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  1. Anyone not part of the conspiracy far right is alt left to him.
  2. Isn't this your 2nd year in a row without a sled? Fuck.
  3. My boys made waffles, venison bacon and hashbrowns
  4. If he wouldn't have had a twitter account he wouldn't have lost to captain senile. Trump will be too old. Need someone fresh, but hopefully with similar sized balls but with some restraint on the rest.
  5. 3 days? Took me 2 days to get to Roseau...the loop around the cities can be done in 1 if you hustle, but if I were going to ride for a few days I'd go elsewhere.
  6. Wait, there are 7? Holy shit, didn't think that was possible. Sadly that is true. Any other two would be preferred.
  7. That sucks. First time I am glad I don't qualify.
  8. Oh come on, at least 1 in 100 of his memes are funny.
  9. I blame Covid for starting it. Isolation, frustration and what not makes people act strange. Things get worse when any extreme faction has too strong of a voice. Not that I favor censorship, but moving nonsense where it doesn't affect others changes the desire for those posting it to post. Consistent nonsense posts make people react with juvenile anger instead of discussion, not having to see that in every thread will cool things down and point them in the right direction.
  10. Deephaven

    C&A Pros

    Putting the rubbers in boiling water right before putting them on helps soften them so they squish much more easily.
  11. Notice he is last in the pic. Tells a story.
  12. Ah, that makes a ton of sense. I get it now. Z has two dicks. Explains a lot.
  13. It isn't most, just those that feel there is a conspiracy for everything. I love how they all bash either Biden or Trump and yet for the conspiracy to work those two have to be in on it together.
  14. Haven't watched local news in years. Been disgusting for a really long time.
  15. Deephaven

    C&A Pros

    Crap, sorry I read that wrong. Duece bars are way better. The SLP or C&A's will grab WAY better than the Pro Steers.
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