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  1. Cement! Silica! Not rocket science.
  2. I hire the sign holders. You would not qualify. They actually have to get certified. You could not pass an Eye test is my guess.
  3. Yield signs are not held, but coming from a dipshit, will give you a break. Do you even know what roads are built from? Asphalt is oil refined. Just guessing that you have no clue. You probably also think it is free. Stupid AOC following ass hat. Thats your reality. Sucks to be shown for who you really are.
  4. We certify the plants. State quit doing it 3 years ago. The only thing we wont cert are the scales in the silo. They hire that out. Asphalt plants only.
  5. That's my job krommer. I get paid well. Probably better than the runner up to custodian of the year.
  6. Certifying an asphalt plant today.
  7. Been lost enough times. GPS is now my friend for life.
  8. Yep! Our ATV trails are mostly separate from our sled trails. Bought the tread to share with ATV and sled. Best $700 spent, being it will be used year round.
  9. Just finished putting my Garmin tread mount, wiring and GPS on. Slick!
  10. I will never own a machine that long. Might get 6-700 miles on a year. Not to concerned. We have a couple cats in our group who have over 10,000 miles and they are running as strong as the day they bought them. Cat built engines in those. One 550 and one 700. Have a Prowler XTX at my cabin that was my fathers and that has over 7,000 miles and no issues other than a couple of batteries.
  11. What good is a wheelie? Gravel is all mine. To bad you don't have friends. I get it. New York is full of Fucktards. Surprised you are not fitting in there krommer? That big of an asshole?
  12. By Honda. You are alright. Honda is nothing special anymore though. We have a Rancher 420. Rough riding SOB and it has a stalling issue. Backfires alot as well. Want my better half to up grade from it. She sure likes my Alterra.
  13. No. Family issues. Sick sister. Important shit!
  14. Hey dipshit. This is not a serious site! Its hardcore. Figure it out! I'm not going to help you out one bit. Service manual wrong? Fucking custodians.
  15. Someone had to get this board going again. I leave for a few days and it just DIES around here.
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