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  1. So who are you going to vote for to replace him Mr Inside Information?
  2. Who's in power in the US at the moment?? Maybe all the wind turbine money got spent on the "insurrection" investigation instead of putting a bunch of them on the liberal east and west coast for the lefties to gaze at.
  3. Yeah vote for his opponent...better look at his opponent list you morons
  4. Guns and Trump...ultimate distraction topics.
  5. Why do you care? You aren't an American citizen, dont you live in Canada?...same with those arguing with him...let him babble his Canadian rhetoric nod and smile.
  6. "You're taking it out if context" You aren't smart enough to understand what he's saying. You are an idiot. Shut your mouth and fall in line.
  7. I love paying more no matter how small or great the cost...you broke ass crybabies. Go buy an electric car already.
  8. An attack on the capitol with no weapons used and not a single shot fired...wow we are in trouble if that's all it takes to take over the US capitol. I guess when security waves you in that helps the cause.
  9. Just Google till you find what suites your agenda. After all, if you read it on the internet, it has to be true.
  10. Think of all the pollution generated and damage that place has done through the years.
  11. Oh yes...that's why they want open borders, to fill jobs. Dumd ass
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