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  1. Why would we go through testing and trials on a new vaccine. How dumb
  2. I have that one. I like it for removal, but too thick for install in certain situations.
  3. I saw those, but the one he is using is definitely longer
  4. I can't seem to find that exact one. I like the round handle, the length, and it looks pretty stout
  5. Any idea who makes that spring tool he's using?
  6. Life Goal = Spend my life triggering people on internet forums...check
  7. Imagine if the shooter was white and Trump was in the Whitehouse 👀 But that guy wasn't going to mess around. Seemed rather experienced.
  8. The borders aren't wide open now?
  9. Great...this'll get some panties bunched up here, wait for it
  10. I love how he continues eating his apple all cool and collected like he's dealing with a child
  11. https://oilprice.com/Metals/Commodities/EV-Battery-Costs-Could-Surge-By-22.html
  12. Yes, we are happy the security guy kept his cool and didn't go ape shit on the gay guy...could you imagine the headlines for that.
  13. They're too busy touting all the new jobs 🤣
  14. Yes, the average American family is doing great. Nothing to see here. You guys are idiots. Just blind fools.
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