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  1. Why not give the golden ticket pricing to anyone that actually commits to buying a sled ? It,s not like they are loosing money on every sled sold with one. If their objective is more sales, lower the prices for everyone, and cut out the bull$hit about treating some old customers special. WTF ?
  2. So, for all that time and expense, exactly what did you gain, versus just getting a re-built 800 ?
  3. Any water crossings ? Asking for a retarded friend.
  4. Yup, some of our new immigrants don,t seem to have the knack for driving on white sand. Is that around Brampton ? LOL
  5. Hate to see any new sled go down. From what I have seem this winter, there seems to be a trend of sleds like your cousins going down. Make sure they find the root cause, and don,t just throw another piston in it.
  6. Are you sure you got the year, correct ? LOL I,m betting he,s waiting to get our own factory built in Quebec by some of his high school buddies.
  7. Mainly because family cann,t take care of them and their problems any more, so they go there to barely exist, and slowly die. Terrible places, that suck the family dry of any money they have, and then let their patients die, so they can rinse, and repeat.
  8. Hey, I googled " definition of a great cop " yesterday, and this same picture came up. WTF ?
  9. That,s about normal for a Poolaris. LOL
  10. Hopefully at some point, Sean will be able to respond on behalf of the OPP, who enforce the rules. My thinking is, if sledders are allowed to be out and about, on open trails, it would be nice if sledders could print out a copy stating that, and carry it with them, so if there was a confrontation, the letter could be produced, to help clear things up quickly without having to get into a huge confrontation. It has to be clear to all, so in my books, it,s either yes or no. We all know there are a few good cops, like Sean, but unfortunately, sometimes we do encounter one that isn,t so nice.
  11. Hi Sean, what is your take as far as snowmobiling goes, of Doug Fords latest info re lockdown ? Can sledders go sledding for exercise, or only if they are going to pick up groceries ?
  12. Yup. covid is creeping into peoples brains. Absolutely crazy what one can get for toys this fall and winter. I,m kinda wondering when the bubble will burst, and we,ll see all this stuff back up for sale, for pennies on the dollar.
  13. Good choice. Re-building a turd, still makes it another turd. A couple of buddies had them. All I can say is, they were heavy pigs to tow out of the fukking bush, on several occasions. In hindsight, they should have trying the jewish lightning trick on them. That was the cure-all. Easy to carry out what was left in a 5 gallon pail. LOL
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