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  1. I had woodchucks under a shed a few years ago, I fed them cantaloupe for a few days , just to train them, then I just dropped a couple of chucks by there hole and waited with the 22, they loved that cantaloupe.
  2. He looks hungry, what does he eat ? I personally feed them lead.
  3. To me it looks like you are using that snowmobile as a garbage can or is a garbage can? Where do you pile all that shit in the winter? On the 2022 garbage can?
  4. The regulations do say that, but it also says that the parent must be close enough to be able to direct the youths operation of the snowmobile. Seems kind of vague to me. I am all for the younger people getting into snowmobiling, but 9 year old out on a public trails riding a machine without an adult on the back, just seems wrong.
  5. This guy gets the dumb ass father of the year award. Takes his 9 year old out trail riding, kid hits a tree and gets hurt. In Minnesota kids need to be aleast 12 years of age and completed a snowmobile course to ride on public lands. Now he's on Facebook looking for help to fix the sled.
  6. Lol, I was wondering how long it would be before mnstang piped in with his electrophobia talk.
  7. The web site says it closed, I picked my brother up on Friday, he is in Barron county, trails were groomed, but he said they are closed. The gates are open, but trails are closed
  8. I'm masking up this weekend, trails should be awesome, plus it will keep my face warm.
  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=d2KWerKmsmE See if this works
  10. This week on Pelican lake snowmobile flys through the air and parks itself in the the garage. 1588696_1640790245959_trans.mp4
  11. I haven't snow checked a sled since 95,now I buy off the rack/dealer stock and I'm an impulse buyer. Last February I went to the dealer for some parts and seen a new 850 all black and shiny, bought that and put the parts on hold. But I was excited for that XLT, I new it wouldn't be all that fast, but it sure rode alot nicer then my old 650.
  12. I think for $185 bucks you can get a recoil starter kit for a Skidoo. Not that much more than a new battery.
  13. We tried that skidoo rope pull start last year when it was -26 below, it didn't work, broke that little plastic clip on the first pull, the battery was brand new, unstalled the day before and fully charged up. Had to take the battery out and bring it inside to warm it up, started fine the rest of the day. Next cold snap the same thing, no start.
  14. You should never start the cat until all the skidoos are up and running 🏃‍♀️
  15. The dealer had that on for me when I picked it up. He said, I put a different windshield on it, he didn't think I would like the one that they came with. He was right on the mark.
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