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  1. The Cobra system opens up a ton of possibilities to be creative with timing, plus I actually get to watch. Have a safe and happy fourth!
  2. Any idea what motel that is?
  3. Had nothing but an awesome experience with this place. http://www.dennisesexpressservice.com/shock-rebuilding-service
  4. After I sign in PayPal is asking to add a card. I have had an active account forever and just used it on ebay. Anyone else having this trouble? Canadian thing?
  5. That is my 18 as well. Not a huge issue but it does make me wonder if they can be calibrated.
  6. Thanks for the reminder. Trying to have even a quasi technical discussion around here is like folding soup most the time.
  7. Mine is out by 10% at about any speed. Irritating........
  8. For those who have checked speedo vrs. GPS how different are the two? 2004 F7 -- 105 speedo 103 gps 2018 Zr8000-- 114 speedo 104 gps Gotta say I was a bit surprised yesterday on the ZR.
  9. Might try flares next year if I keep it. Coolant burped with extreme care and replaced cap.
  10. My F7 is the same. Blinking light a few times over 11000 miles and still going.
  11. If you mean on the gauge, yes. 160 and up with no problem. Scratchers brought it down to 95-110 in all conditions. There simply is not enough snow to the heat exchanger without the scratchers.
  12. My 18 800RR goes right to lava any trail, any condition without scratchers. 137 studded. Been a Cat guy my whole riding life but this one irks me. Scratchers should not be required.
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