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  1. see the air force plane that stopped to pick up a vintage motorcycle?
  2. my brother and riding buddy both work in power plants. both say that any talk of lack of power is bullshit. they can produce plenty, but sit idle, even in times of high demand. my other bro works in a power plant also, and that plant gets paid millions to be ready. but they run very little. spend all the time doing pms so when they get the call it works.
  3. well while you were touching uncle randy's dick i was checking out the neighbor girl's pussy. kind of explains a lot about you
  4. just because you were looking at men's dicks when you were 5 doesn't mean that's what normal folks want. you must have mushed up dicks for brains
  5. biden admin labels antifa as an idea , or folks just flexing the muscles of democracy. yet a mother telling the school board she doesn't want her 5 year old shown dicks and pussies is labeled a domestic terrorist
  6. my girlfriend has a way of causing plumbing issues on sunday, usually 4:30 or so. this week she twisted the outside faucet so much it wouldn't turn off. pain in the ass had to replace the pipe going to it also. last time not her fault but the cold water tank shooting a stream on the wall. again 4:30 on sunday. tried to turn breaker off, wouldn't move. used a flashlight to bump it, broke the levers off. had to pry the live breaker out of the box. so new tank, breaker, and back on the couch by 8:00.
  7. they don't hesitate to vote themselves a pay raise
  8. but but but , they are just getting started and have such important work to do...
  9. i grew to hate them quick. war cassette had same songs on both sides. my friend went to see them and said the same thing. they suck.
  10. it's the one they gave jimmy carter. stage 4 brain cancer clean 6 months later. any president die of cancer?
  11. piece of garbage stacey abrams claims she had election stolen
  12. we had guinea hens around, no match for the pine marten. i thought they were cool, kind of like a watchdog, they made noise when anyone came around. picked at the ground constantly , still tons of ticks.
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