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  1. Obviously you should do more research. Polio and small pox are not zoonotic viruses as covid is. That means that small pox and polio can be eradicated because it does not reserve in animals. So unless you have an idea of how to eradicate it from all of the animal species covid will be here forever. As far as what someone wants to do with there children is up to them and no one else. And yes I am vaccinated and my children are not just so you don't racially classify me.
  2. If you think it is insane I hope you didn't stop.
  3. Oh great charging stations paid for out of tax payer money, i'm sure they will be cheap too. To bad he won't be alive to see them.
  4. 39% of there population is 19 years or younger.
  5. Funny thing is if you type in Jewel Jones on cnn or with cnn on google nothing shows up amazing!!
  6. X100 mlb is got to be the sleepiest game on tv!
  7. Just curious MC do you work or does a check just show up in the mail, seem's you have a lot of time to type nonsense all over the internet?
  8. Agree !! The one thing the don't believe is science changes by the second. Which ever one they heard about on there news channel that day is the only one that should be followed. BS!
  9. If you think the covid deaths in the US are accurate I suggest you look at a death called residual from the CDC. In 2018 residual deaths were 744,000 in 2019 there were 756,000. For some reason in 2020 this number was 188,000 but a new class called covid was 502,000. Also in 2020 there were 222K + pneumonia and influenza deaths. Explain that! These people were statistically going to die anyways.
  10. Now that is awesome! I seen that sled for sale on craigslist in Duluth it said adult driven and always kept inside.
  11. Good for him to stand up for his rights!
  12. It took 4 years to make those vids imagine what there will be in the next 4 years. HAHAHA
  13. Another great representative from the democratic party!
  14. You really need to move out of your mom's house!!
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