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  1. I built my own enclosures. Had a 90 rx7 , built a box to fit behind the shock towers in the rear. Talk about getting hit in the head
  2. i ran alpine amps and especially alpine head units. at the time they were super clean, very low distortion levels
  3. a little smoke isn't stopping them . eye on the prize...
  4. let's not forget an ev has a motor or motors as well as the battery. drive units, lots of wiring , modules, sensors, cameras , special tires they shred , a regular car battery, and suspension parts holding a lot of weight. hummer ev is 9500 lbs
  5. be a shame to mix that shit in with hsr's quality. and that smoke stinks , not like a campfire either.
  6. i always used cerwin vega speakers, still do. they would rebuild them if you damaged it, blew it, tore the foam , whatever. pretty reasonable compared to new ones. cerwin vega used an aluminum frame that was worth repairing. i had them do a set of 6x9s and they looked and sounded new.
  7. and funny as hell. for his age he was amazing. acting drunk , falling sideways down stairs and shit. "the shithawk is coming"
  8. her package probably looks like a catchers mitt for shaq
  9. i figured it would lead to something
  10. funny as that is that is what is needed. fucking deer tick so small and i just can't see all over. had one in my ass crack last year. by the time i felt it the prick would have been buried. old lady saw it just in time to grab it with the extractor
  11. upstate ny. tick central . local guy took 40 off the other day after a walk in the woods
  12. we need a prescription here for those as well as bravecto i use. has to be bought from the dog pharmacy
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