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  1. Tons on here. If you could read you'd know. Next time I will add a title to the post, but unlike yours I will make sure it matches what is in it. One bit of clarity I need to add so you don't get confused. Just because I call out Biden doesn't mean I am a fan of Trump and just because I call out Trump doesn't mean I am pro-Biden. I know that is probably too much for you to comprehend, but try for once.
  2. I proudly drive an urban assault vehicle...but it'll never be used to intentionally hurt someone outside of their feelings when they realize their shit is slower. Definitely sickening to see them attack an odd biased ideal that has nothing to do with the problem at hand.
  3. Showing you didn't understand at all what I typed. I will vote for neither. Not in the primary or main election. Regardless of what happens someone else will get my vote. I voted for Trump once and regret it. I've never voted for a Dem and never regretted that.
  4. That isn't up for debate, nor does it matter to you. Sadly that is not the case if Trump runs for a lot of swing votes and even for staunch Republicans that have no respect for Trump. Trump running will single handedly guarantee that we have more of the shit that you don't want....yet you support him. Congrats on being part of the reason that we will have another 4 years of dum-dems. Stop confusing yourself. Again it isn't at all about R vs D, but about choosing the wrong R to beat the D's. Capiche? With laughter...just like to everyone of his posts. Stupid runs STRONG i
  5. "Not bad" lol. Super expensive for a normal Garmin. I have the same mounted to my sled and with the mount, gps and maps I have a whopping $60 in it. Works just as well as the AC integration and is near free in comparison. Been running some variation of this since 2008. So, AC is catching up after 14 years. Nice work Textron!!!
  6. Well, he obviously doesn't have one so jealous he is. Backpedaling because you were caught in another lie. What a surprise. Your dealer has proven over and over again that he is as dumb as you. Neither of you understand what ALL is.
  7. The narrative is very simple. There are idiot extremists on both sides. You happen to be a rather paranoid one on the R side, but their view is not that of the party or the majority of the party. It is absolutely sick that there are pedophiles and equally as sick that people believe that they are a majority and that their views will be brought forth and voted for positively. Insane actually.
  8. I find it sad you even think that could be a reality. There are definitely some really screwed up lefties, but that isn't even close to reality.
  9. Gotcha. I am a big fan of "backpack" trips and usually reserve a hotel when we stop for lunch to give us a target. The only thing I am picky about is I REALLY like a hot tub
  10. Thoae are all words that describe you perfectly. As for the emoji you aren't stirring any pot just looking like an ass as usual.
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