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  1. Some people get it. They need to start making laws using taxpayer money for this type of lawfare
  2. Omg, you really fail to understand lawfare. The guy is an attorney who built a retirement fund and does not want to lose it. Thats the whole point of these pos that use taxpayer funded lawsuits. Jesus, it sucks how ignorant some of you are.
  3. Biden is giving away your money to protect you from a boogeyman he helped create. You fall for it, then ask me why? You are just another fool.
  4. You worship a party made of corrupt traitors, yet live in a neighborhood that would defend you because they know you are ignorant
  5. Omg christian nationalism. Another boogeyman for the resident aggressive liberals to blame.
  6. What was anyone guilty of? Cheseboro took a plea deal. Thats what happens when you want to get out.
  7. Exactly, and they can convince people that dont care to understand the process. Just like the john doe cases in Wisconsin
  8. Guilty of what exactly, in your own words. You can back out all you want. Or just admit that you really don't quite understand what the court said. What were/are the charges in Wisconsin?
  9. 100% or like busses full of people going to vote. How many "fake electors" have you seen in public? Just lke multiple applications for absentee ballots. Tangible evidence. I talked about it before the election. You wait until after a narrative comes out to bring it up.
  10. Just wanted a list of these normal politicians that are leaving. Lol
  11. I am glad you guys have proven the level of manipulation you will fall for with no actual physical proof. No one here will ever see any physical proof of "fake electors". But you will believe. And given the obvious where you can see physical proof you deny it and make excuses. Lol
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