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  1. I laugh at the NON GMO label that seems to be on everything these days. It's on items that aren't genetically modified but the customers love it.
  2. That long range stuff is pretty crazy. Local guy is working on 2 miles.
  3. There are some drone spraying and planting businesses starting to pop up in the ag sector
  4. There was an absolute pile of traffic around the last week or so but I wonder much like @Crnr2Crnr does, how much of the vacation expenses were on credit cards.
  5. Um no, mowers are gasoline powered and the emissions cause the Midwest to warm..
  6. Polaris550 approves of this message.
  7. I'm towards the beginning of millennial age group (born in 83) but it makes my blood boil when people say we're the lazy generation.
  8. Let's see those stripes you little bastid!
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