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  1. Didn't read the whole article but I find it hard to believe 250 billion over 10 years . It's a great campaigning tool but I think the majority don't even declare tips. I always try to tip in cash for everything, so that person will not have to reveal.
  2. One of the many deciding factors in this election..... Biden's purpose driven failure at the border.
  3. Biden's Border Bloodbath.....Time for him to go.
  4. Yup...... But you should probably take yours down. You're a phony and a Rino. They have some neat pride flags for you
  5. There's that fine unbiased media doing everything they can to Prop this imbecile up.
  6. Good times which way do we go Joe...you outta control , puppet on the string bastard.
  7. More polls showing Virginia in play ....he wins any one of these traditionally Blue states and it will be even more of a landslide than I think. Panic in D.C. baby https://www.newsweek.com/joe-biden-donald-trump-poll-virginia-2024-presidential-election-1912830
  8. Oh yeah... I'm sure Trump tried to profit...fukin idiot. He didn't even take a presidential salary. The multi - billionaire was not after monetary gain. But at least they are pressing charges against him.... unlike the Old Man Sleepy Joe who Had no reason at all to possess documents. And apparently is too old and feeble to go to trial. But somehow strong enough to run our country. Wake the Fuk up and turn MSNBC off
  9. Yup....He called it and many are still in denial
  10. Lmao...well he gave a way a couple never surrender shirts.. I needed a couple new coffee mugs for my Keurig. Just got em today.
  11. Weak, incompetent, etc. If there was ever a time for one of the countries that hated us to attack, the ideal time is now. Patiently waiting for some kind of terrorist attack to occur from all the riff raff that has freely entered our country. Only a matter of time.
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