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  1. used to make 1/72 scale tanks and cram firecrackers in
  2. hahaha. angry! but fuck, her last name could be hitler and id eat that ass
  3. hahahaha. we have a winner. exactly. it's a fucking resevoir
  4. have to hand it to you trail. you have these fucks rabid over your 'i like trudeaus cock in my mouth' posts and rebbutals. hey guys ignore the guy. dont give him the satisfaction of spouting the party line. fuck sakes
  5. mtnloverxtreme2


    agreed. but watching the eastern finals, i think the rangers are coming into stride and wont matter which west team gets there, the cup is going to new york
  6. it should just state, 'don't go where there are ....... hahaha
  7. along that line of thinking, trudeau does not speak for me. last election he rec' 5.5 million votes. less than the conservatives. and if you take the whole number of eligible voters (including those that didnt vote but could) he speaks for 20.1% of the population. so we can see that 1 in 5 canadians think this guy is the bees knees and belong in a looney bin
  8. you cant be that fucking stupid, american trailmaker. had not one iota of scorn about that. honest to odin you really take the cake, and to think i actually have agreed with you occasionally
  9. have been saying this for years https://www.macleans.ca/society/technology/no-charging-spots-and-a-strained-electrical-grid-welcome-to-the-electric-vehicle-boom/
  10. hard to bank on that with the retards in southern ontario, southern b.c. and the bums in the maritimes being allowed to vote with downs syndrome
  11. everyone should. about time media and public figures learn that slandering will cost money. it should be an eye opener to all sides, left, right and center. report facts, not opinions, and unless you have proof of something, keep your teeth closed.
  12. hahahahahahahaha. fucking GOLD!!!!
  13. jesus fucking christ. we're twins seperated at birth
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