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  1. Kms. It's actually been quite reliable. Doesn't burn oil, rocks with the best of them still, I run a fast pace. I believe 600ish hours? Elka stage 4s. It will take a pounding.
  2. I've got 21000k on my 12 outlander 1000. Let me know how awesome it is when you get there.
  3. I am? Have you been checked for retardation?
  4. It's a farm machine. WGAF. Just buy the Kawasaki. Better built.
  5. Smoother and quieter for how long? Every cat I've ever been around was never as good as anything else in the group. Cat probably better than a cfmoto
  6. Updated for 22. More hp, trans updates, gear ratios. Research once in a while
  7. Pioneer 1000 is a good unit. Can Am and Polaris are crushing it. Cat is unrefined, would not buy.
  8. There he is. Are you mad? Look at all the time you wasted. Stupid fuck 🤣🤣🤣
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