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  1. I spent most of the day clearing trails and moving trees. Wearing a hooded sweatshirt, jeans, knee high boots, gloves, hat, ear muffs. Post summer solstice. Damn that Midwest warming! #Alaskowned 🤣
  2. With all this rain, might be the road bike for a while
  3. Alaska has warmed 6 degrees in 60 years and Minnesota has warmed 6 degrees in 130 years. Someone is warming faster... Lol
  4. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/basics/projection It's all starting to make sense now
  5. Humid summer weather in day time making thunderstorms in evening? Nothing new we have real weather here not for the faint of heart aka weak bitch ass Alaskans. Keep googling sad frustrated boy
  6. Average high if 77 degrees. This forecast looks pretty average. Are people in Alaska getting dumber or do we have the village reject retard? Lol saf poor frustrated boy
  7. And yesterday was below average! Holy shit!! Lol poor frustrated sad boy
  8. I'm getting to a chill point on the Prowler where I think after I check out the chain case I will push to side for a while. Nos pistons, resealed crankcases, nos throttle cable, nos intake flanges, all new fuel lines, carbs finally all sorted out, painted exhaust, nos front shocks and cleaned up front suspension, painted different coil springs and polished adjusters and tie rods, addressed some coolant line stuff and routed everything better, fixed some previous wiring issues, new skis and found the black loops, tinted reflectors, nos low windshield. Good 9 tower off the Jag with new weights. The hood pod/console like has little raised pimples all over like paint lifted off fiberglass or some reaction happened with fiberglass, I think I may sand that down and attempt a semi pro rattle can job this summer also. Also got a nos one year only cover for the 92 Prowler special. I have a mint seat cover for it that will go on at some point also, one year only seat cover. This sled should be as reliable as any new sled after this and I'm pretty pumped to ride it.
  9. Breaking news! "Global warming" only warms up the Midwest states of the USA! Will soon be changed to "Midwest warming" to reflect the latest "science". Lol poor sad frustrated boy.
  10. 28 degrees the other morning, well below historical average. It's hard to keep up with what's happening when it switches from global warming to global ice age every couple of days. It's almost like weather is variable and is constantly changing. Weird!
  11. Hey if that brings him some happiness, ride away on that seat post bud
  12. Lol more fake news. Average high temp for Minneapolis is 77 degrees. Their 3 day temp forecast is actually below average yet the color codings show 10 to 25 degrees above average. More weak minded propaganda only glue drinkers would believe. La Nina next winter to boot it'll be 5 of last 6 winters with above average snowfall for sure. Oh no how will the most depressed guy try to spin it to make himself feel better? 😂
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