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  1. better late than never. good riddince fuckci.
  2. business as usual for the wolverines. see you all new years eve. GO BLUE.
  3. hey fordy, take the bet that the shartys won,t lose their bowl game.
  4. fuck those nut huggin fuckeyes. purdue is gonna get their asses kicked. if you are not a wolverine , your ass is full of vaseline. GO BLUE.
  5. no ,the one from bow season is still alive, got his pic on trail cam.
  6. congrats to your hunting party. shot a decent 8 point last wednesday . sorry can,t post pics.
  7. fuck those suckeyes ,fuckeyes. GO BLUE.
  8. 551 vote difference, frisch said he did not think they would find enough votes to change the outcome. also he did not to drag it out any longer even though it was close enough for a automatic recount.
  9. article said he did not want to go through a recount.
  10. children of the corn.
  11. exactly, trump has and IS doing more for the republican party than any of these three ass clowns.
  12. the good ole days.
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