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  1. you need to realize you're talking to Main Street Pete here...
  2. see... that's just how the idiotic debates around here begin. congratulations, you have BDS
  3. we've been in a massive bubble since 2009 thanks to meddling via the Federal Reserve and the United States Government that makes the Dot.Com bubble look like a pimple on an elephant's ass.
  4. Look at you and your new bestie
  5. Poor Karen McCuntz wants to talk to the manager...
  6. have I whined, complained and started threads about you or anyone else here to the manager Karen McCuntz? you're just a bitch...
  7. just another great display of Karen Cuntz whining and crying about... well, you know. better change that tampon, I can and will do this all day if you like.
  8. Badger you want to give that a laughing award as well Karen Mc @Bontz ?
  9. I can read Cuntz, little digs and jabs, always whining about the same people, whaah whaah, on and on, bitching and crying like a whiny little girl who isn't getting her way... maybe you're the victim and the real Karen here?!!!
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