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  1. Other than going to war, if a human being pulls a gun on another human and starts blazing away for any reason, drug deals gone bad or whatever, that person most certainly has a mental health issue.
  2. I have season tickets, my oldest son and his gf are going to the Monday night game. I don't know what to think after that embarrassment last weekend but my gut says the Pack won't let that happen again, especially against the Lions at home. Well, when Favre and Rodgers both came to Green Bay they were not the greatest qb's, they were developed by the coaches, the org. and there own will to be better. The Packer org. treats their players very well and there's plenty of player testimonials to back that up. The bold is pure BS but it's your opinion and you're entitled to it but the 70's
  3. When I first read the title of this thread I thought it was going to be about the Poo Indy 500.
  4. Low grade, Chinesium caliper bolt?
  5. This is some pretty radical shit from the GOP. Let the fucking women do what they want, it’s their body!!!! I will say that if they do choose abortion it should be done in the first trimester.
  6. There is no different point of view you numb nut, the evidence is overwhelming. There's tons of proof out there in various different documentaries, articles, etc. Politicians and bankers were in it together. How can a clown like you or anybody for that matter defend what happened back then? It's mind blowing to me how morons like you can't see the root of the problem. The answer to your question, mortgage co's. were doing just that, handing out 300k morgies to people working at Burger King. No due diligence, just a massive free for all. Like I said, you need to educate yourself to the tru
  7. The bottom line is deregulation should never happen in banking because the cocksuckers are greedy bastards. Have you ever asked yourself why banks are so regulated? One would have to be brain dead if they didn't understand. Read up, maybe you'll learn something. https://www.thebalance.com/what-caused-2008-global-financial-crisis-3306176
  8. Swing and a miss, do a little reading about the 2008 crash, maybe you'll learn something.
  9. Banking industry is the scum of the earth and you know it. 37 years in biz and our clients keep calling back, that doesn't happen by fucking them over, big swing and a miss. I'm a broken record because you don't like to hear the truth. One only has to look at history to see how evil and disgusting the lending industry is, there's plenty of proof.
  10. That's hilarious, those ultimate capitalist Wall Street banks should have been losers back in '08 but they had to rely on socialism to stay afloat.
  11. Ummm, no you wouldn't, I'd flick you like the booger you are.........twerp.
  12. Something you certainly don't have to worry about, you're a dick eater. I'm sure you have plenty stocked up in your bomb shelter.
  13. It certainly is, when you're a chair polisher/ keyboard tapper the headaches and paper cuts eventually go away on there own, when one works a physical job it usually requires corrective surgery after all the years of abuse. We have diminished real work in this country.
  14. You should have passed that advice on to the big Wall Street banks leading up to 2008.
  15. That's not entirely true, I think alot of it has to do with people are getting tired of low paying, dead end jobs.
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