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  1. thatch you are, thatch u Rrrr......
  2. yeah what a dummy.....at least he does now.
  3. He's the type to not dare use so much as a toaster oven before reading the operator's manual.
  4. I hinted this morning of Kamala getting run over by a bus.....I know it wasnt nice.... Sorry!
  5. True for the most part. But seeing as New Yorkers have migrated out of that chess-pool, and fucked up surrounding areas, including where I live, it won’t take long for some of this illegal trash to make it here as well.
  6. Yeah if this is retirement, fuck me over, i'm working till i'm dead as a door nail!
  7. This ain’t a fucking game you idiot. I guess these democratic leaders of these areas he sent them to are getting what they promoted in the first place, eh? Too bad the citizens in these communities pay the price.
  8. And parts of New York city are turning into an even bigger shit-hole.... https://www.cnn.com/2024/02/27/politics/new-york-city-mayor-eric-adams-sanctuary-city/index.html
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