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  1. Hopefully everyone gets their turds before there is snow on the ground.
  2. Picked up a rack setup for the puma. I switched the bigger puma backrest foam to it along with the backrest cover. Not a direct bolt on but not too bad. Holds my chainsaw pretty good! I'm sure it'll be handy for trapping too and winter camping trips. Just mocking it up in this picture, I'm still going to remove, sand and paint it
  3. To find a good sp500 in that price range is looking for a miracle. Every once in a while I see one in that price but I wouldn't say it's a nice one. Although, it's an sp500 and if you're just worried about function and mechanicals then you could pretty much get any of them.
  4. I feel like you can still get a decent one in the 3500-4000 range.
  5. See, now you're just shifting the goal posts from what you just said and what the conversation was about. And getting into more of an emotional argument too btw, one that cannot be proven anyway and is just used as talking points by hater types like yourself. Very convenient. They all happened well after the 2017 Textron buy out. And for the sake of this argument, if you really think it takes 5 years for these things to hit the market, which is what you're trying to infer, Textron is now in year one by that logic so how have I been hearing about boogeyman Textron from you for years now?
  6. Dude you should at least know what you're talking about in your bashings. Whether you personally like these models or not is irrelevant. You stated "no significant change" to dirt or snow... 2019 alpha one. Giant change with an all new concept to the market. Very well received too btw, lots of buzz. 2020, all new front end design for trail sleds. 2020, riot. New model line for cat. 2021 BLAST. A completely new model, creating a while new segment/niche in the sport. 2022, all new 600 ATV from the ground up. Maybe these aren't the "significant changes" tha
  7. I have, but it's because those sleds suck balls and can't back up the marketing and then I "lash out" against the lemmings.. but yes they do have a great marketing department though, no doubt. But it doesn't make the machines any better. I'm sorry if this offended any one.
  8. The level that cat is dropping the ball on marketing, is quite remarkable. I feel like I've been saying that for a few years now
  9. They're all pretty good and have their own strengths and weaknessy, it comes down to individual preference as far as "best".
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