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  1. People still care about this garbage???
  2. "vehicle must appear stock"
  3. joe_zrt


    My guess would be between the 2016 to 2020 good times Era
  4. Are you talking about the caulk? I found gloss black silicone and menards or home depot that matched almost perfect. Belly pan from the 96 should be the same. I actually have a new one of those belly pans still in the package
  5. Sounds great on paper and in the headlines. Unfortunately nothing will happen
  6. But Trump, January 6th, Global Warming, Voter Suppression, Russian Collusion, EV's and Windmills...you're clearly a anti-science MAGA white supremacist. #triggered
  7. Miracles do happen a month before midterms...thank the Lord almighty
  8. Goes from king of speed to king of actually making a snowmobile. Sad times
  9. Or any doctors office. Not on mainstream anything. It was purposely left out which prevents an informed decision. But we can all just play dumb and pretend every person knew, or would even know where to look for that data.
  10. The world was fortunate enough to have Israel leading the vaccine charge and essentially volunteering to be an entire country of lab rats. As they released their not so great results that did not fit the political narrative, their data was not only repressed, but anyone that spoke out was also repressed, harassed, and some lost jobs. Follow the science, but only the parts we want you to follow. That applies to all the big politicized topics of the day.
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