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  1. I went all out this year and added lights to the Mandevilla plant i bring indoors from the garden every winter. its getting big, and fookin heavy ! i havent set up a real xmas tree in years now,
  2. where did that money he didnt pay tax on come from again?
  3. I havent read this proposal but does this mean Biden is going to pay off all the lenders? ONce again, just like the last round of this bullshit. he can say hes excusing the borrowers responsibility but who eats the debt? the lenders beat this back once how can he do it again..?
  4. Obama care was such a screaming success
  5. Im one thats carried a knife daily since i was in the single digit age group, like a good scout.. my current pocket, blade.. nothing fancy but effective for what i do over a regular knife.
  6. You seriously dont think having a weak, senile, failing old man in office effects your life?
  7. Still tryna push the dictator lie huh?? why am i not surprised. what a hack pc... my take of that pile of shit is they are scared shitless Trump is going to win.
  8. To think a tent town in a Dem. state is full of Trump supporters shows some just, can not, will not, ever.... see our world for what it is. wow
  9. im guessing more than two, days upon dayz i bet. i wonder who it was was nice enough to cover him and snap that picture?
  10. How long would one have to be awake, while smoking crack before that person would fall asleep with a friggin crack pipe hanging out of his mouth?
  11. Texas and other states have been suing this administration for months, but the MSM wont even publish anything on the suits. How many states have Ever had to declare a state of emergency over an admins immigration policies? ANY? EVER?? how many have done so since Biden opened our borders? i dont think there is any question we are in for a shit storm like no other before the next election They pumped so much shit into his face it all musta settle out in his chin. he went on vacation for what, a week or so after this. better looks thru chemicals
  12. He needs to be burned at the stake imo he misled the world with AIDS and now Covid, the guy is evil personified.
  13. yeah,, thats not really what i asked is it.
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