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  1. He does like to cling onto something despite it being like 40 years ago It was all hearsay.......the physician was the main player but Jordan was supposed to have known about it and of course named in lawsuit. Pretty sure this whole thing was settled a couple years ago....Jordan is a good guy and an asset to Congress.
  2. Very true.....Trump brought in this outsider,Dr. Atlas as part of his corona task force. But apparently he had little clout with the fake media and was ridiculed on his beliefs by Birx and Fauci..so in reality Birx called most of the shots. And longtime Fauci enjoyed most of the spotlight, he was idolized by many,since he had been around forever, and was considered top notch in his field. I remember even some members on here took Fauci's word as gospel for awhile. Trump did his best to put a lid on him https://www.theblaze.com/news/scott-atlas-savages-fauci-undermined-trump-covid#toggle-
  3. Yeah...not sure who would want that job but Doocy is the only one that gives them fits. The other "reporters" just ask softball questions. Totally different atmosphere from when Trump was in office...not even comparable.
  4. Seen a spike of that recently around here....I really want to punch those people.
  5. Yup...cheaper now than later. Russia will no longer be #2 in military strength, no longer a threat to anyone and will stop invading neighboring territories. Putin will most likely lose power and possibly his life, I take these as all good things. Too bad u can't see beyond the box....and 25% (8.7 bill) of the 40 bill is going to our own use in replenishing our weapons.....replacing our aging Javelins etc. with new state of the art versions...yeehaw!!
  6. Don't worry Fowch, pretty sure you will be fired if Trump is elected. Trump never agreed with Fauci anyway. https://www.yahoo.com/news/fauci-says-wont-trump-hes-061729082.html
  7. They have lost 1/3 of their deployed troops...and only getting worse...time to pack it in.
  8. Just disgusting how they destroyed Mike Flynn and the early morning raid of Roger Stone all on false Russia themed narratives that they used for years.
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