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  1. Of course not! That would mean applying the same standard to his side. We can't have that shit!
  2. You, sir, are as useful as a vagina is to Poo550!
  3. Speaking of which, they stopped working on my cellphone. WTF?
  4. And now we learn that the government is working with these companies to not only track everything we do but shut it down if the powers that be disapprove.
  5. This a problematic and I believe it goes well beyond party lines. This blatant blending of big government and big business is a scary proposition. Especially when you consider just how much each controls our world. We blow a gasket if you show the baby Jesus in school but we don't bat an eye at Telcom 1: tracking our calls & 2: handing that information over to the government whenever they ask.
  6. How did his expulsion even take this long?
  7. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CyJBFi-O4ca/?igshid=ODhhZWM5NmIwOQ==
  8. Ha! They work on my phone, too! Awesome!
  9. @Mainecat Typical Biden supporter, he plagiarizes! So dumb.... https://www.democraticunderground.com/100218488624
  10. I guess that makes sense.
  11. 17 days and they are in good health? That's surprising.
  12. It would seem to me having an affair with a guy who has the same name as your husband would be beneficial. No accidentally calling g out the wrong name.
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