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  1. So pathetic that you are always trying to find out what people are and what they do. Insecure prick....but way fucking off.
  2. Nah, if it was worth anything they'd be so happy to cite the exact phrase out of it and use it there is obviously no need to watch it.
  3. ...and the claim on Alberta is probably based on fake news anyways.
  4. Nice extrapolation. One corrupt provincial government in one domain means they all are!
  5. That's what happen when you have no expertise. Rob in action.
  6. Says the guy who quotes Dr.'s hiding on chinese owned sites via twitter. So yep, you are one of the ones. If you re-read my post I didn't say he got 81. Trump didn't get 74 though either. And the 7m difference is less than the fake votes.
  7. Doesn't have to be a boss. Built my own riser for mine, but yeah they needed a TON of help and still had those nasty trailing arms.
  8. The funniest part is that some of the anti-vax sheep actually pay $49.50 to watch that biased garbage.
  9. Nah, again made up. If it weren't you'd actually cite it. It isn't in there.
  10. A set of real shocks and setup goes a really long way...unless you have trailing arms, then good luck.
  11. Holy small. One seater? Lol.
  12. Way to add something to the thread. Nice work!
  13. Made what we call 1/2lb stadium burgers. Cheddar cheese sauce, jalapenos and a pretzel bun. Deep fried some tator tot minis to go with them.
  14. No they are not otherwise you couldn't stand it to not post them. You are following other peoples made up shit down to the letter. Fucking sheep.
  15. Payed....rofl. For two reasons of course, 1 it is paid and the other is that flat out just isn't possible. Nice made up story.
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