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  1. It’s crazy to me that a company capable of building cool shit like this sucks so hard a running a snowmobile factory. https://apple.news/AoJsW-3GqTkS9s86QGvpzHw
  2. Bwahahaha! I could give two shits about what a racer has to say about reliability or dependability. Racers only tell the truth about what they ride when they switch to a different brand. Then they’ll tell you about everything that sucked and broke on the previous brand. Same thing with worthless fuck “Ambassadors”. If they say anything bad about the brand they lose their precious little discount.
  3. That was then, no he’s extremely critical of Textron Cat, especially this year.
  4. The chaincase side. Unless they are using a slipper clutch of some fashion (maybe on the drivers like the IQR had?) I don’t see the drive belt holding up for racing. I’m not hoping it will fail, I’d love for it to succeed as Polaris chaincase maintenance on the Axys and Matryx SUCK! Not including a drain plug is bullshit. If Cat can make this work for trail sleds that’ll be a very good innovation that I’m sure will spread to other OEM’s.
  5. It’d be cool if Cat has their belt drive system figured out better than Polaris but I’m very skeptical.
  6. What? Best Rowdy Basher is a category. Car & Driver has used the same one since at least the 60’s. And… the fuck!? What happened to the Blast/Venom $10,000 single cylinder 400cc sled? Snowgoer is obviously biased to Ski-Doo.
  7. Why’d the Ctak guy leave Skogquist racing? Are there any Cat racers in the Pro class. That’d be pretty funny if there weren’t. https://snowgoer.com/news/snocross-update-ishoel-to-skogquist-daut-turns-pro-with-boss/31783/
  8. Nonsense! All of it! Cat likes to race the previous generation model because Polaris still races their MY05 600R. Doo is the only one who can’t get with the program of racing older, proven sleds. Sno-X is growing by leaps and bounds, it has never been more popular. Sno-X sleds have never been more relevant with their contributions to the most popular type of sled sold, trail sleds. YouTube, Tik-Tok and Instagram are overflowing with videos of teens and young guys ripping around on groomed trails on racer replica sno-x sleds.
  9. Sounds like epic riding conditions in the Midwest this winter. https://www.foxweather.com/weather-news/winter-forecast-el-nino-outlook-forecast
  10. Makes one wonder just how long snowmobile racing will be a viable sport when you predominantly have just Polaris and Doo racing each other?
  11. Blowing belt drives by the stack.
  12. Months ago I was looking for info on minimum build quantity. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I’d be interested to see what it’s dropped down to. I’m pretty certain 500 units was back in the late 90’s at the peak.
  13. You obviously don’t know how to work on shit.
  14. What a smoking deal! Gotta buy 2 at that price. I’m laughing at all the chumps who snowchecked ‘24 sleds this year. They’d paid ridiculously inflated prices just to get fucked. It’s hilarious! Last spring guys were saying don’t buy. The OEM’s are raising prices out of greed, don’t support them. I hope snorkels were included with ‘24 snowchecks as they are so underwater.
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