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  1. Don't worry, just send them north and Trudeau will welcome them and even give them some $$ for any hardship they might have endured on the way.
  2. Maybe we could get Alex Baldwin to invite Trudolf to one of his movie sets to watch him shoot a scene.
  3. mach4me

    Gas Prices

    $1.73.9 for reg here in Port Sydney
  4. F'd in the head and livin the dream in his mom's basement.
  5. Trudeau should be given 1 choice and 1 choice only...... rope or gun.
  6. Ok that is pretty damn funny.
  7. streets are all blocked and no way in........according to FAIL..lol
  8. Not a whole lot of coverage up here either, media trying to downplay it in a big way.
  9. Every other news outlet will be reporting an increase since the blockade. lol
  10. Streets are not blocked nor are the citizens of Ottawa. Take a drive to the capital and have a look at what it is really like, trust me it's nothing like the media ''fake news'' is saying.
  11. Might have to take the family to a tanning salon , buy a bunch of sombreros and head for the border. Maybe Joe pays more for Canadian wetbacks.
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