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  1. Im well aware of closing gates. Did that when I was a trail coordinator.
  2. Sloppy Joe's and chips
  3. Jokes on you. We don't even have 3" of snow on the ground!
  4. 1854 treaty boundary in my area is another one that went through silently. Walz had mndot put up the signs and nobody around here had an idea it was happening.
  5. Kinda like alot of threads here including Catalyst clutching..
  6. No. I'm gearing up towards spring activities.
  7. Could be. More snow than central MN
  8. Chuck roast in the crockpot, corn
  9. I do not have a can! I thought my review was just fine thank you.
  10. Yep. The two closest ones (30 miles) aren't anywhere near a trail and I don't ride south much anyway.
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