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  1. My SIL and BIL have them right across the street from me, a horse will kill them too if attacked or threatened. I don't want any more animals to feed 6 horses is enough.
  2. I have a 2003 800 XCR and a 2003 Edge/XCR 800 the XCR handles like it's on rails but not a big bump machine, the edge rides better but not as fast top end and a little more tippy than the XCR. I sold my IQR with the 800 triple better ride in the bumps but not near the high speed handling.
  3. We have tons of coyotes here, see them run across the horses paddocks all the time, I have seen them within 6 feet of the horses the horses don't seem alarmed by them though.
  4. Around here it was called a punk test and it was done with a thumbnail on your wrist, one kid got a pretty bad infection from it.
  5. Yes, you keep ignoring facts and I don't how about that? Keep cheering the exact things you cried about before, blame everything on mean tweets.
  6. In other words, spent more in his first 3 years than the previous 4 years, and never had YOY GDP higher than 2015 and nowhere near the 4.4% YOY GDP needed just to cover the tax breaks. His tariffs created a need for a bailout that cost more than the auto bailout, that got zero paid back, not to mention the manufacturing recession in 2019 and the fact that for the average Joe sixpack the tax break was eaten up by higher costs due to tariffs. When there was an economic crash, 850 billion that was spread out to 2017 was cried about incessantly, but 4.1 trillion between Jan 2020 and Feb. 2021 no
  7. My black Lab male weighed 102 lbs. at 10 months goes for his checkup Dec. 9th see how much he weighs then.
  8. Like PPP and the farm bailout your orange god signed for?
  9. Fucked around and found out, played stupid games won stupid prizes.
  10. He GAINED votes do to fraud.
  11. Snotty your neighbor?
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