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  1. You quoted me but had your words? I'm not saying anything of the sort. How it worked here only means we know this recipe works. It doesn't mean that countless other recipes work as well. As you say, the possibilities are near endless based on our knowledge.
  2. I basically agree. The only thing I'll add is the conditions here in earth lead to life but that doesn't mean they are the only conditions that lead to life. And yeah if the government could, they would 100% cover that shit up.
  3. I firmly believe life exists on other planets but I don't believe we've made contact, government cover up or no cover ups. I also don't believe our government is covering anything up simply because it seems to me if another civilization has the ability to get here then they have technology that greatly outclasses our own making the US Government irrelevant.
  4. There are but the only reason I came back to Alaska was because I need to learn wire boat skills and they put me as Mate on the wire boat. If it doesn't sail, I'd rather just head back east. Only way I'd stay here is if I could find a job that does a rotation instead of seasonal.
  5. I make way to much now, I think I'd risk it in the Bering Sea before that! LOL Plus I got a company credit card! Lol
  6. I work for morons. The USCG issues an 835 (no sail order) for my boat until the shafts were replaced or redone, the wear on them was significant. So they buy new wheels and send the shafts to Portland and spend 90k getting them reworked, new is approximately 160-180ish. Well the work comes back shoddy as shit. So now we are trying to blue fit them and getting nowhere near the needed 70%. So the owner of the company decides to schedule a conference call with the port engineer & the USCG Inspector. So during the call the Coastie is telling my bosses the bad news to which my boss decides the
  7. I'm talking about the surveillance technology.
  8. No question about it, our government would do this in a heartbeat if they thought they could get away with it.
  9. Who cares? Go ahead and try only buy from companies who support the things you like and not the things you don't. You can't do it.
  10. A couple of years ago my brother went to Nookland and shot a bear. He also got bit by a tic and came home with Bells Palsy. He recovered but it took several months.
  11. How am I a coward?
  12. What does that even mean?
  13. It's to highlight the irony in you calling anyone a follower, you simple-minded fool.
  14. You follow everything posted on Duh and posted by the DNC as though it's gospel, you literally question nothing.
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