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  1. This type of action should not be allowed by banks. This behavior should concern all of us, not just gun owners. Whats product don\ they say no too next?
  2. I'm sure we had the moral high ground in all those times.
  3. Meanwhile how many people sit in jail on our own soil for the very same plant? WTF makes her special? Shoulda left her ass there.
  4. Less than 5 percent of the popular vote is hardly a landslide but many of the hacks around this place consider 1 percent difference in polls to be huge.
  5. Yeah 14 is too young to be so unhappy. Hope this child is able to overcome her demons.
  6. If its a non-opiod then who do we blame?
  7. Might as well just give your phone to the Chinese Government to copy. https://www.cbs8.com/article/tech/tiktok-inside-the-terms-of-service/509-93d2d845-eabe-4ea9-8c60-5a14580c73cd Author: Marcella Lee Published: 9:57 PM PDT September 12, 2022 Updated: 11:21 PM PDT September 12, 2022 SAN DIEGO — You've heard it before: Don't trust TikTok In 2020, then President Trump threatened to ban the app, owned by Beijing based ByteDance. TikTok agreed to transfer data to Oracles servers in the United States, b
  8. Don't worry, the printing press still has ink.
  9. This meme is an accurate meme.
  10. True but as an advisor and a media contributor he needs to go away.
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