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  1. Cat 2024 accessory catalog is out. Country cat has prices on the part numbers. I think I'll get the high country tunnel pack and maybe a rear bumper. I see it has a new cvt belt 0626-131. I wonder if the catalysts will come with a tool kit? I think it was 2020 when they stopped including them. Maybe they brought them back again since then.
  2. Don't care about marketshare or why other people might buy one because I'm not a loser like you people are. If I was a loser and did care about that, there are plenty of things I could point to. You could start by listening to any and every review if you want a long list of praises. I'm not playing your stupid troll game where you ask some dumbass question about 'marketshare' so then it turns into an endless back and forth where you're shitting on something in a brand forum but 'not trolling'. This is a brand forum not the HCS toilet forum. If people are posting here it's because they do
  3. The reality is I don't give a shit. Go to the the troll thread if you want to bash.
  4. This isn't the place for trolls
  5. 9:45 initial impressions 15:20 initial ride impressions 18:00 the most mountain friendly platform 19:40 comparison to ascender 31:20 not a full size sled 33:45 no similarities to the old cat 36:45 talk if the 600 motor 45:50 belt drive 53:50, more 600 motor talk 59:20 how light does it feel compared to Polaris and skidoo 1:02:20 should I buy a 600 1:13:15 more 600 talk Even for total trail guys I think this is a good listen if you're interested at all in the catalyst. There's a lot of talk that will apply to the trail sleds
  6. Cat still calls it 125hp class and I think some people think that means it's just like the old 600 sled. This guy says it feels more like a 700, I think he's trying to say it feels better than the 650.
  7. Took my ass dragger on a real trip. You just can't get better. Too much fun I don't think you can have more fun, shredded up every turn blowing out every berm. *Safely
  8. Are the plastic's different? I know the M's it looks like the m is embossed into the side but I haven't studied the two close enough besides that to know if they looked different size or shapy. That would be interesting. I know the m has the dropped driveshaft so the bellies must be a little different and I've heard the plastic boards are the same part but they are mounted in different locations for the different models. I haven't really thought how those two compare. But I'd say the procross feels bigger. I like the procross panels for sit down trail riding, I like how the panel is
  9. I'd think it may remind people of the SP in some ways but I think it'll have its own totally unique feel too. Just what I think with nothing to go off. Even just using some different materials will make it feel different. But if it reminds of the SP in some ways I wouldn't complain. Maybe not in the knee murdering ways. The hood alone looks way smaller and lighter, I have thought the procross hood is ridiculously heavy and that's top heavy weight. I think it was that langas guy that said moving the motor down an inch brings everything else down an inch too, which is a good point. Li
  10. I can understand people having preferred seating positions/ergos. Not saying that's wrong.. but you could have three sleds with exact same rider triangle and totally different rides once you start moving. Maybe I read it wrong just seemed like I read it as there's no reason to buy one because they've moved closer to a personally preferred seating position that another machine may have so there's no difference between them. And I think there's way more to it. I'm sure many will also ride it and not like it because everyone likes different qualities.
  11. You guys are pretty weird. Saying that it has only just caught up. Weird way if thinking. I'm not saying the catalyst is anything in particular, I haven't ridden one. But I'm not such a simpleton to think that a sled is only a riding position. That if they have the same riding positions they must be the same. You guys have zero idea what it's like to ride this thing but think cat has merely just 'caught up'. That is wild to me that there are people like you out there. Hundreds of other variables that work in combination to make a sled give a certain unique experience that is its own.
  12. An aftermarket turbo 600 for trail would be stupid
  13. I could Pepsi challenge a one clicker difference on my bike
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