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  1. Holy shit, that is later then i thought, Didn't they use to build 300 + sleds a day?
  2. Will they be starting to build cattleist next week or will it be a while yet?
  3. I've had 26 cats since 1989 and have never had an issue with any of them!!!! Yes my goggles are green and sometimes foggy!!!!!!
  4. Nice job cat!!!! I can finally watch a movie or listen to music while trail riding. What the hell is an app anyway?
  5. What is cat using for a snocross racer? Is it catalyst based or are they racing last years model?
  6. GAME CHANGER!!!!! Poo and doo 10 years behind again!!!!!
  7. Well, i guess i better bring extra tampons before riding my procross this winter. At least i'll be riding and not waiting for a recall to get done!!!!
  8. Did polaris announce any recalls at hay days this year?
  9. When does the 658 get released? LFG CAT!!!!!
  10. Yes, i agree, the wires should be green!!!!!
  11. This is the best assessment i have ever read!!!! Thank you zr6000rr!!!!
  12. Does anybody know how much weight a tall windshield and tunnel bag will add?
  13. Well i sure as hell ain't gonna go buy a daffy doosh on monday just because it won on sunday!!!!!
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