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  1. think I'm going to start leaving empty boxes with UPS labels on his front porch every time I have one... because I'm an asshole and a prankster.
  2. I'm just kind that way. Maybe it's all the inclusion training I've been forced to take.
  3. started straight out of HS and will make more in retirement than most people make going to work. guy is a workaholic, I give him a month to drive his wife insane.
  4. neighbor/friend pulled the plug on UPS today after 42 years@Snake he's technically on 'vacation' until November 30th but walked into the hub this morning with his uniforms and airport card and said his goodbyes. I'm truly happy for the guy.
  5. EVERYTHING IS HORRIBLE!!!! fuckin cult members...
  6. if the master techs aren't willing to clean up after themselves...
  7. IDK, but just how quickly can they build a prosecutable case against a former or sitting POTUS?
  8. and here we are looking at electing one of them AGAIN!!? just how f'ng dumb are 'we' collectively?
  9. time to hang the 'now hiring' sign out yet?
  10. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2023/09/22/uaw-strike-expands-38-locations-nationwide/70930300007/ Ouch... there goes the supply chain.
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