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  1. Figure it out. It probably isn't on your Dem Underground site.
  2. Yeah, the budget surplus. We went from a 3.6 billion dollar deficit to a budget surplus even before the federal funds it’s clear the law, which Walker presented as a way to address a projected $3.6 billion budget deficit, has had myriad impacts beyond balancing a state budget.
  3. Read all about state surplus's here. https://www.wpr.org/big-budget-surplus-wisconsin-neighboring-states-midwest
  4. Act 10 for the win baby!!! And no they will not ever save it for a rainy day.
  5. Liberal policies!!! You have got to love how they are designed to mold society. But ultimately they just hurt the middle class of this country the most.
  6. It takes a lot of propaganda and deception to make those stories sound real.
  7. And guess which way he leans. CONSERVATIVE. It takes a lot of fluff and mirrors to convince people to follow left wing policies.
  8. I gave you all the information to go look up anyone that got PPP loans. There was a bunch of fraud, just like in the election. Thanks for proving that.
  9. Unfortunately most liberals think this way. Just look at the policies they push, all under the guise of good intentions, but ultimately end up hurting the middle class the most.
  10. Look what party is pushing it toward their base. Just like gun control, just like abortion, just like having tampons in boys bathrooms, just like pedo's. Your party is a mess with zero morals or ethics, but hey, keep up the good work. Remember those social programs are the same as you doing God's work.
  11. That whole narrative about blaming it on big oil isn't working like it used to. People are waking up to how the government is pushing shit....thanks brandon.
  12. This is a futile discussion with you. 535 members, and the bailouts that trump signed were all after the midterms when DEMS and Pelosi took control. And let's not forget the COVID pandemic.
  13. They have all just SIGNED OFF. I am just saying place the blame where it lies. Lets all remember trump was against the Auto bailout, can everyone here say the same. I doubt it.
  14. What ever you want to think, but you have 535 members on congress, the POTUS doesn't initiate any bill, they do. He just signs off and when is the last bailout that was NOT signed by a president?
  15. PPP bailout is here: https://projects.propublica.org/coronavirus/bailouts/
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