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  1. Mac Jones pulled in 3rd quarter. Hopefully he’s done as he doesn’t look good again this year.
  2. Bills putting up some points on Miami so far in this game 41-20 in the 3rd.
  3. Patriots two turnovers early in game but just scored two touchdowns in 4 mins making it a game at the half.
  4. jammin’s wife passed away this morning. May she RIP.
  5. Wait wut, were you sick? You usually get a couple sleds a year
  6. Happy Easter everyone
  7. Well I did pm him about Frankie
  8. Fuck you I get pm’ed by him over there.
  9. He pm’ed me on snowest again asking if you closed your photo business.
  10. https://news.yahoo.com/anderson-minnesota-alaska-snowmobile-three-204300483.html just read this
  11. I don’t think it’s him on tbp and hopefully he gets life.
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