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  1. Since when has buying a snowmobile been considered an investment?
  2. Mouth is in drive but your brain is in neutral
  3. A person who claims to be highly educated should have knowledge to understand why he shouldn't post such stupid things.
  4. Maybe the goverment should hire some of these people sounds like they have the perfect qualifications.
  5. Yep you just proved what I thought! A good American would not worry about the bs just do what is right. Your mom must of babied you, probably lived with mom and dad way past adulthood.
  6. That's the problem with people like you! Everything has to be "do you know what could happen.." It's called doing what is right not for the employer or the pay it's do what is right. Yes you have to take a risk to make change but if we keep ignoring it will get worse. Wake up you don't have to be rewarded for everything you do! America we are only as good as the weakist link an I see alot of them here.
  7. Do you think the president has any effect on the the fed rates?? That was a dumb comment!
  8. It the contractor has a fuel cell on the job site for equipment doesn't mean you take your vehicle there and fill it up when you want to. Totally wrong unless was given permission.
  9. Yep I usaully get in the groomer 2am but my route is usaually 12 hrs mon-wed. Morning riders are usaully respectful but the later it's get in the day that changes. I actually chnaged a route because 4 of the local kids would take there snowmobiles to school which I think is great but not so great on the trail I just groomed.
  10. Unitl your in the groomer for ten hours and watch 6 sleds come from behind and destroyed everything you just did. I have even had sleds past me turn around go back and turn around again. When I asked them if there lost they replied no its just fun to ride on fresh groomed trail. Some riders have no clue.
  11. I'm going to start a buisness and pay all my workers more money then I pay myself, the employees will love it for the 2 weeks that I am in buisness. Go get another job or 2 not my problem. People are so entitled.
  12. I apoligize then, but didn't you say it wasn't worth chasing them?
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