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  1. That was a move I borrowed back in the day when I played junior A with guelph storm
  2. Dave "TIGER" William' ! Ron Ellis !
  3. Yes sir The commercial was in 1978 the Swanson hungry man dinner !! I cant get to embed FFS
  4. Lanny McDonald the awesome mustache, he did commercials for Swanson tv dinners and his saying was I AM A MEAT AND POTATOE MAN " To promote how big a serving it was .
  5. What about the meat and potatoe MAN !!
  6. I wish Yamaha would do a 900 2 stroke and throw it into the Polaris frame , the other manufacturers would simple close the doors !
  7. Oh STFU , u know nothing of meat what so ever !!!
  8. No one says I had pig for dinner!! U didn't know that LMMFAO !!! Just like saying cow !!!
  9. An old sow or a dirty boar ? I love pork that is grown for the food chain ! Do you know the difference ?
  10. 10.dollars and done I am going to do it lol
  11. I might go grab these for him , he can pay me weekly until payed off
  12. No kidding thanks for the info
  13. Well that looks like a great option
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