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  1. A cfr 1000 triple will be a rare bird someone grew in their basement
  2. For 5 billion dollars you might be able to do that. But don’t go over 20mph on the lake with a snowmobile as they will get mad and chase you down at 80 on a shady over priced, over powered tri toon
  3. I am still up set about the concrete abuse. That sled could have left a green skid mark on the floor
  4. See industry data chart posted above. Snowmobiles are dead. Yamaha used this same data to make a business decision to not pay arctic cat to build snowmobiles for them. It’s easy to sell out of anything if you only get a couple of them.
  5. Declining sales of sleds is what brought that up. If you talk to anyone that has been in any capacity at one of the sled builders for any amount of time will tell you that is what is killing sales.
  6. So they don’t fall through the ice like they did like years ago at Detroit lakes
  7. Floor planing is 18% right now after our substacies run out. had a meeting with a customer today and we decided it was cheaper for them to order less at a higher up front cost vs ordering more for a lower up front cost risking interest on units that take longer to sell.
  8. The base model catalyst is more money than my 2019 800rr was. Same as your 20 with a shitter engine in it
  9. Yeah it is. A lot of traveling too. The mira guys are going to have an advantage this for the soo as they are racing back to back for a month straight
  10. When is core supposed to start? I thought they were new years weekend?
  11. I am surprised the internet is freaking out about him flopping a nice new sled over on the concrete like that. Also didn’t he get the memo if he doesn’t put a barn of shit, butt plug in the shaft he will be walking in about 10 minutes?
  12. You just proved my point. How many easement did the clubs do back zero
  13. Also if I have to give you a lesson why loud cans don’t close trails and the so called “off trail” doesn’t close trails I am up to put out an education.
  14. Talk to Farmington, Woodbury, invergrove, rosemount, prior lake snowmobile Minnesota clubs. They will be subdivisions after the land owners die and the kids want the money. The city doesn’t give a shit about having a snowmobile trail system and are waiting on this. I give it 10 years being nice but I will be less than that. If you don’t believe this is what is killing the sport then you are the problem
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