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  1. Hey SnowBozo............... Zambroski says hi again.
  2. Perhaps pull the stick out of your ass and laugh a little?
  3. Sorry it hurts your butt, Putin made Biden look like a weak fool and he didn't even have to try that hard.
  4. I believe Putin just wanted to make Biden look like a weak idiot, he succeeded.
  5. Sounds like more reason for porch pirate numbers to increase. It would be hilarious to have a motion detector speaker with a vicious rottweiler bark and watch the scumbags run for the hills via surveillance cam.
  6. I hope you're being sarcastic. Just in case you're not................because he's a complete moron, that's why.
  7. Those are your words idiot, I didn't dee anybody in here bring that shit up except you. The fact of the matter is it was not a fair trade. Especially the fact that the Marine served this country while Griner voiced her dislike over the anthem.
  8. Ovulation is a good thing, it means they're horny., shooting yotes may be a turn on. Menstruating is what you need to be concerned about.
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