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  1. If, and it’s a huge IF, that Cat has anything new for ‘24, it only makes sense to use up existing parts. The ‘23 line up was pathetic. If Cat does not come out with something…. anything new for ‘24 their sled division will be out of business in short order.
  2. Maybe they will have a big unveiling at Haydays? The ‘23 snowcheck was maybe so low key because they are just trying to use up the Procross parts they have on hand. Basically a parts bin and new sticker line up for ‘23.
  3. Sad thing is, 2 of every 10 were “Yamahas”.
  4. That’s not really saying much when they only produced 10 sleds of each model.
  5. When it comes to Yamaha it's all hype and nothing of substance. They are referring to their never before seen graphics for the '23 season.
  6. Your E-start only is cool bruh. You probably got offended reading the spec sheet on a Polaris where it said MANual starter.
  7. The “terrain dominator” was so innovative that the government demanded that Polaris quit producing it. Too many minds were being blown and overwhelming the health care system. You can’t have a ”game changer” like that pulling trail wheelies during COVID times. Are you insane? Sadly the accessory rack division at Polaris was also shut down as a result.
  8. Only a noodly armed girly man would order their sled with electric start. You can’t stall a sled! Fucking retards wanting to add 30lbs extra of weight to their machine.
  9. Who the fuck actually watches shit like this? I made it to 2:08 and when your boy’s dog starts biting his ankle in this “break through” video, you should really be questioning your sources. Complete drivel.
  10. So by your logic, being prepared out in the wilderness alone means riding a sled that comes from the factory without an back up pull start. Got it.
  11. The average joe dipshit snowmobile owner will not be able to figure out how to start a sled wrapping a strap around the clutch. These are the same people who buy a 3” x 163 mountain sled to ride in 2” of snow in a corn field in Illinois.
  12. Not providing a back up pull start on a winter vehicle that can easily get you in a life and death situation is criminal. The machines are used to provide access and transportation into remote areas in freezing temperatures where walking out isn’t often an option. Fuck Ski-Doo and them saving $10 by not including a recoil starter.
  13. Correction, I just hate you. Try and keep up.
  14. If you are going to try and bash someone with a meme, at least get the fucking thing right.
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