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  1. Agree with the 2 comments above. What @Bontz said about the dealer is spot on.
  2. Or, someone not compensating for a tiny penis with an 850....
  3. This one had 900 miles so even he rode more than me this winter lol.
  4. Saw a used Blast on marketplace so at least 1 person bought one last year.
  5. Sled_Hed

    Swap meets

    Yep been there lol. Usually was a nice time of year for a drive up to the Duluth swap in the fall too.
  6. Sled_Hed

    Swap meets

    Brainerd Snodeos swap in September is usually not too bad, nothing really compares with Outlaws though.
  7. I'm kinda wondering where he's at judging by the trees behind him..
  8. That's what I love about my bearcat. In weather like this where it's crusty in the morning a liquid would overheat headed out fishing.
  9. Definitely going to be on the hunt for parts to put the other one together too. Can't justify blast $ for my kids lol
  10. Someday we'll get a 90's cat fanner. The bravo just fits him too good right now and they are a blast to ride not to be confused with a b-last
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