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  1. Do we have to be vaxxed to join in on the discussion? asking for a friend.
  2. Not to hijack this thread but thought this was a good place to share this vid.
  3. Get your booster shot then you won't need a mask or a helmet.
  4. They probably hadn't had their 17th and 18th booster yet.
  5. Must be the one wanting $327k a year I saw in the meme section lol!
  6. Hey Rob! Great to hear you're feeling better and nice to have ya on the site!
  7. In '96 my first ever sled trip up to Pittsburg NH was on one of those. Borrowed it from a neighbor, no hand warmers and a 300cc 1 lunger. I rode with guys that all had triples. Still don't know why I stayed in the sport after that shit show of a weekend. lol
  8. My shop is in Nashua everyone here is either ignoring it or just doesn't give a fuck which is fine with me.
  9. Gocky

    NE Dragway

    Thanks for the info!!
  10. Make sure to look down the barrel of your gun to see if it’s loaded. And yeah, I know the difference between a dog and a coyote asswipe.
  11. You sit in the woods with a firearm and can’t properly identify a target. Go back hunter education. Geez, for someone who touts big block Fords you sure get triggered like you’re more into Hybrids.
  12. That’s exactly what she looks like too!
  13. Coyote look nothing like a domesticated house pet. Get off the forum and do about 5mins of internet research.
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