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  1. We went with a mini on the main floor and one in the basement and should do the trick with the ICF.
  2. I got my 9ft pooltable delivered/installed today. I was waiting for the floor to get done and gonna wait a bit to hit some balls. Lots of trim to touch up and house cleaning before our move in on June 22nd
  3. Huge progress this week sofar. The kitchen install( minus counters) is almost done. The wife is staining the stair treads and they're laying down the basement flooring. The electricians are working away doing their thing and I'm supervising lol
  4. Pot roast in the crockpot.
  5. Paint,paint and more paint. We've been painting a shitload of trim and more trim to do yet. Then we have about 22 doors to paint after they're hung lol. We should've paid the painter that's painting the ceilings/walls lol. I never want to see another paintbrush or roller
  6. I got my drivers license when I turned 16 (1969) and the person asked me if I wanted a chauffeurs ( truck driver) license at the time. I said ok and paid my I believe $6 for the license. I started driving the old man's tandem dump truck with a 2 stick and the rest is history. I retired after 50 years of driving various types of trucks from local to OTR and never had an accident.
  7. We're a couple steps closer. All the siding has been done and the ceilings in the two covered porches are almost finished. The 2 walls in the screened room won't take long and painting the interior starts on Monday.
  8. We had plenty of trails in our area and could leave right from the house. Town council approved road access to sxs"s to go into town just before the trail section that had homes and foot traffic that went by the beach. Atvs could use that part of the trail.
  9. It's amazing for 70 years I rarely ever got sick then bam. It's stressful at first but have gotten over the fear of doctors and the encouraging words from them helped. The surgeon did 3 scopes and biopsies to be sure and when he called today and said good news was a relief. He said to call him in a couple months and let him know how I'm feeling.
  10. That's for sure! They've been fantastic here and amazing with how quick I get all the testing done.
  11. Thanks! We're 2 months behind but seeing the progress. Tapers are doing their thing, siding is going on, kitchen is ready to be delivered/installed, painters are ready to come in and we purchased all the flooring. Little by little it's taking shape.
  12. I have been battling prostate cancer for about 1.5 years. When diagnosed my PSA level was extremely high and after radiation treatment its down to 0.05 so basically cleared up. The radiation did alot of damage to the bladder and bowel area and they found a mass on the tail end of the prostate. They did a biopsy and then another and 2 weeks ago another and got a call from the surgeon a few minutes ago. It's confirmed no cancer for the 3rd time and the urologist and surgeon figure it's an ulcer caused by the radiation. I'm on the mend and taking it day by day.
  13. That was a hilarious scene with the chicken suit
  14. Thanks! They're back on track again being a 2 man crew. Taper is starting to do his thing and more siding is going up today. We have a painting company lined up and once they're done the floors go down and the kitchen company can do their install. My main focus is the party room and garage lol. Waiting for my pooltable to be delivered and installed and putting up 1 or 2 dartboards and a card table. Lots of decorating as well as it'll be the hangout.
  15. The Gentlemen. Very entertaining!
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