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  1. An slEd might work for me most of the time. Doubtful a Taiga is my cup of tea as far as an enjoyable sled, but still applaud their efforts. My favorite evening loop is 70 miles round trip and most of it is twisty and in the woods. My favorite weekend run is about 180 miles. Both are an enjoyable physical workout and I'll typically put on 2k a year doing those type of runs. I do have the option of riding numerous cornfield and rail bed loops if I want to ride wfo and rack up miles. I'd rather watch paint dry. There's plenty of mileage braggarts on the forums and in this thr
  2. the good old days And now one of my favorites jokes What do you call an Ethiopian taking a shit? A showoff.
  3. Good Wish they'd run at Road America in Elkhart Lake as well but the odds of that are slim to zero.
  4. This cleans things up. https://speedwerx.com/catalog/product/view/id/2692/s/speedwerx-procharger-supercharger-kit-with-intercooler-2018-2019-m-8000-800-c-tec2/category/2392/ https://speedwerx.com/stage-1-exterminator-kit-2018-2019-arctic-cat-zr-8000-xf-8000.html
  5. My favorite pharma commercial ever advertised on tv listed all the side effects at the end of the commercial. May cause dry mouth, bleeding of the gums, flaky skin, redness, nausea, vommiting, diarrhea, etc. The med is for depression. IDK about you but if I'm experiencing any combination of the following side effects, I'm going to be fucking depressed.
  6. https://jalopnik.com/be-the-coolest-pilot-in-the-sky-in-this-supersonic-figh-1847868163 @airflite1 you certified for this?
  7. Don't forget all the electric F150s, Hummer's and Cyber trucks will also need charging ports. Again, this is why hybrids make far more sense than full EVs 4 strokes, pig heavy but I see an eventual end coming to 2S sleds sooner than later. Cat may be on the right track with the b-Last, single slug 400 gas and then add an electric. https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1133255_2023-chevrolet-corvette-e-ray-spy-shots-video
  8. Is Gabe still doing kits? He seemed like a standup guy and wasn't bragadocious.
  9. We average $110 month for natural gas and electricity through WPS. Our f'ng cable/net/landline costs more than our heat/ac/electricity. Glad I still have one sled that happily runs 87 octane and GIVE CREDIT to Polaris for making their 650 87 octane friendly. Premium fuel is getting spensive. That said, my oil investments should pay for a few years of retirement.
  10. You could always weld up old engine parts and make her something from the heart. I know my wife would appreciate that. Probably even save you a few bucks.
  11. Precisely Don Maybe we can put all the Afghan refugees and those literally dying to get in at the southern border together in a big factory and start cranking out widgets and gizmos that spoiled rotten white American children demand to find under their holiday trees.
  12. Chuck Yeager broke the speed of sound. 74 years later, we have grown adults acting like 4 year old children on commercial flights.
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