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  1. Depends if they can get them all built by December.If they can we might get a taste of whats to come!!!!! Wonder which model is on the line now?
  2. Gym should try and look at his old lady's face once in a while instead of always looking at the back of her head!!!!!
  3. Price of fuel and fertilizer is fucking stupid!!!! Might have to pump and dash so i can ride this winter!!!!
  4. JRAM , what is the top speed of the alterra 600?My dealer sells both cat and suzuki . Decided on a 2022 king quad 500 and it will do 62 mph. Not enough to make my shorts brown but still a nice machine for the farm.
  5. Would you be willing to draw a picture for us?
  6. I've been hiding in a culvert for six months. Can someone please explain to me what a Karen is?
  7. Wrinkly balls is fairly certain arctic cat had the most snow check sales for the month of April of all manufactures!!!!
  8. Don't really see the need for atac. I set my shocks once and that's it. Ride like a mofo!!!!!
  9. My brodder, a long time cat guy, snow checked a 650 and wants to know if he can run ctech 2 oil in his new sled when it arrives in fall? He has three jugs left over from last year and doesn't want to buy the polaris oil until he has to.
  10. Now that everything is sold out maybe they will release the 2024's soon!!!!
  11. 2022 zr 6000 ltd armageddon price 14,575 cad. 2023 zr 6000 17,279 cad. That's 2704 more for BNG. Kiss me arse textron!!!!!!
  12. There has to be some kind of armageddon pricing. How do they expect customers to pay full retail for the same sled as last year.
  13. How much faster was the 650 against the riot in top speed? Did it ever foul any plugs? Do i need to get the tall windshield or is the mid warm enough? Was the seat hard, Med, or soft?Did you run regular or premium fuel? Do i need to run extreme oil and how much is a gallon?
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