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  1. The North Shore MN for sure, but we have a cabin north of Two Harbors so that's easy no brainer. No dates set ,it's snow dependent.
  2. I do think you're correct on a cold seizure. The previous day before I noticed it wasn't right,I got it stuck, riding off trail by myself. I took my time digging it out, when I figured I was ready to roll , I started it up and hammered the throttle to get out and I remember now that I didn't even look at the temperature before I beat the shit out of it getting back to road.
  3. No matching exhaust valve marks. The piston damage is in between the main exhaust port and the sub exhaust ports. Never got hot, I keep a close eye on the temps. The top of the pistons have a raised ridge center of the exhaust port, tugged upward . So yes ,it got hot some how, but not from high coolant temps.
  4. Not sure what the grooves are for, they are only on the thrust side of the piston. I was more concerned about the vertical grooves that aren't supposed to be be there.
  5. I decided to go and look around you never know, I will most likely find something I don't really need but will buy it anyway. Plus it's a 20 minute drive for me.
  6. I pulled the engine out my 2016 800. It was down on power last February so I parked it. Last weekend I finally got a chance to work on it, needs pistons for sure and I should pull the bottom end apart and check that also.
  7. I see a lot of SxS running around my neighborhood in MN , lot of the local people have radial car tires on them and a big tool box in the back that's just a cooler in disguise. I asked one of them how do those tires work for off road use, he said why would I want to do that, I figured off roading would really get his LED lights dirty Lol
  8. Is that the method you you used to steam your lobsters tonight, yum yum carpet lobsters.
  9. Cooked lobster in the kitchen sink? You really are a loser or is that how it's served in the trailer park?
  10. I see a couple of your broads in the picture, all three of them. LMAO turkey neck fucker
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