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  1. I stop and help people all the time, without asking what they are. If I was any more conservative in life, i'd be burning candles for light and taking baths down by the creek.
  2. So when and where were you when you changed the decision that soldiers are no longer bootlicking faggots?
  3. I love coyotes here. They work on the deer herd that is overpopulated because of urban sprawl. Now if I was in Maine, that'd be a different story.
  4. Never heard of him either. Again, too white for the media.
  5. just how the hell can anyone not laugh at that response right there.
  6. That's a good question. I've never heard of the Whelan situation before here today. My guess is because he isn't a black pro-athlete lesbian? When you stop and think about it, why would the media waste their time on a person like Whelan? No money in that story.
  7. Doesn't matter, this is all on Biden. This black lesbian should have not had to sit in Russian hands for this long. Imagine the things they've done to her.
  8. Could you imagine if our former president left her held in Russian hands for this long?
  9. I'm sure whenever it is, metro-sexuals such as yourself surely wouldn't think it's the right time.
  10. serious question. Do you physically squat to piss? I mean, who actually thinks about this kind of shit?
  11. When I was in grade school, there was some sick fad going around at the time. I think it was rubbing your skin on your wrist or arm with an eraser until it burnt through or something like that? Can't remember exactly. I got bitched at enough just for writing a note or a phone number on my skin to never even think about something that serious. Kids have been doing fucked up shit for a while now.
  12. You're definately flawed, i'll give you that much.
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