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  1. If the government helps with that they can buy more votes.
  2. But we need the government to pay off student loans.
  3. He's the gift that keeps on giving.
  4. Awwwww, heartbreaking stuff.
  5. You decided to make a second comment on my post so I must have hit close to home.
  6. Now if we were talking 6000 trump threads.
  7. But you know full well that's not what he thinks they're investigating.
  8. It's just one more purchase he feels the need to have validation from the forum on.
  9. That's why you see 2 studs missing from each hub. Knock those out and put a couple jacking bolts in then hit them with an impact gun.
  10. Fuckin A. I want to see a twitter report from caturd.
  11. Did both rear wheel bearings on my wife's car before winter. Fucking rust belt calamity but I swapped them both out in less than 4 hours including clean up.
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