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  1. I can think of a couple of reasons right away, 1 is to avoid getting preggo while they are ovulating 2nd, their pussy needs some healing to do after pushing the baby out
  2. it comes with it. you should try it out, alot of people are happy with their gators.
  3. something tells me you have done dipping into some guy ass?
  4. John Deere 855D with Power Steering FTW , yeah they may be little bit slow but oh man they are rugged love their locking 4wd. has bighorn 2.0 tires on it.
  5. Hey ya, I was wondering how many attempts has the clown ( ZOSO ) tried to get back on this site under new names so far ? gotta be nice without his bullshit on this site
  6. did you put him on 80,000 seconds flooding ? or no posts or pm but can still view contents ?
  7. Sweet!!! NICE!! he may have not killed himself yet, but this is just as good as it gets.. fresh beer on me if you are ever headed down to my state ( secret state )
  8. Shit, I forgot about that stupid email... just be quiet for now eh? Zoso definitely SUCKS! I think we all can agree on that
  9. I wasn't talking about you. so now you are butt buddy with the pyscho ?
  10. Atleast its not the cake flavor crap like n20 has
  11. hes been a cocksucker since day 1 started in 2008. shit bag is not even welcomed on TBP that says something.
  12. Why cant you go kill yourself ?? and FTR, I am not FJ7
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