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  1. For sure. They were good enough looking and smart enough to suck all the living and meal allowance cheques all our new young guys got every 2 weeks at a time. The boys would go to these joints thinking that the strippers were in love with them, and finally realized that there is nothing colder than a strippers heart. Once all your cash is gone, so are they. LOL
  2. I worked in Queerbec for years. It would be great, if there weren,t any french people there.
  3. I live fairly close to both those cities, and I would include Ottawa on that list as well. I don,t understand why our federal and provincial governments tolerate what some of these mofos in gangs keep doing. Give them a rowboat, and an oar, and drop them in the middle of whatever ocean they crossed to get here. They are scum of the earth, and make great shark bait. keep feeding the sharks, til all have been eradicated. Being nice and giving them second, third and fourth chances don,t work with these guys. They only can be delt with one way. They only understand lead, or fish food.
  4. I,m sure, eventually the truth will come out. I,ve seen many pics of Connors mom, the one shown here is a glamour shot. She is a 4-5 at best in the raw. Connors parents supposedly split up in May. I kinda wonder if someone were to look back and dig into her days living in an apt. with Connor while he played in Regina, what she did with all her spare time there while Connor was playing away games. Pussy will definitely make men do crazy things. I wonder if Perrys women will give him the boot ?
  5. Lots of dumb mutherfukkers out there spending money they don,t have, on shit they don,t need, thinking they still have to keep up with the jones, while building up credit card debt like never before. For sure, it will continue to get much worse. since these dummies have nothing to loose, until their cards get maxxed out, and then they go bankrupt.
  6. Probably 4 bull dykes, and since it is getting close to the end of the month, with a full moon, what could possibly go wrong ?
  7. Thank you sweetheart. 450 Hp of pure muscle, and a top speed of 165 mph.
  8. Yup, they cann,t even predict yesterdays weather correctly, the only job one can have, that can be totally wrong every day, and you still get to keep your job, and still get paid.
  9. Exactly, who da fukk cares how quickly a vehicle can do this stuff ! Any why is it necessary ? How about they focus on quality, and lower the fukking price of these vehicles, so the masses can afford them, instead of this stupidity. I suppose the small dick crowd needs something to brag about, but WTF ?
  10. Beautiful ! Imagine the donuts you could do with that in one of your fields. Don,t lend it to Ben, way to much power for him. LOL
  11. Those legs look like neck breakers !
  12. If your wife is as ugly as Hillary, you are allowed to cheat. LOL
  13. Where do you draw the line re cheating ? We need some guidelines, that our women will all agree with. LOL
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