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  1. NEXTEL Fuck those were annoying!
  2. My buddy is a franchisee his family owns 13 stores. He was telling me the other day it's a 300% mark up on coffee.
  3. I thought Ethiopia was where all the starving children lived?! Where the fuck has my $3 a month check been going for the past 12 years?!
  4. Bought this in ‘08 with 62mi on it. Sold it last December. Not sure if I’m sticking with cat for next year or not.
  5. I clicked on this knowing damn well it wasn't St. Patty's day yet. LOL!!!!
  6. Yes, she suffers from a condition known in the medical world as "Dumb Cunt"
  7. My shop buddy she’s always in the garage with me.
  8. As an auto repair shop owner I want nothing to do with manufacturers warranty claims. Labor times don't pay shit and you have wait to get paid.
  9. I was 5 years old. I remember watching it but was too young to understand what was going on.
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