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  1. Yeah I threw you a bone.....little whiner.... you're worse than Deephaven...
  2. Tired of your crying already 😢.....I told you I have no fear of him losing the primary.... especially to DeSantis and the others in single % digits. He will make all of his contenders look silly.....just like he did in 16. But I hope he comes up with a better nickname for DeSantis than desanctus. Again, my only fear is they get something to stick unjustifiably legally....God knows they are trying.
  3. Lol....took the genius Steven Hawking to simplify and dumb it down to your level, which is basically the exact bet I had from the beginning.....too funnygee what a novel idea. Sure we're on....how much?
  4. Ok....lil guy. Figured you'd be chiming in 😂... you're late.
  5. Hey doofus....everyone knows that the inner city is scum and scum exterminating themselves is a good thing for society. Maybe those cities will eventually do a reset and be more inhabitable if enough of them kill themselves..... I guess this qualifies as rascist to you....I do wear it proudly . You're a youngster who has been groomed to bring up the race card often ... I see you paid attention in class
  6. I am watching an old pair of Mindblower speakers on Ebay. I had these amplified speakers as a kid and they totally kicked ass. Apparently one of these has a tear....I am going to take a gamble and try to buy these anyway. Has anyone ever repaired their speakers before?....how did it turn out?..... I have done some research and it looks like most speakers are repairable.
  7. Well of course not... according to the dems, there has never been an issue with the border.... But anyone with a brain half the size of fetterman's, knows it's been basically a crisis since this new admin took over.... And all by design who's kidding who
  8. If it doesn't prohibit him from running it has and will continue to strengthen his support. Go back to waving and exploiting the race card.... That's more your style
  9. it's Only the legal issues ass wipe.... Learn to read and why do you even care ...I'm not betting you anyway moron
  10. Sounds reasonable to me, it's the legal issues that I'm only worried about.... not sure Steve will be agreeable..... To be honest with you, I think he is looking for an out ...he sees Biden's decline
  11. Yeah there's certainly no guarantee it will be Biden But I'd be willing to bet against any opponent not just Biden.
  12. Looks like I only have corner to corner willing to wager. Cheers to you bro.... "conditions" because he has to be on ticket.... Good God I heard it all now
  13. Oh he will win if he is actually an opponent.... If you can't see how the FBI is trying to take Trump down and make him not run I just can't help you... Has nothing to do with confidence or conditions.... But apparently you're not up to the task so I guess the bet is off... Smart move on your part
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