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  1. Might be possible, but probably not happening. Lots of feel good words. Based on our research, we rate MISSING CONTEXT the claim that wind power turbine blades cannot be recycled, because without additional information it could be misleading. The blades can technically be recycled, and an array of small-scale efforts are doing so. But the practice is not widespread due to the cost of the undertaking and a lack of infrastructure. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2021/11/30/fact-check-recycling-can-keep-wind-turbine-blades-out-landfills/8647981002/
  2. WTF is your point in this thread - Gas is still up over 2 times what it used to be, inflation is the highest in 40 plus years and interest rates are on the rise. Who gives a shit about unemployment rates when we are going backwards financially right now. AND this topic is completely different - are you lost again or you lost again.
  3. There are two listed in the article.
  4. And they still suck in reliability - don't know if you want to go with a quality accusation when your own is about the poorest rated one out there. https://insideevs.com/news/549130/consumerreports-tesla-reliability-poor-2021/ https://driving.ca/column/motor-mouth/motor-mouth-electric-cars-are-less-reliable-than-gas-ones-says-study
  5. Trying to get tips on how to ride....
  6. I will put another perspective on this - I was adopted, my brother was adopted, my sister was adopted - I would not be here to enjoy my family, children and grand children if not for someone being prolife. Same statement - How could I not be pro life. However - I do understand there are some rare circumstances that require that choice for an abortion to be made.
  7. You don't really think that, if the parties were flipped you would be the first crying on here about how obscene that was......
  8. I am curious and you probably already answered this in another post, but what was the total expense for EV's and the Electrical generation hardware and installation. What is the expected ROI on the complete setup? Thanks
  9. @Mainecat - why do we need $28 million in federal spending to fix this. Mainly comes from a supplier that has problems and the rest it supply chain issues that your favorite person cannot seem to make any progress on. Throwing more money at it is not the fix. FYI - I read the links and they do not explain why 28 million is needed.
  10. So Trump tried to fill it with cheap oil, but the Democrats in office blocked it, now I am sure there are for it at record high oil prices - fuckers. In March 2020, Trump did propose purchasing 77 million barrels of oil in order to fill the SPR to its maximum capacity, according to the DOE. But Congressional Democrats blocked the measure, calling it an “estimated $3 billion bailout for big oil.” https://www.verifythis.com/article/news/verify/national-verify/strategic-petroleum-reserve-not-full-trump-presidency-fact-check/536-2fee187d-3992-4444-a55a-efd5b5ebec5a
  11. Yea right - been there a couple of times - good times...
  12. F'n smoke and mirrors, lets blend more ethanol in to bring the price per gallon down, but don't tell people that it delivers less energy and your MPG's go down also so you have to up more often.
  13. Curious - what does the other person's vax status have to do with you wearing a mask. Vaccinated or not doesn't make you safer. Really - just curious on why you think this.
  14. Post up the non-edited video then - prove it wrong.
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