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  1. Couple spots were a pain with the track truck. Like you said, you have to pull back on the stick on the hill just to see anything. Honestly, our hills are not even that steep and I would still have to do that. The Tucker is so much better but in icy situations it can be a problem as well. I had to back it out of a woods once because of one icy hill. Talk about an ordeal. It was a 1/4 mile and no turn around. I changed that the next year so that we could at least back up and turn around..
  2. I groom about 4-8 hours a week when we have snow. Been doing it for 10+ years. Started in a track truck and now in a tucker 1000.
  3. Wow, Jake Geeseman just got landed on in the sport final.
  4. It really is nice being able to watch it online.
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