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  1. Welcome to the Republican Party young one, we are going to take half of that 50$ and give it to to the police and military to protect you from the terrorists we created and the gays our Jebus told you to fear.
  2. Or when you try and get off the mind control pills Spin's industry pushes so hard.
  3. Great tune! Surprised it hasn't been cancelled yet.
  4. Give NYC and ALL its suburbs to NJ and then earthquake the whole fucking shit area out into the Atlantic Ocean. Fuck NYC, Fuck Governor Dumb Bitch!
  5. Insurection How fucking stupid do you have to be to think that was an insurection?
  6. Did you get booted for a few days again?
  7. My dad and grandfather built this and powered it with Cadillac engine. This is some early video of it running.
  8. And from tictok no less.
  9. We could always just bring our guys a lot closer to home so we can have a smaller military.
  10. Last time I was in Kotzebue the dipshit Tankerman dropped a double stack of oil on the deck. He got lucky the barrels didn't open.
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