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  1. who knows. they have censored all the information coming from ANY audit. "most transparent admin.............. nevermind. (insert puking emo here)
  2. I dont know. i read that as Biden scoping out the audience/ menu. he was eyeballin something closely before walking off. creepy probably ordered a pizza thru one of his handlers and came back.
  3. Only one I know recently is A co worker that got the J&J shot got the variant. I worked in close quarters side by side with him for days just before his diagnosis with No jab. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  4. lol WAKE UP. The dems worked endlessly against him had and checked off items on there own list four four years. they were so butt hurt they couldnt focus on anything else. i hope Trump does come back and burns them all. turnabout is fair play
  5. DUUUUUUUUDE shut of your TV. its eating your brain. to support this administrations actions is sickening. and none of this has anything to do with Donald Trump,, like it or not.
  6. someone needed to rip that mask off and expose the newly released long term psychiatric patient for what she is. nutty as a squirrels turd.
  7. they are so off the rails its easy to do. it doesnt seem to have any effect tho
  8. i wish i knew. as bidens own press office said, he is working with our social media outlets to limit our information on this, and likely other information. i subscribe to the Epoch times and read all sorts of things i dont see anywhere else. duckduckgo.com runs stories google wont. the misinformation we are forced to deal with is endless. they burry everything today. i was in shock this got out
  9. smoke mirrors and division ......... focus on the truths behind the curtain.
  10. not on facebook, you tube, google or most any other main stream source. now yourself ask why
  11. Did anyone here read about the two houses in a nice middle class area in Texas that were filled with hundreds of undocumented illegals hiding out Till they were picked up and transported north by our government? of course not. it dint make national news did it. does that mean it is not true?????? no
  12. lol i didnt say they were seeding,, just that they ARE shipping people all over the country, untested or vaccinated. dont go all MC on us here.
  13. whats to shake at? what you think they havent been bussing and flying illegals all over the country??
  14. Hundreds of thousands have crossed "under Biden" care to show the numbers under Trump??
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