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  1. Have a nice warm 🍷 of pussy juice tonight.
  2. Like the 600 Enduro... Heard any rumors in the pits for next year seeing how many European BRP riders there are?
  3. Actually Doug, all they have to do is get most of it to your dealer, they get invoiced and sit on it not getting their money from you until it's saleable. At this point most manu's are so far behind they can't get products to their dealers to invoice them. Check with your guy and verify it, but have heard of some dealers grumbling.
  4. It's a typo, and a funny one According to my doctor, no?
  5. As much as we enjoy kicking each other in the nuts, at least you are capable of laughing about the situation rather than playing some idiotic victim card. In honor of that... @Bontz
  6. Forgot, SkiDoo increases the price of their accessory recoils due to a battery shortages.
  7. My pie chart shows 23% due to higher WOW factor in gauges.
  8. Good point Increase of trail poaching in 23
  9. SX will bring back mods Spectators will flock to watching oval racing Doo wins the GD Soo, Iron Dog and the NY shootout Textron buys Polaris... again Cat brings out four more bLast models All trails are closed due to a new Covid variant that melts groomed snow Zambrowski starts riding with a backpack and avvy shovel and more ...
  10. https://bigfrog104.com/wheres-the-respect-snowmobilers-cut-down-closed-trail-signs-in-deerfield/?trackback=fbshare_mobile But wait, it gets even better...
  11. It sucks to have snow and be so freaking cold. Not just for us but anyone who enjoys skiing, snowshoeing, skating, sledding, ice fishing or just being outside.
  12. don't we all have something better to be doing? personally speaking, I threw that list my wife made away.
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