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  1. the GTA. say no more. where the hell is ISIS with a nuke when ya need them
  2. me and buddy were talking about that. wonder how much he is getting paid off to toe the line.
  3. keep it up trail. those last two are your best posts. haha
  4. haha. weird how the media that rec'd our money from the fuhrer doesnt report on this
  5. but ya keep letting him bait all of you with brains. pot smoking govt worker is getting the best of ya all. he's full of trudeaus kool aid, let him rant and ignore.
  6. hell! thats the only thing i am in agreement with the CCP on. hahaha. but it is trudopes hypocrisy that is pathetic
  7. hahaha. we were talking about this at work today. good to see the tards realizing everything has a cost
  8. mtnloverxtreme2


    you bet. playing the yanks now is like it was the russkies years ago. those bloody americans have got very good in the last 10-15 years. look forward to the game. our lads should win
  9. https://thedailybeagle.net/2013/05/02/1672-the-year-the-dutch-ate-their-prime-minister/ need more dutchmen in ottawa
  10. as previously stated, dope smoking government worker. hahahahaahah
  11. well fuck. the world is going headlong into the sun and we are doomed. i agree with the pot smoking govt worker
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