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  1. Yea I guess. We went up last year same time. Every year we get more people. I think we have 20 people this year.
  2. We stopped for lunch at the P&H truck stop. Going to Cole Brook state park.
  3. It is great to have farmers for buddies. Normally I have to trailer up north this time I just have the quad in the truck and my buggy gets a ride.
  4. going to colebrook this weekend for few days of riding. some charity poker run on Saturday. see how the leaves look.
  5. I can't believe the price of cars and homes. A friend of mine worked for a builder in town who basically made McMansions. He said you would go back to the 5k square foot houses two years later and there was barely any furniture as most of them could not afford it.
  6. It is not the guys who show up to the house or Senate rich that bother me it is the ones who show up poor and leave rich that bother me.
  7. Yes but they operate in a very narrow range of voltage. The difference between full and empty in the cells I am using is only about 2 volts. Lithium ion batteries are ruined if drained below 2 volts or so with 4 volts being a full charge. AGM batteries are just lead acid batteries with a different type of acid and a lighter plate arrangement.
  8. Lithium batteries can only take on current at a slow rate. The little batteries from my RC planes don't like to be charged fast it shortens their life. Plus you have to pay big bucks for a high "C" rating which is how fast they can discharge.
  9. Good friends from the hood are a Pediatrician and Physical therapist and they are good people. Yes they are Democrats but not in a religious way like some. They have a 10 year old daughter who is quite normal may even have a boy friend depending on what week it is. We have another two who live on the other side of the lake and they are about the only people I would have trusted with my child when he was young. Again not a problem.
  10. Yea that window is only open to what December of this year? Presidential candidates have to announce by then and so far no Dem that the establishment will allow has declaired.
  11. Yea it is where Mass Democrats move to save themselves from the taxes and laws the people they voted in passed. If you want to own a gun it easier to move to NH than be treated like a common criminal in Mass.
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