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  1. ...hopefully this still works
  2. Finally heard one today. First one in a while. Old work buddy late 30's. Doing perfectly fine. Loss taste, and it tipped him off he had it.
  3. Who here is an antivaxxer? I'm happy to see something available to those that think they need it. I think that's a pretty common thought around here. So maybe jump on your high horse and ride right the fuck on out of here.
  4. I'm just happy to see him masked up...we're all in this together.
  5. ...and you may just be absolutely fine if you get covid, especially that age group, since we're talking real numbers here
  6. Only a racist would see them in colors...you people
  7. More importantly how are these variants entering our country at a faster pace than other countries?And secondly, the article states they do not know when, or better yet how they contracted it. The media unfortunately is no longer transparent and honest, twists stories to fit narratives. Unless the teachers are quarantining themselves after school, and are wearing masks properly which is at best reducing their risk by arguably 20% in adult settings, there is a very strong chance their infection came from them living life as they should be.
  8. You also run your mouth like your an expert. Why not keep your own ignorance to yourself...ironic too you bring up personal choice, classic lefty views. Use personal choice as needed until it applies to something you ignorantly don't agree with. Question for you is, is anyone else allowed personal choice when it doesn't align with you? Just wondering.
  9. https://www.clayandbuck.com/a-deep-dive-with-alex-berenson-covid-fact-and-fiction/ An interview with someone that follows and uses actual facts instead of fear mongering. The thing that is interesting as I read the banter here and listen to all these arguments everywhere, is how everyone that took the pokes, which is the cure all that they themselves preach, are so concerned and afraid of the MINORITY number of people that haven't gotten it. What's so pathetic is the denial of the fact if you've had covid, you have better protection than this "vaccine"
  10. Look up, something just flew way over your head.
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