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  1. Ya, ya, but does Rick and all his race teams approve ? LOL
  2. Pfizer and Moderna say COVID-19 vaccine protection wanes after six to eight months (msn.com) Message for all the sheep, now that they got you all hooked, get ready for your bi-annual booster shots !
  3. Judge suspends NY state vaccine mandate for health care workers who claim religious exemption (msn.com)
  4. People die every day. No time to panic. If you get a sudden urge to want to go to Florida, to gods waiting room, you know you,re getting close. When your time is up, your time is up.
  5. Awesome, post up a pic or 10 of the 67. Great looking cars.
  6. Yup, I belong to the church of whatthefukkishappeningnow, so fukkoff.
  7. This ruling should cover the whole of North fukkking America, which includes Canada. About time someone with a brain came to their senses.
  8. The new buick looks awesome as well.
  9. Great, it might help out all the poor folks that think they have to keep up with the jones. Worst tradition ever ! One of the biggest farces of all time. People giving out useless gifts, so they can receive even more useless crap. If you want to give anything, give cash, so the receiver can actually get something they might need. Nice to get together with family and friends for drinks and a nice meal, but leave the stress of having to buy useless gifts for adults out of the equation.
  10. The ticket price ain,t the problem, it,s the fukking insurance companies that use it as a reason to up your insurance rates, because you got a ticket.
  11. Yup, and they,ll probably take 5 dollars more for taxes.
  12. Beware of the wolf, dressed up in a dogs skin. Very very, sneaky bunch.
  13. Is that any worse than " THE BUDGET WILL BALANCE ITSELF " ?????????
  14. I would bet someone will cover his a$$, since he has done such a great job making a lot of companies and individuals super rich, allowing him to weasel out of this accusation as well.
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