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  1. I'm thinking the Skidoo with a 50/50 mix of methanol and nitromethane in that little tank under the seat will take the win.
  2. Shit, just lock them up in there own house, let the rats chew on them.
  3. You need to use the correct key words in BING. I found this, its got to be Dumdstad 😄
  4. Some of the guys I ride with have the fancy display, some know how to use and some don't, and that is really strange to me , not knowing how to use equipment on your sled. Sometimes it can be entertaining when riding with someone that doesn't understand the new tech. One time we set the bluetooth to a different riders phone,then changed some contact names in that phone. Schedule a couple of text messages so we knew we would be riding when they were sent. He was really confused when his display said "You ride like a pussy" " still riding like a pussy" " turn in your man card
  5. Baptism River Retreat. $226.00 a night. 5 bedrooms sleeps 8.
  6. At one time I did find it online? Had pictures, prices ect. I think it had like 8 bedrooms.
  7. I think the old West Branch bar a grill in Finland is a rental now. But last I searched for information on that it was difficult to find any.
  8. Not having dealer inventory is a really bad business plan.
  9. Well apparently the dealers don't think is a bad idea to have inventory on hand to sell. I really like seeing inventory at the dealers when I'm shopping for a new sled. I stop by, look at what they have, if I like it, I buy it. Its really a simple process, but I know you wouldn't understand.
  10. Two sleds 2016 800 Pro s 2021 850 pro s. If the snow is good I can ride from my house or sometimes trailer up to the cabin in northern MN. My brother has a cabin in Cumberland WI, so thats a nice saddle bag trip from my house that I try to do a couple times each season.
  11. Babbling year after year after year.
  12. I do know it works on a 21, also could be software, I have always updated to the latest versions that are available.
  13. Might be your OBD link. I use OBDLink EX USB Auto-Switch.
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