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  1. I know it would be nice if you hit a thread you've been on before, and it has new content, it would automatically take you to the new unread post.
  2. Global warming fights back at green energy
  3. Why do you feel it's so much better? I'm especially interested in better in the cold months if you live where it gets cold...29 minutes is still too much
  4. Fracking good now??? 👀 Haven't seen much action on here from the EV superheroes lately
  5. He's talking about attendance records. That wasn't very difficult to figure out.
  6. It's kind of like treating the mental disorder of anorexia with liposuction. Really makes sense.
  7. Clearly not an Afghani party.
  8. Maybe her testosterone treatment plan is slightly off...it's rough transitioning
  9. I feel the only reason this made a headline was to use "enslaved workers" in the story. White people bad, George Washington, evil. Cherries good.
  10. Did anyone get the site to work?
  11. Those skis are interesting looking..
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