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  1. I know a two guys who bought a Matryx this past year, VR1 and Launch. BOTH needed the jackshaft bearing looked at sooner than later. At 1500 miles, one guys was dry as a bone. This has been an issue with Polaris for a few years now. Be sure to pull the secondary, and pick the seal out of that bearing behind it to inspect. I would suggest doing the same for the driveshaft bearing below it while you are that far into it.
  2. The best part will be when they start whining next winter that the snow check shows up late, and they already sold their old sled before they got the new one.
  3. Which jump did he land in Superior on the first try?
  4. Nice - I would hope a 300 mile sled that had been stored in a warehouse with a cover would be near mint. The two I bought were in the 5-6000 mile range, and had been ridden hard. Saw the one on the trail two years before I bought it. Juts a little nostalgia for me. Had one back in the day, and really liked the unique one year color combo.
  5. The younger generation is going to be all giddy over having another screen in front of them. Give me speed, temp, miles and I’m good. The map is right here:
  6. I was thinking the same thing.... bought a couple 1993 XCR’s a few years ago, no matter how they looked or was told, I was fully expecting to find things not right, and I did. ‘Well taken care of’ means practically nothing on a 20+ year old sled.
  7. Funny you bring this up. The MN DNR did a study recently on what types of vehicles do the most damage to snowmobile trails, while taking up a proposal to allow ATV’s on snowmobile trails in the winter. The findings were ATV’s, then paddle tracks, then 1-1.5” tracks. The conclusions were enough to not allow ATV’s usage of groomed trails in the winter. Although paddle tracks of 2” or greater were right with the ATV’s in how much they tear up the groomed trails, the consensus was there is no real way to enforce any snowmobile from being on the trails.
  8. HA - In my case they sit next to the lawn mower all summer, so they are a distraction with a rope that needs to be pulled! LOL
  9. I just run mine every 2-3 weeks all year round. Bring it to full operating temp, and make sure the rear cooler hoses are getting warm.
  10. 800+ on the old XCR, then 3320 on the new XCR before jackshaft bearing gave out (among other things) and then 500+ on the old XCR after a run back home mid trip. About 4760 total so far....
  11. Most likely the last ride of the season barring a major snow storm.
  12. Took a group to Hungry Jack and back from the Finland area on Wednesday - It was really good then but based on the move of the starting location, it’s probably a good decision. I won’t be back up without more snow, A LOT more snow.
  13. I bought a new one last year, not getting another this year. I have 3 so the backup already has a backup.
  14. Someone sells a sleeve to put in there, others like myself just don't fill it to the top anymore.
  15. Should have updated - the Hwy 10 bridge in Durand was perfect with good easy access. Just be sure no one is coming the other way before you enter, it’s definitely one way at a time.
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