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  1. Holy fukk, how did the whole fukking world get so stupid at the same time ? Must of been the covid shots !
  2. Am I the only one that finds it odd that complete strangers tell others their work history, annual earnings, and all the toys they have, in a span of a couple of hours ? WTF ?
  3. If this happens, and i believe it will, where will all the sleezy car salesmen that are lower than a snakes ass move to ?
  4. A lot of tongue twisters right there !
  5. Yup, I had a few wet dreams while imaging they were wrapped around my neck, and hoping she wouldn,t squeeze tight enough to crack it.
  6. I,m not convinced. Why is the reflection exactly only on the outline of the door ? I can spot poor touch up or re-paint a block away. I would bet money that door has been re-painted. LOL
  7. The paint on the passenger door doesn,t match. I,m surprised the owner would get that fixed up. If I owned it, it would drive my OCD right off of the scale. LOL
  8. Any chance that is for the large camel toe ladies ? Cann,t forget them.
  9. Hopefully most of the world has realized the fukking mess we are all in from the last round of this fear mongering stupid bullshit, and never allow it to ever happen again. I wonder if we will ever reach a time were we see a mass revolt on this stupidity, worldwide ?
  10. Trying saying that 5 x quickly.
  11. No problem, I,ve got 5 vehicles, all in great shape, which will be good for years and years. If the price is right, I will buy whatever I want, if not, no problem whatsoever. I,ve never had any, must haves right now, at any cost moments, so that has put me in a great financial position to be able to buy, when the time is right. Hopefully more and more dealers of all kinds will go bankrupt as payback KARMA for the fukking they have given to stupid must have it right now, at any cost crowd.
  12. I remember watching one of the big car shows, and Tim Allen, who of course is another big car guy, came up to Wayne and sarcastically asked how much he paid for that one, and then said probably 20 grand, and is now selling it for 2 million. I kinda laughed, but it got me wondering. I,m always on the lookout for 2 door, small old cars like camaros, mustangs, darts, valiants, cudas etc, but have never really come across anything real interesting. I envy guys that have jobs that get to go to peoples residences, and kinda peak around at what old tuff they have, and finally are at a poin
  13. Am I the only one that think Wayne Carini is a sleezebag, while watching chasing classic cars ? I would love to know what he actually pays for stuff, and how much profit he makes on the different vehicles he has purchased and restored and sold over the years.
  14. Nice to see consumers are finally starting to smarten up, and quit paying the stupid prices that have reached absurdity over the last couple of years. I see Ram is offering up to 10K off their stupid suggested list prices. Kinda gives you an idea of the fukking they and all the other manufacturers have been giving the must have right now crowd. Ford and a lot of other brands are offering huge rebates as well. Tractor lots are overflowing also. It wouldn,t break my heart to see a bunch of these dealers go belly up. There greed should not go un-punished. Smart consumers, that have hel
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