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  1. That’s Bonerdica the DoDo bird.
  2. Well, when they're corrupt, lying POS politicians (both sides) the pleasure comes easier.
  3. Reagan was 77 when his term ended, that's damn near how old Biden was when he was elected. Reagan was sharp as a tack, Biden not so much.
  4. When was the last time a nursing home patient was a Rep. president? That's right, pretty much never. Biden should be doing Depends/ Nursing Home commercials, not POTUS. We need age limits now more than ever.
  5. He's such a great representation of the entire Duhmocrat Party.
  6. Voting is no longer the power that people were lead to believe, things have changed. We may have some good political candidates but as soon as they're elected, they get sucked into the greedy, corrupt system and are told to tow the line. IMO, what really needs to happen in this country is we need to get rid of politicians and do referendum type voting on most issues and let the people decide what's best for their interests instead of voting for politicians who are doing just the opposite.
  7. Everything he mentioned in his post made perfect sense you moronic fucking imbecile.
  8. No way the American electorate is to blame. The last 30 - 35 years DC has been infiltrated with self serving greed and corruption of which voting can’t cure. It’s an insult to blame voters because most voters don’t live their lives like the filth in DC does.
  9. Some of the dumbest people I've ever witnessed are Democrats hands down. Here's something that will confuse the hell out of you.
  10. If Democrat voters had to take an IQ test to vote most would not meet the minimum requirement, electing Biden is a perfect example of how stupid you and your ilk are.
  11. Another loser bites the dust.............action starts at 5:35
  12. Good god you're such an incredible idiot. McVeigh used a fertilizer bomb to carry out his evil. Some nutjobs use vehicles and plow them into crowds and so on, etc., etc. The problem with you liberal imbeciles is that you think passing idiotic laws will some how guarantee some kind of utopia. You fucking morons are just dumber than shit.
  13. The believers that thought Joe Biden would save this country comes to mind.
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