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  1. I saw it crash it 2008 at the Westover air show, luckily no serious injury.
  2. I wish we had an official police expert on this forum that could explain why this was necessary.
  3. Not a big deal as the wife is done with menopause but still fucked up. Unfortunately yes. Guy at work had to get his wife to sign off on his. I've heard you don't need to do that but his doctor required it so I assume it is.
  4. In the great state of Massachusetts I would need my wife's permission to get snipped.
  5. They probably want to check to see if these people have online enemies.
  6. So it took you over a year to be offended enough to post this?
  7. Algore is filming a commercial right now where he sheds a tear as cars drive down a highway in the background. Just like that indian littering ad.
  8. So, unlike the limo the suburban is open between the front and back seats. Very unlikely.
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