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  1. The grooming is so good nowadays that you can legit ride anything on the trails. The old stuff is more enjoyable today than ever, trails were never this good in the 90's. I really have no memories of good trails, I just remember eating too much and coming out and it being cold and the bumps grew and we have a long way home and full bellies and big bumps the whole entire way.
  2. Like we've been taught.. the "race" is not at all about speed or skill. It's about money and local connections. It's also a dying race. I should have all the race note factoids on a notepad for easy referencing in these situations.
  3. Well he was at least on the right trails for an old Storm..
  4. Same with at the farm. Then on top of that we're selling the public's land to the mining company, do we get that purchase price split up among us, since it was our land? Where does that money go? Oh and then of course we're helping to fund the mining project as if the South America based company needs help or will give any of the proceeds back to the taxpayer. Can't help but feel like everything is being extracted. That Tesla mine is literally in the state land that the farm borders in so I'm losing alot of woods and swamp in the deal and it's only just begun. Off topic rant sorry back to ATVs lol
  5. He sounds like he has a dick in his mouth. They should have someone that talks normal, most people don't want a really foreign machine they want something familiar from normal people. I understand they have roots from over there but you're selling to North America. Marketing tip they can have.
  6. We just gave away that cloquet Forest center to the Indians. The amount of white guilt/virtue signaling around Indian issues is disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. Back when the wolf management was being debated, one of the reasons our politicians cited was because it's a spiritual animal to the tribes. Good for fucking them they can not kill it then I don't give a shit what they think most are sovereign anyway. And look at mille lacs, part of it is DNR incompetency but Indians play a big part in that. They just can't help themselves they're weak beta bitches. Oh yeah that whole lutsen thing recently too.
  7. They should start by stopping the active effort to make them look as ugly as humanly possible.
  8. I thinking there's only two sniwmoy trails in MN that allow ATVs. One is gandy dancer which is like a rail bed trail on WI border. I can't remember the other but it's nothing special. I don't think it'll happen here, the sxs trail riding isn't as cultural here as it is WI to start with and I think the MN snowmobile club system would squash out that stuff. I don't know why you'd want to sxs on snowmobile trails to start with, how lame. Plus it'd be dangerous. Plus it'd damage trails.
  9. Our north shore trip this weekend turned into skiing at lutsen. We will probably visit grand Marais and maybe go up the gunflint to visit some establishments too. After this weekend it's shed hunting and scouting. And probably laying out a new single track loop. Then some spring beaver trapping. Then doing some riding on the bike as I may race again this year. Also have already started to train for a half marathon this year. Sometimes it's actually nice to have plans changed so you can do the things you otherwise wouldn't do. I don't see any down time this year of any kind.
  10. Were you guys just doing laps in the snocross track area or did they have a layout made elsewhere?
  11. If they get after it that much and are that in tuned with a machine they wouldn't be 300 lbs
  12. How many sled dogs do you have to hit to do that damage?
  13. They've probably never rode on snow before and instantly flipped it. Is that a weed sponsorship?
  14. Oh.. maybe I'm thinking of the Ace bar. It's the one that's just a rectangle bar, not like the hourglass shape. I did have a Woody's shaper on something recently, I remember it being a beefier than the stud boy shaper, I've bent a few of the stud boys. I think the stainless that stud boy shapers use is soft.
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