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  1. We're all well aware of the fact that you have your head up your ass but here's a clue.
  2. It's everywhere and no surprise whatsoever, the same thing happened when gas was high around 10 years ago.
  3. This country has been on a CC since you were swimming around in your great grandfathers nut sack, maybe longer, what else is new.
  4. Wife and I both own small biz, those tax cuts were nice. I don’t look at it as lost revenue because govt. always finds a way to get their money, I look at it as being over taxed, which we most certainly are in a number of wasteful ways.
  5. Good lord. People who do not obey laws and don’t obey commands and are constantly in trouble with the law comes from a piss poor upbringing. Scared of cops
  6. Right? Democrats are already claiming victory for the peasants. You know, the ones they really care about.
  7. My dad’s friend Jim used to say that to my dad quite often because my dad called him a little cocksucker all the time.
  8. Oh the irony and your constant “dumb fucking retard” “stupid fucking idiot” kill yourself” etc. etc. etc. is so inviting.
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