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  1. Those beasts definitely aren't for everyone.
  2. I think the dealer thing is true with alot of Cat faithful. If I was in the position to buy a new sled the only reason I'd consider a Cat is because I have an awesome dealer (Thomas Sno Sports) 30 min away.
  3. Due to current prices I've slashed the price on my bravo parts sled to $1500
  4. Everyone back off I'm on the way to buy the pair!
  5. @Deephaven has said multiple times he will post up if you post a pic of the house on the most prestigious estate so put up or shut up.
  6. I like boobies, unlike you and your infatuation with dicks negrodumbass
  7. I'm talking about my own huge estate that is on a state highway, so you try again
  8. It does suck living on the state highway sometimes.
  9. I know they are decent sleds, just not almost 7k good
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