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  1. Scored bearing from Suzuki. It happened on a Sunday. Was back riding the following Friday. Yeah! It ended positive. Try that on a poo or a doo, you stupid FUCK!
  2. I had a 98 500. It locked up at 700 or so miles. Got it back, less than a week later. Still running. Credibility is in you, worshiper of internet jESUS.
  3. Paid for by Polaris and the endless stop rides they are oh so famous for.
  4. All first year sleds for the most part are shit. I have had good luck with Cats though. I'll be honest. There is no other brand. My dealer! Fuck Polaris! Fuck Doo! I will Chronicle my Catalyst though. Just not on this particular forum.
  5. He is a fucking stalker if you ask me.
  6. I never shared where I work. Only what I do. Kind of a big difference.
  7. I have never given permission. He took it on himself.
  8. Maybe you need to do the same with internet jESUS.
  9. (even then its not a real job, you leach off taxpayers) quote from internet jESUS. We deal with State and Federal funds for road construction and every County has Tech's to handle the work. We also can get audited and have. I have gone through three and not one red check mark on my part. My job is very real! Good records are hard to come by, and not probably applicable to a floor sweeper.
  10. I have called you krom, Janitor, Custodian of the year, kROMMER and mop bucket. I take all those back. You are now going to be known as internet jESUS. Why you might ask. Well the real Jesus, if he existed, turned water into wine, judged know one and was kind to all. You are an ass hole, take your own made up rumors, put them in Quotes and expect everyone to believe they are now facts. Saying I was hired because of a relative is not a fact, it is your rumor. I was hired because I met the qualifications for the job. You have this special 4 year degree, Good bye internet jESUS. You blew every w
  11. Is this another of your famous self rumor you quote as fact?
  12. Several times. At every race I've attended. He is there. Very open, honest person. Unlike the Mop Bucket. He was what, about 75 when he RETIRED?
  13. Have you ever met Roger? I have. He has zero animosity towards Textron and Cat. Right from him!
  14. It is so weird that Andy B has been there for over 20 years. How? They gutted Engineering according to Mop Bucket (feel free to use his real, not self given nickname). Could it be that those Engineers actually retired. Roger is what? 80? He still has free reign at the factory btw. Me thinks bucket is full of the stuff he has to clean up. Just spitballing of course.
  15. Lived in the same area my entire life. Worked for two Counties. Right across the Red River from each other. No Bullshit there. Worked 8 summers from high school through college.
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