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  1. Morning! We've got -8 this morning which is a far cry from the bitter cold yesterday. For years the coldest weather we've had has always been the 3rd weekend in Feb.
  2. Our friends wife made roast beef sandwiches for everybody and we stopped trailside to eat them and they were froze solid lol. Somebody tried to get a fire going but had no luck and I carry little packs of fire starters and didn't volunteer them up lol. It was too cold to stand around and just wanted to get to the lodge. The next day it was just as cold and 3 went out for a ride and the rest of us stayed in the cabin. They came back and all 3 got frostbite
  3. We trailered farther up north 6 years ago and it was -45 F. It was a chilly ride for 150 miles with nowhere to stop and warmup. Never again!
  4. We got some snow and it's still coming down .They're saying it's supposed to intensify
  5. You definately got more than us. It's still coming down pretty hard. I made two passes down the driveway,cleared what the plow left us there and took the gabage/recycling out. I'll do the rest later no sense in doing it twice lol
  6. It's another start to winter out there today. We have close to 10cms already since 2am or so.
  7. Leftovers from yesterday's turkey dinner
  8. The 2" stack I have of 20"s, 50"s and 100"s is $28K. I just added another 1/4" to it of 100"s and 50$s to a total of $36,500. Not bad for on hand cash. I'll find something to spend it on.
  9. We contacted the guy that built our dock and told him we were going home and come by to get paid. The wife pulled out her envelope and counted out the cash lol.
  10. We keep a bit aside for cash deals.
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