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  1. I have it on good authority from my sister-in-law who works in the Textron accounting department for the helicopter lavatory division, that Cataylist sleds are being cancelled due to a shortage of gas caps. Their two regular suppliers can’t provide enough gas caps and they can’t source any from any other suppliers. She said she’s heard they suspect Argo is hoarding gas caps and trying to corner the market on them.
  2. In no other sled forum does anyone, except for you, post a dedicated thread about a form of racing no one gives a shit about. Now, ask the average snowmobile rider about what brand of mountain sled they like better and that’s where the posts, action and interest is.
  3. You are the only person on this forum that gives two shits about sno-x. That sport is dead. Right up there in popularity with twin track oval racing.
  4. Can’t say I’m shocked to read this news. Sno-X has been on life support for the past decade. Textron is financially smart to drop out of it. Polaris has been racing the same fricking sled since the fall of ‘04. The 600R uses the same bulkhead as the IQR. Sure, it’s seen a good amount of updates and refinement in the past 20, yes 20 years but that’s a heck of a long time. Cat would be a lot better off building up interest and excitement by hosting ride events for people to come out and try their new sleds. Kinda like what Polaris does with their RZR. I don’t think Cat should chase aft
  5. AK440


    The 7S only works line of sight within 300’ to other 7S gauges to keep track of others. It’s a $1,500 gimmick.
  6. So they come out with a brand new chassis and you’re not happy because it didn’t happen 5 years ago. You’re bitching just to bitch. And then about the motor, really? I don’t think I’ve heard that one before. But then it sounds like you want a huge, heavy 3 cylinder 4-stroke so what difference does it make what chassis it comes in? It’ll weigh as much as a tank regardless. why not just go back to the Poo or Doo forum and quit worrying about what Cat did. Isn’t that prototype of their patent drawing snowbike? I don’t think it’s a green Sherco.
  7. It’s like he was expecting the new green sled to hover. He’s just complaining to complain and won’t be able come up with anything besides say it should’ve come with a bigger engine.
  8. What exactly did you want them to do with a new chassis? Let’s hear it, lay it out step by step. I think they did a great job but I really want to hear what you think should be so different about it?
  9. That’s unsustainable. You really believe the sled market is going to continue on into the future being propped up by boomers buying only the most expensive, top of the line sleds? Ask Harley Davidson how well that worked out for them.
  10. And what do they care about then? The latest wrap Chris Burant put on his RMK?
  11. Thanks for the detailed write up but I only listen to what the factory sponsored ambassadors have to say. You had some criticisms of the new sled and not everything was positive. I don’t want to hear that. I prefer my info on new sleds to come in the form of flawless praise in Instagram posts. I mean the new 9R “cuts like a ninja through the trees”. That gets my wallet out! Not reading that there was evidence of the primary cover rubbing on something. Get that nonsense out of here. That kind of stuff can wait until next season where guys will bring it up and then other guys can bash them for r
  12. That belt tension adjustment is fricking genius! Honestly, it totally is. I had the same system on my ‘87 Honda 250X. I’ve always thought the Polaris no tensioner belt system was flawed. Very cool how Cat came up with such a simple way to tension the belt!
  13. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Selling out, okay, what were they capable of manufacturering, 50 R-XC’s? 100 R-XC’s? I doubt it was a large number and limiting the number of snow checks isn’t going to grow your brand into prosperity. The longer Textron runs Cat the worse things seem to get.
  14. Part shortage. Supply chain bullshit. None of this was unknown during spring snowcheck of ‘21 and especially ’22. Solution, quit offering sleds with so many different colored parts. Quit offering sleds with so many different track lengths, lug heights and drive configurations. Quit offering so many different models of sleds. Instead they didn’t, pissed off a ton of people and are now stuck with both a whole group of customers that swore to never again buy from Polaris and a bunch of canceled snow check sleds.
  15. Polaris is the worst. Way too many models, color choices, options, etc. People who snowcheck don’t want their brand new sleds in February or March. Reduce the options and models, make them easier to produce and let the buyers customize the sleds themselves after they get them. The way winters have been going, the majority of new owners will have way more time to spend fiddling with the sleds in the garage than actually riding them.
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