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  1. My wife and I cut spending rather then raise our debt every year but I guess that doesn't make sense.
  2. 12.7 kwh in January that wouldn't run my house for 6 hrs. I'm guessing you are tied to the grid which spins your meter backwards but once your usage is less then your producing the utility buys back you power but at a very reduced rate? What is the total cost of the system? With ground water heat pump my home can use up 1.8-2 mwh in the winter. I guess i would have to use my snowmobile if I wanted to go anywhere.
  3. Yep, poor spindry at least you can park your van out west without being scalped.
  4. You are correct that leds last a long time the problem is if you cycle the bulbs off and on a lot many of these manufactures you cheap drivers and they burn out far quicker then the led. I have incadescent that have lasted more then 30 years.
  5. Well since California is approximately 12% of the us population a 13% decrease wouldn't be that bad less mouths to feed.
  6. The groomer should of known that person was in a hurry and ran the groomer off the trail immediatly so that rider could get were he needed to be. Groomers have got to start worrying more about others agendas then there regardless if they have been in the groomer for 10 hours already...
  7. The guy coming from the other direction said the same thing.
  8. Oh the games you play no thanks.
  9. Got a few miles on the groomer the other day. Lots of snow and branches
  10. Lots of work to do with the trails now
  11. Well hopefully california will find some way to spend the tax revenue created!
  12. Your father said the same thing about your generation your right its not rocket science.
  13. If you need to rely on SS and are not disabled, or lost your savings because of an unplanned disease you didn't plan your career or savings very well.
  14. And exactly what college did you attend ? Sorry I will not respond to any of your garbage anymore.. What college did you attend?
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