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  1. Yup, been to your place once MANY years ago and you helped a buddy with a part you had. Louie’s still going strong? My place was over by the old Eagle Lodge, which Anna stole from the Wolf family.
  2. When I had my cabin up there north east of Winter I avoided Hayward like the plague… just crammed with people on weekends - that’s not what I went up north for, I want to get away from that.
  3. People see ‘EV’ and drool nowadays - no need to update.
  4. There are a fair amount of tracks in front of Kelly’s today, but they look like they turn around at the gray spot out there - we left the only 4 tracks from the Sportsman’s Club to Pepin, WI yesterday and today…it’s about 5 miles going this way.
  5. You'd think with all the professional athletes in this country that were REQUIRED by the woke community to get the shot, there would have been at least ONE in that 1500, why isn't there?
  6. Do we know the VAX status of said examples? Or are they just dying, and we are GUESSING they are Vaxxed?
  7. I love these Stud Boy Deuce 9” - these used ones have 12,000+ miles on them but still have a ton of carbide left. Do any of you sharpen used carbides? Obviously there’s a ton left on these that I’m sure I could get a few thousand miles out of them if I could put the edge back on them to make them grab better. New ones went on the 18 today, going to see what difference they make over the next 3 days.
  8. Many years ago my kids wanted to ride the train from the airport to the Twins game at the new stadium. I will NEVER step foot on one of those fucking things ever again. Not only was it as described above, even 10-12 years ago, but it took nearly triple the time to get there and get home had I just driven myself and parked in a ramp 2 blocks away and walked to the ball field...And that didn't include my time to drive to the airport terminal.
  9. Sounds like what my 81 year old mother is doing. Much different situation than the average working family.
  10. Exodus From California and Illinois to Florida and Texas Continues - KSTP.com 5 Eyewitness News Move along, nothing to see here... 2022 saw a booming demand for U-Haul equipment from California, Illinois, and New York as citizens chose to flee the West Coast, Northeast, and Midwest. Growth states are calculated by the net gain of one-way U-Haul trucks entering a state versus leaving that state in a calendar year. California and Illinois ranked 50th and 49th, respectively – marking their third consecutive year in these positions. Is The Migration Due To Political Ideologies? Th
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