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  1. There is a carryover from the last year of 7B that was not spent. It seems hard to believe, but there was money left on the table. Budgets are biennial, so the overall dollars belong to a two year frame. In the last year they reduced? K - 12 spending because of less students. It does seem hard to believe, but the chunk of money is pretty big. There was some help from the feds on healthcare. Inflation sucks, but when you tax dollars spent, the numbers will rise when people buy the same things. People are buying more, so the revenue number is really climbing. The dollars are
  2. I wonder what we would say if there was a minus sign in front of that number? I agree that it feels like they are playing with our money already partially paid. - The last part based on the "biennium" nature of budgets. Obviously some of the bucks rolled in from the feds and that helped the numbers grow. But, I'm sure there is a long list of people waiting with their hands open while somebody is ready to start writing checks. We can sit around bitching and pretending there is no plan. It's foolish. There are tons of people with plans. I feel like it's our job to make sure those
  3. That continuous marketing is interesting. It doesn't help much in the real world. It's kinda interesting to explore the concept of nothing breaking. I should be the poster child of that. I don't do engine mods. I reinforce weak areas on the sleds. The clutching that I do is for longer belt life and eliminating over rpm/slipping. I also don't weigh crap. I wish the marketing was true. I wouldn't mind a repair list that includes nothing. Going back to the original question again. I used to push these dang sleds a lot harder. It's just not as much fun anymore. I see what
  4. Funny thing about that video. I think I've rode worse crap in the U.P. when it's busy and grooming equipment is down. They add in another hazard up there. There is also a pile of ding dongs coming from the other direction. It's a hell of a workout physically and mentally. To the original topic if that is allowed around here. I haven't slapped a leg over the seat on a turbo for any real running. They are fun as heck, but more than I'd like to hang on to all day. Been running Cat 800 tinker toys most of the time and push them until I figure out what breaks. Then, I usuall
  5. I like the idea of what you are thinking. Look for rubber pad with adhesive though. Even the best weather stripping is too soft. It breaks down/crushes pretty quick and starts to trap little debris. I've used a few variations rubber padding over the years. One of the biggest challenges was finding a place that stocks the stuff. The right thickness is a big deal so you can get the parts to fit and still eliminate movement. I've used tool box drawer liner, stair tread grips, and PWC gripper mat material. The PWC matting is great and comes in a variety of color and thickness combinati
  6. @Deephaven, has some good tips. I didn't see what season you are heading to stay. If you are going outside of holiday time, the car option is even better. Things are busy when everyone is on holiday. That would make a difference in what you plan or just wing it. Berlin is a changed city. It may be interesting to see the new vs. old. It wouldn't keep you interested for that length of time. Are you staying with relatives that live in the city? I'm inclined to ask residents before anyone from outside the area. Traveling by car or train is relatively easy. I wouldn't get
  7. Both, but the factors are relative. They don't perform miracles. If you burn off hyfax in ten minutes, these might last fifteen. If you have good wheels, the drag difference isn't a lot. I run them and I've never found them cheap. For the price alone, the standard hyfax are cheaper even when you go through more sets. One advantage on the Cat rails is the larger size. I'm picky about alignment and watch it close. The larger size keeps them a little closer to true. If you don't watch alignment, the clips will dig into the sides.
  8. I bet he wouldn't give it a second thought. The dude lives for an audience.
  9. I still have a TXI that works dang good. Nice simple helmet that doesn't fog. It allows plenty of fresh breathing air. It also works well with glasses. I wish somebody would make an updated version without all kinds of knick knacks. Make it lighter and update the face grommet material. I'm fine with making my own sound deadening if I need. It seems crazy that nobody has figured out how to make a simple helmet like the TXI that actually works.
  10. That would be quite a bit of money for the right to blather your opinions. And then, the others would need to pay just to know how important you are. Thank God I'm not that important. I'm sticking to my right of free speech. We still have that right if I'm correct.
  11. I appreciate @Jimmy Snacks, for grabbing and posting that statement from the club. The issues and statements around liability have been as stated for quite some time with all trails that fall under the DNR umbrella. Skinner was blowing smoke with his statements. I'm surprised he even bothered making excuses. The guy is trying to drum up support from his cronies and the community. The sad part is that some people will fall for his line of B.S. I guess that would be his excuse for making excuses. The saddest part of this whole deal is that money talks. Skinner can throw out B
  12. They actually did a nice job keeping the trail away from any areas that would have had pedestrians or skiers. At Indianhead, it does cross two access road going to the ski area parking. That section is also close to a few condos that overlook the upper lot. It is the latest section added to the reroute and winds like a bugger through the woods between Wakefield and Indianhead. I'm guessing this is the portion that is raising the stink. The portion around Blackjack runs on the ROW of a road going to the lower lodge. That section has been in place a long long time. I completely f
  13. Bummer deal. I know that area well. That is the reroute being used since they lost the old section running the grade through Bessemer. I had talked with Steve after he took his position about trying to get the old trail back. We talked about how this thing couldn't last with the way it ran through the ski resorts and around the Condos. Sledders have been doing plenty of stuff off trail and a lot of tracks were close to those businesses. On a side note - I've never seen tracks going to the ski hills. That reroute has been some sort of open invitation for people to head off tr
  14. My dealer has been pestering Cat for years. He says that they should put anything they are thinking about releasing under my butt for a season to see what breaks. I don't go banging off rocks and trees. I never do engine mods. I do like putting on some "brisk" miles. For some reason, the mashed potato minefield in the U.P. is hard on sleds if you use the flipper. Cat has generally kept their testing in house. I get that. It would probably be beneficial to also put some of their new tech under real riders before full production. Stuff breaks. Some ideas are just plain bad. Fi
  15. I had an 800 ext and it just plain worked well. I did a better rear shock and motor mounts. Simple to ride and simple to beat. That skid was the right size for that chassis. And the damn thing was comfortable. Easiest riding sled I've owned. The turbo probably took care of the last thing it didn't have. Top end. I ran big windshield and aggressive carbides. I don't recall seeing triple digits.
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