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  1. So, in other words, a weak leader that they can take advantage of.....gotcha
  2. Orange man has my full support and I don't pretend any different.,....
  3. Trump....the legend and the prophet....this aged very well and he was spot-on. Who is laughing now?
  4. Not really a true statement.....but Can you really blame him after what we found out about the FBI and the fake dossier. And their role in sweeping the Hunter laptop under the rug. It is a proven fact we cannot trust our upper levels of government.
  5. Yeah....making members of Nato pay their fair share and take the burden off good ole USA was a bad thing.....
  6. Never heard of it....dont watch much TV
  7. The glue I use holds 3000lbs as seen on TV
  8. You punky kids need a good thrashing
  9. Yes...I know, i saw those videos after my 1st post.....and commented in later Replies Yup....fo sure Just STFU already....sheesh Dude... It's nearly impossible to handcuff someone When they aren't cooperating.... More than one officer is needed In those situations Well he is right if you only saw the 1st video... That's what I was basing my opinion on Until I saw the other videos Interesting
  10. Yeah...I saw that after I posted..he was pummeled pretty good Thats what I thought too....but there is video of cops catching him after he ran. That is when the real beating took place.
  11. To be honest with ya....I have to see more video. Once again, suspect insists on resisting and fleeing.....and the chubby cops are huffing and puffing like no tomorrow...totally out of shape...wtf....good thing they are off the force. ......the guy ran away...what killed him?....I didnt see any lethal blows at all....gonna wait for toxicology report. Wouldnt be surprised if he was hoped up on something. Like Floyd was. Always asking for Momma
  12. Nah not nearly to the extent if it were whites involved
  13. Damn...Carlos Danger putting a smackdown to Snowrider with calm, rational, factful posts. Snow carlos
  14. Thank God it was black on black.....or we'd never hear the end of this one....Holy Toledo
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