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  1. Send 550 a message and let him know about the 1000.
  2. Somebody here had her as their avatar, won't mention the thin skinned victim's name.
  3. And we know where they are, we will attack and be treated like hero's.
  4. Or why wouldn't a responsible person cancel a rally that needed so much security?
  5. You're going to be dead a long time, take it at 62 while you are healthy enough to enjoy it, most people can't physically do at 66 what they can at 62.
  6. I'd say a good chance Biden is either dead or so demented he can't possibly run, so you are likely right.
  7. Very sorry to hear condolences to Jammin and family.
  8. Saw a white Egret in a small stream. pretty rare around here,
  9. 2003 XC/XCR, 2003 XCR, and too many early 70's Polaris triple projects, don't get to ride near as much because of shit winters.
  10. My Dad did he was in Battle Of The Bulge. He was in a group known as VBOB had over 45 Vets at his house for various get togethers, best men you could ever know.
  11. Kick it's ass George, my BIL had it and is now cancer free.
  12. Cute pup, good luck.
  13. And Trump spent more in his first 3 than Obama did in his last 4, and promised more spending.
  14. I bet you said been there done that.
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