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  1. I've deleted the tumble flaps on two motors because of how worn and noisy they were, the cars could have cared less.
  2. Seems like it's been a while, just sent in a renewal. Thanks for your efforts.
  3. jdels


    Yeah, no way on 72's for onboard cues. All slats here. I prewire everything so it works well for my typical set ups. If you every have a show within striking distance of northern WI and need an extra body let me know! Couldn't agree more on Cobras customer service. World Class.
  4. jdels


    Same here, started with a 72 and a pair of 18's using slats for everything. All Private shows for me but I wish I would have started with a pair of 72's. Do you use any scripting software?
  5. I'm only running air tools and blowguns, I count on the inlet filter on the compressor. Shop is plumbed with 5 outlets and an auxiliary tank. I'd guess maybe 80 feet total.
  6. Pex for me. Been 5 years with no issues.
  7. jdels


    If you guys were closer I'd work for free for the experience. Good luck with upcoming season.
  8. jdels


    Not licensed but put on a couple big shows every year. Regularly toy with the idea of a Type 54 but just never seem to pursue. Last years show on the 4th was 108 cues, all e-fire. Finally made the leap to COBRA this year, huge upgrade from the Chinese firing systems. Ben used to blow off quite a bunch of stuff if I recall. Here is the set from last year, curvature is due to the pano photo. Decent mix of consumer and 1.4Pro cakes and 162 shells. Also had 4 wheels and 4 500 gram fountains. Product availability could make this year interesting.
  9. If its the one that the shaft bolts to then yes it comes out the backside and you do need to unbolt the back half of the case. It's a splined carriage type bolt with an O ring. Been there. Minutes from done.....
  10. I had a good experience with Mikes Discount Auto Transport out of Stratford WI. One on one with the owner. He is just a broker but everything went well and was responsive to calls/texts. Think it was $900 Virginia Beach to Marinette.
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