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  1. Actually I'm surprised anytime they do what they say they are going to, except when it comes to spending money, so there is that. I just think the guy is a typical silver spoon blowhard, nowhere near the hero his worshippers make him out to be. As I said you weren't here for all the crying before, if you read the posts from then and now you would think someone hacked their accounts.
  2. Yes because asking a politician to do what they say is so farfetched. Like saying I too much, brown suits, mustard and golfing? You weren't here for all the crying previous to the orange god.
  3. I only said and still say that he said he would release them and didn't. What other president didn't release their returns? Just uninformed. Own it.
  4. If he released his returns with the caveat "pending audit" eliminates blame for inaccuracies. All said and done if he did what he said he would do we wouldn't be having this discussion.
  5. You are confused, Trump himself said he would release his returns as far back as 2014, his statement has nothing to do with paying his taxes or not, it had to do with releasing the return, nothing more nothing less.
  6. It is no secret his dishonesty didn't help his cause, sorry if you think otherwise. He also said he would release them prior to using that as an excuse. There was no reason an audit prohibited him from releasing them.
  7. You seem to forget he said he would release them as far back as 2014, just like other candidates before him and since. Just another false statement that makes him just like every other politician and not the different type outsider he was supposed to be.
  8. Play stupid games win stupid prizes or lose elections to a demented corpse, I guess he showed everybody.
  9. So you have no answer as to why he didn't do what he said he would, got it.
  10. Alright I guess, what was he so afraid of?
  11. We drive 45 to 55 miles 7 days a week so the plugin that gives 37 miles total without regen would be perfect for us and the upfront cost isn't what the longer range ones are, I hope they will offer that type.
  12. Fil. had horizon did great on gas too, but small car and not awd.
  13. We just took the chance on buying the one we got, was about $1200.00 more than the non hybrid and came with some other options too, I like it far better than I ever dreamed I would, we may try a plugin one next.
  14. Just filled ours today 37.25 mpg. 417.3 miles 11.2 gal., basically all rural driving, when I put extra miles on it driving around by myself it gets down to 34 or so but I'm pretty heavy on the gas pedal and play around in sport mode.
  15. Probably none or even less. She probably would be getting 40+ if it were hybrid.
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