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  1. That's the side mount edition that folds away so you don't hit your shins
  2. This apparantly was in Edmonton according to somebody that posted on FB. You can't believe everything you read! It was $1,18
  3. Any slithering fkr appeared yesterday. It's a Hognose ( not poisonous) and apparently endangered. They can come and get it if they want it lol
  4. Thanks! The weather is still nice down east. We're home for almost 2 weeks then heading back down till the end of Oct. We're going to get a mkt evaluation for this area and possibly sell in the spring and buy or build on our lot down there.
  5. We can run into town from home and have designated routes ( on roads) that we have to follow with sxs"s and atvs can follow the trail to get into town. There are other communities that allow road use as well.
  6. We picked up our new pontoon today. We'll still get a few weeks use before we put it away.
  7. We bought a one acre lot with deeded access in Nova Scotia for fairly cheap as a recreational property. We partially cleared,got hydro installed,built a dock and if the building materials come back down we'll build. Cottages and homes are being snapped up pretty quick and it's mostly from people outside of the province that are getting big money for their places and surprised at how many are buying thru listings online.
  8. Even tho the front bumper is off it's easy to know what it is
  9. I grew up in the era when a late night cruise turned into squaring off a set of lights or going to one of the hotspot burger joints where everybody hung out. It was American Graffiti, two lane blacktop and so forth back then. For us old guys that was a good time growing up.
  10. If I was younger I'd order a new 70 Chevelle body by Dynacorn, new custom upgraded frame/suspension, LS motor etc etc and build the car the way I'd want it to be. I can't fathom paying a big $ for a true SS car that's 50yrs old that I could've bought new back in the day.
  11. I like the old cars. I'm working on this Vette in my spare time. I'm hoping to have it all done by next spring
  12. They're all lined up at the liquor store lol.
  13. The Liberals thought it was in the bag here in Nova Scotia. Surprise surprise
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