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  1. I haven't been sick a day in 3 years ... no vax.. I believe alcohol is the reason.
  2. Buddy Guy was amazing, saw him two years ago with Johnny Lang - who was amazing as well
  3. This is Stanley. I got him to keep my wife company after she suffered 2 brain aneurysms
  4. 0 klm this year, wife suffered 2 brain aneurisms and 3 brain surgeries later I was unable to really leave her for any extended amount of time. Sold my sled for what I paid 3 years ago, figured why not at this point - crazy covid prices. First time in 30 years without a sled. Will be looking for another one for next year. Really missed getting out for sure.
  5. Go back to your glory hole at Sandys and suck some more black dicks so you mouth will be full and we dont have to listen to your bullshit you dick licker faggot
  6. Fuck off faggot, do you have to fuck up every thread on here, go suck some more black dicks
  7. Where can I see this, is it on netflix, in the theater?
  8. Rip off prices, I will go to my local dispensary until mine has dried!
  9. how many plants will you be able to grow at one time?
  10. so if i smoke a joint 2 hrs ago, and not even buzzed any more , do i get an impaired charge? Bunch of bullshit, alcohol way worse than pot IMO
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