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  1. Also everyone that had drive line issues in the old school zr back in the day over greased and blew the seals out of the bearings
  2. Probably why they have removed all the grease fittings now. I think the procross has 2
  3. Canturbury for viewing is was better. The track is way better at erx
  4. we arent anywhere close to the end of chassis/suspension evolution.
  5. With doo changing the sled for this season, I don’t see major changes out of them for about 4 years. Maybe something out of Polaris when cat finally gets the catalyst across the board. Aren’t we going on year 4 of the vr1 or 3?
  6. Shouldn’t matter. They will have self driving cars by then that will haul you directly to learning camps
  7. They give whatever is new soty and say it is the best ever as long as they pay their advertising bill.
  8. I find it interesting the big old gun battle/mass shooting that went on last night in Minneapolis area didn’t make the news. Probably because it didn’t involve a school, children and white people.
  9. They are not new to selling directly to the end user. They are very bad at it. They had a whole division to do it with factory stores. They killed it off about 5 years ago as it lost them so much money. They need to step back and let their arctic cat dealers do the selling.
  10. A hammer opens just about any chain case. But who actually changes it anymore?
  11. Probably found out if he didn’t, he would be shown the exact place Hoffa is, one time.
  12. The catalyst had an un fair advantage with the new 600 and the competition couldn’t compete with it in the 900 class. They made them pull the 600 and put the 800 in it to run the 900 class. That slowed the sled down so much polaris stomped all over it
  13. How to spend a shit ton money to get the performance of a 1995 Indy lite
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