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  1. like i said, he ain't running shit https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1994-08-05-mn-23782-story.html
  2. howard made political threats before. then they said he had to divulge his income and suddenly he was out. he ain't running for shit. talk is cheap, and he would never survive
  3. setting up for the midterms. libs gonna do whatever it takes to not lose power
  4. i posted let's go brandon in a post and it was removed. you can hardly talk over there. we have been talking about the rittenhouse trial and it has been left alone so far. all it takes is brandon, biden, kamala, etc. and it gets neutered. i still go there , mostly to chat with rynex, lid, and some of the others that have been there.
  5. i said the same thing. i like to grip the tank with my legs at high speeds. matryx i felt un-natural bringing my knees that close together. i gave it a good rip for a while. vr1 850. i bought a 21 850 xcr 4 days later . grabbed what i liked while i could.
  6. filet au poivre , baked potato, grilled veg
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