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  1. the liberal govt pays millions to the media. and another reason is we dont have john wilkes booth, or lee harvey oswalds kin up here. damn it to hell. ha
  2. best place on the fucking planet for this to happen. the fucking things will become self aware, look around themselves and start slaughtering the whole fucking lot of woke faggy commies. cant wait
  3. no matter what game i am hunting, if i see a coyote, it turns into a coyote hunt
  4. i find it so fucking weird that trailmaker is not prattling about this, or any current events forum regarding castros kid . on the ontario forum if you say trudeau is a cunt he is there in a new york minute speaking with trudeaus cum in his mouth. i guess he doesn't want ALL of us knowing how stupid he is
  5. everyplace north of hope, with exception of the hippy kootenays and the north coast thinks the same. this turd burgler in ottawa is the most devicive cunt the country has ever seen. needs a romanian comeupance
  6. watched it a couple weeks ago on prime. a good rockem sockem ooorah flick. but the horseshit with the f14 made me want to shoot the tv
  7. no,no,no, no. people like him are the ones that voted the head cunt in
  8. hell, there is one amongst us. go to the ontario forum and watch trailmaker faun over the fag. pathetic to watch
  9. great news. croatia beat canada. canada out of it now. thank fuck. the prattling idiots beaking about the canadian team and their limey coach was enough to make ya puke in your mouth. fucking soccer.
  10. when did ford subcontract hyundai to build? lol
  11. mtnloverxtreme2


    too bad. liked the guy. mind you, always like the players, just not the leafs. lol
  12. you know what the kid said to his parents after his first soccer practice? " mom, dad, i'm gay"
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