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  1. Leaving my backyard in the morning for a day trip around Dane and Rock County!
  2. Evers is a piece of shit. This sport has always had an up hill battle for numerous reasons. We don’t need his fucken help.
  3. https://heyjackass.com/ This the website for the eyes on Chicago crime. Lot's of statistics.
  4. https://heyjackass.com/ They even have a site to track the horse shit that goes on there. Once it gets cold the crime goes down, they don't like the cold.
  5. Was it Huzy that paid a debt with a shit ton of pennies in an acrylic pile?
  6. There is an old joke in there...Why don't Minnesota girls date Wisconsin guys? Have you ever seen a gopher hole after a badger got done with it? Like I said, it's an old joke.
  7. Who sells HJC snowmobile helmets in Madison area
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