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  1. If you do, look me up. Will have a swing barrel stocking cap on.
  2. Not talking mountain. Cross Country and snow cross.
  3. Will never be an 850-class race. No need. The racers have nothing to hide, unlike most 850 purchasers.
  4. It is set up so everything is equal. Not going to change anytime soon.
  5. Been tried. Back in the fucking 90's. To dangerous.
  6. Bullshit! Races have to have limits. 600 is a perfect location.
  7. This year? Ice was all you had. More to say, but it is bedtime.
  8. Someone is making up shit! Wow! On the net? You Bastard! You killed Kenny!
  9. What? Dealer 1. Expected 15. Sold 22. Dealer 2. Expected 12. Sold 20. These are increasing numbers. Needed?
  10. I can make up shit almost as well as you. I just keep the name special for you.
  11. Krom burn! 12 cc thing. Dealer mechanic told me a year before the release. Just giving back.
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