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  1. That is a cool link. We are sitting at the cabin thinking about going for a ride.
  2. Saturday I rode the north shore trail starting from the Laine road up to Silver bay, it wasn't great but ok if you don't mind a few clicks now and then. The moose walk trails were groomed and decent. Jumped back on the north shore trial and took that up to the Trestle Inn. From the Trestle I took the tomahawk to the knotty pine, it was groomed but had thin spots. From the knotty I made a bad decision and took the Yukon to the Brimson trail. When I got to Hugo's my old ass was beat.
  3. I seen a above ground tank there on the side parking lot, I think that might be gas for sleds, but they were closed that weekend for the Christmas holiday so I'm not 100% sure about it.
  4. Thanks for the updates. I'm headed up this weekend. I will probably stick to the forest roads and just end up riding around the camp, but maybe a run up to Hugo's we will see how it looks when I get there.
  5. Picture is from Saturday about 7 miles from the Pequayawn lake inn. Logging roads were ok in the woods the open areas were blown clean. I was hoping the Tuesday storm would dump more snow,but it looks like just a few inches.
  6. I went with the woody's gold diggers push through studs and aluminum backer plates. Last year I was looking at my track and was thinking maybe I should of used the round plastic backers instead of the aluminum ones or maybe a different pattern.
  7. I can ride from my house, its about 100 foot ride to the trail. I'm about 50 miles north of the twin cities. I also have a cabin up in northern Mn not to far off the north shore trial, if there is no snow at the house we trailer up to cabin.
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