couple days (and ruin carbides!) when we could have headed to central Wisconsin or even just south of LaCrosse.
  3. Although I agree for the most part, keep in mind there are some good ones out there & and some schools (think Rocks & Cows towns!) where it hasn't gotten to the level of complete idiocy. It's definitely gotten much worse over the years though, compared to where we were 20-30+ years ago. Thank the liberals/democrats for that
  4. Ryder Cup weekend at the local golf course we play at. It's supposed to be a 2-day event, but we kinda figured today would be a washout ... guess not. We're gonna give it a go anyway!! At least tomorrow looks to be nicer weather and a good break from the rain.
  5. LOL .. just got a text message from our golf course / club manager. This is supposed to be the weekend of our "Ryder Cup" match-up, and the majority of us basically had given up on today due to the weather. "Dave <he's the course superintendent/groundskeeper .. and one of the owners> said we're on for today with the Ryder Cup. There's about a 5-hour window with no rain and it's drained pretty well up here. We just need to be sure people are using the 90 degree rule with carts." I'm shaking my head, laughing at this thinking ... they really want some bar business today!!
  6. Yeah, last year was just flat out depressing. All the work we put in as a club to brush and mow, and mark trails ... the only mileage we put on them was with the club SxS's. We had to GPS the trails for the DNR last year, and that was the only time I was on them other than brushing/marking days. Hoping La Nina rights the ship for 2024-2025 season!
  7. Yep. And I bet Wabasha ain't much better ... Slippery's is probably already under water in the downstairs bar.
  8. I thought it was bad enough with HSR and Badger (and then HSR and me). These two have brought dumbfuckery to a whole new level
  9. Woke up to the sounds of birds chirping this morning ... followed by a 10 minute shower. Now it's stopped again and they're calling for a bit of a break in the action vs. what was originally forecasted to be an all day rain event. The river towns are gonna be struggling badly in this area - so it's nice to see the rain letting up a bit today. I saw a video clip on Fakebook this morning where it was a dairy farm, and you could see flood waters rolling past the barn - up to the bottom of the windows and leaking in through some of the cracks in the barn walls. Yikes!
  10. Was thinking the exact same thing. Prior years were damn good, even around home.
  11. Daughter and boyfriend want to head to a local place known for their Friday Fish Fry. Can't argue with that choice!
  12. Well, you could look at it another way Jim. If it was a Democrat, the stripper probably would have been a male stripper!
  13. Good news, it's Friday! Bad news, we may need an ark here!! The southwest part of the state has some areas that received almost 5" of rain since yesterday.
  14. You can already hear the EV Nazis ... "What fool would charge their vehicle at a charging station during peak hours when you could have charged it overnight at home for a fraction of the cost." It's an interesting article, but the mockery I'm referring to in my previous comments are actually legit. If I owned an EV, the only way I'd be at a charging station is if I was on the road and absolutely needed to charge the vehicle. It may cost $40-$50 on those rare occasions, but overall it's going to be a lot cheaper to charge from home. They still don't interest me one bit, given the driving needs of my family.
  15. Dude was one of the best "bad guy" actors out there. Granted, he had a few roles where he wasn't, but he sure played the villain roles well.
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