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  1. We did ok! Other than 3 trees on our lot that dropped in the bush no damage. Lucky the concrete was poured on Friday.
  2. Not gonna happen! Alot of our friends get around here at the lake on golf carts and have yet to see anyone plug in.
  3. The tree that our temporary hydro/meter/box is on snapped just above the hydro lines. The wife pointed out a tree she wants down and the wind took care of that one. There are at least 8 more big ones I want taken down.
  4. Some Tesla owner waited till the restaurant closed then plugged hehe car in. 16 hours later it was still plugged in and the restaurant owner blocked the car in so he couldn't leave without at least paying something.
  5. I think roughly 60mph at the moment. It's supposed to calm down then pick up over night.
  6. We're 35 min sw of Halifax and it's picking up here and apparently bad farther west and heading this way
  7. It's churning up and once it gets to high tide it'll get worse. The road had rocks/debris on it but now it's unpassable. Our hydro is out so we're mooching at the son's place.
  8. I think we got the wind a little earlier than expected here in Nova Scotia and it's nasty already. We lost power earlier and it's back on at the moment so we rushed to make coffee. A shitload of emergency vehicles went by on the hwy .
  9. Fiona missed us here last year where we are in Nova Scotia and now waiting for Lee. They poured the basement walls this morning and took down all the scaffolding and battened down any material. It's raining now and we'll see what comes our way.
  10. Lots of tirekickers but finally SOLD! I paid $42K just over 3 years ago and sold it today for $43K. More money for the wife's new kitchen lol
  11. They're saying it'll be a tropical storm at the moment somewhere west of us and up into New Brunswick. We escaped Fiona last year in our area whereas alot of other areas got hit pretty bad.
  12. Wife has the crockpot doing it's thing. She makes a great beef stew but is trying some other recipe ( stewing beef,spices etc etc) and says we can have it over mashed taters. Love having comfort food and the house smells great.
  13. That was quite common lol I remember the the black/white or black/ red board erasers flying by.
  14. Wife had it a couple weeks ago in a restaurant. It was awesome and we bought the wine and she made it here at home. Looking forward to having it again
  15. Montreal smoked meat on rye with some mustard. Been craving for a nice thick sandwich.
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