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  1. Reminds me of the time POR15 dried on my hands. Scrubbed for 45 minutes with all manner of soaps and chemicals I could find but got nowhere. Lesson learned.
  2. That bacteria and whatnot is actually good because it keeps your immune system up to speed. It’s why I eat boogers.
  3. It’ll be a lot easier now that they can just scan our shoulders.
  4. Oh yeah missed that one. It happens.
  5. I got double jabbed by the government back in 1981 and I turned out fine. Plus escaping across border walls has always been kind of a chore.
  6. I concur. “Fully Open” for “Fully Vaxxed”.
  7. They could open more though.
  8. The list on the left is all privileges, while the list on the right is, well, a right. George Washington never voted with a photo ID. He probably just slipped them a dollar bill.
  9. I don’t trust one government’s numbers let alone 145 government’s numbers.
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