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  1. Particularly bad when you are self projecting poopfucker550
  2. If a retort to any question is "you are gay" it highlights your complete lack of mental capability. Try harder for once.
  3. Oh really? Request for you to post your shit ass house on page 1. Nov-2020. You still haven't done it. Fucking pussy. Once you post your shit ass house I'll post my wife. Your sarcasm is lost on the king of only 8 sentences of which all have some gay reference...but his pic below tells a story
  4. You were living vicariously through your acquaintances then as well. Love how your buddies bagged a girl, shared a picture and 40 years later this is the only conquest you hold onto. Share something relevant...oh that's right you have nothing.
  5. Lol. 40 year old pics. ROFL. You are a monstrous idiot. Vicariously trying to live through others since your life sucks.
  6. asdfasdf Ah, so it is gravel. Poor old poopfucker550. You suck at the internet. No dupe here. We already confirmed though that your windows don't open in your hovel so no surprise you got that fucked up too.
  7. I guess it isn't just men poopfucker550 likes.
  8. Explains why you live in a trailer house. Not even a double wide.
  9. It is the new sign that is everywhere. HIRING. All these lazy fuckers want hand outs.
  10. Might be the single biggest mishandling of the pandemic was the handouts. Hell a local pizza place had this sign out front today at lunch. WTF? Doesn't anyone want to work?
  11. You begged us to come here dumbass. You wanted to prove you were worth a shit and so far have failed. I told you I would after you post your house, but you are too much of a pussy to do so.
  12. We don't want to see your shit yard. Coould care less. Looks like crap. The house however might be interesting unless it is a cardboard box.
  13. Even though you get paid to do yardwork you suck at it.
  14. And sleep in it for you. You are a fecal loving butt pounding old fart.
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