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  1. ahh fuck! now that you replied to him, it will be another 15 or 20 of his postings to himself. lol.
  2. fucking hell, i know i'd be giving inches to that before i left
  3. fucking bohunk president is the biggest grifter on the planet. every time he opens his fag yap, it costs us more. c'mon putin, make the fucking place glass and call it a day
  4. just cars. car division is owned by chinks. truck and industrial is still all swede
  5. yup. be on time, meet up when, and all drinking is for end of day
  6. i would. the common thing here is sleds. while i might disagree, i wont let that over rule the common. shit, in my group, both bikes and sleds, there is commies, (anyone that disagrees with me) and normal folks. lol. think of this. dont let our differing opinions rule all. thats what they want. i have busted balls, and back at me, but anyone here that gets to p.g. this winter will be treated as a bro. we have awesome sledding here, steep and deep.
  7. P making jokes is not going well. ya i see that nobody believes his lies. dont let fact get in the way of your love of his cock. jesus man. the fag will have a 'walk in the snow' soon. he is is such a narcisist cunt he wouldn't be able to handle the ass kicking that is coming. he is kim campbell version two. i'll put money on that trail, up for it?
  8. good for the injun cops. they aren't restrained by namby pamby crap because they have their own set of rules on rez land. outstanding work guys
  9. this is something i always wonder and then sorta puke in my own mouth about. watch these fat beasts, then look at the arms. thaey cant reach the crack, (front or rear). do they use a brush? bidet? ?????? most likely they dont do a good job and it would be like going through the seven gates of hell. big fat pigs, (male and female) disgust me. and this being a sledding site i know i havent offended anyone here, for we're all built like greek gods. lol. who am i kidding, if i offended, 'jimmy crack corn' ha
  10. there probably is, but when they get near earth, they lock the doors and just pass on by
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