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  1. Thanks biden, but trump wrote mean tweets.
  2. It was no longer cost effective. So what is your point?
  3. Sorry, but your story is just full of bullshit. It was proven by the simple fact that the US can produce more oil than these other countries and when it does, our gas prices reflect it. Stop making excuses and own up to the fact that what I said is 100% true.
  4. The workers at United are now the enemy. The stories that make the op happy is typical of a libtwat mentality.
  5. What don't you understand about oil independence? Obviously you are not getting "something"
  6. You talk as though people of this country are slaves. Take a look at what Enes Kanter had to say about china, you know, a country run by communists. I think you need to try and live in places that you want to emulate, otherwise, you are just spouting of about something you think, but have never actually lived it.
  7. Who is starving in the United States? Please list a country that follows what you want and prove your stance for once.
  8. You have a fucking excuse for everything. You don't even remotely try to follow what you are preaching. BTW, The pyramids are nothing compared to the 3 gorges damn or even the hoover damn. I find it funny how you can't figure out that it takes incentive to improve society.
  9. Yes, I am with you both. Send some of these government jobs packing and let the workers fill the positions in the private sector that the OP is talking about. Simple fix. Reduces the size of government and fixes this worker shortage. What is holding back this admin?
  10. I agree, simple fix, but feels worse than what it is.
  11. I would have just shrugged it off. But, we had this pandemic and I found out I was EXPOSED. Just stupid.
  12. Did she have COVID previously? Before getting the shot?
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