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  1. The Tesla app for charging stations is not correct at times, this guys private charging station show on the Tesla app.
  2. When it 25 or above I would say it's too warm for me. On those days I had to crack open the visor a little.
  3. I have used that helmet last season and the pervious season. It's a warm helmet, dosen't fog, works good for me. The breath mask collects condisation is the one draw back.
  4. I'm sure HSR is in there somewhere.
  5. I haven't heard of anyone not riding there snowmobile because of a recall. You on the other hand is someone that hasn't rode this year. So why did you buy a new sled?
  6. What the hell krom's slipping,or maybe there are to many recalls to keep track of...lol
  7. Did I beat Krom to punch ? https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2024/Polaris-Recalls-Snowmobiles-Equipped-with-PATRIOT-BOOST-Engines-Due-to-Fire-Hazard-Recall-Alert
  8. It really was , I had too mess with some people today with a few pictures. " Pics for attention" Lol
  9. I forgot to say that this ride was on my land, no closed trails were violated.
  10. Lol I seen that post today, people were asking if he was done sending it.
  11. Still getting snow in Central MN. Wet heavy shit, that packs like cement.
  12. It's too bad this snow came so late in the year, it really packs down nicely, could of made a great base if it was December instead of the end or March.
  13. Wait, there is an option to log off? No way
  14. Some of the Polaris rider didn't get the latest recall notice or maybe there is no 91 E10 fuel available in Alaska.
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