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  1. He is definitely a few fries short of a happy meal. Problem is none of the Biden supporters will go after him for his short comings or mental health issues, at least at the moment - maybe that will change when more shit goes south on him.
  2. I would estimate a little more than 81 million people have a mental problem in this country.
  3. FORMER SENATOR AL FRANKEN OF MINNESOTA Al Franken left his U.S. Senate seat in January 2018 after sexual misconduct accusations that prompted most of his Democratic colleagues to press him to resign. Franken, a former comedian from Minnesota, denied some of the allegations that he had groped and tried to kiss women without their consent, adding that "Others I remember very differently." Calls for Franken's ouster came while a Senate Ethics Committee investigation was pending. A year and a half later, Franken said he regretted quitting and seven of his Democratic colleagues said they
  4. PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN Even before he formally entered the Democratic presidential race, a former Nevada assemblywoman accused Joe Biden in March 2019 of inappropriately touching her and kissing her on the head at a campaign rally in 2014. Days later, a Connecticut woman said he touched her inappropriately, and rubbed noses with her at a 2009 political fundraiser. Biden responded with a video in which he pledged to be “more mindful” of respecting “personal space." In March 2020, a former Senate staff assistant accused Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993, which Biden and h
  5. Many people were suspicious of this, now that it is out with one state the mis-reporting of LTC facility deaths, lets go after the other Democrat run states that used the LTC the same way, starting with MN, to find out the real numbers. And they wonder why people question their numbers.........
  6. And we have another reason that masks should not be worn in public spaces, they are highly effective in hiding ones identity, so much so that there are laws on the books about not being able to were masks in public for that very reason.
  7. Well - good for you, it better with inflation running over 5% consistently now, your pension and investments are worth less now.
  8. Maybe - but it was on NBC Nightly news last night and Mainecat is telling us to mask up because they work, so it must be relevant with the talk of mask mandates coming.
  9. Oh - I agree with you and have had this discussion with many friends/coworkers. That virus is so small you need a hazmat suit with its own air supply to completely filter it out. I thought it was interesting that on a MSM news show they were stating how poorly the masks work.
  10. You won't get that proof that they work, this was on NBC tonight though, while they all help a little it is much like the vaccines effectiveness in stopping the virus, not very high. Get the mask that they don't want people to get if you want significant protection.
  11. Probably in a park somewhere with 2 bullet holes in the back of his head.....with a suicide story coming out shortly there after.
  12. I don't think anybody is disputing the effectiveness of those vaccines. What you don't understand is your own idiotic people are telling you that the Covid vaccine will not kill this virus and what we are seeing you will get a form of Covid. I got the jabs and was lucky enough to get Covid or variant of it a few months later - so stop your BS that the vaccine will cure this virus and all of its mutations. You aren't even consistent on the border issue - OK to close the north border but keep the south one open with known cases walking through.
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