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  1. I think all those people come here lol
  2. I heard recently that the state is going to reporting once a week because the numbers are lower. The ad with the kid and parent listening to music then it says they can both get their covid shots is annoying as hell.
  3. I assumed @mnstang meant the only people left to fire is the marketing department
  4. No doubt Texas is very dry, but I don't put much stock in most "reports" from USDA.
  5. Yeah I know about the whole crew from cat heading there. FWIW I guess I was referring to MN. They are top notch.
  6. What does it mean when one of the top cat dealers starts selling Argo atv's?
  7. Central MN. They're saying mid 90's for a couple days then upper 80s
  8. Those "comfortable" days are the best. Supposed to get hot here starting Saturday/Sunday.
  9. But he was a spelling bee champion!
  10. On the bold, I assume @Polaris 550must be a client there...
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