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  1. I can only imagine the concoctions they must be pumping into him to prop him up,, as much as they can anyway. Yah hes cooked seeing trump with ridilin rocks falling out of his nose musta been a riot tho too!
  2. 110% correct its criminal congress continues to let him pretend to be POTUS
  3. Kind of a shame he has sold the rights to half his music. choose
  4. I personally dont believe they have the authority, on their own.
  5. Pretty much every Dem run city has turned into a shothole. and they have been led by the teachers and there union.
  6. the day after my dad got the booster he couldnt hardly get out of bed and was in AGONNY. the second day his legs didnt work. it took three more days to get his legs on the floor by himself. then for a month he was in major pain/agony every day and could barley get around the house with a walker before having a massive heart attack. no doubt it all stemmed from the booster either.
  7. are you serious?! wtf...............................do you NOT know Whitmer is just one asshole that put patients in nursing homes even after knowing this was a highly contagious virus. there was a hospital ship brought in to NY to quarantine the infected but noooooo they wouldnt use it because Trump brought it in. does any of this ring a bell for you? they killed thousands and deserve to be hung in public for their actions. then of course we have the faked kidnapping attempt at deflecting from Whitmer's failures.
  8. And FROM the shots.
  9. this nazi state will HUnt you down for that 75cents!!
  10. that will win you an obstructed plate ticket in the peoples republic of massachusettstan
  11. i took my winning ticket from the last big drawing and let it ride on two quick pics
  12. Thing is by 2016 there was already a respiratory ailment affecting, mostly, seniors/ the elderly but no one wants to address that information, still. Dr Kory said it recently. modern medicine is broken. To treat the symptoms not the disease is about as backward as it gets.
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