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  1. I was only able to get 9.25 gallons in my new catalyst after burping it. I routinely require extra fuel on the old chassis which held more than 2 gallons more. Dont want to buy a linq system just for them to have their own can next year. I bought some ATACH brackets to try and make my own kit for now. Unless BDX is fast to market with their tank.
  2. Locally the rep told us you had to make all leftovers disappear ASAP and there would not be any rebates after the existing one. Any dealer that had units left after the rebate ended, lost their dealership. Makes sense to me because needing to rebate to move units only cost AC money and not the dealer. No more rebates means that AC doesnt lose money when theres leftovers and inspires the dealers to move the non currents ASAP. Be nice if Doo and Poo would get on that train because if they all agreed it would be better for everyone.
  3. Ended up being a swing and a miss for mountain riding. Rear skid sucks and theyre 30 plus pounds heavier than their Doo counterpart.
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