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  1. Steel isn't heavier I don't think. I know with dirt bikes that the ktms are steel and they are also the lightest bike. Steel is also better with nvh type stuff. With cycling, steel frames always ride way better than aluminum or carbon. Complete rigidity is not desirable imo. I thought it was interesting they said the center of belt drive is adjustable. Does that mean the jackshaft moves?
  2. He does have a 136" which is the best length it is the same length of an ext mountain cat for hitting mud whoops in the snowless Alaska race
  3. Their cops probably don't even carry guns, come at me bros
  4. I never paid my Illinois toll bill from when I bought the RS this year. Oh well just Illinois
  5. Yeah I thought the r xc was around 470-480 so it should be sub 450 if 10% is true. Which would be really cool.
  6. That's a big no. But I think I have read 5% weight loss? Or maybe it was 10%. Either way they gave a percentage loss but not a hard number which they haven't been doing that since maybe the twin spar
  7. There's been no video of me bud. Keep researching me and maybe you'll find something lol Who are you again?
  8. In the summer he made a big long video about how he was going to start producing kids snowmobiles with three available engines and an engine swap program for as they grow. Neat pipe dream but that's all it was but he was serious at the time
  9. You should not be so mad. For crying out loud I was justifying your winning technique of hitting the bottom of every whoop. Then you have to get obsessed with me and attempt to stalk me. I don't get it.
  10. Yeah but free is the MSRP of a unit like that. What about your other sled?
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