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  1. Yea - its DeSantis's problem.... https://www.tampabay.com/news/health/2023/05/17/florida-medicaid-eligibility-coverage-children/
  2. Just got back from a 4 day weekend in Nashville - didn't see a bud light being consumed the whole time there. I had this discussion and with a slightly liberal friend of mine and I stated this same thing - he didn't even know that she had made that blog.
  3. Auto deploying bubble suit in case of unexpected air-born incidents.
  4. Trails are great today around the Isle area.
  5. Apparently you forgot about the Cat 2012 released sleds and their issues.
  6. When do we start holding everyone accountable, regardless of political affiliation.
  7. This is impossible - I have read on this site that the Cat 600's never have issues.
  8. Yes. They wont support the veterans here that need it.
  9. The more I keep hearing that is coming out of St Paul, the more I have those same feelings.
  10. Which is it less now or more...Can't have it both ways. Lets split the difference and put it at 8%/year increase, after 6 increases you would be paying 60% more.
  11. I do - they know there is a Trillion plus out there to collect and can't get it done.....
  12. And Diesel is about $1.60 more than regular here - that is really fucked up.
  13. Done - I get way to much entertainment value from you clowns here for that 50 bucks it would be a shame to not pony up!
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