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  1. Become a paying member and most will go away.
  2. I've been trying to kick a head cold so I called it quits at halftime. Thanks for the update.
  3. Meals on wheels gives my 83 year old mother more and better food than that.
  4. There is a mask mandate in stores in westfield going on 2 weeks now, i purposely grocery shopped in southwick Saturday because of it.
  5. Thank christ she's not the Gov, she's the mayor of Boston.
  6. We get guys with 4 place trailers passing us all the time up there, we try to stay at 80.
  7. They are massholes, accident explained.
  8. I was just making that statement because both shots I got were in the top 5 worse batches.
  9. Probably the same one you used to convince you bob saget died from the booster.
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