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  1. First Ontario beach to open up, as far as I know. 👍
  2. Still sounds like to me that crown land is a go for orv.
  3. Is that your local club? Afaik - after may 1, atv is permitted on crown land (where atv use is allowed ie: general use crown land) lake of bays atv club will be making an announcement soon if they will be opening trails.
  4. Doug to release reopening framework at 1:30 today.
  5. Wasaga is open for business, well, the fishing business anyways. 👍
  6. Well fuck, looks like I shoulda kept my mouth shut. Dougie backtracking https://www.narcity.com/news/ca/on/lockdown-in-ontario-ending-by-may-24-is-absolutely-not-going-to-happen-says-ford?fbclid=IwAR1sWGH_Nyo5PAZnyAgrkVVpsiQmUOqxgZ1qLf0gWWlBf9JpX2UEXZwM5I8
  7. As far as the sports I like to do, I’m not allowed to do any of them, and they can be done while respecting soc distancing. The provincial parks are closed until apr 30, I hope dougie lifts some restrictions by then before they have a chance to extend the closure. $750 fine for walking on the beach, or in our local forests currently. Right now if I want to take my dog for a walk in a natural setting, I have to drive 15min to do so legally. But, I’m thankful the township had the common sense not to completely close those tracts. Best kept secret around here. I
  8. I’m not getting my hopes up, but we need to open up the forests and waterways. TORONTO, ONT -- Premier Doug Ford says the province should release a framework in the next few days for how and when to start lifting COVID-19 restrictions. He would not give specifics at a media briefing today, except to say that one of the first areas may be outdoor activities.
  9. Ontario parks has prohibited walking on the beach in wasaga, and going for hike on their forest lands anywhere in Ontario. Meanwhile on municipal property, maintain your social distancing and don’t use any of the services (playgrounds, restrooms etc). 🤔
  10. https://www.collingwoodtoday.ca/coronavirus-covid-19-local-news/55-per-cent-of-collingwood-council-wants-prohibition-on-visitors-in-town-2201687
  11. 59.9 Costco in barrie, seems other stations are sub 60 in barrie. Wasaga 72.9
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