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  1. obviously the 'sporty' windshield from DK fit, bet you can find Fox shocks cheap for it, maybe a sway bar too. do the early ZR plastic skis fit on those? can't imagine the saddles are that much different. I have an extra set of black SP ski's in the attic with good carbides but, you probably do too.
  2. ok, let's say just 33% of those deaths are undeniably attributed to Covid - and our neighboring country is still less than Minnesota's 'reported' number. this nation mourned and went to war in Afghanistan over 2,977 deaths on 9/11 - yet we never declared war or united on a virus that killed yet NY City has had 26,161 'reported' Covid deaths. Closing snowmobile trails makes less sense than closing walking/biking paths, XC-ski/snowshoe trails yet WalMart, Target and Canadian Tire stores are considered 'essential'. I get your perspective and respect it but at this time the Canadian
  3. I don't agree with shutting down the trails here. I may agree with bars, restaraunts and gathering places. I can't argue with the Canadian government shutting down their trails, because I'm not Canadian. How do you feel about England & Scotland locking down?
  4. fairly certain I compared Covid deaths in Canada to the US and made the analogy that Canadians take their health care more seriously than we do. the vast majority of my Canadian friends think/feel this way based on our conversations the past 10 months, yours may vary.
  5. this explains the overheat - FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! but seriously, the big M was the first thing I removed upon getting it back to the shop, pretty sure there's a pic on that other site and lastly, Klotz
  6. did you read the article? Canadians take health care rather seriously, because they are somewhat beholden to each other. Canada 'attributed' Covid deaths = 18,462 400K+ dead American's = WINNING ? "We are also seeing groups of snowmobilers congregating on trails, in parking lots and other locations not maintaining a two metre distance and exceeding the gathering limits.” 'Viruses' don't GAF how we vote, if we lean politically left or right, are rich or poor or if we own a gun. That said, I wish we could ride here before the trails get closed...
  7. yes, gasoline maybe his balls were tickling the reeds, because 'rider too far forward' it was the pit coat that obstructed his view unmatched yet, bad Facebook that's a bad feeling, has happened too many times to me in the past few years.
  8. so you are saying I need to replace the Monster Decal I removed?
  9. on the bright side, neither of us bought brand new sleds that won't get ridden much this winter. sure, toys cost $ to own, maintain, repair and enjoy, but if my wife saw $13K of new toy sitting on the trailer right now she'd think I'm more crazy than she already realizes I am. feel bad for those guys, but snowmobiling has become like gambling, win some - lose some. on another note, XC skiing and snow shoeing also suck this winter.
  10. falling off? unusual 'stains' unmatched durability and quality control, straight from Rosseau again shame this is a low slow year... good call selling yours @Bontz, maybe it's time for us Cat & Poo riders to start considering BRP
  11. pretty sure @Doug tinkers with them. buddy of mine wants his Axys Assault shocks tweaked and is going to add Raptor springs
  12. gotcha', hence the question as I've never had one of those apart
  13. had I not grenaded one of my sleds, I would have sold at least one. but... I've seen people asking $6K+ for $4K junk, regularly. the 660 is sort've cool though, 379lbs?
  14. $22K seems like a 'bargain' lately. Have you by chance seen the prices people are asking for and some admitting they paid for used sleds this winter? In-sanity!
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