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  1. Go watch the lake Geneva one. He hustles the snow flap nazis out of a capri sun, and they tell him how they bogged out his generator lol
  2. I think they are doing it that way because it is the 25 year anniversary since Gerald passed and they want it as close to how things were done back in the day. It will be interesting seeing the class with all the old guys on the the sleds they raced back in those days going at it.
  3. The king of all gas guzzlers. Bonus points because it is extended
  4. You take up donations for a post pounder. That would take the manual work out of it
  5. Yeah cat waited until pride day in mid and late 2010s. they had a pink wrap you could order around 2014.
  6. It’s no different than hooking a gun to a small drone and letting her rip. It would be a 5 minute project for someone to whip one up
  7. Dallas used a robot with a bomb to blow up that guy that was barricaded in a parking ramp.
  8. They realize the robots are remote controlled by a human? Instead of waiting all day trying to convince some dumb ass out of a building so they can shoot them, the can save time by driving a robot in there and shooting them
  9. Like 05-06 for cat and Polaris. Doo doo had that rev contraption because they were too cool to ass drag. Late 90s is when the colors peaked though
  10. You should go straight up trailer park style and get your self a xlt with a leaking exhaust and loud can. Then you can brag to people greasy triples are fast and cool because they are a triple
  11. A pro-xr would be another rare bird that I would like to have
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