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  1. hopefully the 10 more times would of been enough to kill him.
  2. good ol whitler, she'll never let us down bitch is a understatement
  3. local news reported this morning , only injury to driver was a cut on the forehead. also said alcohol was a factor and he had felony charges pending.
  4. seen that on the local news here, dude got some air.
  5. federal agencys participating in covering the cops ass that shot and killed the lady vet, not a peep about that guy.
  6. i,d hang the stain with the cable if they did that on purpose. could of killed the guy.
  7. dumb bitch camel harris probley bailed him out.
  8. what did i do to deserve this ?
  9. boy i hope not. does this mean i should ask another administrator if i need to know what it is ?
  10. she has no clue what the hell she is talking about.
  11. crazy dumb bitch.
  12. probley won,t cave , but you will be the first to know if i do.
  13. did not have to reset my password, good thing i don,t remember it.
  14. floyd"s family must have pissed the 27 million dollars away allready and need more.
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