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  1. Not sure yet. I guess a bunch of friends are going this year. Watch the first 30 or so laps. You will figure out who the ones that are in it to win it. The last 75ish laps is when they start racing hard, the track is shit, and there are maybe 5 sleds left on the lead lap. Hopefully flo has cameras set up so you can actually see it. Lssu would set a go pro on a tri pod and you really could not see anything they were doing
  2. When you can’t find a boss seat that no one has wanted since 2002
  3. While talking on a cell phone adds another level of danger
  4. They killed the rr in 2017. It’s not much more aggressive than the limiteds now.
  5. Non of them. They report what ever the highest bidder tells them to report
  6. The iron dog. The race on dirt, water and sea ice. You have to build a super tough sled because it runs on everything but snow
  7. The factory built xc sleds should be the platform they use now.
  8. I tried to buy a tiga yesterday but could not find anyone that actually sells them. So I got an arctic cat lynx since everyone is talking about the lynx snowmobile. It’s really no different than a 13 year old cat Barney mobile.
  9. You are giving them to much credit. They were blowing up on the test stand at the factory
  10. You are supposed to wear the mask over the goggles
  11. I don’t get what they are trying to accomplish here. If I had bad water in my house I could test it all day long but it wouldn’t fix the problem
  12. The city put in for a 3 million dollar grant to fix up the property and have more races there. They tried to sell it a few years back to a delvoper and the tribe was going to build a new track. The deal fell through when they found out it’s a polluted waste land from fort Brady blowing shit up there back in the world war days.
  13. According to that group it was either a cold seize or wrong oil
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