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  1. Didn't you have your chain case apart on your brand new daffy before the start of the season. Now that's quality!!!!
  2. Nice green spindles and rails. Too much gray!!!!
  3. The Lester's should be mailing you a RWSOTY ribbon soon. Might as well take the skies off because they will never touch the snow anyway!!!
  4. Yes, when you have a machine this tippy it will roll in the corners quite often.
  5. They must of built at least 10000 catalyst otherwise whats the point.
  6. Some dealers are starting to receive 2025 120 and 200's already!!!!!
  7. Better call snowtrax so that they can recall that real world sled of the year award.
  8. Looks like you rode through a patch of dog shit soup!!!!
  9. This is an excellent question. Who would want to buy any turbo 2 stroke once the warranty is over and the sled has 5000 miles on it? Noooooobody!!!!!! Built a 2025 boost 137 dynamix for 30,328.00 canadian tire money. What will it be worth on year # 3?
  10. Does cat make these at the factory or are they made in Tuktoyaktuk?
  11. Now that were all done shitting, how about those 2025 cats. Are they sold out yet?
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