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  1. Wait so he is buying a Polaris now that he is the last on the payroll?
  2. The hitch for the pull behind trailer is hiding beneath the cover I guess.
  3. There were more Doo's than I've ever seen here as well and a lot of old iron, but when the bailer out numbers the Procross by 7-10:1 on a single day it tells me something.
  4. They need something big. Saw over 300 sleds today and 4 were ProCross. One of the 4 was broken down on the side of the trail as well. Some asshat on an Apex wiped out a 60 yr old as well whom we had to then drag out. Good to have snow again!
  5. You must be getting desperate. Shopping for Polaris sleds in Texas.
  6. That sled is obviously a wet dream
  7. Wow is Joe a piece of shit. Knew it before, but rofl.
  8. Which is strange to me as this is the sort of race I would expect the procross to do well in.
  9. My best friend has a Speedwerx 206 for his kids. Mine have a 89 Snoscoot. Both are a hoot to power around on. Have another friend who bought 5 of the old snoscoots about 8 years ago. Has no kids, but once a year we have a fest at his cabin and the adults race them. Usually a groomed track on the lake and another through a foot of snow. Hilarious and fun.
  10. Yes, love it! And on topic, I fully expect Ishoel to lose it trying to catch up this week.
  11. In the 3rd, Ishoel's race told one hell of a story. Can expect a lot more of him on the podium this year.
  12. Their customer base left and they want to make money. Textron copter engineers in charge!!
  13. Not sure I can, don't want to hurt my pussy.
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