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  1. Just found out. Outbid by 76k this is insane.
  2. Got outbid. Oh well, guess it wasn’t meant to be. Find out tomorrow by how much.
  3. Pretty sure your #s will look good i wish I was closer to semi retirement, I’m hoping east coast pricing stays low until I’m ready to move there.
  4. 5 offers will know by 2pm if I got it.
  5. I put offer in. Wish me luck. I’ll need it
  6. Been waiting 6 years for this track to open for bike practice. Awesome hardwoods for an added bonus. Amazing day.
  7. Lake Effect has been delivering this year.
  8. Back on the snow in less than 24hrs thanks to my bud and his new tig
  9. Almost 3’ in 36 hours. Best snow in my local in 8 years.
  10. Bluebird yesterday, and conditions were pretty good for 2 week old snow.
  11. Been 5 years since we’ve had a good start to winter around here. Our ski hills closed for the month, and the bush is now full of city folk xc skiing, snowshoeing etc. Had a woman block us on a no winter maintenance road, telling us we’re not allowed on it. 😂 Dec 2 and dec 26 and 27
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