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  1. We're both from Ont and bought it for a recreational spot to go to in the summer. We have family and friends in the area. I was going to get a cottage/home built till the lumber went sky high. We"ll park our motorhome there for the time being.
  2. Fox Point Lake. Chester NS about 30-40 min from Halifax.
  3. I hope they hurry up lol. We bought a piece of property that needs clearing and it would be nice to be there when it's getting done.
  4. I had papers from the lawyer stating reason for travelling back in January and never had to show anything when we got to the NS border. We also had to fill out the NB form at the time as well. We had to quarantine for the 14 days at our destination and got an email at 8:01 am every day to fill out lol. We are heading down end of June or early July and have to quarantine again which is no big deal.
  5. I took down a wall and gutted the kitchen and just left enough of the counter to support the sink. We plugged in the new fridge and had the gas stove hooked up and a couple fold out tables with the microwave,toaster and coffee maker. While we waited for the new kitchen ( about a month) I painted the entire house. Overall it wasn't too bad but having to live like that any longer it would've been a pissoff
  6. I had a friends daughter 8 or 9 years old riding behind me and her helmet bopped me in the back. She fell asleep and I ended up with one arm behind my back hanging on to her. It definately is a scary thought thinking back she could've flew off.
  7. We didn't buy a permit for the first time in years. We went up to the Hali Forest for our only day out this season and we've been away since the middle of January and won't be home for another 3-4 weeks.
  8. There was a chink following his GPS and made it over 5 miles into the Hali Forest when the groomer stopped him. I guess the sign saying no vehicles beyond this point should've been in Chinese as well lol
  9. There was another tour bus awhile back on a sled trail. You have to be a dumb fkr to get in that situation.
  10. We basically are sleeping, having coffee in the morning and watching movies in the coach. The rest of the time we spend in the house. We've cleaned out the main floor and filled a bin sofar and now working on the basement that'll fill another bin.
  11. Today is our last day of the 14 day quarantine in Nova Scotia. The email arrives at 8:01 am every morning and we fill out the self isolation, press submit and it's done. We thought we'd be checked in on but nobody has looked in on us or called during the day. They sent another email stating as of tomorrow we are free to go anywhere we want. We will be going for a good steak dinner sometime next week
  12. Malco fine polish with a good orbital polisher than ceramic coat. It'll do the trick on headlight lenses that have faded as well
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