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  1. I doubt it, he probably doesn,t even understand he is no longer in the race. But he will keep wondering why nobody is proding him with a cattle stick any more to get him to exit either on the left, or the right. I seriously doubt if he could even remember what he had for to-days breakfast. I wonder who is going to inherit his beautiful mid year corvette.
  2. This, unfortunately, it seems every few years shit like this happens, and is a total head scratcher, and it,s kinda scary that it can still happen, in the good old USA. I,m glad in this particular case it appears to be an rookie, but in many ways, makes it even more scary, and leaves one wondering how this could possibly happen. After a lot of head scratching, the only thing I can settle on is, someone let this happen. It is impossible to fathom how that kid could get in a position to do what he did, and not raise any concern with anyone on security detail.
  3. Give me a fukking break ! How do these dumb as a fukking stump people actually get hired ?
  4. My guess cause of death would of been aids .
  5. To-days kids are to limp wristed to even hold up a bike of any kind, let alone a harley. They have zero interest in even getting a drivers licence for a car or a truck, let alone struggling to get a motorcycle licence.
  6. Here,s the problem ! LOL
  7. For starters, pull all the plugs, and compare the burn pattern, and color of tip area. That might help you at least find out which cylinder it is. Could be bad wires breaking down, could be a bad plug.
  8. I,d give it a lick, or fifty !
  9. Would dropping it off the trailer give it a jolt and bring it back to life ? LOL Where is Ben the boat mechanic when he is needed ?
  10. Kivalo, hopefully you got that on video. WTF happened to cause that ?
  11. Sounds like the quad engine quality is on par with their sled engine quality.
  12. Hey, why aren,t you back to work ? LOL
  13. Frostynuts


    Another first round exit coming shortly ! And the Leafs faithful will mope and whine, and be told to wait again, til next year. This squad is way to much beiber, and not enough beaver ! Way to soft mentally and physically, with nobody on the team that has the clutch gene. Mathews has shown hints of it, but will take another 8 years to fully get it. Until that changes, they will continue to be only an above average regular season team. Poor Mitch will end up being the whipping boy, and be run out of town.
  14. Yup, keep increasing the punishment bigtime, til everyone is safe from this stuff. No jail time, physical punishment only, starting immediately !
  15. I had to go to Ottawa this morning @ 11 going north from Prescott on hwy 16, and I couldn,t believe the bumper to bumper traffic heading south on 416 this morning. I was totally shocked, as I have never witnessed this since they built the 416 hwy. I became part of that southbound traffic around 12.30, and both lanes were bumper to bumper the whole way down to the 401. Unreal ! I,m not sure how much different the view would of been for the people living in Ottawa, which is like 45 minutes north of us. We watched it happen on tv, and it did get freakishly dark here for about 5-8 minutes, but all back to normal now. There were 3 cops directing traffic at the Prescott exit, and carefully watching as vehicles backed up on the off ramp, and made sure too keep traffic rolling thru the stop sign so people wouldn,t be stopped way back on the 401 hwy.
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