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  1. 4.85 for reg. and 6.29 for diesel, a real fucking bargain.
  2. If only the keystone pipeline were still being built.
  3. Maybe he didn't know he wasn't talking to oil executives.
  4. The point is you brought up gas prices during "Trump's booming economy," I pointed out that Trump's best years GDP was never any better than 2015 when gas prices were lower, debt was less, and deficit was smaller, this despite deregulation, tax cuts that brought on record debt and higher deficits.
  5. No I didn't say that, but just like everything else Trump takes credit for things he had nothing to do with. How about the thousands of manufacturing jobs lost during the 2019 manufacturing recession, one factory in our area lost 1000 fulltime jobs with benefits, and another half dozen or so went belly up too, of course this had to be bad management and nothing to do with tariffs.
  6. I would say that the recordings of him did present his side. If you think Trump would ever testify under oath about this you probably believe in the WMD theory.
  7. 1jkw


    I guess so but I meant kick the diseases ass.
  8. 1jkw


    Hope you kick it soon it is a horrible disease.
  9. Actually I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears say he would have spent more, Trump or any other president can refuse to sign any spending bill, Trump gets the blame the same as you blame Obama and Biden. Trump also wanted to give money to the cruise ship industry.
  10. Exactly, but you never are the first to bring up Trump's more expensive bailout, that's the point. And both Obama's and Biden's stimulus were less than Trumps, even when you add the 2 together.
  11. How many times have you cried about Trump's more expensive bailout compared to the auto bailout? No, I was glad to get Trump's $1800.00 check, but I wanted like a few hundred thousand and some PPP money too. I wanted the same from Biden too, but I got less. I will help pay the bill too.
  12. If you add Obama's and Bidens together, do they add up to as much as Trump's? How about Trump's farm bailout, how much of that got paid back compared to the auto bailout you cried about for years?
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