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  1. One of my riding partners is 73 this year. Rides a 98 panther 2-up 440 fanner. Ass dragging on the corners and fast as hell through the woods. Any day is a good day on a snowmobile he says. I believe his first sled was a 67 Ariens. Did almost 2000 miles with him last year.
  2. Come on CFK it must be bulb smashin time!!
  3. Gonna throw this to the top. You will need the correct 8 pocket bumper for your machine. Sick of looking at it and would love to see it get used.
  4. Both Sabercat 500's gone over and ready. ZR8000 next, once over, slides, thinking an extra idler close to the tail. Probably some new ice scratcher tips for the hot running overheating pig. The 04 F7 needs a speedo side driveshaft bearing, I'll get to that after deer season.
  5. I have been fortunate myself in that regard. Too bad so far away.....
  6. That santa baby is good. Backroom stuff I assume. No way that is legit 1.4
  7. I have honestly considered selling the 18 zr8 and jumping back on the owned since new 2004 F7SP for the next two seasons.
  8. I swear to all things snowmobile the cooling situation better be sorted out!
  9. Maybe not gasoline platforms but hydrogen is coming on strong in heavy duty diesel. Give it about 4-5 years.
  10. Coolers look promising. It still chaps my ass about running scratchers.
  11. No shit, I brought that up in the other thread. That shit should have popped ten seconds after presentation. A HS marketing project could have done better. Ive been a loyal Cat guy for 30 years but I'll be honest, at this point I just don't know......
  12. The RXC does look good. But seriously, "Arctic Cat slapped a hard embargo on certain information and boxed-in what we and others at the meeting can talk about at this moment. They plan to trickle information out to consumers over a period of time." That says to me not ready for primetime. At this point I wish they would have just waited till spring.
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