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  1. Might have to take the family to a tanning salon , buy a bunch of sombreros and head for the border. Maybe Joe pays more for Canadian wetbacks.
  2. You are correct on the french canucks. Most of the rug heads up here get their A/Z from a cracker jack box.
  3. Semi truck drivers who have towels wrapped around their heads, from 1 end of Ontario, especially Brampton, to the other end of Ont the fuckers are everywhere.
  4. Indigenous people just experienced it differently.
  5. So do we keep voting to get someone out or do we vote to get who we want in? Canada needs a change from the cons and the current liar in charge, if everyone is told its going to split the vote we will never see the change that is much needed. Four more years of Trudy or O'foole at the helm will not be much different.
  6. In central Ontario we are about $4.75 US per Gal for 87 oct.
  7. Ontario is starting the same bullshit on the 22nd of sept, but to one up you we will not be allowed to attend funerals and weddings either.
  8. Not sure if i should be laughing at how f'd in the head he is or crying that this fuck head is our P.M.
  9. Don't worry Canada has your back, Trudeau has already checked off their election ballot card for them.
  10. Check out Revology Mustangs on Y/T. Best of both worlds but at a healthy price tag.
  11. If you can make Trudeau disappear i will leave the door open at the border and a ofsc trail pass waiting for you.
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