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  1. I wonder how many scheduled replacements are waiting for a farmer to whack one of their old power poles? One of our guys was demoing a high speed disk last year and did a nice clean pole hanger break. It wasn't a big line, but they charged like it was. I think it was 6k all said and done. The initial repair was just a big steel compression sleeve on the old pole. They came by later in the season and replaced the busted one along with most of the other poles along that road.
  2. Good luck with that project. Did the skid steer have enough whack to move the bracket? Probably easiest to just flip it over and let the next pole bend it back again.
  3. I've used the Rox ASG with the base plastic frames. After using them a few seasons I just leave them on most of the time. They leave quite a bit of access to the bars and don't really get in the way. I also fight cold thumbs at times and these are not perfect for that issue. The material around the bar is a little too loose and lets in air at speed. I tried gorilla tape over the opening and it helps quite a bit. I also have the PMadd X2 setup with hand guards. They are warmer but also make it harder to access the bars vs. the ASG. They are a little deeper and have a smaller open ar
  4. My dealer has one of those sleds in his shop. This is a recall I wouldn't ignore. That sled is not in good shape with only three clicks on the odometer.
  5. He certainly doesn't sound like the same old B.S. and political posturing we've heard over and over. Cedric Alexander seems to also be a no B.S. guy. I like that dude. I hope he continues being a straight shooter and a doer. BTW, I agree entirely with the chief being spot on. The issue won't fix itself with kids doing the crime with little or no repercussion. There are plenty of people that know we have a problem. Not many are willing to seriously address it head on. Playing nicey nice politics isn't the answer. It's a relief to hear a couple people that actually sound lik
  6. To a certain extend I'd agree. I'd also argue that it's not just the brand. Skid geometry is a big factor. @Tommcat, do you do the longer length with rail extensions and the 129 skidframe? I'm asking because that seems like the sweet spot setup. The stock 137 skid is easy to ride, but it's mellow. The old 129 was not quite enough hookup unless you lifted the front. It didn't have the "squat" effect on launch, so you had to work on flat launches. BTW, the new 129 Cat is crazy. Most riders have forgotten how to handle a bronco. They might have a little learning factor if t
  7. It is a pretty cool feat to do this trip with all the gear they are hauling. The updates that I've caught make it look like it's no walk in the park. Cutting a path through downed trees, doubling back to grab gear after breaking trail, etc, the list is probably long. It can't be easy to log miles. I hadn't heard about their clutch issues. I wonder if they were trying to limp those primaries after the dreaded 7,600 dead spot started kicking in? They are running the 800 motors which seem finicky with that clutch. @Not greg b, How are you getting updates on their progress?
  8. For years the movie studios spent big bucks on explosives and fancy mechanisms to throw and flip cars for the stunts. All they really needed was an old tire and rim to throw in front. It certainly was an oddball. Looks like it wasn't lug nuts. Rotor is still in the rim.
  9. It looks different than the Sherco version.
  10. Buddy had an ADAPT that went through the hands of some dugga dugga tech in their shop. Dude overtightened the main and locked up the bearing. That one kinda sucked. They loaded it with a forklift and we didn't know until we were up north and ready to ride. Funny thing, that clutch ran fine otherwise except for the center bearing. I think he had another 700 miles on before it was swapped. I'm sorta obsessive about torque specs. I scribble them on the clutch near the specific fastener. The ADAPT cover bolts have a higher torque than previous covers. The cover also flexes a
  11. Been through the topic with a number of these sleds. One disclaimer is that some are just plain worse. Doesn't seem to matter the year. I have noticed that the mapping varies and the good runners using a bit less gas and oil also heat up faster most of the time. Not a fan of scratchers, but they do throw snow. I use the qualipiece mounting system and between the lines idler wheel hanger. The work ok and they'll keep you riding. The coat hangers work better. I like the qualipiece mount because I can put the bracket on the rails and mount the scratcher as needed during a trip. U
  12. I have used a MN company called Blown Concepts for some stuff. He will make pretty much anything you want. Not sure on your price range? I'll also note that he uses a film media that is different than stock. It is a heavier, thicker materiel without the micro perforations for lay down. It goes on with what I'd describe as heat shrinking.
  13. I ride with glasses. I tend to ride sorta speedy, so lots of head wind. Have a Mission, 509 R3L Ignite carbon fiber, Klim f4, and TXI with heated visor. The Mission and TXI are the easiest with glasses. Once they are adjusted, both can slap on and go. The Mission takes a little time with setup, the TXI just needs the correct face grommet. The 509 needs fiddling to keep from fogging glasses and colder temps don't work well. Seems almost odd because the visor creates enough heat to feel it on my face. It moves a lot of air and is comfy. Those two vents on top of the visor ar
  14. That's funny as hell and so true. For the rest of you guys, I'll give a little back story. Most of the time I ride with this bud who is a "numbers person" in every possible way. He farms a fair number of acres and raises quite a few hogs too. His operation is by the numbers. And he knows the numbers. He can rattle off the cost breakdown of an equipment purchase to cents an acre while adding in depreciation, fuel, interest, etc. Ask how many hours are on the combines, tractors, other equipment, or vehicle odometers, he knows exactly how many. Those numbers are rattling around in
  15. It's funny that you mention the warm up time. I'm a bit of a stickler for letting them "warm up" before it's hammer time. I used to check the coolers and when they felt warm, I figured it was ok to start slow riding until they came up to full temp. I'm mostly riding Cat sleds and they switched to a two stage thermostat years ago. I don't know if it's the thermostat or different flow, but it takes longer to reach running temps now. I can go and make a sandwich while I'm waiting on some of those cold days. In the old days, I had a few sleds with higher average speeds, but I didn't have
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