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  1. I got rid of my nitro stuff and will be looking at buying a couple of gas boats this summer.
  2. We did our wills about 3-4 years ago and it was a cheap piece of mind. My brother passed away without a will and it was a fkn nightmare with probate . The fkrs questioned every receipt etc etc and I made sure I kept everything in a folder.
  3. I got parts for the corvette I was fixing up at a fraction of what the Vette parts guys wanted.
  4. A friend is in Cochrane Ont and gas is $5/ litre up in the canyon and not sure if it's still cash only. In town there it's $1.60/ liter. Talk about getting hosed at the pump.
  5. We went to a family members place and had a great time. The firepit was roaring and the weather was good albeit a bit of rain off and on but not miserable. The wife got hammered lol and she's flaked out on the bed now. I don't think she'll be moving too fast come morning lol
  6. We're going to a Christmas Eve get together today and I made a couple goodies. Spanokopita ( spinach pie) and a cheesecake that I'll put the topping on shortly.
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