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  1. Now that is awesome! I seen that sled for sale on craigslist in Duluth it said adult driven and always kept inside.
  2. Covid deaths...??? In 2018 - 2019 in the us the "residual" death total was 744k and 758k. This is a category is used for non autopsy. Remarkable that in 2020 this number went down to 188k? These numbers are from the cdc check them out yourself. Meaning there was approximately 550k people that were going to die anyways they just moved them to a new category called covid!
  3. Welding was the easy part figuring out dimension's of steel size, watching countless youtube homemade groomer video's, sizing linear actuator, etc... Building it only took a couple of days. Also wanted to try to use anything I had laying around. It does work very good all the neighbors say we have the best trail to the trail in our county.
  4. I made this one a couple of years ago. The electric linear actuator is the key to getting the trails flat and also getting you out of a bind if the snow gets deep. The whole drag weighs about 200lbs. I cost me about $350 to build and the linear actuator was the main cost.
  5. Been grooming since 2013. Groom up to a 100 hours per year. Have operated new holland sur-tracs, john deere tractor with soucy tracks, bombardier, and now we have all tuckers.
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