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  1. great choice, black labs best dogs ever.
  2. good post, this guy told it like it is.
  3. same here in michigan , not the winters we used to have.
  4. just hope it was o.k. for me to post this , won,t say who told me. elias rules.
  5. twisting trails grass drags. track located in twin lake mich. dates. sept 11 oct 9 oct 23 check their facebook page for more info.
  6. elias signs with thene motorsports.
  7. the circus music at the end pretty much sums up biden and his administration.
  8. $2.87 a gallon this morning here in mid michigan.
  9. if biden was,nt so busy trying to infect the u.s. citizens we could. of course biden trusts the taliban, he,s allready sent them their christmas cards.
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