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  1. works out to about 6.50 per gallon when converted from liters and taking into account the weak canuckistan dollar
  2. quebec police say lots of arsons. same in alberta and nova scotia.
  3. most all fires from atlantic to pacific are man made, big majority, arson. FWIW
  4. exactly, narcissistic fucks. always a joy when they die. some fucktard MD from hongcouver just croaked on the hill. lololol
  5. jesus fuck. where did she get that? jones tent and awnings? more of the loony bin shit from hollyweird. nope fat broads arent sexy
  6. thats cool. fucking things are like rats out here, but nice to see (and read) about them getting back into old territories
  7. so there is widespread donations from commie china to at least 11 of this fuck heads m.p.'s, a bunch to his family trust and the clown appoints a family friend to investigate, which of course made the scum look great. here is a 2023 picture of goebbels, hitler and himmler
  8. last time there was 1983. i'll never go back
  9. lecturing the wops about sunny ways got a great reaction
  10. good question. going back to a previous life with a field service truck, before i got my retirement job.lol, when no big iron repairs i used to get sent to walmarts, homo depots and such to service and repair the little 4 ton electric trucks. besides the mototruck pallet jacks with their silver contact buttons, there was ne'er a problem with electrics.
  11. hahahaha. if ya listen to the trudeau liberal bought media up here ya would think the arsonists name was climate change
  12. good for her. i wont take away her accomplishments because she rides a cat
  13. as of last week, 32 were arson and get this, the one near banff was a controlled burn that got away on a group of women training to be bush fire fighters via a federal govt grant to get more women into the trade. in this country ya cant write better fiction than the truth up here
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