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  1. If my sled wasn't down with an issue in the skid I would probably have ridden some this week. Maybe I'll take the Bearcat somewhere for lunch on Friday lol. Still a good season as far as I'm concerned. 1500 miles and the only time my sled was on the trailer was when I met the kids after school to ride. Now it's time for late ice crappies.
  2. This is crazy for the last week of March around here.
  3. That's awesome. Hopefully some day I can have some winters like you! 2" of wet stuff here overnight. They've been grooming too so it should be a decent week left for whoever is riding with the forecast high temps.
  4. Nothing better than being able to buy something from someone like that.
  5. This afternoon was too nice to not duck out of work and pick my boy up from school to ride.
  6. The frost is the same here. The guys I know that log have been riding "light in the seat" this winter.
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