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  1. And that doesn't include the guys that put offset wheels and truck tires on them.
  2. That's pretty good, must not have been down 5 horse.
  3. I read the post and looked at the pics and figured it was just another tool on Arctic Cat trail riders, now I wish I'd stayed for the comments
  4. Yeah, definitely some covid pricing on it too lol
  5. This came across Facebook memories @mnstang
  6. Once your done with your 7 day vacation on fbook, join old school leafers and vintage sled buy sell trade. I actually have a local guy here that might have one, he has a pretty big yami collection
  7. What group was that in, I don't remember. If I had known you were commenting I would have turned on notifications and cracked a cold one.
  8. Someone had already been there. I'm guessing one of his fellow former mods from HCS
  9. You actually think that his ass is virgin????
  10. Saw that pic on Facebook, high quality stuff there...
  11. You guys are forgetting that whats really important is.... F7
  12. With stacks, tow mirrors flipped up, and a chrome C decal on the hood i hope
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