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  1. the riding report here in mid michigan sucked, very small riding amounts here. i think bontz,doug,mag and corner took all our snow.
  2. eshoel better be on the ball this weekend if he wants another title.
  3. harr had that track figured out . next weekend is it.
  4. we would never hear the end of it, fuck the media. i would look at kimberly guilfoyles ass though.
  5. anybody here watch the hour long special on newsmax, day of outrage ? if so your thoughts.
  6. lebel and ishoel kicking ass as usual.
  7. cool thread, hope this thread is still around when i finally learn how to post pics. 79 ford f-150 4x4 shortbox with 39,900 original miles, i,ve owned it since 1982.
  8. they should of been protesting at the judge,s house that let this fuck out instead of on campus..
  9. 2 and a half hours south of you jimmy and still waiting for winter to get here.
  10. more bad news for mid mich, inch and a half of rain predicted for feb 9th and 3 days in a row of temps in the mid 50,s next week.
  11. does mccarthy get to rip bidens speech up like pissloci did ?
  12. about 2 + hours south of you, raining here. no frost in the ground at all just a muddy mess.
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