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  1. He has definitely got the dic part right, now just working on the tatorship. I shake my head daily at this idiots stupidity. How he managed to win the last election still baffles me.
  2. ha, ha, I cann,t seem to get it to work from my 4g flip phone. That,s all I have for a phone, plus we still have a land line. I often wonder if I am the only one in the world that still uses a flip phone. LOL
  3. Hi again Don, another question. Is there any way to watch it from my laptop on my smart tv wireless, that is, without using a hdmi cable from the laptop to the tv ? I would think you need an app of some kind ?
  4. Oh shit, sorry about that. I was so excited to get that site info from you, I messed up. Just finished watching the new top gun. Awesome, and thanks again Don.Cheers
  5. That,s awesome Tom, I had never heard of that site before. Cheers
  6. Thanks never heard of it. I have wifi. How do you access GOOJARA ?
  7. How long before it is on netflix ?
  8. Did he charge you the 2000 price, or current covid fukked up price ? LOL
  9. 1900 miles on the Polaris. How many engine re-builds has it had ?
  10. Not only were the a total failure, of what they were suppose to do, but they fukked up a lot of immune systems in healthy people, and more and more of the truth is coming out daily. It has got to be the biggest peace time fukk-up, ever. Hopefully enough smart people have eventually noticed what a disaster this was, and NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN !
  11. Kool pic, but if I was a betting man, I would say photo shop was involved. Are there ways to actually prove if it was, or was not ?
  12. Same thing happened to two of my older friends. Shove every one of those vacines up the butts of all those that pushed so hard for them, and are still pushing them hard.
  13. I can understand the reason for the stop ride, but why the stop sale ? Why not sell them if you can, and hold on to it til it can be updated ?
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