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  1. It's called "No Fucks Given" lol!
  2. I install a ton of Dorman products with very little issue. For evaporative emissions stuff I find OEM is the better option.
  3. Salmon and asparagus in the air fryer and sautéed zucchini. I didn’t think to take a pic lol! If you guys haven’t tried salmon in the air fryer I recommend it.
  4. I had 2 cats for 19 years both were trouble free health wise but in the end they declined quickly. Just rescued this guy back in September. Best $350 I’ve ever spent. I swear he’s part human. Total ham lol! My girlfriend and daughter are the ones who dress him up.
  5. Just bought a new truck 3 weeks ago. The dealer I bought it at obviously didn't get the memo.
  6. If I know it aggravates someone it makes want to do it that much more.
  7. Does Fisher and Northern deliver out your way? My shop is in Nashua been using them for over 30 years.
  8. She’s the perfect example of when your parents used to tell you to stop making that face or it’ll stay that way. https://apple.news/A4V6eiz3gSnuxlCPM2aR_iA
  9. Gocky


    Pfffft! That’s nothing compared to cow farts.
  10. Where’s all the guys looking for snow bikes?! I heard it here 1st that they were the future!!!!!!
  11. Gotta run the 5G ipone. Newer stuff doesn't like the 4G
  12. Gave it to my old lady last year too and she’s still around. Thanks for nothing Covid.
  13. Never been afraid of a bloody lip.
  14. Heading UPTA Camp in Maine. Hunting during the day and Turkey dinner when we're done.
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