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  1. That's pretty cool! Ok, I have shop envy now. I'm hoping to get a mill and lathe for my garage.
  2. The rain and wind this past week took care of most colorful leaves here. The oaks and some popple are still green.
  3. Today was the last day of helping make cow chow.
  4. Chili and cornbread when we finished chopping corn for the day.
  5. Same here. I had a couple zrt 6's. A buddy has a 96 ZRT8 that's actually fairly clean that I'd consider buying for the right price.
  6. From the same "prophet" that says snobikes are the future..
  7. It's been way too long since I've had that.
  8. They were bad for a couple weeks but they moved on.
  9. Same around here. My apple trees had the most apples I've seen in them as well.
  10. Excuse me sir. You seem to be getting a little off topic in the DINNER thread. That is all.
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