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  1. What’s your love spat with C2C all about?
  2. It’s cute that you’re gay for Gym.
  3. I hope the C-boys get hold of it so the dumbasses can tow it out of the mountains on a kids tobaggen. Those clowns were too stupid to pull some spark plugs on an R6.
  4. Wow. That’s some race. I’ve heard of exactly zero of the guys on that list. What’s the point of oval racing again?
  5. The more I see of the Cataylist the more I like it. It has me more excited about ‘24 models than some warmed over rendition of the Maytrx.
  6. No. Fucking. Way. The Polaris IQR/600R is only in its 19th year of production. In no way, shape or form is that sled no longer competitive. Crazy talk like that is like saying the Procross chassis is “old”.
  7. Holy shit, your still at it with these stupid, unfunny 3rd person posts. Uhh derrr, Gym posts about himself in the 3rd person. Gym does it to rip on a user who’s not even on this forum. Gym is too fucking dense to realize it. Gym tries really hard to make these posts.
  8. No Shitbird, still log in to read the same old posts that are stuck on the main page week after week…. The real HCS has actual sled info and TRAFFIC.
  9. The race is longer in one day than any USXC/COR event.
  10. It’s funny, you dipshits get a new member on this gawdforsaken joke of a forum and first thing people do is attack him. Enjoy posting in the obscurity of this forum. I’m heading back over to the real HCS.
  11. Sweet. I like watching only two brands compete. It’s much easier to understand. This will be a great improvement for this form of racing.
  12. Fire Extinguishers have to be flown in and they are heavy so fuck extinguishers. Just don’t spill gas.
  13. 2015 the race was won on Indy’s, what? Yep, not the vaunted terrain dominator. In 2010 when zero fucking Rush’s finished the race it was won by a team running IQ Dragon 600’s. 2019 was won on Pro-CC Indy’s. So, to sum it up, a Rush Switchback team won in ‘11 because Tyler & Tison caught fire at a fuel stop. 2018 was won on Axys baler.
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