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  1. plenty of snow. only water holes were leaving tug hill state forest heading to little john. the woods were thin and had some water. not bad at all , my sled is spotless just like when it left. at one point we were hanging out near redfield and it was past my knees. very few hazards though there was a few rocks and wood pieces. we went towards adams and it was good there as well. we are going wed somewhere and it may be back there. leaving flatrock heading for plumber was well ridden but only small stutters. holy crap that was fast
  2. we had an awesome ride on the hill today. got front row parking , really didn't see many people . we were hammering all over with few oncoming sleds. we got to bc at 1030. too soon for lunch so we hit some dead enders , took a break. went back to bc for gas, rode right up to pump. tuggers for lunch, nearly empty but filled up some. went towards little john and camp rd 4 and back to michigan mills. trail close to camp rd 4 was rough as hell but the rest had small stutters that you can erase with speed. got there 830 , 136 miles, pulled out 230. hung out few times just taking it in plus the grea
  3. well i'll report back. we're gonna hit it early and split early. first ride so low expectations. we have been there in crazy times , gotta be real defensive. we'll take the side trails as much as possible.
  4. camp 4 road, only way in and out gets huge bumps, and you have no choice. usually by then i'm 170 miles deep and not exactly fresh. by the time you hit north /south you are a sweaty mess from hammering it
  5. i was in school for cnc, teacher said "i am amazed how the young crowd is so lacking in knowledge , but they know 7 grams is a quarter, 3.5 is an eighth , and 28 grams is an ounce"
  6. they would all starve after she ate everything
  7. our graduation day was very calm and quiet. everyone hung over or still trashed. and then we did it again!
  8. class of 84 for me but it was a loose environment. i had stellar grades and flew below the radar , but we had a good time. i was drinking at bars at 16 with no id needed. i could buy beer at 14, drinking age was still 18
  9. the 70s was an amazing time to be alive. that was a time when a teacher would catch you with beer, booze, some weed, and look the other way. in high school the first morning class smelled like weed from everyone burning in the parking lot. teachers knew that many were high as a kite, and if you caused no trouble they left you alone. my one friend named harry, would burn a doob right up to the door, flick the roach and walk in. teachers knew because he stunk the most of anyone , but he was jolly and caused no issues. they would ask how he was this morning and stuff to get him to talk. he would
  10. i remember the teacher's "lounge" . smoke cloud you couldn't see through
  11. yes sir. bring our guns to shop to refinish the stock, trading knives on the bus, partying at lunch. i think half the teachers were stoned
  12. he feels that all the well-off kids are being home schooled or private school. only the riff raff kids left. they just showed a local 6% drop in school registrations , and we gained 300k in population since covid. looks like he is correct
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