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  1. I agree and hope you are correct! Haven’t bought a sled in three years, and the miles are racking up on the three I have… (over 30k between the three of them)
  2. Add in Lakeville, my 10 acres was completely cut off in the last 3 years. I take a bike path to a major road ditch that I’m just waiting for the gustapo to give me the “No more” paperwork. Fortunately, the city works with us to keep what we have. A huge business park almost cut us off from Farmington this year, but the city stepped in, bought a strip of land for a nature preserve and allowed us to run the edge of it.
  3. I'd have to dig, but I KNOW my mother still has a pic of me standing in my Dad's Sorell's when I was about 8 months old... in 1966. And yes, we wore them growing up and well into my 30's before trying others.
  4. Every time they don’t like a lefty, the next one is further left than the last…
  5. Love the ice/frost reports - let’s hope it continues in this direction!
  6. It’s a normal flu season in China now that they removed lockdowns - their immune systems are going through what they should go through every single year without lockdowns. They are just behind the times with this.
  7. WHO GIVES A FUCK WHO THEY FUCK… we the people probably only hear about 1/10th of 1% of this crap that’s going on.
  8. "Coming up" to keep viewers engaged through the commercials. Nothing more, nothing less.
  9. It was glorious on our vacation this summer. Everything west of ND was 80 Freeway, and 70 on the 2 lane roads - pretty close to where I cruise normally.
  10. Most likely they are the ones that would be in favor of limiting vehicle speeds, that's what they are already trying to do. Besides those who are simply not paying attention. Which is a whole other discussion...
  11. Covid driving was THE BEST - NOBODY on the road, knocked off over an hour on my drive to/from the Cities to Point and then again back.
  12. On the bold, yeah, FOR SURE. Ever since none of them want the conflict they were looking for before GF.
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