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  1. Average age now up to 53. It's almost like it goes up a year, every year.
  2. Maybe the airplane is the new chassis cat? Power to weight? Light as a feather and rider forward. Could use some bng
  3. You sound like a loser that would rather walk to a bread line instead of risking having to see people doing better than you in a free market society. What a pathetic beta
  4. I just bought the machine so I'm just going through everything, nothing too exciting. Except for the estart delete.
  5. Here I am in my natural habitat removing electric starts
  6. Yep it was from Michigan, guy had two of them. My buddy loves the hubcaps too haha
  7. 60th anniversary collector's show in TRF, will be a good time. Details here. https://www.arcticinsider.com/save-the-date-2022-arctic-cat-homecoming-collectors-show/
  8. You're good, spilled Busch is just country cologne.
  9. Use a heat gun when applying, heat up the area, put sticker on, then use more heat to really get it bonded and push on it. If you still have problems, get some 3m clear bra stuff and cut that out to size, a little bigger than what you're covering and put that over it. I've had to do that on one sled that my numbers are low and kept getting ripped off every ride. That stuff doesn't come off, holds onto the surface really well. I use the 3m primer with it.
  10. If you need a lower ball joint for one of those I should have one. It is new. I picked one up for a spare jag part, not knowing if it works for jags but have since found a few nos jag ones
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