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  1. We are dried up big time.....but we don't need no 9" in 24 hrs. that'd make a damn mess
  2. Yeah, I’m thinking it’s not him.
  3. Welllllll I can get passed the buys a gun while hooked on meth situation, but if this one here is truthful...... this I have a bit of an issue with.....
  4. Yep basically what happened to bloomsburg fairgrounds last year I think.
  5. I would have to guess, won't change a thing.
  6. i didn't even realize he was still in politics. havn't heard hair nor hide of him in a while.
  7. Getch yer chit together shtevy
  8. The question is, who might have benefited more from daddy’s dirty political career. Seeing as one of them is working on 50+ years now, ima go out on a limb here and make the assumption that it’s likely the one whose name is such as one of a dog....
  9. I bet more military drones get lost then we'll ever know. Neighbor just bought one to spray with.......$37,000........retardedness
  10. I don't know how people don't get it with the whole inviting foreigners into this country? It's simple. You bring them in, whine and dine them with free shit and entitlement opportunity, and then developers and big buiseness as a whole utilize them to make money off of housing them with gov't funds. Everything they do for them is with gov't tax $'s, and the kickbacks keep coming in. It's a fucking discgrace. An illegal can now come in contact with more $ available from the gov't. than a retired war veteran. I'd bet on that any day of the week.
  11. New York City along with Hochul fuck the whole state up. Give them and their followers NOTHING!!!!
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