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  1. Again - until you practice what you preach - fuck you! You are in business for yourself. You are profiting from your employees. You are in business to make money and improve your lifestyle.
  2. Leaving for the Snowies on Monday - I'd ride that out there - would be way to much fun seeing the faces of others.
  3. BULLSHIT - unitl you practice what you preach - you are a hypocrite. Stop with your bullshit already.
  4. The biggest benefit of these tests is it will perpetuate the fear. More positive results will ultimately be reported, sometime over and over on the same person and it will be used to drive case load numbers. It is crazy that these are being pushed so much when they really are not accepted anywhere for being a valid negative test. I had the argument with our HR VP about why they accept these for positives, but not negatives.
  5. It's OK until it is in their own backyard, right. Any bets that it isn't started up by 2026, with this state - I have my doubts about it ever happening.
  6. The media is so F'ed up. What business blames the loss of their customers on the customers and not focusing to what they are doing wrong and how to change to get the customers back. They may be to far gone to turn it around - which is OK - let someone else come in that gets it. I don't have cable so normally don't watch CNN, except for the clips that get linked into social media, but at the lodge I stayed at last weekend, I would scroll through the stations and could only listen to CNN for about 30 seconds - it is terrible. Even my wife, who is somewhat liberal couldn't take it. P
  7. We were up on the North Shore last weekend also and couldn't believe how many places are closed by 7PM. I don't think I saw any open after 9PM. I don't know if it is due to infections or lack of workers because they don't have to work anymore.
  8. Not yet - but will get 1. Good Luck to those of you that are playing!
  9. He just keeps dropping - he is and will be shown to be the worst president in US history ever. Carter must be cheering him on right now. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/01/04/biden-disapproval-rating-high-voters-blame-him-on-economy-cnbc-poll.html
  10. LGB isn't Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual? The LGBT crowd is going to need to change their acronym. Clearly NASCAR leadership doesn't understand there fan base. They are working to kill their own sport, which will make the environmentalist whackos happy.
  11. Damn, I have to get a PowerBall ticket, 3 of my family members have had it twice. I hope the rare chance of winning the PowerBall falls in my favor next.
  12. You're the only one to mention Trump in this thread - who has the problem?
  13. I never thought I would say this - but that right there is a reason to "Defund the Police". Unbelievable how many officers were in there to enforce that what a waste of tax payer money!
  14. And Bernie is a Hypocrite again. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/shadow-group-sanders-super-pac-support-scorns-68132348
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