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  1. No i see Trump for what he is and the way he hurts his chances being childish. who else has any following today tho? id love to see a smart well versed man like Pompeo gain support honestly.
  2. Trump has a lot going for him. ZERO Dem policies are working. Z row. and this totally RADICAL administration is constantly shooting itself in the foot with more crazy. that will drive more long time conservative democrats to vote away from their own party then ever before imo. the head Dems are committing a slow and steady suicide.
  3. perfectly normal. just as it was for 16 ATF officers from around the country to swarm a store doing nothing wrong. this government is so off the rails its mind bending. thats the only way i can describe it,, mind bendingly fucked up!
  4. same here. seen a couple 800s of the same vintage looking the same way. GONE. that f1000 i had here had eaten both its clutches like that. between the cost of fixing those turds and the motor knocking like hell i threw in the towel n sold it for $700
  5. i cant even call that weak.. just, sad.
  6. TOTALLY missed the real point of that one didnt ya
  7. Do you recall the million motorcycles that converged on DC in protest a few years back ?? probably not since our government censored ALL news of it even occurring. that included shutting down all the traffic cams in the DC area for the day. So ya it happens here too but they have their followers convinced its just a small minority that are acting against the establishment. but ya peaceful protest is now InSuRRReCtIoN.......... sheep gonna be sheep/
  8. WE should protest all the moneys spent by the CIA, FBI, the secret service ect... ect... on hookers and blow. \ OH but wait, they made it illegal to publish the lists of the charges brought against those agencies,, didnt they. get a grip on reality man. the real criminals are trying to bury there biggest obstacle.
  9. WE should protest all government corruption. and yes that IS for love of country.
  10. I know mmmmmmany that disagree.
  11. Well yah. most people can see the bias here. Hillary admits in open court to committing multiple felonies, nothing happens. The Bidens are clearly tied to China AND the dirty dealing with the corrupt government of the Ukraine, and nothing. Trump is said to have settled an Alleged complaint out of court and its jail time for him. yyyya this is fine right?! smh How this is all good with people here?
  12. and federal investigators ended their own inquiry into the payments in 2019. so another nothing burger with hopes of ruining the cabals opponent. got it. "But testimony from former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, who arranged for the payment and already has been convicted and served prison time, could help bring the first charges in history against a former president. what was he convicted of?
  13. I havent actually seen that law he broke posted here, has it been? when was it said to have happened? why hasent he been charged sooner?
  14. i hear your frustration,, I had to hit three different stores just to get a can of gloss black spray paint yesterday.
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