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  1. Until the sun goes down and the wind quits. Solar is a joke as it takes up so much space and wind fails more than it works.
  2. I would not touch a Tesla if they paid me $47,000.00. Worst built cars on the road today. Hell, will never buy any EV EVER!
  3. The photo will be under an American flag from a club Vets ride. Cat was so gracious that they vowed even more support next year. Class company!
  4. He is like a bad penny. Makes sense. He is from New York.
  5. Still here that sweeping sound and the smell of ammonia. It's like the dipshit is following me. Soon there will be a picture of me and my club in the Factory from our Vets ride though. Maybe kROMMER can keep the dust off of it. Doubtful. Worst custodian EVER!
  6. The track thing is real. Right from my bud who is a manager on the line. Last year it was shocks. KROMMER should know this, but being a shitty custodian, no big surprise.
  7. kROMMER say something? I figured he was at a drag show or modeling for Adidas.
  8. Are you all knowing, like a god? Didn't think so!
  9. Summer is like murder to the squad (cr, kROMMER, KNAWFUL, etc. The big issue now for all manufacturers is tracks. One company supplying all is not great.
  10. Look at the Date it was posted. April 6. Guessing Dealer tried to over order on his allotment.
  11. Woke shit! Tried to outlaw gas lawn mowers and chainsaws.
  12. And a ten year time line. Poo cant make year 1.
  13. Deep never tells the truth.
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