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  1. When I worked at a boat repair place we would put weird problems like yours on a prop dyno and figure them out pretty quick as we could change things in the shop with it under load.
  2. My sled dealer’s cyber truck came in a couple days ago. It took them 4.5 years to get the thing. Be interesting to see what they have to say about it
  3. Put it on prop dyno and start screwing with things
  4. Probably working out a sub contracting dealer for the gator line like they did with toro and catipillar now. Textron built John deer’s wide area commercial walk behinds so it wouldn’t be the first time they have worked together.
  5. Mosquitoes are out in force today. They haven’t been bad until today. I almost got carried away by a pack of them. I should mow my lawn but that would involve buying a lawn mower
  6. actually the dealer in Canada would be a lot closer than the closest us dealer. Yeah it’s been chilly here on the weekends especially living on the big lake. It was in the high 50s her yesterday and 90 down state lol
  7. no. It’s 100 miles and in a crate. I am not that ambitious. I might finally wash all the salt off mine if it is decent this weekend and possibly pull the skid. It needs hyfax and I am sure there are a few bad wheels in it
  8. The 2025 catalyst are shipping. An area dealer posted one for sale that arrived today. It is a green 137 Sno pro 600
  9. My last job changed from Verizon to T-Mobile and it was the worst. Phone service was terrible
  10. Also look at what is required for the racers as far certificates that’s how I have been buying helmets for a long time. It’s the reason why 509 has not took over the racing world and fly did
  11. That one looks decent. My only problem with it, it is only dot approved which is the bare minimum going off the website
  12. They shut down and the blades turn flat so they dont spin when the wind hits like 40-50mph
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