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  1. Oh no you ditnt1!!?? ! youve pointed out a truth these whack jobs refuse to Look at, and what it did to the country! is doing.. Thank HRC shes a true patriot
  2. thats what i read, and comprehended from it. it boggles the mind how people come up with a completely different take on what is typed out right in front of them.
  3. another minion shitting out food for the led.
  4. they deserve some blame they put additives in they dont need to and shouldnt but still do for sales. whats really concerning ta me is all the micro plastics they allow" in our foods today.
  5. pretty much Everything "they" recommended to us or mandated was bad for us. all designed to make us fat , lazy and dependent on the government. controllable/ Dictating what we could buy, even online from the beginning made it clear this wasnt for our own good. at least for anyone looking at what was really happening. the list of bad information that came from those "in charge of our health" is nothing short of a criminal indictment to me. like, we knew going into covid breathing through a cloth mask didnt do a thing to stop this OR OTHER virus' yet it was made mandatory.
  6. yes Thoughts,, lots of thoughts.
  7. How DARE YOU think its over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE MONKEYPOX IS COMING FOR US NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Ive been wondering when this dumb douchebag was going to say something that would burry her for good,, i hope ta fuck this was it. shes as far gone as creepy Joe.
  9. I was leaving Boston last night thinking a baseball game just let out, then i commented on the age of MOST of the people walking around Boylston st. @ 11; oclock.. a co worker says, its Paul Macartny show at Fenway, so yup they do. lots of them lol
  10. UNless we were to call the fake news out and make those pushing the Bullshit accountable. on all fronts. We now have proof they(many) conspired against Trump its time to use there BS to burry them.
  11. 150+ hp out of an ultra would take the kind of cash i DONT see frankie blowing on a 1997 sled,, any sled really. Some years ago I did send him a pdf that had enough information on it to get one up to or just over 145HP. it was a pretty large file that had SLP tuning along with recipes from a bunch of builders that DID get some good pah from that triple. lots of little tricks of the trade on it,, he didnt follow shit from them from what i read. he aint getting over 120 if hes getting anything more than stock hp out of one.. shhit, i recall telling him adjusting belt deflection isnt done
  12. id say the content is to old for Hunter. hes like dad. a pedo. poking his teenage niece proves that.
  13. Nnnno we are not anywhere near that percentage of dems and libs. Unfortunately those in power may be, but the tides turning on them as well.
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