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  1. When you aren't the only one standing on an island.
  2. Did I miss the point in that article? Didn't really say WHY they went off-line, just that it was unexpected...and unrelated to maintenace schedules.
  3. Energy = Freedom The more they scale back Fossil Fuel energy, the less freedom we have. If you want to continue to have the same freedoms you have now, you either have to pay more for it, or you have to subsidize your Energy. ROI takes a few years with this Solar energy, as @BOHICA has pointed out, but it can work on some personal basis, until national power grids catch up with demand, without the amount of Fossil Fuel energy we currently use. Stripping that Fossil Fuel energy and creating shortages, until the alternative energies can keep up with demand, is simply taking away freedom.
  4. Democrat Big Oil “Price-Gouging” Bills Advance In Congress (forbes.com)
  5. On the CBS story, isn't that their "overnight" talking head? Funny they "break" the news during the early morning hours when nobody is watching their garbage.
  6. The power company outside of Chisholm, MN had one sitting by a trail this winter, pretty cool looking in person!
  7. Well they have to push positive propaganda somehow.... All be it without context. Just like Biden, there is no memory left in the people believing that on its own.
  8. One of my favorites used to be Dix's Challet in Winter, right on the Tuscobia. Haven't been there in a few years damnit....
  9. Mag6240


    Now you know why it was an Emergency Room visit!
  10. Mag6240


    My former sister-in-law (Who is a BIG girl) had one in the crack of her ass once, and her husband (CFH's brother) wouldn't touch it! Turned into an emergency room visit....
  11. An ACTUAL tax cut would be something you would see EVERY YEAR. MN is doing this right now with their budget "surplus" - only they have selectively chosen who will get said money, with a receipt date of - about a month before the fall vote, when Walz is up for re-election. Buying votes? Naaaaaah..... We are helping "front line workers"! B as in Bull, S as in Shit.
  12. Rat Traps with peanut butter work great for these guys! I think the little woman and I caught 31 or 32 last summer/fall - haven't seen a one this year yet.
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