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  1. Sorry. I would like to try a Storm track. I have not used one yet. The theory of hybrid design makes sense for my riding style. I did run tall lug Cobra tracks on a couple before the Storm was available. I never tried the Ice version, but I did stud the tall lug Cobra tracks. Those were monsters. I run trail junk quite a bit and the studs seemed to help the taller, softer lugs. I'm not sure if the Ice Cobra has better lugs? Durability would be my biggest concern with all the hard pack I typically see.
  2. Looks like sled delivery dates are changing in other camps too. https://www.ski-doo.com/us/en/resources/delivery-update.html I wonder how deliveries will truly pan out? There are quite a few fancy upgrades in some of the lineups. Funny thing, I ended up buying a 22 someone backed out on this spring. It doesn't have any fancy new features, but it is waiting for me to pick up when I'm ready. A couple years ago, I would have kicked my own ass for even thinking about paying retail. This time. . . Hard to believe the old 22 list price felt reasonable for a sled that
  3. I agree with the parties "maintaining" the two party rule. I'm going further to say they are pushing for more division. It's an ugly game that draws people further away from real discussion and solutions. Winning at all costs isn't much of a victory in the end. The funny part about this game is how the "fans" are getting caught taking sides. I compare that to the sorta blindness that comes with deep brand loyalty that we see with some unique members of these forums. I'm sure most of you understand what that means. In the end, the rest of us watch the madness and shake our heads
  4. I agree. I'm surprised people aren't getting tired of playing.
  5. Sadly, both sides do it with our money. It's really a short term game of grabbing votes that has long term effects. Partisan politics is a dangerous game.
  6. It is a roundabout now. Honestly, the scale by Superior runs a pretty limited schedule, but 53 is a major route that will get you South. The Duluth/Superior portion is hard to answer. I'm not sure of the current status on the construction. The detour through Superior did not look easy for an oversize. Sounds like a fun adventure. Good Luck.
  7. You are correct with the OTR big rigs. The LTL and parcel delivery stuff is a whole different story. Their scenario is almost perfect. Those vehicles don't put on the miles and they are back at a home base every day. They need one heck of a power infrastructure if they want dedicated chargers for each, but they already have time built into the schedules. If they go with modular component design on those vehicles, the maintenance costs will sell a lot of fleet managers.
  8. Best of luck. I don't know which version, but I hope it goes well. @Turbo Kitty, That's been a long battle. Hope you spend some good time with him. I'm getting to know my brother a lot better lately. He's been sitting in the hospital fighting for awhile. It's surprising how much you get to know someone when nothing else really matters.
  9. It is a pretty cool story. We will keep hearing about this horse for awhile. Feisty bugger. Watch his head coming out of the last turn until he took the lead. You could have thrown a muppet on his back at that point. He was looking for his own path to lead.
  10. We can blather on and on about the Roe vs. Wade part of this issue. That is actually what they would prefer. There is a much bigger issue that they don't want us to talk about. It is about the erosion of federal law and the rights over states. That might be a big deal when they start talking about other little issues like family rights, personal freedom, gun ownership etc. I would not be surprised to see the general public to get lost in the specific topic and lose sight of the bigger issues down the road. Just for fun, substitute your own personal topic instead of RoevWade
  11. Impressive strength in the blade. Never expected it to be that strong. You can see them flex and bounce during normal hauling. There is a whole pile of screw ups with that move. They have been putting in the big stuff around our area for years. That blade looks like one of the new longer versions. The don't go through that type of intersection without setup. Cripes, it looks like they were discussing their options while he was sitting on the tracks.
  12. Apparently, it takes years of running the course to really do well. That is also one of the crazy aspects. It only takes one teeny, tiny, screw up and it's all over. Hard to imagine the mind game it takes on top of the rider skill set.
  13. You missed the turn. Were you coming through the Root Cellar trail or off the lake in Bergland? Either way, 102 is one long trek at that time by yourself. You are lucky it wasn't heavy LES snow that night. The north mid section on the rerouted 102 produces some of the heaviest bands you will see in that region. I've been on that trail during a couple doozy snow events. Would not have seen a wolf unless it hopped on for a ride. It's a cool trail, but I bet it really seemed long running solo that time of night.
  14. They don't love it that much. There's a sentiment that is common. "Not in my back yard." They are all for it when they don't have to see it. I'm actually a fan of using some form of renewable. Wind, sun, and gravity are pretty common. It would make sense to create the type of energy that we need out of those sources. They are unfortunately not the most efficient in terms of overall cost. It is hard to beat the efficiency of creating heat by burning something. That basic concept has been the number one source of power to run stuff for a long time. It seems almo
  15. How well do you get along with your dealer? You never know if you never try.
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