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  1. Trump's an idiot. But just think about this for a second..... what if he's right?
  2. I’m never voting for this administration. They can’t even put Trump behind bars for one damn night. This fucker should have been sitting in looking out how long ago already! How much time and money spent so far?
  3. just what in the hell are your taste buds and guts made of?
  4. Trumps fault. The dike speaker blames it on global warming this morning on the news, and well, Trump. He didn’t do enough to help battle and reverse gw. Trump.
  5. No one could explain to me a few years ago why gas and diesel was 1.90+ at the pump and the price of crude on the market was 0. “oh it takes time for the market to react”. Well the market never reacted until the price of crude went back up to +$30 /barrel, and then guess which way it reacted?
  6. When they ran, look out! a fellow near here just p-pumped a 6.O in a pulling truck.
  7. They were saving the planet and were repremanded for it by enviro nazi’s.
  8. They should have given these guys an award for it not a penalty.
  9. You mean the force of the actual injection itself, or the poor quality being of the toxic waste water?
  10. it was all the way down here in eastern pa too. Say tomorrow could be even worse. Maybe the french are trying to help us by smoking out the illegals coming in from the south.
  11. "urgent care center". fuck me there's more of them within a square mile of us then pizza joints.
  12. that is a full send!!! seriously though, if the ramp is down, darkish same color as the road, and no flashing lights on the head board of the roll back, ehhhhhhhhhhh i'm gonna say, I could see that happening.
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