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  1. Only a true fag would say that.
  2. Awful thinks you should shut your whore mouth.
  3. Good job by you and the department. 👍
  4. I did? Where? This is why you're retarded!
  5. And? You think all cops are RoboCop? Most probably couldn't pass the fitness test. Cop by my place is really fit, 5'10" 175lbs, think he can take down angry Leontae at 6'4 250lbs? What about same size wacked on dope? Not going to happen.
  6. You are retarded. You've back that up. Prove me wrong.
  7. I'm not implying, I'm telling you. If you think otherwise you're retarded.
  8. One enough? Most times no. So you'd be wrong.
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