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  1. No he punted. Did jack shit to penalize those taking advantage of the illegals and get it under control.
  2. Need someone actually willing to fight the right fight to solve the problem. Trump pussed out and claimed a wall, Biden just pussed out completely.
  3. Interesting. Just assumed from the listing and the cheap price. It isn't a terrible neighborhood, but not sure I could live in 1k sq ft though either.
  4. $420k for 1008 sq ft and 31% below expected value, so it needed a gut. Suppose when the same people own it since 1999 that makes sense. Ugh.
  5. The union's completely fucked them over and made them non-competitive. Until they are gone, the American auto manufacturers will shit. Wrong. The mandates only make things less reliable. Fucking stupid to manipulate the free market that way. Again, wrong. Our stupidity in government to regulate them out is idiotic.
  6. Deephaven


    Shocking that there are that many dumb Americans. Time to fix our school system.
  7. You should, it is the source of the problem. Enforcing our laws would mean going after said contractors above. Let's do it. Have to make the penalty for hiring them stiff and enforce it. The wall is stupid, Mexico paid for none of it, and Trump didn't fix shit when he was in office. If he had we wouldn't be where we are today. Of course your dumbass thinks the bandaid of a wall will solve the problem, but until we actually penalize those who break the law nothing will happen. They will just go around the wall...
  8. Or anything breaking ever. My 12 year old rides harder.
  9. Or it'll snow a shitload and the cat'sass will detonate and textron won't have parts.
  10. Defending any part of that speech is really sad. While it's true it is completely classless. You are blind as fuck. No one makes people more mad if you bring him up. It's hilarious to watch. Try it.
  11. Have a flank fry brining in the fridge, but went out and bought the wife a q7 and it got late so went out for bar food.
  12. Speaking of slow. How about the guy who is too slow to spell too slow right and instead spells it to slow. Scam? Penalize those hiring with serious consequences for tax evasion and guess what happens? Perhaps complain about that instead of the idiotic border line you cite and actually do something that WILL solve the problem. Penalize the fuck out of those hiring them if you truly don't want them hired. Until you do that all your complaints are just shitty hot air. Fix the problem, stop the bandaid nonsense.
  13. Dumb fuckers don't get that their primary vote for Trump guarantees a Dem win .
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