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  1. What would you know about having a small business? It's the govt. being talked about here. If a larger company doesn't have the business already, then it's for a pretty good reason, and I doubt a short shutdown is going to matter.
  2. Better yet, the noose end of a short rope tied to a high branch.
  3. And people used the think momo had a problem......
  4. don't have a camp, or a van-camper-thingy..... https://about.bgov.com/news/voting-machine-firms-add-lobbyists-amid-election-hacker-concerns/
  5. Don't act dumb. That info was being tossed around not long after the election was over. Hadn't heard anything since, but you seem to be an expert on Dominion so you must know if there was ever a connection to be found true or not with Pelosi's hubby?
  6. Was it ever found to be true that old man Pelosi had fingers in Dominion, as part owner or major stock-holder? Any kind of connection whatsoever?
  7. thpinner likes lawyers. Who'da thought that?
  8. at 3:40, that's what it's alllllllllllllll about. $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  9. I don't need no stink'n lithium. I NEED POTASH! CHEAP FUCKING POTASH!!!!!!!!
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