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  1. Getting underway around 1100 this morning. Been training a new mate and so it seems like I havent done jack shit all hitch!
  2. It would seem they ended that in late 2012 according to the internet. From what I found it used to be a public release but now the release of your mug shot can depend on anything from state to agency to crime. Fuck that, if they release some then release all or release none.
  3. The media gets everyone elses mug shot, why not Hunter's? They are publicly available.
  4. about the same self-awareness level. Does Zambo shit his pants tho.
  5. Serious question...I thought the government removed liability from the drug companies on this one?
  6. We never got to go. Drive the dock and did projects all weekend.
  7. These dumb faggots need get run over by a bus! We need to give NYC to NJ and then earthquake both of those shitholes into the depths of the Atlantic.
  8. JT turned me away when I got too close to the ice wall!
  9. By boat is different than by car. We are back on our Pt Norris NJ-Philly run except we adjusted our sailing times to allow us more time to do side jobs, like Baltimore. We have less down time now bt's more fun.
  10. Actually Im hoping to go to Baltimore later today.
  11. Working for the next 19 days...
  12. I just told my engineer about the russians in Cuba and he says to me Did you know the USS Maine was the only warship sunk during the Cuban Missle Crisis.
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