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  1. Air bubble? Cat had that 10 years ago and it actually worked not just pr propaganda
  2. Buy a skidoo, get a free roll of KT tape.
  3. The 20% price increase is offset by the 20% increased in fun factor, per the latest bar graphs.
  4. Wankel for the gyro effect win
  5. Very little change for anything. Lackluster new graphics maybe.
  6. No way I'd be taking delivery right now. On principle if nothing else, season is half over!
  7. The snowmobiles will just arrive as NFT's
  8. So many people see zero issue with having a loud can. This guy says he's an adult owner, but then brags about how people WILL hear you coming. These guys really think everyone else in the world hears their shitty snowmobile coming and is instantly impressed with it and them.
  9. I'm sure his husband is doing that..
  10. Walz Fuhrer has known about this from day one I'm sure. Only doing that because he's getting political pressure, not because he cares about right and wrong. But, at least you take it out of Hennepin county voters hands
  11. This guy was too concerned with twin pipes and wheelies to replace his $15 bearing.
  12. What's different about filling a can in a tailgate vs where your truck tank is?
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