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  1. Some randoms from this week. Found a couple hundred recently spent casings on public land (shooting prohibited). Someone obviously doesn't give a fuck about Canadian gun laws.
  2. I can't be the only one here on the receiving end of this. I'm obviously at wits end if I'm posting this on fs. Seriously, wtf?
  3. Amazing temps this week so far. Bought this bike for the wife last fall, still a bit tall for her and it has lowering kit. I never thought I’d like a dualsport, but I ride this thing anytime I can. 82mpg, pretty handy for quick grocery runs and going to work.
  4. Guess it’s just not a patent anymore.
  5. Spoke to a ERT member today, he says it was a balloon. Also said first missle was heat seek and missed, subsequent middle was “manually aimed”.
  6. One week of trails open here this year. Worst I’ve seen in decade or more. Great day for a 2 wheel ride.
  7. I live about 50 miles from crash site, I read a us Hercules is currently conducting a search. Good day for it, mostly clear sky’s.
  8. Beach run last night. Ski area in background. Was a great one week local season, can’t wait for next year. 🙄
  9. Got lucky to squeeze out a morning ride yesterday between work and family obligations.
  10. Lake st Clair? I’ve been on the water there 40kts, but that’s pretty nuts.
  11. Met him couple years ago at an early season sled spot. I have nothing against him, nice guy actually. But, I do remember a lot of people weren’t happy with him. I thought it was funny when he called out all the people that wanted to lay a beating on him, he told em to come to the wasaga drags and sort it out. Nobody stepped up.
  12. Ya, I noticed this last week. Also out of stock on some motorbike oils. I’m low on xps grease, I’ll need that for this winter.
  13. Just renewed online. $15 a year, and they are sending a sticker. Wtf? I don’t care about the fee, but why pick on sleds for stickers when cars and bikes don’t need one?
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