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  1. commie fuck. look into his upbringing etc. good too see him dead
  2. 15 years ago my boys left within 4 months of each other. had marriage breakup and deaths of people that didnt cause me the grief this did
  3. would have been perfect if there were guns in the melee
  4. how do you know he wasnt invited? please supply a link. curious about that
  5. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/brian-mulroney-funeral-2
  6. and there's guys that fuck things like that. throw that on a jap whaling ship
  7. that is going to be a slaughter
  8. that is one good thing. more places should. that is the cost of the convenience to the retailer. get more people to use cash
  9. i run down to the coast, (vancouver) and visit my youngest and her ole man, and there are seven tunnels in the canyon. understand completely
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