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  1. Jesus is a member of the forum, I’ll wait for his response.
  2. SSFB


    No matter your needs you gotta admit that’s a hell of a value at that price.
  3. Hoping the Black Hills gets some snow this coming week otherwise I will indeed head east.
  4. Settle down Carlos, everything is on the other wall of the three stall.
  5. Fuckin ready to rock!
  6. I’m laughing my ass off that this is the state of the GOP in 2022.
  7. Oh yeah, really pissed that Herschel lost.
  8. One guy has a cult and the other doesn't, that is correct.
  9. The flow chart is a representation of what is stated in the Constitution.
  10. Nearly everyone agreed with the initial reason for invading Afghanistan. I still do. But it quickly turned into a nation building exercise which was never how it was sold.
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