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  1. Thanks @teamgreen02. I was thinking about doing something like that. Good to see somebody else has already tried it.
  2. Gas tank neck has a crack in it. My brother runs a body shop and he had some stuff he applied to it to get it to stop leaking for a season but now it's leaking again today. Might have to have him do it again. Not sure what he used, I'd have to ask him. Anybody know a permanent fix for this issue? I have contacted two different Cat dealers the last couple years trying to get a new tank under warranty. Supposedly at one point there was a tank for me coming soon but then that fell thru somehow. When I talked to my dealer today he said he sees no tanks thru June and that I'd just
  3. MESS WITH FS AND GET THE MAGLITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  4. Thanks for taking care of this guys.
  5. I always had good luck breaking my stuff in hard. Wish I could justify it but we just don't get enough snow here in southeast South Dakota.
  6. Nice sled joe, that's about exactly what I would buy if I were looking for a trail sled. We got a foot of snow here this morning. Wish I had a sled right now.
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