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  1. I always wanted to ride there I guess I need to remove from bucket list. Happy father's day!
  2. cali is good at figuring out how to tax.
  3. F Facebook and the owner! Credit for his creation but not what he has turned into.
  4. Oh is the government madating me to start smoking?
  5. I bought a new vehicle look at me!!
  6. What time do these riots start need some new shoes and maybe a phone!
  7. Not to defend them but which group raised and tought them?
  8. 2 officers for 80k lol. You couldn't hire 2 dumb teachers for 80k. Amazing what people believe. Maybe a part time meter maid.
  9. i bond rate went up to 4.28% means things aren't getting better.
  10. Hopefully that indvidual is not capable of having children. What an embarresment.
  11. Does a person usaully have to buy your own mask or do they include it with the new job?
  12. Is it possible to make a living protesting and destroying property?
  13. I don't like history anything that reminds of it I want it tore down!
  14. Give me an update after you own it for 10 years.
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