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  1. That’s what I used to do, provide some food they had to stand up for. Gives a better look at just how big some are…
  2. How many different bears do you have coming through? I saw the 4 cubs pic, 3 was the most I have seen.
  3. Since I can’t view that one, here was mine…
  4. Are these the same Murder Hornets the main stream was trying to frighten everyone with during the plandemic to get people to stay home??
  5. I was wondering if you still had that - what did you replace it with?
  6. My buddy has an ‘18 Escalade with all the bells and whistles, and that self leveling is pretty sweet. They tow a 24’ camper with the anti sway bar hitch set up, all summer long with it… Could they use a Rivian? I suppose they could. But he picked up that ‘18 with 70k miles on it last summer for $30k, that never had a hitch in the receiver. Paint was still new inside…
  7. Agreeing with you - but the message presentation to the masses does NOT fit the content. All about the headlines…
  8. And when was that passed? Why is that not part of the messaging?
  9. Yup - if she needs that kind of care, to a home she goes, and she understands that.
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