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  1. mag, i,ll take one of these. please p.m. me with payment info.
  2. debris of sub found. all passengers declared dead. just announced on news.
  3. never had a yuenling. you will probley laugh but i drink STROHS.
  4. bud is belguim owned. miller and coors is african owned. he told me bud owned 61% of the african brewery rights.
  5. the miller delivery guy at the bar i work at said that yuenglig is the only american owned brewery left. can not get it here in michigan.
  6. 100% the fuckin truth right there.
  7. he will be 75 this december.
  8. good thing kurt HENNIG is in the big ring in the sky or he would put me in the perfect lock for spelling his name wrong.
  9. this guy is MR perfect = kurt henning. MR wonderful = paul orndorf.
  10. sad and scary at the same time.
  11. i would settle for half the money back.
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