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  1. This was all planned. If you got vaxxed it hides all traces of alcohol so this won't affect you.
  2. Not surprising, that goes along with the article I mentioned reading in the gas stove thread. As soon as health issues are mentioned a lawer feeding frenzy was inevitable.
  3. We had a small turkey in the freezer from Thanksgiving sale time that we decided to cook today.
  4. Sounded more like he was talking about himself.
  5. Read an article the other day about gas stove banning, the reason given wasn't global warming but childhood asthma and other breathing issues. I wonder which it really is or something else. Who the fuck knows these days.
  6. I only watch the local news and that's mostly just for the weather forcast, there are plenty of news hounds here to get information from. Nobody I've spoken to that voted trump before would vote for him again, sorry but he's not going to win anything. And if anyone has his head up an ass it's yours up trumps.
  7. Trump is unelectable, he needs to step aside.
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