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  1. They f’n voted him back in last November…
  2. Yeah, mandated - yet MN’s Gov Walz was seen across the border in Sconnie at an open restaurant - what a slap in the face.
  3. That’s the little woman’s drink of choice…
  4. ~$1200 in new parts including a new track and rebuilt shocks, she’s ready for snow! Only thing left is to have Indy Specialties rebuild the clutches.
  5. Including a new track I’ve put $1200 into the 11,000 mile 2021 850 Switchback this summer - besides one wheel on order, she’ll be all back together and ready for next season by the end of the weekend!
  6. And now this vid has been posted in three different threads....
  7. Obviously a woman driver, a guy would have landed that perfectly!!
  8. I think @SnowRider and @ArcticCrusher should have a "Tweet Off" - see who can spread the most bullshit here...
  9. Yeah - it’s a half moon - a buddy of mine said he can get it out - I failed. It just spins and there’s no where for it to go but around…
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