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  1. Vet said that is normal for a young growing large breed pup. We wanted a single syllable name thought that fit him.
  2. We go everyday unless it's really shitty out, Cole was 12 LBS when we got him at 2 months, now 37 at 3 months.
  3. I find wallets on the roadside quite often, 2 last year, the 1 was a guy a few miles from my house the other from NYC turned that into the police, also found 2 cell phones I find tools all the time too.
  4. Poor drunken lap dog , tries so hard but always fails.
  5. You brought family into it not me. I have a very good memory of things posted in the past as far back as hcs and never once joined in, in fact I condemned the bit about the pictures and a few other things too. You say you would punch me in the mouth, I never threatened anyone even 550, so just remember you crossed that line not me. Funny I was a liberal asshole when I said the Iraq war was a huge mistake, Trump says it and he is your hero, and now your view has evolved, Cheney another hero of yours agrees with my stance on the 6th so I might be an asshole. I opened this thread think
  6. I know it's not nice but I'm just laughing at drunk trying to be one of the gang, nice little drunken lap dog you are.
  7. Says the crying little cunt about 30,000 emails while ignoring 2 million+ or the lies about the war, and lets not forget your favorite spending.
  8. Yes you are. Even your great American Cheney thinks so.
  9. Everyone involved should have been jailed, nothing selective about that, if you weren't such a drunk you'd probably know that by now.
  10. Like the emails bothered you? Or the spending? Just STFU you drunken fool.
  11. You can post all the stupid memes you want, I'm against all destruction of property.
  12. I don't give a fuck what they said, the riots were wrong no matter who it was.
  13. You said and not long ago that "if I had a son" caused the riots, but I guess fight like hell means something different. I 100% agree, and the destructive rioters or whatever you call them should all be held to account, and I mean everyone involved in all the blm or whatever other group was rioting.
  14. Listen you drunken stupid fuck I said all those involved should be locked up, try sobering up or have someone explain what I posted to you.
  15. Maybe if the president thought there was such a need for security he should not have had the rally. Touchy about that aren't you, truth hurts don't it? Sure you would internet tough guy, you sound like 550.
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