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  1. Was at one of the Clinics here this Tuesday, no masks required and they never asked me if I had any Covid jabs.
  2. We had one at our store, Danny, a former Prison maximum security guard in his 50's, 2 years ago they got rid of him as they were restructuring the Store.
  3. I usually can find a spot as I have a disabled placard but some days it's impossible without parking 500 feet away.
  4. Here at our Walmart it's hard to find a parking spot most any day.
  5. My wife works at Walmart, they have what's known as "Asset Protection" but they are not allowed to retain or touch anyone even if they see them stealing, they can only ask them to go back into the store with the items, they also can call Law enforcement, they can follow them if they refuse to go back to into the store at which time the AP gets a License plate number to give to the cops.
  6. https://electrek.co/2022/12/07/honda-unveils-7300-light-electric-van/
  7. IIHS Crash-Tested its Heaviest Vehicle Ever to Prepare for Massive EVs Erin Marquis Thu, December 8, 2022 at 11:21 AM Electric vehicles are really heavy, and that’s bad news for our roads, our environment and passenger survi
  8. I sold my Sanger Hydro 3-4 years ago, but it had hit 124 in the liquid 1/4 mile at Barney Island, cops clocked me over 140 on the Lake I lived on.
  9. This is from this weeks front page in our local newspaper, hope it's ok to post this. Mark Kelsey’s Christmas gift By Kathy Hanson Staff Reporter 12 hrs ago 0 Facebook
  10. The guy we know couldn't even feed himself, now he's out walking in the woods and driving his car again. It even made our today's papers front page.
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