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  1. So if a handicap team finishes 14th place, how is this the most badass race with the most badass riders again?
  2. I'd like a 96 zr440. If I were to ever get another triple I think it'd be a 96 tcat, they were cool.
  3. Lol dominating what? They aren't even around
  4. They're cool for nostalgia which I can appreciate. But nothing more.
  5. From what I remember those triple guys tried really hard to convince everyone that the triples are still the greatest thing ever made. Not sure if they're still doing that. Really don't see too many triples anymore. Like Polaris, they don't stand the test of time
  6. What are you even talking about? Arctic Cat is a corporation and was at haydays. Country Cat is a dealership and was not at haydays. Do you even know what you're mad at? I can't tell.
  7. Snowest did a podcast with ibexx boys and talked alot about their catalyst turbo kit
  8. Haha even in a skidoo and Polaris thread... oh look what has happened. Oh look! No way! But it's all the "green blind brand loyal" folks that are so deranged. Where has this "belief" been on display here? Besides in your insecure head.....
  9. It looks like dynotech research did some tests in the early 90's that I'd like to see. I would like to know if I subscribe, will I be able to see that far back? Are they all still available for subscribers?
  10. I have a sled ordered. Mountain sled to boot. I would like a bunch of snow but not getting too butthurt if it's low snow and the new sled sits. Light snow years are part of it and we're probably over due for a crap winter or two, it's been so good that people forget that it's not the norm. I'll stay busy with sleds and winter activities regardless, I would like to do a bigger trapping effort this year. And I have fan cooled sleds. It usually works out the same for our trails anyway, low snow gets the swamps to freeze. Significant early snow causes huge delays in trails getting groomed.
  11. I still have the stock one, but if you find anything else.... haha
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