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  1. Ya, I noticed this last week. Also out of stock on some motorbike oils. I’m low on xps grease, I’ll need that for this winter.
  2. Just renewed online. $15 a year, and they are sending a sticker. Wtf? I don’t care about the fee, but why pick on sleds for stickers when cars and bikes don’t need one?
  3. Bike night down the road from my house.
  4. Not my pic, but when you’re a Smokey/Dukes fan and can’t decide on your build.
  5. Nice thing about the used Harley market is that if you wait/search enough, you’ll find the exact bike you want with the upgrades already installed. Found this the other day, I wouldn’t change a thing on it. ‘16 dyna with super low mileage 2k miles. Priced really high though, and I’m gonna pass on it. Imo not a good time to spend a lot of money on luxuries.
  6. West grey county/clearview twp. Ontario. About ten min from my house. Roads are pretty straight around here, but I can get to a lot of fun ones in about an hour. I hear ya about traffic, but makes it a bit more fun when ya have to make those Hail Mary passes. The thing that’s most irritating is it’s a popular road bicycle route, but that’s when I drop a gear and give them an earful.
  7. Straight stretch of a fun tight and twisty loop.
  8. With pedal assist bikes, the big brands are the best to go with - specialized, trek etc. past few years there’s been problems with motors, wiring and firmware. full electric you can’t beat the price and performance of the suron. around here these bikes are still flying under the radar, but I’m betting the non electric bike crowd will start crying more and more.
  9. Been using mothers, McGuire and autoglym products. Right now looking for a better tire shine, something that lasts longer than a week. Any recs on that or other good stuff I’m a big fan of the wash n wax mothers and McGuire
  10. Regretting not going already, but 4hrs on this seat is a bit painful. Haha
  11. 2 doses here. Not planning on booster. But, I provide home care to my mom, and so far no positive tests or symptoms in my house or my parents.
  12. Gold all access I didn’t get to use. Broke my heart. I wonder who they’ll get to fill in for this years tour.
  13. Ukraine wind forecasts couldn’t be any worse - flips ever couple days from easterlies to wests and back.
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