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  1. Hopefully at some point, Sean will be able to respond on behalf of the OPP, who enforce the rules. My thinking is, if sledders are allowed to be out and about, on open trails, it would be nice if sledders could print out a copy stating that, and carry it with them, so if there was a confrontation, the letter could be produced, to help clear things up quickly without having to get into a huge confrontation. It has to be clear to all, so in my books, it,s either yes or no. We all know there are a few good cops, like Sean, but unfortunately, sometimes we do encounter one that isn,t so nice.
  2. Hi Sean, what is your take as far as snowmobiling goes, of Doug Fords latest info re lockdown ? Can sledders go sledding for exercise, or only if they are going to pick up groceries ?
  3. Yup. covid is creeping into peoples brains. Absolutely crazy what one can get for toys this fall and winter. I,m kinda wondering when the bubble will burst, and we,ll see all this stuff back up for sale, for pennies on the dollar.
  4. Hopefully it is Yamaha that buys them out.
  5. Hard to believe. Are you sure the speedo wasn,t in kilometers ????????
  6. With winter 2020-2021 being non existent in a lot of areas, I kinda predict a tough spring break, for all the manufacturers.
  7. Good choice. Re-building a turd, still makes it another turd. A couple of buddies had them. All I can say is, they were heavy pigs to tow out of the fukking bush, on several occasions. In hindsight, they should have trying the jewish lightning trick on them. That was the cure-all. Easy to carry out what was left in a 5 gallon pail. LOL
  8. A couple gallons of crazy glue should do it !
  9. Way back in 1992, I went 135.9 mph thru the radar gun, on a Yamaha vmax 750, that belonged to a chubby friend, with a huge turbo and other mods. The front was so light on the skis that you had to keep it strait on the ice track by shifting body weight. He used to pop pistons in that thing pretty well every week-end, running it thru radar, and didn,t care. All he wanted was a high bragging number. At the time, I was probably 160 pounds, and Stan was closer to 350. LOL It did make a difference.
  10. I like my solution better. Sell off all that stuff at record highs, and enjoy the pool and my cars. I,ve had great luck with boats.
  11. I mean the insurance the OFSC pays so they won,t get sued by someone using their trails and getting hurt.
  12. Any idea how they get away with that ? The OFSC says it has to keep our speed limit in Ontario that low to get good insurance rates.
  13. I agree 100%. For the price you have to pay for this junk, they should be gas and go. Every brand should be mandated to have extra sleds available to anyone that is having warranty issues. What fukking good is warranty, if your sled is out of service for half the season, cause you got a lemon, and parts are on back order til April. Sleds have to be the worst piece of junk per dollar spent on any recreational toy out there.
  14. Yup, 1998 ski don,t mack z. Fixed it up, sold it, and never owned a ski don,t again. Dealer fukked it up so bad, ski don,t gave me another short block, after fighting with them a complete winter.
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