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  1. And then again every year after turning 70. Lots in that group need help getting their vehicles up to the speed limit.
  2. Might as well put it into motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats and jetskis at the same time
  3. A picture from April 2023 - what has that to do with current snow totals?
  4. I have used the Titan for 4 seasons, was using a Skidoo Modular 2 which I kept for cold weather riding and have not used it as the Titan is warm. I pulled all of the vent plugs out and never needed to put them back in. The googles will fog when you come to a stop, especially if you have been riding hard and get heated up and then come to a stop - mainly is an issue when I am in the mountains, not the trails. I never tried the heated goggles when out west as I didn't want the cord attached to the sled, I don't think I would ever really need it trail riding around here. The best thing for me
  5. So Nazis in America are bad, but they are good in Ukraine and get billions from us Americans.
  6. You're such a f'in hack - show the whole speech, not just the parts thrown in to make an ad. Start thinking for yourself and not what the DU tells you. FYI - I am not a MTG fan, but you can't think for yourself at all.
  7. If they would have kept him locked up for his full prison sentence this would not have happened. Families of the victims should be suing California for allowing an early release - if that is even possible.
  8. Yea - its DeSantis's problem.... https://www.tampabay.com/news/health/2023/05/17/florida-medicaid-eligibility-coverage-children/
  9. Just got back from a 4 day weekend in Nashville - didn't see a bud light being consumed the whole time there. I had this discussion and with a slightly liberal friend of mine and I stated this same thing - he didn't even know that she had made that blog.
  10. Auto deploying bubble suit in case of unexpected air-born incidents.
  11. Trails are great today around the Isle area.
  12. Apparently you forgot about the Cat 2012 released sleds and their issues.
  13. When do we start holding everyone accountable, regardless of political affiliation.
  14. This is impossible - I have read on this site that the Cat 600's never have issues.
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