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  1. There were no telemarketers calling with the rotary era phones lol. The phone mostly on the kitchen wall rang you answered it lol.
  2. She watches them like a hawk when her 4 kids are in the lake but the house must be a quiet zone lol
  3. A friends kids lol. She now knows why there was no noise coming from the bedroom lol
  4. There's no denying the kids aren't stupid but the blaming shit is unreal. Their house was just painted and the 10 year old boy keeps touching the walls after repeatedly being told not to. I put twenty 4x4 posts,rope and solar lights on my dock and the 1st kid whether grandkids or friends kids try and swing or even touch the posts I'll lose it on them. I didnt do it as a playground for them
  5. Our grandkids are brutal.(10 and 11). The girl (11) said her life sucks and she has nothing to do and she's bored. She's jumping/diving off their dock and is an awesome swimmer and can do that anytime as they live on the lake. Her tablet got broken when she took it to her friend's place which was not allowed and now she's whining like it was her parent's fault and her dad's telling her he'll get it fixed. As far as I'm concerned she abused the rules and if she can't handle that it's too bad.
  6. We spent the day out on the lake with a bunch of friends. We had 3 boats tied together and anchored out there and had a floating party.
  7. A work in progress and only one miscalculation lol. I have one more 4x4 to drill (2 holes), mount it then run the 3/4 manilla rope thru. I bought 450ft so I can do 2 runs thru the posts. It'll be like a runway at night with the solar caps
  8. When we were kids the first thing we learned was respect. We ate what was cooked, walked to school, rode bicycles, played outside with our friends and didnt complain when we got clothes for X-mas and toys for B"days. Today's parenting is definately more difficult
  9. Costco lol. Dunn"s. There's 6 vac packed portions in a box.
  10. We got the pontoon in the water and spent the day out there. The Hummingbird was showing 71 deg but everybody that jumped in the lake said it was colder lol.
  11. Montreal smoked meat and a dab of mustard on a bun
  12. Rush used to play at our High School. A riot broke out one night when kids that had bought tickets found out they were phoney and they flipped over a cop car. The school used to get alot of different bands playing there
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