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  1. Too hot today, so it's popcorn LOL
  2. I've been gone all weekend, and now that I'm home again and feeling like I need to get caught up ... I'll just jump right in like HSR tends to do. Just STFU already Steve
  3. Good, quick, guy's weekend in Northern MN at my buddy's place. We got some golf in, drank, took the pontoon for a spin, drank, studded out his sled, drank, installed his heated shield plug, drank, did some meat on the smoker, drank, played cards ... you get the idea A few pics of his sled (he bought this from a guy who won it in a MN Wild raffle)
  4. This ^^^^ Whoever is second doesn't matter, Obama was the most divisive .... ever.
  5. I still remember when Cat ran the Firecat for the first time at Hay Days in 2002. Man, talk about creating excitement!!
  6. Who watches reality TV, other than HSR and his infatuation for the RuPaul Drag show? Rumor has it, he tried to get on the show but it cut too much into his hall monitor duties on FS. Unless it's one of the Alaskan shows, or the Yellowstone Game Warden show ... I don't watch that shit. Oh wait - I admit that I got sucked into that Below Deck show for a bit, with the hotties on there.
  7. Maybe you can go back into the dinner thread and whine some more
  8. Breathe ... BREATHE!! Deep breaths, fella! Don't stroke yourself out .. we can literally hear you pounding on the keyboard as you type that out in sheer anger
  9. Lighten up, Francis - it's not like there hasn't been other chit chat in this thread. If you're so hell bent over it, feel free to delete every side conversation that's ever happened in here If you hadn't noticed - it's been civil conversation. Trap-N-Fish is open again ... not sure if your place is still up there, or if you've been by there the past couple seasons? But the new owners put some money into it and it's a good stop again Ahhhh .. that was my '12 Switchback. Loved that sled!! Maybe it wasn't as long ago as I thought
  10. Enjoy!! Will be cheering for the Pack from bowling league tonight
  11. I can confirm HSR's comment ... two boosts in our group last year during our U.P. saddle bag trip. One of them being a 129" VR1 and the other an Assault. Screwing around on the railroad bed up there, and running those two sleds against a couple of XCR 850's (all of them running stock) ... it's no contest.
  12. Ooops .. hate to trigger someone. My bad!! Back on track - planning to do pork chops and sauerkraut tonight. The boys at bowling will love me tonight, I'm certain of it!!
  13. Yup - I think that bar was Trap-N-Fish, wasn't it? I cant remember if I was on my Nightfire at that time or if I was riding Polaris then. All I know is, it was a long time ago!
  14. LOL .. maybe?!?! I do hope they have ideal conditions for a change. One thing we all know, whoever has a good showing will be bragged about and whoever doesn't, the excuse handbook typically goes like this ... "Yeah, the Shootout means shit. Sleds aren't broken in yet - or the dealer setup was done by morons, etc." Hopefully you can be there to share the results "Live" like you've done a few times in the past
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