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  1. The RAVE RE will weed out the posers. This is the real deal.
  2. Lester's praise poo they're being bought. Lester's praise lynx they're being bought. Wtf people? Fuck off with your conspiracy theories.
  3. Well they're losing members because of pit Cunt
  4. Well, we have a special bunch here. 😂
  5. What kind of clutching would you run in a 260hp 1100 cat? Because some TURBO TARDS think stock clutching is ideal.
  6. Looks like a giant douche. A BIG Cunt with no friends or self esteem. Having moderator power is his biggest accomplishment in life.
  7. One dealer here is taking $1000 off msrp to start.
  8. Same guy? I thought Joey was hcs? Pit Cunt is dootalk
  9. Now PIT CUNT is so butt hurt I got this. You have been placed on moderator queue until 27-March 21. This means that all content you submit until then will need to be approved by a moderator before it will be shown.
  10. I just got a warning from PIT CUNT. He got butthurt in the spring check price check thread. He didn't want anyone to share prices. I called him out. As long as dealer name not mentioned, who cares. PIT CUNT got very butthurt 😂
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