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  1. Regretting not going already, but 4hrs on this seat is a bit painful. Haha
  2. 2 doses here. Not planning on booster. But, I provide home care to my mom, and so far no positive tests or symptoms in my house or my parents.
  3. Gold all access I didn’t get to use. Broke my heart. I wonder who they’ll get to fill in for this years tour.
  4. Ukraine wind forecasts couldn’t be any worse - flips ever couple days from easterlies to wests and back.
  5. Been getting lucky with the bluebird days.
  6. Depends on which region, and the time of year. I’m sure they are smart enough to launch a strike in conditions where the fallout will flow to the west.
  7. My local ski hill the other day
  8. Got a out the garage rip in Tuesday before the devastating rain.
  9. Great day with good old friends. No wind and -12 cel, full sun made it feel like -4c
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