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  1. If Trump runs again you will have to replace the "T" key on your computer with all the threads about the Donald you will be making daily.
  2. Desantis, Abott, Noam. There are good choices from the ranks of Republican governors.
  3. The problem Biden has now is there is not much he can do between now and summer to get a bump in the polls. His BBB plan is a non starter in Congress, he has lost all control of the border and his COVID response. He sucks at foreign policy.
  4. My main problem with Biden is with every passing day he makes Trump and Clinton look like viable options for 2024. I am sure if his staff has anything to say about it Biden will not be doing any pressers till after the mid terms.
  5. Any bets on Biden going below 20%? If the Ukraine thing goes down I think it will happen.
  6. The irony is Jennings could be CNN's top show if he just played straight man and played it without prejudice or spin.
  7. Has anybody seen Scott Jennings since this segment? I would think he would have been taken into the alley behind the studio and put an ends to.
  8. I always treat MC with respect. Been arguing with him for more than decade at this point.
  9. What is the quote.....All men die few men live.
  10. The war of 1812 was just a slight incursion across our northern border.
  11. That is exactly what Elizabeth Warren said the pandemic was back when Trump was in office. There is no way to push hysteria deep into the summer if the whole of Europe has gone straight and our pols are still talking lock downs.
  12. There is no way they can continue our current bad policy until fall without ending up on the wrong end of a pitch fork.
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