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  1. Tipper Gore always said the rap music would kill you.
  2. Hey! Shut the fuck up! Thank you!
  3. The membership problems stem from trolls, fucking losers who can’t leave family out of the discussions and Culters.
  4. More Democrats are not proud of the country than Democrats who are, even while a Democrat is President. We all know what it would look like for Republicans if there was a Republican President. 2/3 or more would be proud.
  5. I knew Trump was a POS from the beginning. I don’t watch any of those channels. Try again.
  6. Cults are formed around in support of one person and against outside entities. There is no cult that is formed against a single person. Name a single one in history.
  7. Trump’s cult is like nothing we have ever seen before, it’s a fact. A person would have to be completely detached from reality to think that their candidate is saving the world from a cabal of deep state, satanic pedophiles. Democrats are dogshit but they don’t have anything even close to that.
  8. What a dumbass deflection. Do you really believe that convincing the masses of something directs where the DOJ focuses their attention? Nothing was stopping Trump’s DOJ from taking them down and Epstein died in a Federal prison.
  9. Making fun of Trumpers will never get old. Dumbest group imaginable.
  10. “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”
  11. And then he became President and Hillary never went to jail? Jesus
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