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  1. Pinches pennies so hard the dollars fly away.
  2. The new alterra 600 is easy to service? Is that a joke? Just try to put some coolant in the Ltd or the SE. you actually have to unbolt part of the front rack to do it! The oil filter is mounted in such a way that oil runs all down the side of the engine in that cranny between the case and the pan! The belt is right behind your left leg. Let’s be honest here. Who wants to see what happens to your left calf when that belt blows? Is that thin plastic cover going to contain the belt???? Maybe??? When I brought up these issues to one of the sales reps at hay days, the response I got for
  3. Yep, lots of schools have trap teams now. My son was a part of it when he was in high school. Very well organized with about 75 kids participating. But Lord help you if your kid drove to school with a shotgun shell in their car. Even a spent one would get the kid suspended.
  4. I had a bad experience myself. Didn’t have any problems with the first one. The second one really did a number on me the following day, which I expected. However, 2 days later, I started having chest pains that would come and go. With any light activity I would get winded and have to sit down for a few minutes to catch my breath. 4 days after my second shot, I was driving down the road and the chest pains flared up again. This time it was accompanied by a very brief electric feeling in my left arm. This was very concerning for me to say the least. I’m 46, in good health and don’t take any pres
  5. Anyone know if these guys are legit? Found an ad on marketplace. Website is old, no contact info other than email to inquire. Sent an inquiry about 2 weeks ago, finally got a response yesterday at 5:30 in the morning. No link to order or anything, just a response that they had what I was looking for and a price. Seems sketchy.
  6. I was there. The presentation started shortly after I had brought up some concerns about the new quad to a sales rep. His response to all of them was “well how often does that happen?”. This combined with finding a loose screw rolling around below the clutches of the orange alpha that CC had on display left me in a foul mood. I wonder what would have happened if someone in the audience yelled “Just sell it to Argo and go back to Georgia Heidi”. Dang I wish I would have.
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