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  1. Guys, eat a snickers, you'll fell better!!!!!! First guys are crying because cat doesn't have a new chasis, now they have one and still crying!!!!
  2. Good idea. Any idea what the msrp is on those?
  3. Cat doesn't need a big bore. The all new cattle ass 600 will lay roost to the 8 fittys because of its game changing chasis and state of the art efi system!!!!!
  4. Poo finally caught up to the procross with the matrix, doo was still far behind. The all new catalyst will leave them in the snow dust!!!!!
  5. Many of the parts missing are because they just simply fell off because , well, its a doo!!!!!
  6. So, have they stopped production on the 23's or are they still pumping them out?
  7. I asked the engineers if there would be a 129 track option and if the 600 was getting a power increase a couple of days ago but no response yet!!!!
  8. Why is it that everything brp makes is uglier then hell. From sleds to atv's to those fugly spiders? With all that R&D money you would think they could make it look sexy but they continue to put out frankinstein looking shit!!!!
  9. I predict they will be #1 in sales in 5 years with this new catalyst!!!!
  10. Looks cool!!!! Not sure about the name catalyst !!!!!
  11. Wonder if FXR makes a fire proof suit, don't like the smell of burnt ball sac hair while i'm riding!!!!
  12. I would bring it back to the stealer and tear them a new one!!!!!!
  13. Anybody run shell advance synthetic in their 650? Walmart sells it for 43 bux for a 5 liter jug. I think the poo oil is 70 or 80 per jug.
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