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  1. Not for Covid which is what the article is talking about.
  2. I ordered a clutch kit for a customers mustang, 7-10 day wait time.
  3. That’s funny, my shop is in Nashua. I service his vehicles for his tree company too.
  4. I work on a Torino that looks just like that. Is your Brother from NH?
  5. One of P550's broads lol!!!
  6. I'm already in the "Fuckhead" group but thanks for the extra advice.
  7. Don't forget she's had every job ever created and held the highest position at all of them.
  8. My Harley gets more miles than my sled.
  9. The fucking poems!!!! LOL!!!! I don't know who liked to hear themselves ramble more, him or Stinky?!
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