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  1. Going to a memorial on Sunday for a 54 year old member of our lodge, he battled it for about a month before it took him.
  2. That's looks like what my shin thinks it should look like after hitting it.
  3. There was a thread about cops shooting a pregnant man, figured it was 550, nobody alive has ingested more spunk than her.
  4. Zero deflection, a simple statement of fact, sorry if it hurts your snowflake Trump loving feelings.
  5. How about his first 2 years when the Republicans held the house and senate?
  6. No, the shit you believe.
  7. Bullshit, the entire Republican house and senate were scared shitless of him, his past private record of spending carried over into his term as president, sorry you can't see it.
  8. TRIED, trying isn't doing, what he did do is outspend Obama's last four years in three, that is what he DID. Yes many past presidents have spent just like he did as will many in the future will, that's the ANYTHING he did.
  9. I know you can't grasp the simple concept of standing up and doing what you said you would do when it relates to Trump, but he didn't need to go along, especially the first 2 years when they held complete control.
  10. Doesn't fucking matter, he was the president, what did he sign?
  11. The first time voting for Trump yes, but his record of outspending Obama's last four years in three would have been voting for more of the same for sure.
  12. That's fine, you can dislike both, you aren't the one who signed onto 4.1 trillion in spending in 1 year and now are against less stretched over 8 to 10 years. Remains to be seen if taxes will go up, but you are probably right.
  13. As compared to doing the same thing over and over and expecting something different to happen.
  14. Love Labs have a black male that will be 15 next month, a 1 -1/2 year old chocolate female, had a black, yellow, and a chocolate all at one time 10 years ago, just fantastic dogs. Good luck with the new pup.
  15. No, just scale and perception. Same members who voted for the 4.1 trillion in one year, now worried a lesser amount spread over 8 to 10.
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