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  1. I think it might be time for me to break out the old red hat and wear it in public places to see the responses of the Karen's....
  2. Impossible.....Biden has no supporters at least none with any enthusiasm
  3. It's official .....America understands what is going on.... LANDSLIDE
  4. Yeah ok .... I guess that's when the inside tour started
  5. Did you bring the whole family? https://youtu.be/bRIVTEBaLkA?si=nWV5gXhcSVGy3w-W
  6. Interesting ......see how this plays out...... Might turn out to be right.
  7. The crowd was pretty well behaved if you ask me.... despite the cops trying to rial them up....if I was in that crowd and had a concussion bomb go off next to me....I'd be pretty fired up too, and thats despite even being a big fan of firework's .... It was handled completely wrong and on purpose I believe
  8. oooh that smell ...can't you smell that smell...
  9. It's clear....The fuckers antagonized the crowd........but ........TRUMP!!!!
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