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  1. What? There is no foam in the box. That cylinder thing with holes in it is the air silencer. It was inside the airbox. I removed it. No bolts.
  2. That is the air silencer. It goes in the airbox on the other side of that grate.
  3. Air silencer, not necessary
  4. I don't know about that but I do have some spare c&A's that I might see about. The factory jetting is looking rich so I ordered a bunch of smaller jets than I've ever used lol. Got a few other things in mind for this thing. This was sold buy the owner's grandson, about my age. I think grandpa just got too old for sleds. Was also selling a similar condition 97 z440 which I'm sure is gone now too. They're grooming trails where I go so it should get a good rip this weekend
  5. Dennis Kirk showed one left. I ordered it. Hope their inventory is correct! Speedo wasn't working and as suspected, bad bearing. This thing is such a virgin it's not even funny
  6. Picked me up a stupidly nice Jag Z today. The garage is heating up now!
  7. Well I've been looking most of this season to find one, I started out thinking either a Jag liquid, a cougar, or a Jag special or Jag Z. After looking and looking and thinking, I rules out the liquid sleds and the between the Jag special or Z's I narrowed it down to the 94Z is what I really wanted. I've missed out on a couple nice cougars and a couple jags but today I jumped on this 94Z. The guy was selling it for his grandpa who bought it new and rode it from his farm, it's never really been trailered and it is in super good survivor state, like excellent! Here's the initial pics from get
  8. Just an old JagZ to fan around on, maybe start doing the annual vintage run with my bro on our dueling jags. I've always wanted a Jag z so if nothing else I can check it off the list and get a different one. But it might just be really fun on a couple of our trails in state forests and state parks that get really really windy
  9. They must be in illinois. Cool housing development and riding area lol doing it wrong
  10. I'm traveling to wi tomorrow to look at a fanner with 3/4" track lol
  11. I haven't tried that but I'm not looking to light cigars
  12. I tried plugging something into my 19. And it's like it doesn't fit well, the thing pops out right away. Is there a special thing to stick in there that locks in place?
  13. More importantly will there be a nsp sled there
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