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  1. I know the concept is hard for you to grasp, but trump got more votes then any other incumbent POTUS ever. And the dems figured out a way to ballot harvest to beat that. You do realize that there are efforts to still change some of the electoral votes don't you? 2000 Mules is still out there, have you watched it yet?
  2. Madison Wi, is getting 46 new electric buses using bidens infrastructure bill. Wisconsin is getting 5.5 billion dollars, free of charge.
  3. I voted Perot as well, but he just didn't get the votes nor the support of enough people. Trump did get plenty of support and got more votes as an incumbent then anyone else in history. Unfortunately, I think he just had too many crooked politicians and other that figured out how to win an election without necessarily cheating in a way that could be 100% proven.
  4. You can think whatever you want, but you know that in 2017 trump had his first budget after saying he was getting rid of waste. And guess what the party leaders decided to do. Sorry, but I see what went on in the 4 years that trump was in office. Nothing but delay and distraction caused by the leaders of both sides, because trump was an outsider, plain and simple. We needed to start somewhere in order to get rid of the issues in washington and that start was trump. Unfortunately, the D's can't seem to find anyone that is not a career politician to run for them and make any traction.
  5. True, and that is why in 2017 this started happening Since 2017, leaders in both parties in the House have often bundled several bills together rather than bring them individually to the House floor for separate debates. Packaging bills makes it harder for lawmakers to know or challenge what’s in the bills. What’s more, House leaders then typically restrict lawmakers’ ability to offer amendments, allowing only those approved by the leadership-influenced House Rules Committee. As members feel like they have less legislative influence, they reallocate their staff resources to representation
  6. Hold on, the reason politicians are labeled RINOS is because they compromise more than their voters want.
  7. I see sides, but they are not necessarily D vs R. I happen to see entrenched politicians vs taxpayers. It just so happens that most of the taxpayers I know happen to vote on the conservative side.
  8. Well, it's seem obvious that it was harder to get rid of the swamp then even trump thought. His plan to drain the swamp was sound, but it was never going to be well received by the people in the swamp. Trump has promised to “drain the swamp” of Washington in at least seven ways: 1. Trump wants to enact a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of Congress. This will put an end to waste “gatekeepers” who have set, poured and enlarged pools of quicksand for tax dollars that funnel money to their personal and political priorities and interests. The faster Congres
  9. It's obvious here that many people do not have any knowledge of how trump was trying to drain the swamp. There are 535 people that you literally cannot get rid of. But the TDS sufferers blame trump for not getting rid of the washington swamp. When is the last time you have ever heard of a head of a 500 plus employee company and things changing? Use that little thing on top of your shoulders and the next time some trump hater says that trump did not drain the swamp, ask them to give you an example of anything similar. There are plenty of sites that explain how trump tried to "drain the swa
  10. He has been working for the government for 40+ years, but he has patents that he is getting royalties from. Isn't that somehow a conflict of interest, and even then, he was working for the taxpayers, plus getting money on the side. Fucking guy is a POS.
  11. Well, why didn't you stay at that job again? Probably acted on the job like you do here.
  12. You are one person on a snowmobile site that has trouble with finances. Your opinion means dick to me.,I can only imagine how people treat you in person.
  13. Great reply, you are such an intellectual.
  14. I agree. There is no way in hell we should be spending the amount we do.
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