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  1. I will never own a machine that long. Might get 6-700 miles on a year. Not to concerned. We have a couple cats in our group who have over 10,000 miles and they are running as strong as the day they bought them. Cat built engines in those. One 550 and one 700. Have a Prowler XTX at my cabin that was my fathers and that has over 7,000 miles and no issues other than a couple of batteries.
  2. What good is a wheelie? Gravel is all mine. To bad you don't have friends. I get it. New York is full of Fucktards. Surprised you are not fitting in there krommer? That big of an asshole?
  3. By Honda. You are alright. Honda is nothing special anymore though. We have a Rancher 420. Rough riding SOB and it has a stalling issue. Backfires alot as well. Want my better half to up grade from it. She sure likes my Alterra.
  4. No. Family issues. Sick sister. Important shit!
  5. Hey dipshit. This is not a serious site! Its hardcore. Figure it out! I'm not going to help you out one bit. Service manual wrong? Fucking custodians.
  6. Someone had to get this board going again. I leave for a few days and it just DIES around here.
  7. In these times, who cares. Actually in any time. I have never seen a Pioneer but no Honda dealers near either. Cat will sell every Prowler Pro they can make.
  8. It is a very nice machine if you use it for what it is intended. It is not a racer. It is for work and mild fun. So freaking quiet. Nice to be able to have a conversation in it at speed. I would have bought one, but I have no room in my garage for anything that large. Maybe in the future though.
  9. Stupid shit? Answered numerous questions krommer. Still no answer from your erased false claim on winch installation over there. ,What gives?
  10. No. I just think 95% of you are ass holes who drag this Country down. Home to AOC and Cuomo and, fucking list is to long to keep typing. Dont like facts, put me on ignore dipshit! Quarry rock wrecks tires btw. Stupid fuck!
  11. I sure prefer the Cub to our old Deere. The deck on the Deere was way to light. Had to have it welded several times. I know they all come from the same plant. Different specs for each brand.
  12. When you are filling in pot holes on a two hundred foot driveway, you do not need a tri axe. I go through maybe 5 buckets of CL. 5 a year. You are not smart enough to be one of my traffic control workers. Why did you delete your post on that other board on winches krommer? Still waiting for that one.
  13. I have friends that actually allow me to grab what I need. 5 gallon pails work great for filling in the pot holes from the spring thaw krommer. You probably have never seen class 5 aggregate let alone know where it came from being from New York State.
  14. I stole it from crn2crn's driveway when I was there digging that hole in his back yard a while ago.
  15. All that is on the sled is the cover and the old tunnel bag. Was a quick clean as the wind was whipping at 45 mph and filling my garage with leaves. Pails are full of gravel for my driveway. Sled is going to the farm next weekend. I do not store them here year round.
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