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  1. I know we've butted heads a few times on this lately, Steve, but I'm not looking to do that with this response. I'm only trying to explain what I see as different .. and what I interpret as @ckf seeing in a similar view. In the case of Toolkit, a lot of the back & forth with him is a result of him creating the post/thread/topic. And more times than not, he's just fishing 99% of the time anyway. Now, that's not to say he doesn't post something in someone else's thread, and the BS begins. I'll agree with you there .. that level of back and forth is definitely no different than what happ
  2. I know I come across as an old curmudgeon when I say it, but ... how much of this is due to active shooter type video games where there's zero concern for life?
  3. So cars, trucks, planes, boats ... throw them on the assault weapons ban list too, right?
  4. Oh, I can think of several ... But seriously - the reference to guns being assault weapons is sickening, and a media driven narrative. FFS, if they're really assault weapons there should be a class action lawsuit for false advertisement by the gun manufacturers. Think of all the law abiding people out there who haven't assaulted anyone with their guns. People who call them assault weapons should have their vehicles repossessed since those are every bit as much of an assault weapon as a gun.
  5. People who don't recognize the fact the guns aren't ASSAULT guns are half the problem. Why not put the focus where it belongs, and doing something about the mental health problems in the US.
  6. I voted for Trump twice .. the first time because I honestly thought he was the better candidate & the fact I despised Hillary and the thought of her being the POTUS. The second time, I reluctantly voted for him - again, because I sure as hell didn't want Biden holding the Presidency, with Kamel-toe being second in charge & Pelosi next in line after that. It was basically the same reason that many voted for Biden ... they viewed Biden as the lesser of two evils. How wrong they were though!! Call me crazy, but I still think Trump probably could have won a second term if he wasn't su
  7. This happened in MN just recently, too. I don't recall if they found the person placing the calls, but it was a lot of concern (and churn).
  8. I get that you're a die hard Dem, and despise Trump (and the GOP). But seriously - how can you defend the handling of the border? You have to acknowledge, it wasn't perfect under Trump but it was better. Where we're at now is a result of Biden and his cancel culture & ending policy - just because it was Trump's border policy.
  9. It doesn't take a Trump story to make her look like a jackass ... but I do like the thought of this being a leak to her & her TDS shining through, only to have it backfire on her
  10. Anyone with a functioning brain knew that Trump didn't do his own taxes, so if there was anything illegal it would go towards the accounting firm responsible for filing his taxes. This was such a stupid attempt at "getting the mean orange man" from the get go, yet people were brainwashed by the MSM ... again. The same thing can be said for any democrats (including Hunter) .. it's their accountants who will take the fall.
  11. Bontz


    I can't wait to see what's next ... well, maybe not the price tag - but the technology will definitely be interesting!
  12. Bontz


    Polaris will follow suit with smart shocks and a larger 7s display. Whether the 9R makes it into flatland sleds for 2025 is yet to be seen, but the fact it's an anniversary year - Polaris will have to do something more than what they did for this snowcheck season. I also agree, chassis evolution is pretty much at a point of, "What can possibly be improved?" No matter what Polaris or SkiDoo does for 2025, it's pretty much a guarantee that Cat wins SOTY ... simply for the fact they'll have something new and it's their turn.
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