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  1. How did Rodgers put people in danger by being unvaxxed?........more and more "breakthrough" cases among the vaxxed, they can both catch and spread the virus as well..... Which pretty much nullifies this fear belief being pushed of the unvaccinated.
  2. And they said Trump was the liar
  3. I just don't get this whole fentanyl thing. According to the DEA, 2 milligrams can be a lethal dose. A gram is 1000 milligrams. How much weght can you possibly save using this as a cut for coke before it is lethal.....makes no sense. ...And on weed, just crazy to lace it. Maybe some cost savings mixing it with heroine, since you only need very small doses but it still doesn't add up. Especially risking killing off your customers. And as far as making it more addictive....anyone using heroine on any regular basis is usually pretty much addicted anyway.....I dunno.
  4. Get yourself some narcan and fentanyl test strips ....if you buy off the streets
  5. This case was so cut and dry, if he was black the not guilty verdict would have been rendered within an hour, if it even went to trial at all. The prosecution was totally pressured by the libs and media to try to make this a case.....when there really wasn't any. It is a breath of fresh air that Justice prevailed
  6. Looks like Kenosha is OK...... .Figures....NYC has some dumbasses(predominantly white)blocking the streets chanting the usual diatribe..defund the police,Floyd, Blake etc........ DeBlasio statement helps to fuel it.....----" This verdict is disgusting and it sends a horrible message to this country where is the Justice in this we can't let this go"---
  7. And of course we have Bill DeBlasio and Andrew Cuomo outraged over the verdict and saying justice was not served. It's these top Democratic officials and left media that stokes the violence. Time to vote all these dumbass dems out of office...America would be much better off.
  8. Just curious.....if his "victims" were black, would you still feel the same about Kyle?
  9. I feel sorry for the dog....she probably behaves like that at home too.
  10. I guess the car source owner is deathly afraid of lawsuits.wants nothing to do with this https://youtube.com/shorts/KGGJoXihr34?feature=share
  11. The media and the radical left have spun it that way. They are looking for a guilty verdict, claiming that if the defendant was black and shot 3 other blacks....there is no way a black shooter would be let off or could claim self defense..So if Rittenhouse walks its because of his "white privilege". All total nonsense of course....in reality, if Rittenhouse is found guilty it will be because they caved to what amounts too black privilege. Plus its a remnant of the Blake fiasco and all its racial overtones. I guarantee if Rittenhouse was black and shot these 3 whites they
  12. You know what.....who cares if they riot. At least this time if the national guard is allowed to do what they should do, it will be shut down in no time and those that resist get what they deserve. Time to get back to basics.
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