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  1. We usually put in reservations for the friggin holiday week every year. In fact, we make the reservation during the last spring trip just to make sure. Same story this year. I don't like riding that week because of questionable conditions and heavy traffic. Last couple of years a lot of the trails were not yet open. It can be a real crap fest. I only do that trip because riding buds kids are in school and don't have other easy options. I basically spend the week making sure they know how to ride smart and safe. I will say that the kids do get a good lesson in reality trying to
  2. I choose full face on most occasions for trail riding. I have a pretty wide variety of helmets and goggles. (Some of the goggles are prototype jobbers from one of my wife's clients. I wish some of that stuff would make it to the market.) I still prefer a good no frills full face. I wear glasses and helmet noise is destroying my hearing. There are a lot of riders with glasses and hearing is going to become a bigger deal as time passes. It amazes me that we don't see helmets designed for that market. It is a tough choice at times trying to pick a helmet. Open face helmets can
  3. Not sure if I call them knee pockets, but I like the pockets above the knee for the wallet and registration. I'm not a fan of sitting on the wallet while riding. They have a tendency to push out of hip pockets if I'm using the seat. Ass gets sore too. I started to use the knee pocket years ago and I've found another nice feature. It is easier to grab the wallet. Gets to be a bigger deal when doing quick gas fills in super cold temps. I don't waste time screwing around with zippers and making sure everything is closed tight again. It sucks to be down the trail and realize there 's a
  4. Sorta know that body. Had a 68 Executive 2 door that I also drove as a daily driver. The body was unique and those rear quarter panels as mentioned were something. Mine had fender skirts and it made the panels seem even larger. The car was damn near a low rider without a drop. That trunk was like a having a truck bed. It was a cruiser as long as you pointed in a straight line. I didn't want to part with the car when I did quit driving the thing. It seemed like a waste to throw it away. I stored it in a shed until my nephew was old enough and into cars. Gave it to him as a project
  5. Most consumers and policy makers don't have a clue the kind of power it takes to keep a fleet of EV's running. We don't even have an adequate line supply from the pole to the house in a large portion of the country. That doesn't even take into account the mainline needs. When the grid supply proves inadequate, they will be buying generators to pump up their vehicles. It is truly backward thinking.
  6. Have you ever heard about the Norway hydro plan? They have thrown a pile of money into that experiment. The idea was to build reserve hydro by pumping water back uphill and let it flow when needed again. They built quite a bit of infrastructure to feed power back and forth across Europe. It has taken decades to build up to the current system. Those huge powerlines through the middle of nowhere were not easy or cheap to build. The investment and work has not been enough to keep up with demand. Norway uses a lot of juice per capita. Their struggles are our future without a plan.
  7. I just happened to notice these myself. I don't really look too seriously at grills when I'm running through the store. I do however, go through the grill section to sorta man drool at the new goodies. It never hurts to look. It seems like I must have fell out of the loop on the new thing. There are tons of these things in the grill section. Sorta like the ol cast iron skillet, they benefit from a little love with seasoning.
  8. It's not just transportation. Lots of new fangled goodies eat up juice. We also keep throwing power at infrastructure I.E. data transport and management. The idea of using gas to supply the power is short sighted. It will bite us in the kiester. That is going to happen a whole lot faster than people can imagine. Electricity demand and supply is a biggie that could use some long term solutions. It is ironic that China seems to have a better long term plan. We give them a hard time for all their junk products, but they are playing by the numbers. We keep playing touchy f
  9. I thought they quit doing that formation. The old heat seekers were a little indiscriminate with the three tight pattern. Wonder if they are trying a new flying strategy? MN traffic is essentially used for training. Their simulator is in the south metro. They hop in the planes and drop concrete chunks up north for live drop training.
  10. @Legend, That's a great story. Maybe we could start a thread about the best beer carton to use for gasket material?
  11. Torque spec on those screws? Loctite? Crazy part is that the motor apparently ran. They probably used a paper grocery bag for gasket material.
  12. Maybe some of this will "clean" up the market? There are certainly renters that will use the opportunity to not pay their due. I see some pretty fancy new rides sitting in front of buildings full of delinquent renters. We got into the market almost by accident during the big real estate readjustment. Friends lived in a place that owners couldn't afford. It had good bones, but needed a little work. The owners went all in during the rising market, but didn't have spare cash to carry debt and care for the property. The decline of the property and tenant selection was apparent. We
  13. That has to be the most amazing one I've heard. I've been through a few myself. . . . . I never mod the motors. They fail fast enough without go fast goodies. My first new sled that popped was a 97 ZR 440 during the first night. That sled was a runner and a piston eater. Fat jetting probably slowed down the rate to about once a season. EFI has slowed it down to about one every two years on new iron.
  14. I don't understand why the wear is all on a single side of the lug and hole? I've seen wear from loose lugs quite often. I've never seen wear isolated to one side. Is there something else going on in the drivetrain?
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