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  1. battle creek michigan, battle creek air show.
  2. see the store employee record it and walk away laughing.
  3. that sounds like a good story for the t.v. show what would you do.
  4. small party at my place, bon fire, weenie roast, some fireworks and lots of beer.
  5. women on sex strike is nothin new, just ask just about any married guy, this has been going on for years.
  6. bottom chick for sure.
  7. big 10-4 on the a/c here also.
  8. get the shit bag one of those little rascal wheelchairs as seen on t.v. , tard would probley tip over in that to.
  9. whether his foot got caught in the peddle or not still funny as hell, fuckin dipstick.
  10. got that right. now we have granholm 2.0 in good ol whitler.
  11. has not done a single thing to better america and NEVER WILL.
  12. fuckci or fuckface is dr china flu.
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