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  1. sad part of it all is, eventually oil will likely drop significantly, maybe to where it was not long ago, where they could hardly get a bid on the open market, and gas will surely never go below $3.50/gallon ever again. They've just created higher new lows. Pathetic.
  2. There's one representative of what could have been a deffinate positive outcome of an abortion.
  3. careful here, one of you 3 amigos used to have a habit of sending PM's when they weren't happy with someone else. I won't mention who, as you guys can talk amongst yourselves and find the answer.
  4. And doxy causes your skin to burn like a mf'er out in the sun. Been on it off and on 5 times in the last 10 years. lyme causes inflamation in the joints, and sugar consumption feeds inflamation. Damn it's hard to wean off sugar.
  5. I think they should make every citiot drive EV's and they only get one charge/week.
  6. I have nothing against buying a house. Twice as much house as they can afford, and then losing their ass over it, and looking for a way out of the debt, common sense says there's something wrong with that.
  7. Well, it depends a lot on how they spend.
  8. Guys here with wood processors are paying 750-800 right now for log truck loads of nice straight hardwood probably 6- 7 chords worth. Not sure but I think they're at 275-295/chord delivered. Green not seasoned.
  9. $170/ ton this time last year, $450 ish bulk is what I heard yesterday, and we're only 25 minute ride to the mine. Damn capitalists anyways....
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