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  1. in case you were to scared to look Fact: House Judiciary Committee Chairman @RepJerryNadler got President Clinton to pardon terrorist Susan Rosenberg, who planted a bomb outside the US Senate chamber in 1983 to try to assassinate Republican senators.
  2. heres another look at how un just our justice system is. 1983 Flashback_ Top BLM Associate Detonated Bomb In US Capitol Building – NewsWars.html
  3. i didnt read the entire article so i dont know if it gets into her life after release. but here ya go. we have a VERY bias group pushing this whole Jan 6th thing. and to sound like them--- i feel its a threat to our democracy. Terrorists Bombed the Capitol Building in the Early ’80s. Why Don’t More People Know About It_ - Washingtonian.html
  4. the actual facts are spilled milk. ya ok, sure. these oath keepers get huge time for what they did and the person that actually bombed the capitol trying to kill many is sitting in an office in that very same building. makes perfect sense to me.
  5. Oh ya she made some really stupid choices that day. that doesnt change the truth of it all.
  6. yup and gooooood riddance! the Clinton News Network needs deserves to die.
  7. Did anyone here see the clip of ashly babbit yelling at the capitol police just before she moved to the broken window for Not doing their jobs and allowing protesters to get where they shouldnt have been? her story isnt as cut and dry as some want to believe.
  8. it seems to happen regardless. one thing i find with my Iphone 7, my wifi constantly gets turned on without me doing it.
  9. Why do you always try to make a thing something its not? i state some facts as i understand them and you think i worship someone.. our fucking president said he is afraid musk may be a national security risk. they are afraid of information being freely circulated. so yes, they ARE afraid.
  10. and he has proven their lies. now the fed is scared to death of him and its all over free speech. what is right about any of that?
  11. bidens game plan of making semi automatic guns illegal is a HUGE piece of a plan we can not let happen. look where Austrailia is today after surrendering their guns what, ten years ago now. they had storm troopers, LITERAL storm troopers forcing them to comply during their covid lockdowns.
  12. What are you talking about. twitters twits lied to Musk about the companies true stats, he had every right to call them out on falsifying facts about the company. hed have been a fool not too.
  13. Did any of them pass the same test standards as the TRUE vaccines we all took as children? lemme help you oiut,,,,,,, NO.
  14. Ive gat a cousin like that in Texas. lays shit on the ground, tosses stuff around like its junk ect.. no order in anything he does. i tried to work with him on a boat engine in the back yard once, he horrified me in minutes! i asked him where he learned to do things the way he was.. in the military he says,,, why? he was a B52 mechanic at Barksdale AFB for 6 yrs lol
  15. Clearly it affected the world. does that mean it may not have been done on purpose?
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