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  1. Apparently he doesn't like mail in voting as he believes it is ripe with fraud, just like many here. Why don't you start a thread on it.....oh wait, maybe you did and no one cares.
  2. When you have no argument, make light of the situation, right. Well, this is why France votes the way they do: SECURITY CONCERNS AND NOT SOLID ENOUGH LEGALLY. NO MAIL-IN VOTING, RARE MACHINE-VOTING Mail-in voting was banned in 1975 amid fears of potential fraud. Machine-voting was allowed as an experiment starting in 2002, but the purchase of new machines has been frozen since 2008 due to security concerns. Only a few dozen towns still use them. Last year, Macron’s centrist government tried to pass an amendment to allow early voting by machine to encourage electoral p
  3. Recent data has shown that consumers continue to spend, though they are dipping into savings and increasingly using credit cards to pay for their purchases.
  4. The unemployment rate rose to 3.7% in May against the estimate for 3.5%. May’s jobless rate was the highest since October 2022. Compared to May 2022 jobs, they are down 364k to 339k. Seems the headlines may not quite show what is truly going on.
  5. Oh no, now you did it. They will continue to ask one thing:
  6. Always a trump comparison from the usual TDS sufferers. For those guys, biden is the POTUS and only 1 out of the "81 million" want to admit they voted for him.
  7. Well so far there is only 1 confirmation, but hey....it's a start.
  8. Remember how many times you blamed trump for signing the budget bill democrats sent him. That double standard, but it was not what Ron Johnson wanted. There are a few republicans that voted against it. Know them and find out who the good ones are.
  9. And yet many here will admit to voting for trump and he only got 74 million votes. If biden got 81 million, there has got to be some here that voted for biden.
  10. Can we now blame this on biden once he signs it?
  11. If you are going to continue to ask "how many votes biden got" then it should be easy to find a few even on this site. No, all we get are excuses and reasons why no one voted for him "on this site" I would say if you are making excuses as to why you can't find anyone who voted for him, maybe he didn't get the votes.
  12. Who on here voted for biden? It has been asked on here many times. But no one ever says they voted for him.
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