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  1. No it went in the back of the van. This one is really rough so I'm just going to take the motor, chaincase, brake and some other misc things. The gas tank is almost full and the oil tank too. For free and 5 minutes from my house I had to go get it. Not sure how to get rid of it after I strip out what I want!
  2. A free jag followed me home last night. Mint.
  3. Hard to say on the sled, it's like asking a group of people what truck is best. But as for tracks, Camsi is made in Canada and composit is made in Russia.
  4. Yes so you can talk to your wife while getting turn by turn trail navigation. Every Polaris riders dream.
  5. I think I saw that f/s for 7300. So $400 to use a new sled for a year "omg the blasts are so expensive"
  6. What? No way is the stance 46/47? Maybe outside of ski to outside.. but not the stance which is center to center. I think most of the blasts are the 40" stance and use the high country size arms to achieve that. I'm sure it ran the number.
  7. According to the internet that would equate to him being on his 4th or 5th engine. Not bad! Although also according to the internet, you can't get any parts. You must have time traveled to the future. How are the procross graphics looking?
  8. Saw one at the bar in brookston this year. I was like hey look a Blast! My buddies didn't seem to care
  9. Keep voting to take guns away though. See how well that world out for you.
  10. How much cheaper do you think it is for cat to build a 600 vs an 800 sled? I would bet it's within a couple of dollars. And some extra$$ figured in for higher 800 warranty costs. But essentially the same. I don't know enough about those other products you listed to comment. I'll say it's not all about a spec sheet that makes a certain snowmobiles a right fit for someone. Things are expensive. Get used to it. What do you think all these bullshit stimulus things are going to do? It's called inflation, our dollars weaken with every one. If you got any stimulus money, in the end it w
  11. I don't, but I don't know anyone personally that's bought any 21' sleds from any manufacturer. I have seen them out in my limited trail time this year. At least you can agree that pricing on all new sleds is high because that's where I was going next. In relation to the "full size" sleds, I think the price is very in line, if not a bargain. Really sit back and think how much cheaper it can be. The assembly costs is same. The front end is same. The exhaust is same. The chaincase is same. The track is same. The epa testing is same. The r&d is same. You're saving a little bit
  12. They've made a 600 procross since 14. I don't get your fascination. You could buy a zr6000 and put some blast decals on if that's what you really need. Good to go.
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