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  1. POO= P22 on trail sleds , less color choices so they can get them built by december. DOO= new G5 chasis with G string seat, rider will be sitting on top of skis. Texicat= Same shit no gray. Maybe blast four up so you can take grandma and grandpa and the dog for a ride!!!! HA HA HA= Texicats leftovers!!!!
  2. Are you still seeing pictures of blown up 840's on facebook or are they bulletproof now?
  3. Whats the deal with herfinballs, his sleds got covid or something?
  4. Why no mention of ski shimming or hoses rubbing or snow in glove box or having to adjust falker evans shocks 150 times just to get it to ride right?
  5. Arctic Cat purple power lube!!!!!
  6. Really, one snow tester, at this rate it will take till 2030 to see something new!!!!
  7. Fuck i hope cat comes out with something new because the poo backup plan isn't looking good!!!!!
  8. This is what happens when you paint a cat yellow. DNS!!!!!!!
  9. No reason for sled prices to go up. If they do then nobody should buy until manufactures lower prices again!!!!
  10. Now show the picture of you sitting on the sled smoking a fat one with the gas cap off!!!!!
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