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  1. Thanks @teamgreen02. I was thinking about doing something like that. Good to see somebody else has already tried it.
  2. Gas tank neck has a crack in it. My brother runs a body shop and he had some stuff he applied to it to get it to stop leaking for a season but now it's leaking again today. Might have to have him do it again. Not sure what he used, I'd have to ask him. Anybody know a permanent fix for this issue? I have contacted two different Cat dealers the last couple years trying to get a new tank under warranty. Supposedly at one point there was a tank for me coming soon but then that fell thru somehow. When I talked to my dealer today he said he sees no tanks thru June and that I'd just
  3. I always had good luck breaking my stuff in hard. Wish I could justify it but we just don't get enough snow here in southeast South Dakota.
  4. Nice sled joe, that's about exactly what I would buy if I were looking for a trail sled. We got a foot of snow here this morning. Wish I had a sled right now.
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