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  1. Just watched episode 1 of the new season. They do a good job on this show.
  2. Yes, its really smooth. After the first 100 miles I gotta say this thing is frickin awesome! Love it! Yep, I've ridden with it when its cold before and it sucks. I dont know what I was thinking wearing that.
  3. What a difference a decade makes...used to be a time when I'd show up at my house @4am shit faced and half crash my sled into the snowplow bank. Now I show up @midnight sober and capable of driving people home and walking to the bar 2hrs before closing. Not sure which version I like better.
  4. 2022 MXZ 600r 'gade adrenaline with HPG shocks..... Can anyone tell me if the HPG shocks on that model are rebuildable??
  5. Seriously! Anyone whose paid attention to history knows the US media outlets are a sham and have been sensationalizing the news since colonial times. They've never been interested in truth and always in selling newspaper or in today's world advertising space.
  6. I used the bigger model all season in Alaska to text with friends and family back home. Worked well but had some glitches. If you only to communicate in emergency situations or to give a basic check-in to the wife/kids then they work really well. Thankfully I never tested the SOS feature.
  7. Its been cold as fuck here, too. I wore my Klim F4 in below zero temps last night and that was a mistake.
  8. Just put the first 50 clicks on the odometer. What's fucking blast this thing is to ride!! I switched up with my buddy for 5 miles, he has a GSX 900ace. All I can say is fuck that dog!! My XCR is the cats ass!!! Love this thing so far!!
  9. Yeah Im heading out for a shakedown cruise after I ice my ankle.
  10. I bought 4 brand new ones on my way to the dealer!
  11. The pandemic part has been bullshit all along.
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