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  1. You should start your own business and pay all your employees twice of what others are paying. Also offer them pensions, free health care and 3 months off a year. Also make sure that you only buy products from mom and pop shops never any major chain stores. See how long you last. Duh!
  2. In the state of Wisconsin if you plow a road on a lake and someone is injured you can be responsible for injuries.
  3. Maybe we should shoot all the deer. Think of the money insurance companies could save!
  4. I guess the bars and restaurants will be busy in superior.
  5. Well it is obviously you are not working next to these people then, I'm sure they could use an extra hand even if it's 1%.
  6. Hell on average 220 people die each day in WI better look at the other cause of the other 171
  7. Hopefully the suspects think before they do it again but probably not. I'm sure some slum lawyer is just waiting to make a buck off of this one.
  8. Wouldn't the horse owner be promoting clean air? Who's the idiot!
  9. Using the internet to prove something is fake with another fake source. Very clever!
  10. I guy I knew that always bought low and sold high said when he buys that it's junk, once it arrives on his property it's merchandise!
  11. Children died and this is the dumb shit you type. Hopefully you were born sterile!
  12. Oh please tell me I have nothing better to do then type on my computer all day and night, if I knew how much money you made today at least I would know that someone in the USA is doing ok. Please fulfill my wish please! Thanks broke ass working american.
  13. Where do you put the ketchup packets and hot water for lunch?
  14. I am actually embarrassed to be from the same state as you obviously you live in the southern part.
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