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  1. buddies and i were talking about how bloody wonderful it would be to see him die. and not quickly. he is a POS the likes this country has never seen
  2. upset about the foul words? hahaha. anyone that has been to oz or knows any, know that is the way they talk. hell, they say cunt over there like we use bastard or son of a bitch. same as some parts of england.
  3. fuck!!!! a 4.3 is like a handjob without happy ending. c'mon, cali needs a minimum 8.5
  4. PPC dropped a party organizing official over his involvement
  5. a few times for me. and i give heinrich himmler (young dummies haven't a clue) and the local non emergency police phone number
  6. nothing out of the ordinary there. doing what they are paid to do. the cunts
  7. it is awesome. but on a serious note his SS must be having fits. i have seen many instances where a guy/gal with a gun could have lincoln'ed him
  8. thanks. for making me realize how old i am. lol
  9. maybe he is, but he 'trumps' you. you are clueless on what everything means
  10. FFS! now i feel real old
  11. just happened up here in the peoples republic of british columbia
  12. today after work, met buddies at coffee shop and this fuck up walked by talking to himself like a loon. and guess what, we all stopped and watched. was hilarious. sort of like why people view this
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