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  1. I just stole that emoji from TBP, don't tell Scooter!!!
  2. Fake news! I replaced that keyboard months ago!
  3. If he and the Democrats care more about the country than themselves he will step aside in 2024. I ain't holding my breath.
  4. Just for clarity, Ronald Reagan and Republicans were the force behind removing the Fairness Doctrine.
  5. What's Cernovich going to ask next, whether Santa Claus has been fake the whole time?
  6. U had the peehole Ebola too though so it cancels out!
  7. We used to go outside during shop class right around the corner where nobody could see and smoke cigs when the shop teacher wasn't keeping tabs on us.
  8. I'd have chewed my arm off if that's all we got to eat.
  9. Are you using the desktop version of the site because the mobile version of this site is just fine.
  10. I don't want jack shit to do with any "side" that thinks Trump or Biden belong anywhere near the White House.
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