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  1. There will be 2 choices…..fact. Joe and the Dems have butt fucked America……fact. Trump will be the only option to undo the butt fucking………fact.
  2. Listen fuckstick, there’s really only 2 choices come November and Joe and the Democrats have shown anybody with a brain just how awful they are. The choice is crystal clear and quite obvious.
  3. Trump is far superior to Joe and the modern day Democrats. They’re just absolute radical filth of the likes we have never seen.
  4. Democrats hate America, they care more about other countries and their people than our own citizens.
  5. What happened in 2020 was nothing but emotional liberal faggots who shit and pissed themselves because they were so offended by Trump’s personality instead of focusing on the his fantastic policies. You dumbfucks found out just how stupid you were…….Joe and Cumalloverme Harris are perfects reps for you morons.
  6. The facts don’t lie moron, Joe and the Democrats are a dismal failure. How in the fuck can approximately 38% still approve of his performance? Just goes to show that there’s still a good amount of radical retards who have their heads up their asses and you’re one of them.
  7. The price tag is stupid. Not to mention the cost to wire in an EV plug in your home. Certainly not a home run, it’s a bunt just on price alone.
  8. You’d have to have your head up your ass (like yourself) to not see how bad Democrats are and you most definitely are one, more than likely a transgender retard. What are your pronouns?
  9. I didn't forget anything, I stated that the economy/inflation is currently the #1 issue and that's a fact. Anything else cunt?
  10. Economic instability/inflation is the #1 issue right now with voters and it's looking real bad for Democrats. Abortion is barely a blip on the radar. But you two just keep jerkin yourselves off.
  11. That was before Joe and the filthy Democrats showed the country just how bad they really are and man did they over achieve...............pure filth.
  12. I can't stand self centered, selfish pricks like that. No way I'd let a sibling of mine get away with that shit.
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