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  1. Your right the BLM riots were much worse.
  2. Can't you just lite yourself on fire or something?
  3. Obama's plan for dealing with the WH press core was to have his friends in the media send in young and inexperienced reporters so there would be no real question. Biden has taken the opposite approach which is to put in place a complete idiot as press secretary so that serious questions can't be answered.
  4. Is this really a victory for anyone? Seems like a guarantee that there will not be a second term for Biden.
  5. Politicians hiding behind bureaucrats instead of legislation in the best interest of the people I am never for no matter the subject.
  6. Yes Biden has been selling government influence for decades.
  7. What happens to hear say evidence in a court of law?
  8. In my opinion the central planning aspects of our government need to take many more loses like this before we will see a positive change.
  9. I was thinking John Balbi.
  10. Fauchi is an old cat he could be in trouble.
  11. Joe and Hunter backroom deals with China.
  12. The lefties are all calling Musk crazy now after he laid the hurt on Biden and Twitter. two years ago he was a visionary genius. There are some crazy people out there I am just not sure Musk is one of them.
  13. I would rather Desantis at this point. But hey if the loony left wants to continue to put Trump on a pedestal and he ends up on the ticket in 24 so be it.
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