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  1. How would person figure out how much power they are utilizing? With out some sort of data recording/ reading software. For me could I look at the miles vs hours, that might tell me something, if I had to make a guess I would say less than 40% Next time I start my sled I’m going to look at the hour and miles and see what the average MPH is.
  2. I should of keep this old XLT Special,but didn't have a good spot to store it. I thought about putting it in the barn, but then it would of been one of those old dusty barn sleds.
  3. MnDean

    Bearing grease

    It's real easy just to add a zerk to the stock cover. I pull the outer seal off the bearing. Drill a hole in the cover and add a zerk fitting, 1/4-28 nut on the back side of the cover and you are done. This fall I pulled the cover to take a look, bearing full of grease and still good. When I grease the bearing I just look up inside the tunnel, when I see a little grease starting to ooze out of the seal I stop.
  4. Hmm, tough question, one thing for sure is that's a lot of duck plucking to find out.😄
  5. With or without engine's? I looked a the new model's at haydays, looked super lightweight to me.
  6. NSP is in for stickers, polar bears are strategically placed along the route for clean up purposes only.
  7. Cool race , they sell raffle tickets
  8. People that flim there own illegal activities are really some dumb people. Then to post it on social media, makes lol when they end up with charges against them.
  9. I speak from past experiences with Ricky's clutch set up, and it's the truth. Absolute garbage is what he sent me,it was many years back, but not forgotten.
  10. No range anxiety for this Tesla driver or no relatives to sponge off of on his cross country trip.
  11. Jim is too busy at the moment, he is running up to Theif River Falls to tell all the Arctic Cat employees about the latest stop ride from Polaris.
  12. Maybe Polaris will ship us some cans of gas this fall, easy fix.
  13. I contacted Polaris, they are sending a tanker truck out, to top off my gas tank. I should be good to go.
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