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  1. at least you figured it out the 98th time...
  2. Trump repudiated once again in a red State. Dump Trump 24
  3. I don't want a participation ribbon... I just want him to use his noodle.
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/05/us/jan-6-ray-epps-evidence.html
  5. I just want to see him and everyone around him involved in J6 get their due justice.
  6. not on CNN idk honestly, I'm catching up on Curse of Oak Island...
  7. their insanity is exhausting, maybe you need a break...
  8. this one should be interesting...
  9. maybe they can send it to Ukraine?
  10. that guys created an entire business of fixing their tipiness... watch one of his many tippy Doo videos they'll just fall over, sometimes sitting still with no one on them
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