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  1. We call them standup comics or yard apes . Hey look at me lol
  2. Our club has been working with town council and got more road access open and now we can ride from home to get to the main trail system and go into town without a hassle. Sxs"s can only go about 10kms north of my place but the fkrs are running beyond there which is another clubs area. That club is in process of getting sxs usage on that portion of the trail and if it gets passed it opens it up for us so we don't have to trailer to their main trails as well. Overall we have it pretty good around here
  3. The rail trail here is limited to 60" with gate openings at 64". The main area is open to the wider sxs"s and Jeeps.
  4. I'm finding it tough to get motivated this season with what's going on with the lockdowns, shit weather and so forth. We like riding to a destination,have a hot lunch and ride back and now there's nowhere to do that.
  5. We're only going to get a couple rides in this year ( too much to do) and not really worrying about it.
  6. OAS is a measly amount for seniors and combined with whatever CPP contributions were made throughout a person's working life combined don't add up to $30K.
  7. The OAS is a fucking joke and where did you get the $30K figure from.
  8. OAS isn't enough and the Federal Government no matter who's party is in should have dealt with it years ago. It's a shame they can squander money where it doesn't belong.
  9. I sold my 2016 Gade Sport to my buddies GF last year and she gave it her personal touch with the pink.
  10. Oops! Shit I thought I had it right. You are correct. Memory isn't what it used to be.
  11. I think your correct on the Doonut! I think his name was Glen and had a son Denver. If I'm not mistaken.
  12. I had 2-2011 Sport 600"s and 2-2016 Renegade 600"s. I had the hanging idle on one of each and other than that no issues whatsoever.
  13. Looking off a bridge north of my place looking down into the ravine
  14. Lady driven, fast and the envy of your friends lol
  15. It's getting ridiculous with the stupid hand signals especially the fkn idiots that tell you they're the last sled.
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