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  1. bash the few waiters we have left. then bitch there is no where to eat or the service sucked.
  2. hey something to be said for a country boy that can drive. i'm sure many of us on here have done the bald tire in winter thing. i personally love powerslides
  3. i find the alenza to be one of the best tires in that size. winter aside they work and last pretty well. not cheap.
  4. as was said, the "all season" name is a farce. but people live by it
  5. sold a yukon to a girl last year and she wrecked in the first snow. her mother said it was our fault for selling it with all season tires. no, that's what it comes with. she hasn't driven much since, thinks it's the truck. bottom line , the girl can't drive. i offered snows, the mom is hung up on what to do with all seasons. i told her throw them behind the house for springtime. not good enough. whatever
  6. for the most part the stock stuff feels good. under work conditions not so much.
  7. keep in mind 80% of these are grocery getters
  8. he wasn't impressed because he didn't need them. he just liked the looks but the stock was fine for him. he didn't like the 446.00 though. i can see on a performance vehicle but a tahoe, maybe not
  9. the price of that is ridiculous. i have 2 of those sets out there, first set pads lasted for shit. over 400.00 just for pads with no pins or hardware
  10. i sell the general grabber apt in 285/45/22 with good success. close to a snow, kind of looks like an old town and country
  11. we are in the mountains. i push snows but not everyone is in for that. some have hell for a driveway and ask for help. nokians, blizzaks, and some of the cooper snows are the answer. i think worst personally was dunlop. went every direction but straight
  12. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/man-left-stranded-after-new-electric-truck-dies
  13. whatever they wanted . jesus that's an image
  14. not only are tires tough to get but we are getting robbed as well. my favorite is hankook dyna pro at2 extreme
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