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  1. You are trying to sugar coat the lefts delusions. The left has many lies they have pushed in the media all of which are not the lesser of two evils. People on the left who consume mainstream media were far less informed about COVID as shown in polls on the subject. How is this not a threat to the public? Taibbi is not a tool of the right he just refuses to be a tool of the left any longer and because of that those who blindly follow the daily talking points laid out by left wing elites can only pigeon hole people into one of two camps as they can no longer reason for themselves.
  2. Again not what he said but he did say he went to far and to focused on one party and not the other. Equal Contempt for politicians should be the mantra of a journalist.
  3. Will Maddow? Taibbi is right they are the opposite sides of the same coin.
  4. I have seen a few interviews with Taibbi since his testimony in front of Congress and he has been very clear he will no longer carry water for the Dems like he did in the past and has admitted that some of his hit pieces from the past are an embarrassment to him at this point. I the old days the mark of a good reporter was one that had been fired a half dozen times and on the day of his funeral no one would show up. Today it seems the more a journalist is paid the less their point of view is worth.
  5. This is just unbelievable sure I could have been convinced that say in Russia if you spoke out as a journalist you might be targeted by the state but here in the states one would think this would not happen but here we are.
  6. I know the shouting and finger pointing makes for good TV but Kennedy does as good a job on Myorkis as anyone and does it with charm.
  7. I have watched quite a bit of Myorkis testimony in front of Congress and he very rarely gives an answer to a question even when it is a softball question from his side of the isle. Mr Myorkis what is your favorite color? Answer: I am very proud of the men and women of the border patrol and the process we have put in place. And every question gets some variation of this answer which even the Democrats have had enough of which is why they barely object anymore when Myorkis gets a tongue lashing like this from Republicans. Myorkis is the worst Biden appointee which is sayi
  8. By what measure has Biden/Myorkis been successful at controlling the border? By what measure have they even been competent?
  9. I have friends I don't need to fall in love with egomaniac like Trump but I was looking to hire a good steward of the countries business and to that end Trump is better than Biden. I don't think it would be any fun to have Biden hanging around the summer barbeque either. I can just see him sniffing the neighbors kids and fumbling through his words looking for some coherent thought that is just out of reach.
  10. There is never middle ground with Trump is the problem. You either love the guy or hate him it would seem. But honestly his policies are much better than that of Biden or Obama it is his persona that seems to draw all the hatred. If you went through a list of policy decisions with average people on the street and did not attach them to Trump his policy would be very popular. Do people really think Biden has been a success in his decisions? Seems more often than not Joe ends up on the wrong side of good policy.
  11. That standard lie about how much will be saved 10 years out is getting old. Even you can't take such a claim seriously. Bottom line is the deficit has gone up every year Biden has been in office. 1.3 trillion then 1.5 trillion and now a proposed 1.8 trillion.
  12. It would be hysterical if Bragg ended up in judicial hot water instead of Trump. This should pour some water on the other cases that the Dems have cooked up.
  13. I wonder how they will get a computer to regurgitate the DNC talking points as well as the human garbage that passes for journalist today?
  14. Airplanes are a business that you need to pay your dues on before you can be successful. Just stealing tech is not enough to make it you need to have the people and culture around complicated systems that can only happen through time and failure.
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