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  1. Thank God I thought you might need your man card revoked.
  2. That garage is depressingly baren. What kind of man does not have so much as a tool box.
  3. It seems like old Sniffy Joe Biden could have more congressional investigations against him in the next two years than just about any president I can think of. Hunters laptop, the border fiasco will get a once over and now it looks like Tera Reid could be back for some me time.
  4. I almost bought a 182 cyclone Mirage. Was on the phone with the guy who used to build them in Florida and after about 20 min I came to to the conclusion that I would not do 100mph in a boat that he was building.
  5. These guys are great straight from the land of maple leaf. S&S turbines is a jet rebuild shop in Canada and one of their side projects is making and maintaining a T58 lycoming for a river race team. There are parts of the video where you can see what the turbine does against high dollar big blocks.
  6. It is funny because out on the lake I would stop at a party or a gathering at a friends house and there would always be a guy or girl or two who would want to go for a ride but rarely would they want to go a second time.
  7. Hunters crack pipe is the blue dress of this story. The questions about his fathers dealings or the 150 red flagged bank transactions gets overlooked for the sexy bits people can understand.
  8. What really impressed me was the 95 mph turn! The thing about jet boats is if you come off the power when you get to an Oh Shit moment the steering goes away and you no longer have the down force of the water being lifted through the jet pump so the boat usually flips or swaps ends.
  9. But winter always makes me long for boating season and a nice relaxing cruise down the river.
  10. So you are good with being lied to as long as the liar is on your team. Does that strike you as the mark of an intelligent man?
  11. Did Racheal lie about the vaccines? She stated that the vaccine would stop transmission of the virus which begs the question on what science did she base this statement on?
  12. Right those left wing reporters like Glen Greenwald and Matt Taibbi are just making it all up.........move along nothing to see here.
  13. One of the things the left has buried it's head in the sand over is Jim Baker.
  14. The media wants to stay away from this story because they were complicit in the disinformation campaign that is the underpinnings of the laptop story. Do you think it would have taken CBS 2 years to find out if a computer full of damming evidence was legitimate if found to be from one of the Trump kids? I really like how the dems are throwing out the idea that investigations would be a waste of time and would hinder helpful legislation. Seeing as they have spent the last 6 years in investigation mode with little or nothing to show and that in the last two years the economy has gone to
  15. Good to see all the lefties running cover for Biden and influence peddling family business. Again explain to me how a Chinese power generation company with ties to the leadership needs to have the Biden's as a partner?
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