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  1. I don't mind when they lose when the other team is better but this one stings because the Packers simply beat themselves #specialteamssucked#
  2. What's really sad is that leading up to the game everybody was concerned about our run defense and the defense was the only phase that showed up for the Packers. I don't mind losing a clean, hard fought game but the Packers literally gave that game to the niners and those type of games hurt the worst.
  3. The Packers beat themselves and they deserved to lose that game. It stings and I hope some serious lessons are learned from what has happened to the Packers in recent history.
  4. That's some hot looking pussy right there.
  5. My son and I saw an XCR like yours on the trail yesterday while we were taking a trail break. We both commented how hawt they look on the snow.........nice looking sled dude.
  6. The public screwl system should get out of the food business and concentrate on education. Feeding your owns kids is not bullshit you lying piece of trash, it's reality. The parents should be responsible for feeding their own kids you stupid moron. My dad used to comment about all the poor beaner kids who qualify for free food programs while their parents drop them off at school with 2 - 3 thousand dollars worth of bling wheels on their vehicles.
  7. Come on, Zoso……really? You have to be a massive POS to reach Zoso levels. I’ve yet to see anybody here stoop to those levels.
  8. You must be young..........she's Wonder woman.
  9. Good lord..........wtf is happening to this country is right. Is that a female sasquatch?
  10. Just shut up you stupid fuck, there is no teacher worth $327,600 for 1/2 a years work.
  11. ......now tack on their exorbitant public employee benefits. Astonishing how bad public employee unions were fucking Wisconsin taxpayers for the last 50 years, thank god for Scott Walker. Always have to keep an eye on people (thieves) who make their living off other peoples taxes.
  12. That's really a stupid meme, no surprise you posted it though.
  13. I like to believe that the largest failure in American history are those who voted for him believing he was going to be their savior. Do you think those 81 million voters learned their lesson? I doubt it.
  14. You put it in your front pocket in a clip because the ladies are more interested in that bulge rather than the one in the middle.
  15. Highly unlikely, politicians always tell you what you want to hear just to get elected and then do the opposite.
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