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  1. See everyone, I played by the rules....
  2. yeah what the hell? I had to flip a coin whether to post the California school kid vacc mandate in the regular forum or the new safe space covid forum. I gave in and played by the rules. Damn it's no fun though.
  3. California that is.....what a joke of an existence.
  4. I thought he passed a long time ago. Seems like it's been a long time since i've heard anything about him.
  5. "Alllllll ABOOOOOOOOOOOORDDDDDDD!!!!! The Hillary train has now entered the station." They're now starting to change their route. You watch who the left media hooks their caboose to now.
  6. Obsolete part # meaning what? Northern build them for Team I take it? Got a number to go on by chance?
  7. Curious how long you think you might be naturally immune? Do you know because of random anti-body tests? I'm being serious, because I wonder the same thing.
  8. Look around at the general public. we're definately there.
  9. speaking of athletes, havn't heard much out of Lebron's piss-flaps lately...
  10. Makes you wonder. Probably a reporter from Rolling Stones magazine.
  11. That's good to hear. Everytime I drive past that town where the guy rebuilt that motor for ya I think of it. Even in july when it's 90 degrees out.
  12. that's sort of what I thought, but wanted a knowledgable opinion. Thanks.
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