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  1. Lockdowns and closures for a retired person must of really sucked for you.
  2. Of course everything I have saved is worth less and everything I can't sell is worth more! Great times.
  3. The us workforce in 2019 was 163.5 million now it is 161 million. So technically we are only short 2.5 million people working good job joe. The left are expert wordsmiths!
  4. I love AC it keeps my house cool in the summer. Oh sorry you know how dumb us country folk can be!
  5. Not much to do but educate us lesser people.
  6. I'm surprised your boss allows you this much screen time a day now get back to work like a good little boy.
  7. Oh fun let's share numbers, and that's how it's done over there! Does that mean we can have a sleep over too?
  8. Oh look I not the only creepy weirdo on this site. Cool there is someone like me. Enjoy your big city life over educated person with more intelligence then the rest of us.
  9. If a dementia person votes for a dementia candidate is it really wrong??
  10. Well thanks for the explanation I was looking for a higher educated response from a man that lives in a van
  11. Well thankyou very much it's nice to hear such kind words have a great day my fellow friend.
  12. If the price of our houses drops does our property taxes and insurance drop too!
  13. How could the president be responsible for doing that, the left says the president is not responsible for anything.
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