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  1. Gave it to my old lady last year too and she’s still around. Thanks for nothing Covid.
  2. Never been afraid of a bloody lip.
  3. Heading UPTA Camp in Maine. Hunting during the day and Turkey dinner when we're done.
  4. Have you tried swearing at it yet? I find that sometimes helps.
  5. Gocky


    and Polar bears lol!
  6. Look under Silver for color not stainless. there's a bunch offered through Ebay in a variety of manufacturer's.
  7. I had that Smurf costume lol
  8. NSP…. Not So Popular lol!
  9. 150 & 180 are the only 2 I’ve tried with this rifle. My father passed it down to me a few years ago because he gave up hunting. Other than hunt and sighting in for the season it doesn’t get much use.
  10. Winchester feather weight .308
  11. I use Winchester Super X power point 180grain
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