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  1. We actually have one of Frankie's people aboard as a deckhand. Seems like a good guy. He fixed our outboard after we thrashed the lower unit on it. Plus he got us a Savage 30-06 so we can kill a moose.
  2. No. I never said I was going to meet up with him, you jackass. I said if he could prove he was worth sticking my neck out for I would get him a job. He declined.
  3. I'm in Emmonak on the Yukon River you idiot. There ain't no Burger King here. I'm eating a hame sammich sitting in the wheel house while my guys pump fuel. You mall cop twink.
  4. Actually a Double Whooper with cheese & no onion sounds fucking awesome right about now!!
  5. I don't know him irl but I enjoy the online persona known as Polaris550/MachZnot. Stop being a little twink bitch and fight your own battles! Aren't you always claiming to be a tough as nails former cop? I'm an enemy because you got your feelings hurt? You snowflake twink!
  6. You still haven't told me how I backstabbed you. Who was In hanging with? You should be more specific than "your enemies"
  7. Fuck off, asshole! How am I a backstabber? Now tell me about this law suit and what happened.
  8. What did you have a lawsuit against BRP for???
  9. Today's project, fuel ops with the JCG Kashima. Weather caused us to call an all stop before we even pumped a drop of fuel.
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