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  1. I saw a documentary a while back about this guy with dissociative personality disorder or something like that who put lye on the back of his hand. Supposedly the pain would make him feel like a monkey shot into space, greatest moment of his life etc. Must have been a real rush but it looked like it did some serious damage, luckily he had some vinegar on hand to neutralize it.
  2. It’s definitely a rip off. I could add a line to my cell phone plan with unlimited minutes for $9.99/mo.
  3. The science isn’t settled.
  4. Cruz and Sanders, who rarely have much opportunity to agree on anything, shared a fist bump on the Senate floor after the vote on the sick days. Sanders joked to Cruz: “I knew you were a socialist.” “Nope. I’m not.” Cruz tweeted in response. “I just don’t agree with Biden & the Democrats voting to screw the union workers.”
  5. JT would love this. I’ll probably check it out too but the author mentioned it was boring. Hope it’s not too repetitive and one-note. Ancient Aliens is a great break from reality, just put your brain in neutral chill mode. Be nice if this is at all similar.
  6. He’s usually so accurate, must have put a decimal point in the wrong place or something.
  7. Probably depends a lot on region. I don’t think a lot of Midwest techs make that kind of dough. Heck, I’m a mechanical engineer in the Midwest and don’t pull those kinds of numbers. Maybe if I worked a ton of overtime but I’ve got too much other shit to do trying to maintain a 1908 farmhouse and a 20 year old E53.
  8. Yes, that would be #4. Next would be the secret infrastructure underneath the Denver Airport.
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