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  1. Yes I am - could be the state fair grounds, I honestly don’t remember where I was, my mom would know....
  2. I actually picked mine up on Tuesday - out of the blue call, no email - but I am riding it now!
  3. Yeah agreed. I snowchecked one this year specifically for the 4-year warranty with the miles I put on. And I already have a backup to the backup. Hopefully all I need is warranty work and parts for the next 4+ years.....
  4. When I drove at Disney, the answer would be YES. The coach sitting next to me had a 1-10 dial knob that he could open it up more and more as you learned the track, your ability to trust the tires, and stay inside the "gates" they had painted on the track for optimal speed, and most importantly, your ability to listen to the coach. He also had a brake pedal of his own. They had a cone on the inside coming out of a corner, that was the roll into the throttle marker, and then a cone on the outside of the entrance of a corner, that was the let off the throttle marker. As you learn the trac
  5. Now that you guys bring up the NASCAR thing, I did a Richard Petty Driving Experience in Orlando (Disney) about 10 years ago, one hell of a good time if only for 8-10-12 laps at a time. Me driving with a ‘coach’ in the passenger seat, no using the brakes did a 138+mph lap there. It was an awesome experience - the $5 for insurance saying I’m not responsible for wrecking the car on the track was all I needed to go full out! Disney Speedway is a 1 mile “mini-Pocono” tri-oval....
  6. If you sold a sled within the last couple months, you did REALLY good, or at least should have.... Sleds with 3-4k miles are asking for waaaaay more than I paid 2-3 years ago for the same sleds with less than 500 miles....
  7. A buddy got a VR1 137” 850 Launch - zero complaints on his first 350+ miles this last weekend. The motor is super smooth! He’s made a few suspension adjustments to his liking and is happy with it. However, The few miles I put on it didn’t make me want to sell my XCR. I’m sure the better shock package would be an improvement.
  8. Sweet!! I had done a lot to the motor on that car, all NA but dyno tuned 205 HP to the wheels - not bad for a 2.2 motor at the time. One of the funnest cars I’ve owned.
  9. Funny, I haven’t even gotten a shipped date on my snow check yet!
  10. Absolutely Knee pads are needed on the VR1 - For me anyway
  11. When you are 6' 5", knee pads are a necessity. I ordered some after the first 20 mile ride on my Switchback. Not to change the subject, but are those the mirror mount locations on that Matryx?
  12. Those MERC's were faster than Kitty Kats!!
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