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  1. That happens more often during the best of conditions. Smooth trail, light snow dust, and colder temps will make it keep building up as you ride. I can even see that you didn't have much skid travel with the track grooves in the buildup. Glass smooth and setup trails will not cool these things if they are on the edge. It might seem ironic, but look for the rough stuff and pound the piss out of the thing. Low snow with that riding will still cool better. I've been on glass smooth stuff watching temps rise just waiting for the next club's trail grooming to suck. It may seem counter int
  2. favoritos


    Put on about 1,000 miles running the clutch on an 800 sled. Very smooth engagement and ride away. The weight profile also left a little room for the tuners. Haven't broke anything yet, so I guess durability could be called good so far.
  3. Running temp really has nothing to do with the stories about the Riot sleds. Most of them had a combination of issues that matched up to create the problem. Their gearing with the screwed up clutching last year put them right in a lean spot on mapping if they were doing trail cruising. The lean spot was there on ZR sleds, but it didn't happen at trail cruising speeds. It would have been a real noisy ride if you rode in the lean rpm range. Those things sounded like the pistons wanted to jump out of the motor if you hung around that range. BTW, I have a couple with the remap do
  4. They don't all run warm. That's the sucky deal. Some are great and some run hot. We've run 800s with the 137 track for quite a few years. We usually have a bunch around and swap in one or two new each season. The shakedown and break in runs answer cooling questions fast. It's been an inside joke for years, about cooling in these things. Conversations go something like this, "Well, this one's a runner. Sucks, it's hotter than a sumabitch" We'll either figure out cooling or park it, . . . or the fat guys ride it in the hard and fast." "This thing runs like dog city. T
  5. It's a combination of two things. Thermostat sticking or water pump impeller breaking loose from the soft mount. If you are really lucky, the impeller failure will make the thermostat stick. It's notable because the water pump sorta spins the impeller while it is failing. But, if the thermostat is sticking at the same time, it's over heat city. The updated thermostat is a better acting two stage version. The loose ones will let the sled run in the 109-115 range most of the time. The cooling systems are just barely adequate. The slightest hiccup will cause overheating. Once the
  6. They did change quite a bit. The old version will not work at all. The newer style should also come with epoxy adhesive as mentioned. The center one receives the most contact from track and studs. I have been running 1.25" tracks and roughly 1/4" stud penetration. There is no way I'd run the combo without the protectors. The center section is getting hit hard in the front at times.
  7. Wow! It is one way to provide entertainment. The list of things that need a checkbook keeps growing. Looks like there is potential to add some big items to that list. The little 50kcheck they didn't feel like writing may seem like chump change with the direction this is going.
  8. Riding is more fun when I'm not frozen. I'd probably get by with a windscreen if I didn't ride trail sorta scootin. Those are the times when the windshield earns it's keep. It's surprising how much a couple inches of height changes things too. The sled with a mid-tall and handguards used to be the last one to get picked on cold days. The debate about handguards isn't really a debate for high speed. In fact, I often wonder if some handguards actually speed up the wind going around? We have quite a few sleds with the same windshields. One also has a set of ears and that thing
  9. Am I a gambling man? Hell yes! I'm a snowmobiler. This sport is like buying lottery tickets and hoping every year.
  10. The reputable guys that used to do deletes around here quit playing that game. Who knows, maybe the penalty structure will change again and those guys will get back into the game? The sensor debacle was a nightmare. I wonder if some are still searching? I passed two doing about ten mph on the shoulder this week. There is a side to the gov juice shortage that we might want to be worried about. Urea gets used for some things we like to eat. The other side of the shortage is that urea is a byproduct of things we like to use for heat. A shortage on urea means a lot more than how many t
  11. Certainly is a nice looking curve. They do tend get numbers that are on the optimistic side. I honestly don't care as long as they are consistently the same. That powerband should be damn forgiving and easy to ride. Clutch tweaking wouldn't take much work either. Not bad for a 2S with that much power. With all that said, how well do you think they'll hold together?
  12. I do like some of the good GORETEX stuff. I was shooting the bull with N.K. a few years ago and he had a Klim jacket I'd never seen. I asked about the jacket. He said they gave it to him and wanted his thoughts. I asked him what was the verdict? In his typical mellow style he said: "It's OK, but only good for about 25,000 miles." Said it was his second one and pointed out where the fabric was fraying from wind on the back of each shoulder. I guess if he had been riding an Axys, I would have called his b.s. and accused him of tipping over and falling off the sled.
  13. It seems like a good idea on their part if they want to be the "go to" app for navigation. Trails change often and current info is golden. The best app will need the latest updates and who better than the clubs that create the path. A good usable app will add value to the hardware. It's a whole lot easier to upsell the gauge with mapping that actually works.
  14. Grease them each season and check temps by hand while the gas is filling. The simple stuff should cover it for most normal use. Galvanic corrosion isn't anything new. Just be aware of those contact points. One disadvantage of "cheap" snowmobile trailers is their basic design/building process. The cheap stuff isn't really designed to be used hard and long. Even the good stuff is built cheaper now because nobody wants to pay for premium construction. BTW, I'm surprised no one mentioned the video. I laughed my ass off.
  15. I love how these rumors go and go. It is good entertainment. In my world talk is cheap after the laughing is done. The stuff that people are complaining about aren't even issues with a little tuning. But . . . there are issues you can't tune out of the design. I would be shocked if we saw anything based on the current mills.
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