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  1. Money is the root of all evil lol. We have joint accounts and it'll save alot of grief if one of us goes before the other as well as having wills made out. One day I asked the wife how much we had left and she came up $50K short and I'm thinking WTF where did we spend that lol. She forgot one of the accounts .
  2. SVB is a great player! I've been binge watching pool and snooker on YouTube for a while now and there's alot of great players in both. As far as money goes you'd think pool being as big as it is would have bigger payouts. The richest snooker player is estimated at $35 mil and no pool player will amass that.
  3. I sold my 25 ton splitter instead of hauling it from Ont to Nova Scotia. I'll buy another when the time comes next year so I don't have to swing an axe or maul. Getting too old for that now
  4. We have a big mix of trees that need to be cut down when we clear our lot. I'll be busy according to the wife lol.
  5. We spent 3 months one winter ago and 6 months this summer in ours and the only thing missing is the washer/dryer. I'll be putting it up for sale next year once the house build starts.
  6. We only have a credit card each that we use for everything and get a nice chunk of change back thru Costco. We pay it off every month and I would call it use of ease vs credit card debt.
  7. The flashback when he spent 4 days finding himself and now the storyline about their future together can fkoff.
  8. If they spend episode after episode on Yellowstone about the squaw and the loss of her baby I'm done with it.
  9. We watched the Stalone show. It was OK and we'll see what the next episode brings.
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