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  1. This guy is out with his 3 year old on the trials, seems a little young to me, but father knows best.
  2. Is that a flip phone Cat mounted up there? Or is it 3 flips phones?
  3. Is that a flip phone Cat mounted up there? Or is it 3 flips phones?
  4. Yes fill it with salt water. The people in Arizona would love that salty water
  5. Transport Graphics in Roger's mn might be able to help you out
  6. Did Canada even notice it flying over there air space? "The high-altitude balloon was spotted over Billings, Montana, on Wednesday. It flew over the Aleutian Islands, through Canada, and into Montana"
  7. This should get Ricky fired up.
  8. Drilling through cast iron isn't much of a test, cast iron is real easy to drill , it has graphite in it makes it very machinable. To me those step drill bits look to difficult to sharpen
  9. When I was in Alaska I seen several women sporting this caption on there shirts, lot of truth in this statement.
  10. Yep short drive from Anchorage ,lots of trails to ride.
  11. Much better riding in Alaska to be had, none of that God dam snow dust.
  12. As I get older, I seem to get a little slower every year. 😒 but I do ride in small groups 3-4 people at most, so that helps keeping things moving. Most of the time it's just me and my son, so I have to scoot along or he will pass me, not quite ready to let that happen.
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