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  1. she is good at a lot of things , but i'm not riding in anything she did brakes on
  2. i got ya. not sure she would know
  3. you would hope the breaker would trip , but if the stove was using the power and just kept getting hotter it could have lit the surroundings without ever shorting enough
  4. well that's bullshit. i had a 99 kenmore flat top , knobs on back panel, digital display. literally got rid of it monday. i am re doing my kitchen , and had moved the range a few times. i come home a few weeks ago, old lady said she baked a cake , and it was fucked up, like wrong temp. she tried to shut it off and it lit both elements, and was over 500f ! she pulled it out and was lucky enough to unplug it. we thought it was from me moving it. so they are full of shit with the dates . we were buying new anyway so it was good timing but if the connector was too hard to get apart i may not have a house. beware even if yours is older
  5. i go mtb in the litchfield hills. that is pretty nice. the norbrook brewery is cool https://www.norbrookfarm.com/
  6. you must mean nyc. upstate ny blows ct out of the water
  7. we have some deadly hiking trails that don't have to be deadly. unprepared hikers make the rescue team risk their own lives. one local lost some toes to frostbite saving someone that had fallen in the water. the cliffs here sometimes 1 foot to your side but most are in a few feet. they are saving people in flipflops, no water in the heat of summer, pets, falling and broken bones. last year the water came up and 15 had to be rope rescued back across. no reason to die but it happens. one young girl fell to her death late in the day. too dark for the rescue team , so a few of them camped with her till morning so the animals didn't tear her body up. about halfway through the video you can see some of spots
  8. Tesla have patented their system, named a 'battery management system' (BMS), which also helps keep the battery warm when the temperature outside drops. The Model S uses a pump-based coolant, which uses a water-glycol coolant.
  9. Good for you man, best decision you have made . I know a guy who bought a new truck, quit smoking. Not brand new but a lot newer. My buddy did Chantix and it worked, but his wife stressed him in to smoking again. He also took ambien for sleep, that he said was evil
  10. and yes i smoked 4 packs of second hand a day growing up
  11. right there with ya don. i am the only active non smoker in my family. i have lost most of them. my brother died in july, smoked till he couldn't reach for it. my mom just passed easter sunday. what an awful fucking habit. congrats to those that quit, and for those still at it, do whatever it takes to give them up.
  12. little johnny gonna get his first piece of ass a lot sooner with girls going camping
  13. but it may be finger lickin' good for her!
  14. so hard to make real money. paint is ridiculous. they try to give 150.00 to paint a bedside in red. hold up jack, that doesn't cover the red , let alone the primer, clear, sand paper, power for the booth, gun cleaner, tape, paper , wax, rags , etc. we have an adjuster actually look at the vehicle maybe one out of 50. no joke. now it's "send us some pictures and an estimate" . then they miss the headlight or something that was clearly broken and asked for. now i have to do a supplement because they can't be bothered to do their job.
  15. what we need is all the body shops to stick together. as it stands if i refuse the 55.00 hourly rate they call joe's body shop and he takes it. if we all stuck together and said no they would have to step up. now they have their own "authorized" shops they try to force them to. in ny state you go where you want to
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