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  1. don't stop there, pack the entire Uhaul and gtfo of that town.
  2. surprised they haven't put the 400 in a Firecat chassis yet there's always next year!
  3. Crnr2Crnr


    I know a guy that sells Tapp clutches...
  4. Crnr2Crnr


    you guys don't seem to recall the somewhat silent recalls and primary cracks and explosions they had my guess is, Yamaha had a say in this clutch change @XCR1250 @Tommcat and a others had some input when the turbotards were blowing theres up on the HCS thread https://www.hardcoresledder.com/attachments/cpsc-clutch-recall-alert-pdf.2110406/ this was a monster thread https://www.snowandmud.com/snowmobile-chat/121136-kanedog-discovers-clutching-catastrophy-pics.html?highlight=Kanedog oh, and IRL2 the vibration situation @fortune46x, it's my opinion that wa
  5. lot of Cat guys were swapping to the triple rate Raptor fts springs and seemed to like them. https://www.raptorshocks.com/product-category/triple-rate-springs/ pretty sure I'm ordering a dual rate setup from Hygear for the 500 when I put the Zero X's on after Carver revalves them.
  6. agree 100% with Doug - also, is yours a single ply Cobra or two ply Cobra? this might also help... and they have good products for reasonable prices https://fasttractraction.com/pages/cobra-track-stud-sizing https://fasttractraction.com/pages/how-to-tell-the-difference-between-a-2-ply-and-a-1-ply-track
  7. Ice Storm right? 1.5 ctr of belt and 1.25 on outer lugs. 39lbs w/144 pins Ice Cobra is a piece of shit on ice (according to most) and has far less pins. 43/45lbs w/104 pins Ice Attak XT is 42lbs w/256pins interesting that they list the Ice Storm being that much lighter but less pins and an entirely different lug layout (my 128" Ice Attak XT in 2.52P is 42lbs and has 272 pins)
  8. I hear you, but added scratchers to the 720 after burning it down for when it's necessary, also added panel venting and a temp gauge (rather than a 'you overcooked it' light) to avoid it happening again. I don't know that you'd have to re-gear it but recalled seeing different gearing for the Indy's based on track lug height in the parts fiche for different models. The main reason I would go for the 1.5" is that I know you like to ride the Yoop and the Storm seems to be a favorite for guys that trail ride up there in good snow conditions. Heck, there's several Cat guys with 137's that switch
  9. 129 or 137? If the Ice Storm was an option for mine I probably would have bought one and left the SX gearing in it. Spend the extra $ on DuPont Vespel slides. Gearing is interesting. They list the 600 SP 137 with 22/41 (1.25) but the 600 XC 137 (1.5) with 20/39 - same as all the sleds with 1.5/1.6/1.75 My friends 600 Assault 1.25 pulled well with 22/41 fwiw. CB for my 128 IA XT was $60-100 less when I bought it for some reason? maybe Covid edit: also, for you or anyone else with an Indy 600/800/850 that runs warm or if you want to drop underhood temps - read this
  10. zip ties and a cordless drill let me guess, that was a rental sled. fwiw, I put the Ice Attak XT on the 720 this winter but only got one ride on it. So far so good, but for loose snow the Cobra is far better. if that one is a 137" you have a shitload of choices, and might also consider the Ice Storm 150. (same price) CB Performance had (by far!) the best price on the Ice Attak and Camso tracks fwiw... https://www.cbperformanceparts.com/categories/camso-tracks.html
  11. yeah, worded that poorly. overall width is wider on the XR-T and they use the same spindles so probably wider a-arms - and a sway bar. https://arcticcat.txtsv.com/snowmobile/blast-xr-touring#specs then click dimensions Overall Chassis Width 44-45 in. 46-47 in. Ski Stance 37.5-38.5 in. Adjustable 39.5-40.5 in. Adjustable
  12. can't be, they have seven dealers left after Polaris and BRP launched their 2022's. with 900 miles it was probably ran wfo on a track stand to set a top speed record for the 400 single cylinder snowmobile class. in other news that's probably only interesting to me, the Blast XR Touring has a wider ski stance 46/47 rather than 44/45 - so there's that for those looking to widen the stance. no fiche pics or part numbers yet to see which parts are the same or different... but it's probably just a-arms.
  13. moments later, I got this in my email? sort've peculiar...
  14. taking this into perspective a 1992 340 a 1998 500 a 2004 600 LOL, in the first paragraph I already started the math, by the second one I was like 'stop being a bitch' and by the third I was reminded of 'buyer beware' and no one made you buy any of these piles of shit. you got precisely $200 into the red to post this thread. I spent that just on some gaskets. remind me again what it is you're bitching about?
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