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  1. You don't run a set of dedicated winter wheels with the tires??
  2. These are what I have. Super awesome in the winter.
  3. Dedicated winter tires for my vehicles as well. They just make such a difference in control. Yeah AWD is awesome, but winter tires takes it to another level. And yes, driving in snow is a BLAST!!
  4. I read that - Go Fund Me after that debacle, what could go wrong??
  5. Worked for a few weeks, now its gone, and here come rising prices again. Thankfully the reserves ran to low/cellar levels before the elections, or people would be dumb enough to believe the current admin had changed course enough to affect everyone's wallet at the pumps.... Now how much will it cost to replenish those reserves?? Pretty short sighted if you ask me.
  6. Sconnie turned fast the last 5 days!
  7. Yeah, we've broken a couple using them in the swamps like this. If you make large turning radius, they probably would last longer, but one of our guys like to try to turn as sharp as possible. Without these, most summers, we wouldn't get through a few spots of cattails - tires just don't handle the mud like tracks do.
  8. Mag6240


    No shit - I wrestled 155 my senior year, and dropped to 150 qualifying myself for the 145 class last day of the team state tournament in March - shot up to 200 by graduation in June and haven’t seen 200 since.
  9. And without that leash he’d be in the water I’m sure!
  10. Mag6240


    28.5 on both, and I’m in my worst shape of the year right now. Most people look at me and say I’m skinny… which is kinda misleading being 6’ 5”.
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