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  1. Something going on in Zach’s personal life me thinks. He had a spar with fans at the WM and his handling of the Ryder Cup captaincy was criticized pretty heavily.
  2. Don’t worry, someone had you vote 9 times in Wisconsin for Biden.
  3. Donnie’s Derpers right now.
  4. “Right now, I want to see checks — for more money than they’re talking about — going to people,” Trump told Fox News on Sunday. “I’m pushing it very hard, and to be honest with you, if the Democrats really wanted to do the deal, they’d do the deal.”
  5. Well if that was their plan they failed massively when you consider the percentage.
  6. For some of these guys, it’s a big surprise that the first massive inflation in 40 years follows the self proclaimed “King of debt”.
  7. If having one of the better records on here for calling things right is TDS, well then
  8. It’s almost as stale as your material. Now go see who’s been cloned recently.
  9. Clearly the guy in the story is the deranged one.
  10. Right, I agree. Now what’s the Russian record on telling the truth?
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