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  1. The roe v Wade thing will have the goofballs energized.
  2. We went out. Nothing noteworthy enough to even type.
  3. Lol. Your conclusions never match the data.
  4. The truth is that you can't read a headline and article and have a discussion about it as your statements are always way the fuck off the data you share. Pathetic as fuck you are.
  5. Ah, you've met Lloyd. You suck really, really bad at comprehension. At first I thought it was maybe a solitary topic, but you are seriously unable to think for yourself. I've met sheep before but you take the cake. NOTHING you have ever linked shows the data you are now citing as fact. Not even close. Not even in the ballpark.
  6. Says the guy that has obviously never driven one. As for the truck, that is odd...but a daily car to rip to the grocery store or what not eVs are perfect for.
  7. Derr, the world gets fucked by a virus and you blame an unrelated vaccine. Read the fucking data you post.
  8. Ah, so you finally realized it is covid and not the shot. About time you woke the fuck up.
  9. Stop throwing up random unrelated links and backup your statement for once. You have to be the dumbest motherfucker I've ever met online....and that says something because we've all met snotty.
  10. Trying to make others think for you again. Pathetic
  11. And to those that are enemies as well lol.
  12. Going to have to call it X only chromosome and Y. Fucking nuts. Go IN.
  13. You are better at lying than telling the truth. You need help. Your narcissism is dangerous to those around you.
  14. They do accomplish something. The citidiots in LA/NY/etc move pollution from their yard to someone else's. Disgusting.
  15. A medal because she is a good soccer player? Some new form of participation trophy?
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