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  1. Thank you to all WW2 veterans alive and passed on that displayed courage that will never be replicated or truly appreciated in the modern times.
  2. https://secure.winred.com/desantis/great-american-comeback-ae?utm_source=_&utm_medium=em_p&utm_campaign=2023-05-24__ActiveEng_ha_rd_ActiveEng_IMIN_IMIN_greatamericancomebackae_fr_
  3. Yes, already getting emails requesting donations
  4. I don't think those guys would be scared one bit, especially on these new sleds. But yes, there are still talented riders today, no doubt.
  5. Back when guys still had balls. They were recognized by arctic cat because they broke so many parts on production sleds before they raced professional. Imagine if they had modern sleds
  6. Good...waiting on the breakthrough that will make the current EV pushers look like the idiots they are.
  7. 998 is much better on pump fuel. Throttle response down low is where you notice it the most. The suzuki likes the turbo spooled up, but once it's spooled it's fun...998 is always right there with almost zero lag. I noticed the 2017's and Thundercats starting to come down in price.
  8. Funny when the bonus "free" public/at work charging goes away and shit gets real. The technological breakthrough will happen eventually, but it's amusing to see the narrative pushed with the current technology. It's going to be the equivalent of the old bag phones versus the smart phone comparison. EV pushers are similar to the vaccers and mask wearers.
  9. I guess I don't get what they are actually doing in the video and how it applies to politics (either side)
  10. The sooner man realizes he doesn't control or have any significant effects on the natural cycles of the earth, the better we'll all be. As soon as they politicized it, all rational reason went out the window.
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