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  1. Seizing at 700 miles is something only you would try to swing into a positive. You are stupid as fuck!
  2. What a great country. Helping others 👍
  3. My bud since grade 1, my father and I are on a big adventure. Put on almost 300km yesterday. Should be close to that again today.
  4. Last time, people with the jab, were allowed to travel. 👍
  5. Another well thought out reply from the sites know it all/ knows fuck all. 😀 The Super Dave Osborne of FS.com What did you fuck up today?
  6. They should just lock down the unvaxxed conspiracy retards
  7. Well thought out reply Benny the Bitch. Why did you run away in the other thread? Did I hurt your feelings? If you don't want to be called a dumb cunt, don't be a dumb cunt.
  8. It sure was. A local guy here had come into a large inheritance and had a 650 wildcat that was full of black magic stuff. His wife had an EXT 530 and he also had a Wildcat 700. But that 650 is the one I remember the most. It was a pretty wicked sled at that time. There's never been a cooler company name either, and I'm a Doo guy ,👍
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