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  1. It’s funny, you just got owned, again, and are too dumb to even realize it.
  2. You don’t own a sled! Can’t prove you own one and the stupidity of your posts on suspension and repairs shows you don’t know shit about snowmobiling.
  3. Bwahahaha! I got you so worked up you scrawled your name on a piece of notebook paper over some dudes card. That looks like something a junior high kid would come up with. Nice try parts boy, another swing and a miss! Just think, you solved climate change! Now every trail in NY state can be covered in snow as long as they have snow making equipment, a lake above it for water, low humidity, a special solution to inject in the lines, electricity and temperatures within a specific window. Oh wait… climate change has the temps warming, uh oh, what happens to the snow on the unfrozen ground?
  4. That tells me you are a complete fucking moron who “this one time at band camp” jumped to flat, bottomed hard and decided he needed a sno-x sled to make up for his lack of timing and ability to ride. You’re a joke! What the fuck suspension set up do you think they run in COR or any other XC race?
  5. There is no need to pick from either one. A cross country set up can do both. What’s so hard for you to understand about that? I realize you’re a complete dumbass when it comes to suspension settings but I’ve given you gold here. It’s unfortunate you are too stupid to realize that.
  6. You didn’t parts boy. You’re a broken record stuck on repeat. Same line over and over and over again. It’s a boring and unimaginative strategy. I’ve proven you wrong beyond a shadow of a doubt using 3rd party scientific articles. You just repeat yourself while offering no contrary proof.
  7. I’m going to laugh when you are pissing and moaning about drought and dry cracked ground.
  8. Ohooo wow! Some dude no one has ever heard of. That’s some race cred right there. You’re a fat, slow, old man who rides a grandpa sled from bar to bar. A whole 106 views from 5 fucking years ago.
  9. Oh wow! What a stumper. Huh…. Geee, it’s almost like no one ever in the history of ever has ridden whooped out trails like that or worse and then jumped road approaches. Oh.. wait, it’s almost like cross country valving and spring suspension set ups are made for things like that. Who’d have thought you could do both things without Cockhaven’s head up your ass, clueless, set your clickers softer for rough trails set up.
  10. Post up my so called “lie” parts boy. You’re full of shit as usual.
  11. Talk about reaching! That has nothing to do with the freezing point of water. Another swing and a miss. https://www.weather.gov/news/211009-WBGT#:~:text=It estimates the effect of,cloth%2C evaporation cools the thermometer.
  12. AK440


    I proved I own a sled, multiple time. You on the other hand…Not at all.
  13. Ahhh! The fatass speaks. The same tub of shit who has an old man VR1 as his profile pic on Facebook. The VR1… the first sled everyone thinks of when it comes to rough trails. Bwahahaha!
  14. I wasn’t “talking trail riding”. This is your boy’s @Deephaven bullshit claim you jumped onto. Only a slow as fuck grandma would soften their clickers to run rough trails.
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