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  1. Seriously how would you know? You've just admitted you know dozens. That ain't shit for numbers dude. Aside from these people's problems after the shots to effect their well being, the next worse thing is no one's going to be held accountable or liable for any of it. Health insurance costs are likely to skyrocket even higher adding all these people to the list to be cared for in the future.
  2. guy's a frick'n douchenozzle. With nearly 3 million subscribers I believe? MURCA!!!! Man are we ever fucking doomed!
  3. just listen to this cock sucker at 7:18. Cock fucking suckers anyways. Makes me wish I could reach right through this screen right now and..... Karma better be in the works here.
  4. should be it's own state. BTW, hey, where's all the fsce resident Cuomo supporters!!!
  5. no idea, but considering today's general public... it's hard not to believe just about anything anymore.
  6. i'm totally taken away at how dumb and incompetant Kameltoe seems to be. I mean sniveling sleezy bitch was always a dead give away, but never imagined she'd be this irrelevant in running the country. Did she even graduate the eighth grade is what I wonder?
  7. All that, and the fact they don't have a key and throttle to operate.
  8. I was thinking last evening, of all the things that have inflated in price and dropped in availability since the invention of covid, and i've narrowed it down to one thing and one thing only that has not, and that is horses. I make hay and feed for a living. Now tell me how much bigger of a loser I can't possibly be....
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